A knitalong for Hazel Carter's Sampler Stole from A Gathering of Lace
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Anyone still knitting?

Did anyone besides Agnes ever finish this stole? I am hating it! I love the stole, it's gorgeous, I just don't like knitting it. Wondered how everyone else is faring.


I just finished mine! But since I never actually joined the KAL, I can't post pictures. I just emailed Eunny to remedy that. I love the finished stole, but it did take forever to knit!

I've finished mine too! Lace projects like this are like childbirth I think, you love the end result so much you immediately forget the pain it was to get there! I'll post photos after the weekend.

I'm still going, and I'm still enjoying it (they're calling me "The Lace Lady" at my local knitting group). I finished the body a few days ago, and I've started the edging, but I had too many stitches at the first corner so I'm ripping out quite a bit -- this way I can "adjust" (as the pattern suggests) evenly. Admittedly, I'm not enjoying the ripping-out part so much.

I'm a little concerned about the corners -- the pattern doesn't seem that clear to me. Those of you who've finished -- how was it?

I had to rely on the photos in the book to decided how many repeats I should make for the edging. When I got the number, I used stitch markers to mark the positions for every repeats so that I won't knit them too packed together or too far apart. I don't recall any significant problem concerning the corners ... just that I need to improve on the grafting of lace! :) Good luck everybody ... looking forward to seeing your finished stoles here soon.

I'm still knitting too, although it keeps being pushed aside for other projects. Maybe I'll get it done by the end of the year....maybe.

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