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February 28, 2006

Wow, We're Off and Knitting

Hi all - I'm Becky, and this is my very first KAL. A huge thanks to you, Eunny, for getting it off to such a great start. I've been spending the last few days trying to pick a yarn for the Sampler. Strangely, the Sampler had never grabbed me when I would page through A Gathering of Lace, but I'm so thrilled by the idea of knitting along with a group that I can't wait to get started. So...here is what I might try; working with this linen thread that I found in a thrift store a few years back. I first attempted the Forest Path Stole from Interweave Knits, Summer 2003, but only got as far as the seed stitch border. I know that working with linen is going to create issues - it has no give whatsoever - but I'm starting with it. I'm using a Clover circ, Sz 3 that I sanded down to get sharper points.
balls of linen thread
(If I get too frustrated, I have have a back-up yarn, a rich red cobweb weight Cashwool from FaRe Baruffa. The only reason I'm not using it from the get-go is that I have 3700 yards of it, and would like to save it for a circular shawl one of these days.) Can't wait to see all of your choices.


Hey guys...I'm finally rebuilding the template and uploading buttons and spreadsheets and all that good stuff. Things will look pretty messy for the next hour or so...check back later!


I started a swatch on Sunday (or was it Saturday? I think it was Saturday actually) and I have some serious issues.

First of all, for those, who like me, have a first edition of the book, be sure to download the errata... there's quite a few to be honest (for this pattern and this book). Be sure to visit the site regularly as they keep updating the errata.

Anyways, my issues???? I can't find a comfortable way to do thos right slanting p2tog on the purling rows. The left slanting one is no problem. I'm a combination knitter and to get a right slanting p2tog I have to put my right needle through the stitches from the front of my knitting (the right needle starts out parallel to the left one on the front), twist the stitches, pick the thread and "pull" it through. This sounds doable, but one of them stitches is a pesky yo from the previous row and so tightens up no end when I try to do this. It takes me 5 minutes to do 1 stitch... I've switched needles 4 times in the process as no points were sharp enough. I have one more needle option, but there's a shawl that resides on those needles... AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH. There is no way that I'm going to do several hundred rows in these conditions.

Okay, I'm going to the office LOL. If anyone has an idea...

Cheers Eva

February 27, 2006

I'm ready, I think

yarn 003.jpg
My yarn arrived today. The color is exactly what I'd hoped it would be -- not orangey at all. Boy, is it fine, as in thread-like. This will be an interesting experience.

February 25, 2006

Blog button?

Hello y'all,

sorry I'm a bit "country" right now :) I'm listening to some country radio online. They broadcast from Calgary, Alberta. Anyhow, I was wondering if there was a blog button available for this KAL. I don't remember seeing one, but hey, it could be that I just didn't pay enough attention :)

Still trying to decide what yarn to use, but I'm leaning more and more towards the Zephyr in Elderberry...

cheers Eva

February 24, 2006

I'm a cheat!

My yarn came in the mail yesterday, and I couldn't resist casting on. And then I couldn't resist knitting eight rows! I may knit some more later, too :) So far, so good. The Merino Oro yarn I'm using is a delight! I chose an off-white color, because I really liked the stole in the white, and I wanted it to be able to go with everything. I, too, am so delighted to follow everyone's progress on this lovely pattern.


Hi, my name is Clare, and I'm going to be knitting the Sampler Stole this Spring/Summer/however long it takes to complete. I have decided to use JaggerSpun Zephyr, which is 50% merion wool and 50% silk. I haven't decided on a color yet, I know it won't be white! I'm torn between a sort of raspberry pink and a dark blue. Thoughts, suggestions, helpful hints on choosing a color?

This weekend I am going to sit down with the pattern and study it, I'll report back next week.

Very happy to be knitting something lovely along with other lovely people!

February 22, 2006


Hey, everybody-- I've just joined. This Sampler Stole wasn't even on my "to do" list from Gathering of Lace, but when I saw the KAL, I decided to make it. I've ordered the Jamieson & Smith Cobweb in peach, from Woodland Woolworks. I don't think I've worked with yarn this fine before, and the peach was a bit of a whim. I'm looking forward to getting started.


Hi ladies! We actually have, I think, 15 or 16 people on this list so far - I'll put them in the sidebar as soon as I have a chance to rebuild the blog template. This should be a lot of fun - I'm looking forward to it! Eva's contributed a marvelous spreadsheet she's done, which I'll upload for everyone's use soon.

Melissa - I'm almost sure that I'm going to use Merino Oro, too, since it's available locally. What color are you thinking of?

Me again...

I just got one of my boxes from Oregon filled with goodies... amongst other things it has some Zephyr in Ladyslippers and Elderberry in it and then 2 skeins of painted Zephyr in Balmoral from Furryarns that I got through the yarncoop on Yahoo groups.

I think the stole would look gorgeous in the Elderberry color. I might also use some Knit Picks color-your-own laceweight I have. In the box are also some acid dyes that I ordered. I've never dyed anything before, but a friend of mine was going to walk me through it (online of course) LOL.

I'll keep you updated as things progress.

Are there just the 3 of us or are we the only ones who have posted so far?

Cheers Eva

Hello, hello

I'm chiming in with another hello! Another blogger experimenting with Movable Type. It seems very similar to Typepad. I think they're run by the same company, aren't they? So far no problems, although I have to figure out how to add a picture. None to post yet, so no biggie.

Moving along...I have yarn on its way for my Sample Stole. It's white Ornaghi Filati Merino Oro. Which is finer than laceweight, but I think a tad heavier than the cobweb weight the pattern uses. I actually have the yarn the pattern calls for, and I don't like it. A bit too thin for my tastes. I can't wait to get started and watch everyone's progress. I just love knitalongs! Thanks to Eunny for hosting this for us.

February 21, 2006

Hello everyone

Just saying hello and figuring out how Movable Type works. So far I like it :)

I'm going to swatch one of these days to see what yarn I'll be using. Right now I'm leaning more towards some KnitPicks Shadow than laceweight yarn. But I'll probably still change my mind a time or two three four :)

Cheers y'all, Eva

February 17, 2006

cummings wept.

i like my lace when it is with your
lace. It is so quite a new thing.
Input better and photographs more.
i like your lace. i like what it does,
i like its hows. i like to see the texture
of your lace and its progress, and the crisp
-macro-sharp ness and which i will
again and again and again

I'll be building the full site over the weekend - anyone who'd like to join up and knit Hazel Carter's Sampler stole from A Gathering of Lace is welcome to email me and get their author credentials. Once you have a username and password, you'll be able to sign in to the Movable Type interface, upload photos, and write and edit posts (your own only, of course).

Though the official start date is March 1, anyone is welcome to join any time. All skill levels are welcome - the stole could be an absorbing project for the serious lace knitter, or a great exercise in learning to read knitting and understanding how lace motifs are constructed for the not-so-experienced lace knitter.

Finished measurements are 20"x68", using cobwebweight on 2.75mm (US2) needles. Knit as a center panel capped by two borders picked up and knitted from invisible cast-on edges, and finished with an edgeing that may either be knitted seperately and sewn or knitted on horizontally, it combines lace fabric (patterned on one row only) motifs - Lace Mesh, Birds-Eye, Four Flowers - as well as true lace (patterned every row) motifs - Shetland Bead, Lace Fan, Daisy/Ring.

Buttons, spreadsheets, and a decent blog design coming soon - what are you waiting for?

Button, Button


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