December 26, 2005

Baby Argyle Vest




I made this one up with only the vaguest, sketchiest plan - I ended up scribbling decrease ratios and armscye bindoffs on my arm with Sharpie as I knit. It's so cute; I wish I could eat this thing up with a spoon.

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Dale Baby Ull in colors 5755 (dark blue), 5703 (sky blue) and 0020 (cream).
Yardage: approximately 250 yds MC, <50 yds contrast colors
Yarn Source: All About Yarn
Needles: 2.50mm Addi Natura bamboo circular
Gauge: 9 st/inch; 24" around chest
Modifications: --

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December 21, 2005


Wow - thanks for all the wonderful feedback on the stole! I'll have the pattern up soon - I'm thinking that it would be doable at a number of gauges, like cobweb for a delicate neckpiece, laceweight for a proper shawl, or even fingering for a wide, long scarf. It would also be a good primer, too, for anyone who wants to learn some traditional shawl construction methods: grafting, picking up stitches to work a border, and knitting on a perpendicular edging (thus eliminating a constricting bindoff row) are all covered. It's coming soon!

In the meantime, bitch bitch bitch. I went to the store today, to pick up a copy of the Fiber Trends felted clog pattern - I bought a copy years ago, but seem to have lost half of it. I'd gotten some great colors of Lamb's Pride Worsted yesterday:


to make a pair for Jeff's dad in a houndstooth check, letting the Fair Isle stranding take care of the double-thickness requirement. Anyway, so I went in the shop (I'd called around, and this shop - not my usual - was the only one that had it), poked around for the pattern, and finally found a copy buried in the middle of their sock binder. I was turning towards the register, when I heard a woman exclaim, "Oh! That's the pattern I came in for!"

Of course, it was the only copy they had left. I had no intention of giving it up - I was there first - but this woman started moaning about how she was only in town for a month(!), couldn't pick up a copy anytime like I could, was going to Japan, blah blah blah sobstorycakes.

I mentioned that Fiber Trends published a very similar felted slipper pattern, of which there were many in stock, and that we could perhaps compare them to see if it was just a reprinting of the same pattern or easily adaptable. Her husband basically knocked me out of the way and grabbed the pattern out of my hand to compare, as though he didn't trust me - when the yardages proved to be different, he started glaring at me as though I'd tried to decieve them. It was such an awkward situation; I clearly didn't want to give my copy to her, but she either failed to take the hint or was just knowingly putting the screws to me in a busy shop full of people, escalating in volume and hysteria until I finally just told them to keep it.

The Husband, with the most provoking air of condescending generosity, offered to make a photocopy for me. He said it right in front of the store owner, who was understandably peeved, and got more annoyed when he cut her off with an "I'm not talking to you." I demurred, he pressed, she got angry, and they got into a bit of an argument over copyright law while the Wife told me that I could buy a copy when some more came in, and that she really needed it a lot more than I did.

I wouldn't have really cared if they hadn't been so aggresively obnoxious. Apparantly, boorish is the new macho, and shameless is the new gracious. I must have missed the memo...or maybe this is just a cosmic hint for me to clean my house.

Bah. There's knitting to be done! There's a baby I forgot about - he's getting a little argyle vest, made out of the stash: