A knitalong for Hazel Carter's Sampler Stole from A Gathering of Lace
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I finished working on the second border on Monday and was feeling really happy ... the second border went very smoothly to my great great surprise. Naturally, the next step is to work on the edging. This is where I went into a problem. The instructions said "Beginning by joining the edging to the open sts of the 2nd border, work starting rows a-d ... " but how? I must admit this is my first time working on a lace stole/shawl with such edging ... so I am at a loss. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I'm so envious that you're already at the edging. I'm still working on border number one.

As for the edging question, if you look at the chart symbols key, the shaded crescent tells you knit 1 stitch from the edging together with two of the live stitches from the border (these stitches should be on another set of needles). The slender crescent marking tells you to do the same - knit one stitch from your edging together with just 1 stitch from your border.

Since you don't have a blog, I would like to thank you here, Hannah. I think I read the instructions with some crazy idea in my head ... now all things are sorted out! Actually, I have finished the top/bottom edging and am about to turn the corner.
Keep going, my experience told me that the second border would go a lot faster. :)

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