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How this knitter celebrates:

For me, this comprises a lot of not-usuallys: usually, I don't do bulky yarns, variegated yarns, or thick-and-thin yarns (or posh yarns - though Manos, of course, is out there doing good things). But oh, that dusty rosy pink, moving from antique, pressed specimen to living petal and back! I couldn't resist.

I'm thinking something very simple, very clean, almost austere, to tame and showcase all that grist and color action. Something like Teva Durham's Ballet Pullover, perhaps?

(P.S. - Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful notes and comments you left. I couldn't be more eager to get started - I'm so pleased you're excited, too!)


Wow... that is a truly gorgeous colour. I can't wait to see what you make of it!

LOVE your designs and, yes, I am so happy for you getting your new job for the knitting magazine I love so much.

That's a good pattern you're choosing, and you'll look great in that color!

It is a fantastic color! I usually prefer things less bulky as well, but I made a cardigan for myself and a pullover for my husband out of the same yarn. Very nice to work with, very warm and actually very well wearing. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Adore the color! I could wear that color every day!

That's a gorgeous color! I love almost all the colors of Manos, but really wish it were as soft as Malabrigo- I couldn't wear Manos directly against my skin. I'm looking forward to see what yours becomes :)

A fitting way to celebrate! I would do the same thing!

oh, wonderful choice! Now I'm not only jealous about your job, I'm jealous about the fact you have access to the entire IK back catalogue!

What a lovely color...like the blush of a rose...That pattern will be gorgeous in the Manos.


I love that yarn. I got some Manos a while back and knitted it up into a simple fitted raglan with belled sleeves that really shows off the yarn's many qualities (if I say it myself). You're making me want to do it again!

Manos is lovely. A ballet pullover would look lovely in that shade of pink. I happen to think manos is one of those yarns that falls in with sock yarn. Sometimes you just have to have it.

you can always justify it to yourself as a "business" expense. i do that and i've only had a couple of patterns accepted for publication. imagine the damage i would do if... ;)

Mmmmanos! Celebrations featuring lovely yarn are always good.

Fantastic color. I, too, am not too into bulky yarns, but the Manos is definitely the exception to the rule!

I LOVE that color! Pink is my absolute fav!

That yarn is luxurious! It will be a beautiful sweater, however you knit it.

And hearty congrats on the new title! What fantastic news for you!! And for us, as well.

Simply Scrumptious! I have definite envy...

I just got my IK, Spring 07 (like, finally!) and I am so excited about your entrelac article. I never really got how that worked and now I can't wait to cast on.

Lovely Manos- I wish I could wear that color.

Gorgeous color! Now you know how to celebrate :) I actually bought some hand-dyed yarn from Cider Moon right after I read your good news so, I guess I'll consider that my celebration for you!

Beautiful yarn, I am sure you will do something breathtaking as always with it! :) What a great way to celebrate.

Whew! I forgot to ask - I was so busy congratulating you on your wonderful news last post - if you would continue the blog. Happy to see you're still up and running here.

Who wouldn't think that celebrating with yarn is the very best way to pat yourself on the back? Lovely choice.

I think no one can blame you for not being able to resist - how very, very beautiful!

That's pretty! I have decided to do brighter colors like that. Gray is usually my staple.

Just glad you are blogging again. I love reading your post. I feel like I learn something new each time and become a little bit smarter!!

Never say never! I'm the same with you re yarn, but honest to Pete I'm sitting here with a fluffy bulky-weight variegated yarn which happens to include (holy moley) acrylic, and I'm loving it. Right yarn, right place, you know?

I'm just glad you are continuing with your blog! I was afraid that the new position might lead you to abandon us. I'm so glad you havent!

Ah, yes grab some big ole needles and knit something fast in that gorgeous color! Just soak it in. Glad you're back.

That pink makes me want to take up gardening.

I picked quite a week to be away from the internet! Congratulations on the position, Eunny!

Oh, that's EXACTLY how I would celebrate!

I think you're the absolute best and am very happy that you're updating the blog again! You make my day!

I knit for a designer and I just used this colorway with a mohair thread for a cable sweater and it was luscious, vintage roses in the winter!


I'm liking the yarn! I know my husband doesn't understand my habit or strange attraction to twisted fibers. That would make an awesome throw as well. That way you can lay it on the couch and show it off. LOL..course that's me. I almost never get out of my pajamas.

What a fab way to celebrate! Such an enabler, I'll now have to go buy some in that colorway.

I've never used Manos before, but have seen some pretty stuff. Maybe a simple Banff sweater from knitty will be a good choice for me. Hmmmmm....

I just want to say CONGRATS!!! Your an amazing artisan and very, very talented.

(I love Manos too!)

Beautiful color you have chosen! What about a simple top to show off the qualities of the yarn?

That is the most beautiful shade of pink I have seen in a long time. You make me want to buy Manos RIGHT NOW... except that I just bought a ton of yarn last month and haven't finished a single project of the 4 that I have started or intended.

Hmmm, I'm not really a dusty rose kinda gal but I have a feeling that you see something in this yarn that I'm missing.

This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE YARNS. The colors-are heaven and the fact that is helping woman makes it a winner for me. I use a size 10 needle and block my garment by soaking in cold water for 10 min etc. It softens the final sweater.
I look forward to seeing what you design.

I usually like lighter weight, less bulky yarns for such a simple pattern. But I think with the variation in bulk that Manos offers this could turn out beautifully!

Great color for your dark hair! Hope we get to see the end product!

Bulky yarn? Eunny? What next, hell freezing over? ;P

I have a hank of this same colorway in my ol' stash. Lovely.

I'll be interested to see how you like the Manos. I've found that it doesn't hold up very well, but it is beautiful! On the other hand, I'm in love with Malabrigo!

Oooh, Aaah, ohh la la! What beautiful pinks (and I'm not normally a fan of pink). But can I be honest here and say I'm not in love with that ballet pullover you're considering? It just doesn't look right, maybe too fitted for that bulky yarn. I'm sure, though, if you need to tweak the pattern, you'll do it but good!

Excited doesn't begin to describe how I feel about having you as the IK editor. I couldn't think of a better person to have the job! I am looking forward to seeing more of your designs and your influence in the magazine we all love.

such a gorgeous yarn! i have some manos that i can't seem to find the right project for... i can't wait to see what you come up with!

Oh How beautiful!!! This makes me want to break my "knit from my stash" commitment. LOL
Congratulations on your new job. I am so excited for you. Your designs are so refreshing! Love them!!

That yarn is so fabulous!

It will be like knitting with cotton candy, only better.

you're excited? i can't wait! definitely renewing my subscription!! congrats!

I'm excited to see what you do with this because I just purchased some Manos in red (#66) and I'm not sure what to do with it yet. And yeah, I hope to be getting a subscription to Interweave Knits for my birthday!! Congrats!

Purdy yarn, and well-deserved. :)

i've heard a lot of good remarks abt the manos del uruguay yarn but i've yet to tried it for myself. the colour looks lovely though!!

First, I am so excited to see where Interweave will go with you at the helm. I think you're both well-suited to the magazine and ideally-suited to push it into some interesting forward progress.

Second, I'm not an architectural knitter, not a designer. I'm dying to find out about the horizontally-cabled beanie.

Third, just thanks. Your prose, knitting and photography have made this a very enjoyable audience experience for me.

For a second I thought you meant the Marilyn sweater from Interweave, but I like the Teva Durham sweater much better for that yarn!

what a pretty color! congrats on the editor position! knowing this new change i might have to renew my subscription just to see what you are up to! good luck and best wishes.

This pattern calls for just a few skeins of Manos and it is lovely...


I think it's the prettiest pinkness I've ever beheld.

I recently made a set of mittens and a scarf with the manos, and they are the perfect thickness! For the scarf I used the "my so-called-scarf" pattern and it's amazingly soft and the texture turned out so well that even strangers comment on it.

Eunny congrats on the editor position! I know you shall take the magazine to a new level. I look forward to the new changes. The color for the pullover is lovely--exactly which shade is it?

i'm dying to know what you decided on using it for - i have 2 skeins of the same type of yarn and i just sit and stare at its gloriousness from time to time, wishing i had the perfect project for it!

hi eunny,
i love the yarn and I'm thinking of getting some for my mom. Can you tell me the specific name and color of the manos? Thanks a bunch!

I love Manos. & I love the pattern. My almost 3 yr old daughter says its her favorite shirt pattern. She has 2 now and a 3rd on the needles. I did knit one for me but.... she doesn't allow for breasts. If you look at the models it's pretty obvious. Easy fixedwith short rows though. Just a little been there done that to set you on your way.

Congratulations on your new job.

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