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On Humility

I'm doing my part in telling spring to hurry the hell up already:

Generic 60-stitch toe up socks, worked in 4-round stripes. The heels and toes are reversed on the pair because, well, I'm cheap - I had one ball of beige Koigu and one ball of cornflower Louet Pearl lying around, and wanted to use them up equally. I knitted both socks at more or less the same time, working from both ends of both balls, till I had about 5 grams left of each color - then I cut the contrast color, worked the top ribbing, and bound off.

The colors are bright and warm and happy-making, alone and together - too bad it's still 40 degrees outside.

I learned a new skill with these - I tried the first jogless join found here.

Not perfect (I don't think anything with continuous rounds can ever be), but it's still pretty nifty.


Meta Stuff

Cara's got a really interesting conversation going on here. Me? I've been focusing on owning my words, taking reasonable criticism honestly and in the spirit it was meant, and being self-aware enough to separate legitimate critique from personal attack without getting all self-righteous or huffy or dismissive. As for the rest, I'm still thinking and still trying to figure it out. I put very, very little of my personal life up here, and it always sort of astonishes me to see the kind of assumptions people can make and what sometimes seem like disproportionate reactions. I can see, though, how and why that happens - so if I can't learn from it, I just try to shut my eyes (besides, what can you do? You can feel sick for a minute and then try to get over it, or beat yourself up, or try to fix it or backpedal or retaliate and make a bigger mess all around. The first option leaves the smallest footprint - I'll take it).

Generally, though, I'm of the opinion that it's all good. I don't necessarily subscribe to "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" - there's plenty of room for civil disagreement and opinion exchange. What's the point of a medium like this if it's not for dialog and debate?


Wonderful socks! They seem very comfy.

Ah, jealousy and feelings of inadequacy often leave people feeling the need to put down others. I'm often baffled that people above the age of 12 resort to bad mouthing, name calling and overall nasty behavior.

I've always enjoyed your posts and think it's very interesting to read up on you and your knitting. :)

What beautiful socks! I love the different toes, heels, and cuff ribbing!

I must say that I didn't know just how to comment on Cara's post, but definitely agree with your comments on the subject. I've never made a nasty or mean comment on anyone's blog-no need to get personal, is there?

Teresa - that's just what I mean. I'm trying to get better about not immediately getting dismissive - that whole "they're just jealous" thing. Because seriously, that's just as bad - it's making assumptions about their motivations and opinions.

I try to assume the best first - is this reasonable, is it true, is this address-able?

If no to all those, THEN I throw out. Because, dude, there are just some things that no one needs to hear.

I'm enjoying the meta conversations going on - and for the record, I think your voice and your blog have been articulate and uncondescending, if that matters. The salient point is that your blog is incredibly informative and interesting - and that's what keeps me reading.

It's funny that the simplest ideas often make the best socks (in this case) and the part about using up all the yarn an being cheap - I'd call that frugal. Always look at the positive side of things. :)

I think I'll stick to self-striping yarn for myself - but I love the mis-matchedness of them and the simple stockinette!


I think I saw you in Denver at the Harlot Book signing. At least I think it was you and another friend of mine who was there (Sylvia aka: the hat collector) said it was you. I totally wanted to come up to you and say hello and introduce myself but didn't want you to think I was crazy or anything!

Are you in Colorado often now that you are doing the Interweave thing? If so and you need some local knitting buddies; I AM GAME!

Take care and I like the color choice on the socks!


thanks for the jogless join link. something definitely worth trying. and i love these socks. something so simple as alternating the stripes make them so special.

Your blog is lovely! This is my first time really checking it out (where have I been?). The pictures are warm and rich. The colors, the design, all of it - love it.

I just read about the comments discussion and I must admit it's something I never even thought about happening with blogs. But then, there's always that element in online forums so it seems natural that it would extend now to blogs, and even more so to frequently read blogs. I completely agree with you in trying to "hear" the spirit and feelings in which a comment is left. So many times text on the screen looks a world different than the tone that it was intended in. I have to put on a filter of sorts when I read emails, comments in my blog, reviews on my candles, or posts on my forum because it's so easy to misinterpret the author's tone. If something is just straight up mean, catty, or offensive it's just fuel for a potential fight so the delete button gets clicked pretty quick.


I have enjoyed reading your blog for a long time now. I have learned so much from you. You are so intelligent and creative. Thank you for being so inspiring!

Thank you for your counsel and thank you for the link. I so appreciate your take on this discussion.

The meta discussions are very interesting. I've often noticed how the anonymity can create challenges in communication.

On the sock note, they look great, and I really like the idea of the jogless join. When you knit them, did you set it up so that it would be on the inside of both feet? I'm just curious.

Lovely socks! Great work as always! I like what you (very eloquently) said about Cara's post. It's part of the journey to maturity (I think) to be humble enough to not automatically become defensive when faced with criticism, constructive or not. I don't think I'm there yet though :)

Sorry, but Spring is going to be short this year with us moving from winter to summer! (Yuck)

I love the socks, and it's funny how the stripes appear different, depending on the toe color - almost an optical illusion!

Great socks, and interesting post/comments/links. I live in a small town where, sadly, pettiness and nasty gossip is commonplace. Could it be that the pervasiveness of the internet breeds the same mentality - it is, after all, a small world. It's unfortunate that there are some, unable to embrace the spirit of the community and all it offers, who are just mean.

Those socks make me smile, thanks for sharing them.

More, thanks for linking to Cara's post. The world of blog is still such a new place and there isn't (yet) an Emily Post to guide us. Not that we'd pay any attention if there were.

I've always thought that people reading a blog should act as if they were guests in the home of the blogger. That is, civil disagreement and constructive criticism is allowed, attacks and abuse are not. I'm always surprised when people act otherwise.

Certainly something to ponder. Thanks.

Oh Eunny, how could you do this to me? I am now, very bizarrely, addicted to entrelac (apart from a couple of sweaters), particularly now that I can knit the triangles and squares without turning my work.

The logical and logistical problems that the technique presents in terms of shaping are intriguing in a way I can't help but work at, like an engrossing algebra problem.

Don't worry, no shaped entrelac sweaters are in my future. (Eeegh.) Just some crown-down hats.

as a coach, i've given and received criticism. it's part of my job. i'm endlessly entertained by the way it seasons my life.

i find any sort of opinion can have an effect, the size of which corresponds to its relation to the person. for instance, the more personal the topic, the deeper i contemplate the opinion. i consider this when i proffer my opinion to people.

at the same time, i am better able to evaluate the relevance of the opinion when i look at it more as information than as a personal attack on me. if it's information i can use and reference, i'll take it. otherwise, it's synonymous with speculative tabloids.

you are wise to emphasize taking accountability for what you put online - either on your own blog or someone else's. since people aren't dealing directly with one another in this medium, they overlook that accountability factor: that what they put in print is not only permanent but has their names attached to it, regardless of if their faces are visible or physical proximity.

Love the socks!

It seems a year or so ago when I first started reading this blog there was an ugliness in the comment section that you addressed. With as much style then, as well :) I don't often comment or even read them.

You are what my knitting dreams of being when it grows up! I feel compelled to subscribe to "your" magazine just to show my support.
All our best!

I love the idea of opposite toes & heels--they still match but aren't identical. Very clever!

Those are nice socks for real!
I think it is a good idea to not immediatly assume that people are "jealous" and that is the reasoning behind them being vicious. Sometimes they just like to say things because they enjoy the anonymity of being online: "no face-to-face.
But honestly sometimes people say hurtful things because they ARE jealous... I consider myself friendly to everyone and I give everyone courtesy because I want it reciprocated but when you've been nothing but courteous to someone and their calling you names and making you hurt, I mean, there has to be something akin to envy behind it. I, unfortunately, know from experience.
Interesting idea...

Eunny, when I sat down to pick my goals for the year, one of them was: My knitting looks like Eunny's. What Laurie said, though she said it more wittily :).

On the topic of comments, I try to go by these criteria: is it true? (How could it be, if it's an opinion? Opinions can't be in the realm of true and false.) Is it kind? (That's easy to answer, if I'm being honest with myself.) And is it useful? (ONLY IF THEY'VE ASKED.)

If I see something I truly love - and this happens often enough; there's a lot of nice work out there! - I sing its praises. If I see something I'm not so crazy about, I apply my three criteria, and the results are: I shut the hell up. Really, who cares what I think? If it ain't nice, *I* don't even want to know what I think. Seriously.

So let me finish with some praise: Your work is not only an inspiration for my own work, but a joy to behold in and of itself. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Can I buy those socks? Sigh. . . .
Outrageously gorgeous!

OH! Those are seriously drool worthy! I am going to "borrow" that idea with some leftover yarns I have -- hope you don't mind!!

Lovely, as usual! You're an inspiration in so many ways!

Eunny, can you tell us which of those jogless methods you use?

Thanks. :)

I am overwhelmed by the general number of voices on the internet that I want to listen to, if not heed. But life, being what it is, prevents it.

I love that the socks have contrasting toes/heels. I need to do my first pair of socks, and wish for them to look exactly like those.

I think respectful, constructive criticism still falls into the "nice" category. At any rate, if one reasonable person is speaking to another reasonable person, then they probably aren't going to be upset by it. It might be more accurate if the phrase were, "If you don't have anything logical and relevant to say that can be said in a polite way, don't say anything at all," but that's a bit more cumbersome.

Hi Eunny!

"Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man's growth without destroying his roots."

Love the socks :-)

Criticism is one thing, threats are another. Hopefully the dicussion will lead others to examine their words as you are doing.

The first jogless method is one I learned from Meg Swansen - on the Dubblemoussa instructions. I ended up buying the video because I could do the initial alteration (which then "moves" your start of your round over one stitch), but she has a "technique" for bringing the round back to where it's supposed to be (couldn't wrap my brain around it in writing, but seeing it in the video worked for me). Anyway, if you haven't tried it in pattern work, you should! It's fun and I honestly have a hard time finding the jog in my Dubbelmoussa.

Hi Eunny-
If you want to see some seriously absurd blog comments, just check out the Yahoo homepage on Mondays. They post recipes for the week under the "Life" tab- who knew recipes could be so controversal? Readers can sign in and comment on them. People get incredibly nasty to each other over the use of sugar, or whatever. Amazing.

Also- congrats on IK! Can't wait to read your first issue :)

Good lord Eunny - did you just write "dude"? I don't know why that strikes me as funny, but somehow I find it very cute coming from you. You're not a "dude" kind of girl.

I think that you've got the right attitude, especially given the very public nature of your new position. There's often something to be gained from even the most hostile comments (though not always), and if you can learn to take away what is constructive and leave the rest, you'll do quite well for yourself.

Nice socks, too.

I love your socks. I've been contemplating doing something very similar soon. My husband stopped in a yarn store while travelling for business and thought it would be more interesting to get me Lorna's Laces in 2 different colors instead of "2 of the same--how boring!"

I love how the blue seems to recede in the first two pictures of your socks and the blue stripes look thinner than the beige. Repeat with me, "Thrift is empowering!"

A-ha! Your point has been illustrated a couple of comments ahead of me! Your writing is so carefully crafted that it might seem to someone who does not know you personally that you are not a dude kind of girl. But what do we really know about our Eunny? We know but one layer of the onion, nay--one facet of the diamond--and a particularly interesting assortment of 6 weird things...Dude, that stuff about marrow and tongues and codfish heads?!?

Mercifully, I have not witnessed any of the vitriol to which you and Cara have referred. I find the argument that moderating comments is an infringement of freedom of speech to be questionable. If someone is denied the opportunity to spout their opinions on their own blog, that would be crossing the line. I hold to my mother's philosophy of "praise in public, criticize in private." Email, to my thinking, is the better medium for criticism and/or argument.

I understand criticism, but sometimes there is such hate and nastiness that is so unnecessary. This is knitting for goodness sakes.

Nice socks.

I enjoy the layers of the onion getting peeled off. If all of us could only meet in person someday, I think we would have a greater understanding and appreciation of each other.

You actually made TWO socks - that deserves some praise :)
I like the color combo.

I've been following your Blog for a long time and worried that you wouldn't continue it after the new Interweave job. So I immediately subscribed, just in case! I really admire your creativity and style.

I love the socks!! Not to mention your knitting and your blog, so all I'm gonna say? Just. Keep. Knitting. And much good luck.

Great socks! Love the toes

holy smokes people are being critical of you?

i wasn't going to post anything anywhere today because i have a lot to get done but when i saw your blog i had to take a minute for this.

i think you are a gift to the knitting world. you are talented and generous and i learn a lot from your posts.

i was impressed when you posted your meme of 6 weird things. here you had just gotten the fantastic Interweave editor job and why did you need to be open and kind and share yourself with us and yet you did.

i think you are amazing. and hope you will carry on sharing with us.

One of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much is that it focuses on the craft, and not on your personal life.

Love those socks! Constructive criticism is great. Unfortunately, there will always be the folks out there who are just personally mean and nasty people. Whether we encounter them via blogging or in the grocery store, they will always exist. I guess I just try to remember the one person I can control is me. Because of that, I choose not to get involved in any nastiness. It's just far too stressful and such a waste of time.

hi nice site.

How strange to think of knasty knitting criticism. I work in a mostly non-online knitting shop and I'm always dragging in blog stuff to amaze and astound my knitting pals....both good and, even better, baffling works to inspire and push us to understand more. The handful of blogs I follow always spur me on!


First of all, I am renewing my interweave subscription purely because you are a part of it. Congratulations on a well-deserved achievement. Also, I totally love the socks. They psyched me out at first because I thought they were the same, but I could tell they weren't, but I couldn't immediately tell why they weren't the same. Finally, I've been seriously bummed because there hasn't been too much posting lately (I subscribe to Bloglines), so I came on over here to get my fix and read some older posts. Lo and behold, there WERE new posts! For some reason, bloglines is no longer getting your pings (or whatever it is that actually happens). This may be something to look into.

Love your work!

I agree with you that civil discourse and disagreement should be okay. However, I still follow the "if you can't say anything nice don't say anything" rule. That's because I don't look at a constructive criticism or a civil and pleasant disagreement as not saying anything nice. I consider not saying something nice to be some of the nasty and hurtful type of comments that really serve no purpose. I wouldn't expect to agree with everyone all the time, but I also wouldn't think that gives me the right to be less than courteous or thoughtful in my response. So thank you for letting me "civilly disagree" with you ; ).

Love the socks! Great color, great heel - I'll have to try that.

love the socks! they are so happy!

ah yes, and the bad blog behavior... i think it is very easy to say things by e-mail or in a comment on a blog that most people would never say to someone's face, largely because of the anonymity. As human beings we will constantly be challenged by bad behaviour in others, and also in quelling or changing our own bad behaviour. I always hate to see it happen though... my grandmother used to have a saying when we would tell her about some mean kid on the playground... "sail on past it my sweets, sail on past it with a smile." I keep that thought close when things are weird...

I'm the kind of blog-lurker who rarely comments, because I have a very dry, sarcastic sense of humour that does not come across well in print. I comment only when I know the way I've phrased things cannot be misconstrued, but I've often read comments where I've been taken aback at the nastiness and negativity that seems to come so easily from some people. Maybe they're just sarcastic folk too...maybe not. Thanks for the links, and thanks for the discussion here. You make me think.

(also, to echo an earlier comment, what jogless method did you use???)

Those are so cute. I love the mismatchey look, and thanks for the link to jogless join -- I've been meaning to try it.

As far as criticism: that's one thing I worry about on my own blog. I like hearing my knitting praised, sure, but I would also like to think that if I threw a piece of crap out there, people would tell me, "Dove, um, this just ain't your best work. I don't like it." Or maybe, "Here is what I would have changed." Or even, "Geez, this is awful, what were you thinking?" And yes, I would welcome all of those comments. I would NOT welcome, "Dove, this is awful, which means that you and your momma and your future children are horrible, no-good people." And I think that alot of folks are afraid to leave comments of the first kind for fear that they'll come across as comments of the second kind. And there's a vast difference. And, well, comment #2 is something we need not leave unless we know, for a fact, that the blogger tortures homeless puppies or something like that. Whereas comments type 1, well, that's kinda what we're here for.

I LOVE your socks! I especially love that the colors are reversed on each sock. I think it adds to the playful plea for spring. Very nice.

I love the socks! But I am very much a cheap and stripe loving person!

I love those socks! I don't think you're cheap, either, just practical. :)

Pretty stripes, and well done on the jogless join, that's a trick I haven't learned yet, but it looks lovely.

Hi Eunny. I love to knit socks and have had some mixed experiences with stripes. Can you tell me how you carry the yarn up so that you don't have lots of ends to weave in? Is there a limit to how far you can carry it?

I've been maeaning to try that jogless join myself. The cooler weather means that at least you'll get to wear the socks this weekend - small consolation though that may be. I'm ready for it to be warm too!

I have always enjoyed reading your blog precisely because you don't write about your personal life. When some other knitting bloggers slide down the slippery slope into personal "yammering," I find myself avoiding their sites for a while. I enjoy seeing your mastery of the art in pictures, am entertained and educated by your writings regarding your design process and am amazed at how open you are to the opinions of others regarding your design development(I once shared an idea I had for adding v-slits at the bottom of the sleeves in a fair isle project and you were very gracious to respond back!). I find that your aestetic and design thought process are similar to my own in many ways, so the knitting technique information you share is very pertinent to my own knitting - and that is the reason I read your blog. Anyone who leaves nasty comments is just looking for a fight - these are probably the same negative people you and I try hard to avoid in "real" life! Congrats on your new position - I will definitely be reading IK more often!

Gayle J

Your blog has always been very interesting, fun and well written. We each get to choose how much personal stuff to post, it is different for everyone.

I think there is almost always something to learn from others comments, but I try to bear in mind that each arrives from someone with their own personal experiences influencing their interpretations.

I am so excited for your new position at IW! I'll be at my favorite yarn shop monday and get a copy and subscribe!

Best wishes!!

Eunny, what a mature response! I fall into the 'if you don't have anything nice to say' category - because I will go great distances to avoid conflict. I am trying to learn that not all conflict is negative, that it can be a place to grow from and I also struggle with defensiveness.
Thanks for your honest post!
Also the socks look great and I definitely appreciate the link to the jogless knitting.

Those socks are really cute. And also, finished. :-p Is this a first for a pair of socks?

Interesting topic going on here. I think you've always handled things well on your own blog, and I applaud that.

Lovely socks! I knit a very similar pair a couple of years ago, employing Meg Swansen's jogless jog and knitting only two rounds before each color change. I used Lang Jawoll cotton/wool blend in 1)yellow and 2) green with yellow flecks (or was it yellow with green flecks?). Anyway, the flecks in combination with with the narrow stripes created a very interesting effect. I would have made more if only there weren't so many ends to sew in!

love the contrasting toes!

convite: www.noivas-arte.blogspot.com

Really cute socks. Don't you just love it when the socks are different from one another? Now that I'm knitting more than one color socks I feel about same socks the way I do about dressing twin children the same. No comment. Ha! I'll follow suit with the "say something nice" but you get the point.

I left a HUGE comment (or two?) over at Cara's, but wanted to say that I really like your questions/criteria: true? reasonable? actionable?

A good "validity" test for so many things, including self-criticism. I'm writing them down.

I also appreciate the fact that you keep your private life private, and your public blog appropriate. It shows a healthy regard for boundaries. I have had to stop reading some favorite blogs when they became too personal, because I end up feeling violated reading an extremely personal comment in a public forum. I have learned in life that someone who will tell a stranger too much often ends up becoming someone you wish never crossed your path. The blogosphere has given these people an even greater opportunity.

You have been very inspirational to me because of your attention to detail in your work and designs. I congratulate you on your new job at IK, and I look forward to reading it even more than I did before.

you knit two socks? are you feeling ok? :)

Those are great socks... and I think your prescription for yourself about responding to people's criticisms is brilliant. I find it really odd that most of us are *so* slow to change our ingrained behaviours, and usually only do so in the warmth of good relationships. And yet, so many people keep trying viciousness from a stranger on other people. When was the last time it worked on *us*?

I suppose it's an ironic post on which to mention that I've nominated Eunny for "Best Hobby Blog" and "Best Blog about Stuff" on the Blogger's Choice Awards. The nomination should show up in the next 24 hours or so.

Every day, I check my bank account, my emails and your blog on the Internet. You inspire me to strive for more every day. I see how you keep your life very private and I respect you for it. Some of us can't make the separation clear. I am truly amazed that anyone would have anything negative to say about you or to you, being that your blog transpires peacefulness, talent, art and beauty. I do have to say, that the masses get caught up on the moment and don't seem to think twice before putting something out there. I always tell my DH that words can NEVER be taken back even if followed by a million apologies. They do hurt. Thankfully it looks like your young age has not stopped you from being such a classy lady. You have demonstrated that age is just a number and people can have class, maturity, talent and ability at any age. Kudos Chica! Keep up the good work ! Can't wait for your first issue of IK. The one reason I recently subscribed.


It would be great to see a technique article on the various types of jogless jogs in a future issue of IK. I'd like to try a jogless jog, but I'm not wild about the traveling variety, which is primarily what I see published. Your explanation are always so clear, that I'm sure readers would find it helpful.


Hey you got a compliment - in the comments to MasonDixon's April 18 posting - and a well-deserved compliment it is!

Beautiful socks!

The best jogless method I've used is one I learned from Cindy Sauewald, the proprietor of a yarn shop in my area (Aunt Jean's Handiworks, in Clinton, NJ). When changing to a new color, she doesn't work the first stitch, she slips it and works it as the last stitch of the row. When I do stripes, of more than one row, I do the second row of the stripe as well as the first so the jog on the second row doesn't push it down either. And I've been slipping 2st instead of one while working k2p2 ribbing. Mostly because the stitches can distort a little when it's solid stripes (as opposed to stranded colorwork which has so many tension issues anyway). 2st helps keep the distortion hidden in the texture of the ribbing. The distortion ends up blocking out, or can be minimized by a bit of poking and prodding of the stitches if necessary. It's mostly that the slipped stitch tends to stretch a little while the rest of the row is being worked, which can cause the stitch next to it that *does* get worked to be smaller than usual. Stretching that stitch out when working it helps too.

Of course, this moves the first stitch of the row over, but it's not a big problem, and it really does have a fantastic result.

Thanks fro doing your part to hurry up Spring. Love the socks.

Eunny - no, I don't think that negative commenters are jealous. I think that there are some people out there that like to play the expert. Of course, they could found their own blog or become the editor of a magazine, but they prefer to seek out actual experts and through negative comments, prove their own superiority. They seem to believe that this actually works. I love Coach Eva's tactic of using criticism as information. Good luck to you, Eunny. The better you get at what you do, the more negative will be the commentary. Knit on!

I knitted the blue skirt using the alterations you suggested and it turned out great and very comfortable to wear. I would never have knitted a skirt without your blog comments. Many thanks. I miss reading your blog.

Choosing to improve oneself is a process akin to a toddler learning to walk, repeatedly failing with eventual success. As for learning and failing- these continue endlessly until life end. Sadly, there will always be those who wish to wound (fail). Some will later regret that urge (success). Thank you for your wise comments. -- PS: As a self taught knitter, I return to your blog repeatedly to learn more. Thanks so much!

Hi Eunny! I have a question. You do such lovely multi color work. I have been working on some Norweigan Stockings by Nancy Bush and wondered if there is a way to knit tighter. I knit very loosely when I am doing fair isle due to the puckering thing. With the socks it seems they should be stretchier so I knit loose. I made gauge but was wondering for future reference...can you knit tighter without puckering designs and how? or maybe you've already covered this on your blog and can direct me to the entry?

I know that you are not the editor of interweave knits until the next issue, but I have a comment about this issue. I loved the article about the beautiful wedding dress made by the author 25 years ago. Unfortunately, the new paper quality does not permit a good look at the dress. It appears as a white splotch on the page. Wouldn't this be a good idea for the new website--put high quality photos of items that simply do not show up well in print?? I'd love to see more of the detail of the dress and it is impossible.

I confess I'm totally mystified by the nasty comment thing, or even the assumptions about one's personal life. I've never gotten either, I don't think I even spotted either on someone else's blog. Now that I've been part of this knit blog world for over a year, I don't even see that one would feel anonymous enough to say nasty things without being known - it's such a tiny world, I see the same names over and over. If I felt inclined to make a nasty comment to someone (which I don't), I suspect I'd notice the repercussions pretty promptly. It all seems so odd.

I just want to say that I can't SEE straight, I love that argyle vest so much. I cannot wait to get that pattern and make one, but I'm saving it for the next group of projects. :) It's so excellent!

where have you gone? and are you going to the sheep and wool faire? if you are going then you have to show us what you got!

Hello? Are you still there? I've been waiting with baited breath for your next masterpiece ... I imagine you're up to your ears with your new job, which is understandable, but please don't forget those of us who thrive on seeing your next F/O :)

*tap. tap, tap*

"Is this thing on?"

Spring's here (your socks worked)! I hope you're settling into the new job and knitting (and knitting and knitting). Enjoy the sunshine.

Hi Eunny
just want to tell you how amazed I am of reading your blog. I´m new in this field, knittingblogging, and get ALL my inspiration from your page.

Congratulations to your acheivement in the knittingworld

HEY! Has someone been being nasty to you in blog comments??!!?

I, personally, am the most narcissistic, conceited person I know, and thoroughly convinced of my own 'awesomeness'. And I am so astonished by your talent, natural gift for color and form, talent for writing, and just overall fabulousness that I simply adore you. I'm like (gag) 'a fan' of Eunny. When I begin suffering from 'delusions of grandeur' I imagine I'll grow up to be Eunny Jang.

The fact is, no one who just reads your blog KNOWS you, however, we've all gotten to meet you, truly, because of the honesty of your writing. And writing is the most personal of things. I guess, you could assume, that anyone who feels they know you enough to make assumptions about you has just validated your writing talent to the nth degree.

That said, I'm really apalled that someone would take time out of their busy, busy, busy, lives to come over here and be mean and nasty to you. Let's step on them, like cockroaches, shall we? (My studies in Buddhism and meditation sometimes fail me spectacularly).

I'm really glad that you are opening yourself up for a dialogue that isn't just about compliments, flattery, and admiration. I'm not saying that you don't deserve it or that anyone shouldn't enjoy being surrounded by a lovefest but I am saying that I used to read your blog regularly. That is until one day the tone of the post disagreed with me and the tone of the comments and the response to some of the comments disagreed with me even more. And so I stopped coming here, even though I admired your talent and had previously enjoyed your writing voice.

Once in a blue moon I would look in on your blog to see if I felt any differently about things. Because I wanted to enjoy this lovely place that you had created along with the beautiful projects you share with us. But unfortunately the one bad post had made me hyperaware of and allergic to a certain tone, a film of hubris, a sheen of false humility that sent me packing each time. But this post of yours now, this seems promising and feels extremely earnest. I'd like to check in a little more frequently perhaps.


i became a regular reader of this blog because you focus on projects & techniques and not overly personal material. in fact, your blog inspired me to finally start one of my own, but i found i just didn't like the medium. felt like one more huge thing on my to-do list--it's much harder to blog if you consider every entry an "essay" that should be meaningful or interesting or informative. so i have to hand it to you there! this must be a lot of work! i also decided that i wasn't up for getting lots of nasty posts/comments. i had not been aware that so much of that was going on. i find it very discouraging and i decided not to go ahead with a blog. but this will give me more time to read yours! i wish you much luck in your new position.

Miss you, Eunny! It's cool how you are getting comments here almost a month after you last posted. Yes, I'm a tad jealous...:)

Hi Eunny...

I hope that you had fun on the Seasocks cruise!

I was wondering if the class handouts are available yet.

By the way, check out my blog for photos!

What a great socks! Your knitting goods are amazing!

hello there,
i can see why simply everyone has this link on their blogs. you are a very inspiring knitter and i look forward to seeing your new creations, thoughts and ideas.
oh, and the high road is less crowded anyway!

leave it to you, eunny, to not have ONE SINGLE DUSTBUNNY under your bed.

Where are you? I come by everyday . . . I'm almost out of archives I haven't read 3 times . . . I'm gonna start going through withdrawal soon . . .

Woah- gorgeous socks!

I know it's a month later now, but here in the Mojave desert it's already 103 F most days. Cool air would be nice!!


"I'm doing my part in telling spring to hurry the hell up already."

dang, eunny! Sping is here! You are away from your blog so long that summer is almost here now! Get with the prgram!

Will you ever come back and blog again???????? You are missed.

I just wanted to let you know I've long been an admirer of your blog, but I've never posted a comment to say hello. Now I'm a blogger too, and I realize how nice it is to get little notes from readers who are strangers! Out in the wide world... You are immensely talented, and I am in awe over your knitting. Beautiful, delicious, lovely. I knit too, but poorly, and only simple, simple things. So much in life to take in.

I think these socks look beautiful and comfy. The main thing I dislike about the online community is that people feel they have licence to say anything without thought or consideration of the intended recipient.

Hey there, ilove ur blog I have added u as a link onmy last knitting post
luv Abby

I love that you are the new editor, but does that mean we won't be seeing any more blog posts? It's two months today --

Hellooooo. Are you ever coming back???

Eunny, please come back! We miss you so.

Wow- It's officially SUMMER today, lol, but Eunny's last post was still anticipating SPRING.

Eunny, I hope you are planning on showing us oodles of FO's and WIPs in your next post! We are still waiting to see the finished product of several WIPs from many months ago, lol!

sniff sniff......feeling abandoned......

We miss you!!

I am a crocheter but have learned to knit just last month. I found your site and have to say that you do very beautiful work. I hope one day I can do half as good.

a haiku for you

We love your classic-
contemporary styled knits
we hope you're OK

You are very much missed... where have you gone? :( Hope you are ok and just having too much fun to blog.

I see I'm not the only one to get concerned! I just checked the date of your last post and realized it was way back in April. I hope you're okay and returning soon to Blogland :)

Hi Eunny, I just finished your Bayerish socks and I love them ! People keep giving me compliments about them :) The pattern was very well written, thank you very much for this.

Hey Eunny, beautiful socks. Are you ever going to post again? I really miss seeing all the great stuff you knit and design!

Dang girl, we miss you.

Very clever way to compensate for not having enough sock yarn by starting the toes in different colors. I didn't notice till you mentioned it and then I respndes "aaaaaah"!
not so matchy socks thrill me!

I'm doing my part to tell Eunny to hurry the hell up already....
lol. I mean that in the nicest way possible. We are seriously in a withdrawl...

Very pretty socks! I'm going to try that sometime, because they look great and it's a great way to use up all the yarn and not have just a 2 gram ball left! They look great!

I miss seeing Eunny knit...

: )

Congratulations on your job as Editor for Interweave Knits magazine. Lovely projects by you in there too. I look forward to more and will definitely renew my subscription just to keep up with your adventures.

Eunny, I just saw the preview for the fall issue of IK and I must say that everything is goregous! Thank you and everyone at IK for putting to gether so many fabulous patterns!

I miss seeing Eunny Knit too...

Eunny, I love your new Tangled Yoke Cardigan! I can't wait to see that pattern. The next IK issue looks so wonderful!

Hey hey! First of all, thanks for the Facebook add. :-) And secondly, the preview of the new Interweave looks AMAZING. I'm in love with basically every single pattern...although more projects is really the last thing I need right now. Oh well, hazard of the trade. I can tell that we are entering the golden age of Interweave!

Loving the preview, can't wait! I am so, so, so in love with the Mirepoix Bodice. I've never done any colourwork before but I think I've found my first project!

I've just moved to London from New Zealand and haven't renewed my subscription because the magazine had a hard time keeping up with my constant moving around in NZ (however it was worth it because buying it in the knitting shops is prohibitively expensive), I'm hoping it doesn't cost too much off the stand here!

The preview looks wonderful, Eunny. I was so excited to see your design - I've been waiting to see that cable in action since I saw it on your blog!

Just delurking to say Congratulations!
All the best with your editor work, and I'm sure everyone will be glad when you find a spare moment to post again! Your designs are really lovely, I'm working up the nerve to try knitting one of your sweaters at some point but feel my skills at the moment wouldn't do it justice.

That Tangled Yoke Cardigan looks just absolutely fabulous, have been eyeing on it since the first sketches on your blog. Can't wait the autumn issue!

The tangled yoke cardi is beautiful! I seem to remember some similar cables on this blog once...

Fabulous job on the new IK issue - mine arrived yesterday, and it's going to be very hard deciding what to knit first! IK was always a class act with lovely patterns -- and you've managed to make a good thing even better, just like we knew you could!! Well done, Eunny!

I just saw your Tangles Yoke Cardigan at the Fall Interweave Knits preview. Gorgeous, I love it!

I just read part one of your interview with Sandi. I can't believe you found time to work on a new blog and I can't wait for the big reveal.

Congrats on the first issue of IK as editor! Nicely done. And I love your caridigan.

Congratulations on your new job! I hope you keep blogging though, too. I miss the blogging.

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