A knitalong for Hazel Carter's Sampler Stole from A Gathering of Lace
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July 24, 2006


Somehow, all the words I wrote to go with the picture I just posted disappeared! So the picture should be below this entry. I finally finished the stole. I absolutely love it. There are a few more pics on my blog, if anyone cares to see them.

knitting projects 443 (Small).jpg

June 20, 2006

Thank you for the music

I've got ABBA songs on my mind today.

I've finished the stole.

I won the first challenge of the Amazing Lace with it, so I'll take this opportunity to thank Eunny for her inspiration.

I wouldn't have bought a GOL, and I wouldn't have knit this stole if not for her and this knitalong. So, thanks Eunny, you gave me my fifteen minutes.

My pics are too big to post here, but head on over to my blog if you like and take a look. It turned out beautifully, and I even took it to the races!

Eunny I just can't fathom how fast you knit. I think about it and I just can't get my head around it. The only explanation I can muster is that you must be, in fact, part woman, part octopus. Am I right?

June 16, 2006

Anyone still knitting?

Did anyone besides Agnes ever finish this stole? I am hating it! I love the stole, it's gorgeous, I just don't like knitting it. Wondered how everyone else is faring.

May 18, 2006

I'm still here too

Gorgeous Agnes!

The Sampler Stole and I have entered the Amazing Lace, the first challenge was to introduce ourselves and I had a lot of fun with this, see my blog for what happens when good lace goes bad.
I am up to the second border, the first one flew past to be honest, and the reason the second hasn't done the same is from being ignored. As you can see It's sulking like you wouldn't believe.

Our Stitch n Bitch group is having an exhibition this weekend, and there were grand plans for this stole to be one of the exhibits. Actually, it is still going into the show, but still on the needles! And, to top it off, the experienced craft exhibit curator who was going to 'hang' the exhibition has just gone into labour! Which is why I have been distracted by knitting tiny things for a baby who just couldn't wait.

Complicated isn't it?

I will post some pics of it on display over the weekend, congratulations to the finishers so far, and keep those updates coming...

May 02, 2006

I'm done!

I finished the stole! Here she is:
Sampler Stole - entirety.JPG
This is a really lovely stole ... so for those of you who are still hanging there, keep going, don't give up! You are not going to regret it!
I have more pictures posted here.

April 24, 2006

Jumping Ship

I'm so sorry to admit defeat - the Sampler Stole never reached the stage past constant counting, fudging, frogging, counting again, and I've finally decided to jump ship. Fortunately, I do have a lifeboat in the form of another KAL, one that at least several of you have participated in. So after frogging back to nothing, I cast on for Frosted Flowers and Leaves.
I loved being a part of this KAL, and have learned so much. First, about Eunny's generousity and expertise. Second, that everyone is willing to share their experience - from those switching yarns (Alisa and Eva?), those who taught me about lifelines (Laurel and Devri?), Melissa's help (and example!), Eva's spreadsheet, ...I could go on and on.
I'm going to keep checking in to see all the wonderful stoles as they get finished.
Thanks, everyone.

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