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April 12, 2007

On Humility

I'm doing my part in telling spring to hurry the hell up already:

Generic 60-stitch toe up socks, worked in 4-round stripes. The heels and toes are reversed on the pair because, well, I'm cheap - I had one ball of beige Koigu and one ball of cornflower Louet Pearl lying around, and wanted to use them up equally. I knitted both socks at more or less the same time, working from both ends of both balls, till I had about 5 grams left of each color - then I cut the contrast color, worked the top ribbing, and bound off.

The colors are bright and warm and happy-making, alone and together - too bad it's still 40 degrees outside.

I learned a new skill with these - I tried the first jogless join found here.

Not perfect (I don't think anything with continuous rounds can ever be), but it's still pretty nifty.


Meta Stuff

Cara's got a really interesting conversation going on here. Me? I've been focusing on owning my words, taking reasonable criticism honestly and in the spirit it was meant, and being self-aware enough to separate legitimate critique from personal attack without getting all self-righteous or huffy or dismissive. As for the rest, I'm still thinking and still trying to figure it out. I put very, very little of my personal life up here, and it always sort of astonishes me to see the kind of assumptions people can make and what sometimes seem like disproportionate reactions. I can see, though, how and why that happens - so if I can't learn from it, I just try to shut my eyes (besides, what can you do? You can feel sick for a minute and then try to get over it, or beat yourself up, or try to fix it or backpedal or retaliate and make a bigger mess all around. The first option leaves the smallest footprint - I'll take it).

Generally, though, I'm of the opinion that it's all good. I don't necessarily subscribe to "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" - there's plenty of room for civil disagreement and opinion exchange. What's the point of a medium like this if it's not for dialog and debate?