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Jumping Ship

I'm so sorry to admit defeat - the Sampler Stole never reached the stage past constant counting, fudging, frogging, counting again, and I've finally decided to jump ship. Fortunately, I do have a lifeboat in the form of another KAL, one that at least several of you have participated in. So after frogging back to nothing, I cast on for Frosted Flowers and Leaves.
I loved being a part of this KAL, and have learned so much. First, about Eunny's generousity and expertise. Second, that everyone is willing to share their experience - from those switching yarns (Alisa and Eva?), those who taught me about lifelines (Laurel and Devri?), Melissa's help (and example!), Eva's spreadsheet, ...I could go on and on.
I'm going to keep checking in to see all the wonderful stoles as they get finished.
Thanks, everyone.


My pleasure... for the progress sheet.
To be honest I jumped ship weeks ago. The yarn I settled on now is Fiber Trends Seascape shawl (just need to do another 20 rows of the border LOL... each row being 485 stitches). It was just too fiddly and too hard to get all those yo's to work and knitted together when needed. I wasn't enjoying the knitting at all.
I'm wondering how the others are doing though.

cheers Eva

I haven't jumped ship. Mine is just on the back burner while I work on some other projects. Maybe some day you'll try it again. It's definitely a challenging pattern, so I understand the frustration. When I get back to it, I'll post some more! Eva, I made the Seascape shawl last year. It's one of my favorites. Enjoy yours.

I'm still going. I'm most of the way through the first border, and I'm enjoying it (according to the spreadsheet, I'm around 40% of the way through, overall). This is going a lot faster than the last lace shawl I did, which I find encouraging.

I haven't jumped ship, either. My stole, only an embarrassing 16% done, was put on the back burner while I finished up my Sockapaloooza socks. Those are done now, so I get to pick my stole up again. I'm looking very forward to it!

I almost finished ... but suddenly found a dropped stitch in the border! So I had to ripped all the edging and start again. So close to finish ... ::sigh::

Mine's on hold because I had tons to do in April. I'm almost free of my obligations and then I can pick the stole back up. I'm looking forward to being able to knit on it again!

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