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Beating below all the advice and words of warning and preparations I've been told to make, there's been one recurring theme: everyone's been telling me to that pretty soon, I'll have No Time To Knit. What, exactly, does this mean? Most of my knitting is done in odd snatched moments anyway - maybe actually working in the fiber arts full time will just mean that I won't feel quite as guilty about those stolen stitches and rows. Still, I've been feeling a weird urgency: to make things, finish things, put dead or dying things back into raw yarn form. I want to knit and wear something Right Away - you know the feeling?

This is Silky wool in a marvelous teal shade, held double to knit this sassy little thing:

Mari Lynn Patrick's Provincial Waistcoat from the Winter '06 IK. I've been thinking a lot about this yarn, lately: I've got multiple hanks of it lying around my office, but I don't think I've ever knit a full project from it before. I like the unexpected colors it comes in; I like the papery-flecky-tweedy thing it's got going on; I like its light weight and its crunchy/warm hand. I like the interesting, unplain stockinette it makes (Lolly's knitting a gorgeous Glee out of it), and I love the way it looks with texture (Julia's stealth-cable Irish Moss comes to mind). In this vest, I think it'll be light and useful for three seasons out of the year - though it lacks the sproinginess of the yak yarn the pattern calls for, I think the additional structure will be really nice. I have the perfect button-down to wear with it, too - a very prim, structured poplin with cap sleeves and a delicate stand-up collar. Just right against that textured, nubbly knit.

(I've been drawn to knitting other people's patterns, lately - I'm in the middle of serious planning and plotting and pattern-writing for other projects, and it's pleasant to just enjoy the knitting of a tightly, cleverly constructed pattern written by someone else. This waistcoat features some seriously cool details - all the waist shaping is hidden along ribbed gussets; back panels narrow to a ribbed waistband and then flare back up into wide bands across the shoulders - and there's a kind of satisfaction in just looking at the work and thinking about how it's built.)


Oh god do I know that MUST KNIT NOW feeling. I seem to be in a perpetual state.


Fabulous color! Knit on :)

I made a sweater for my mother in a shade of Silky Wool not far off yours over two years ago. She wears it all the time and it still looks as if I made it yesterday. It was worth all the time I spent picking the grass out of the yarn whilst I knitted it.

I do understand the MUST KNIT NOW feeling.

Gorgeous color. I can't wait to see the finished item.

I have a sweater's worth of Silky Wool in stash, and I must find the perfect project - it's so lovely.

But you do have this going for you - you have a job where knitting during meetings/teleconferences and long phone calls is not only allowed, but probably encouraged! And since you're telecommuting, I've no doubt there will be many long phone calls!

(I tried to knit before a meeting once and got the most terrifying Icy Stare of Doom I've ever seen! Honestly, why do they think I can't do this in my sleep by now?)

What a beautiful colour.

When I was working in the garment industry, the last thing I wanted to do when I went home was handle yarn or fabric. I cooked, read, walked and watched TV, but I didn't do much knitting.
Now I sit in front of a computer all day and the last thing I want to do at night is boot up. That's why I get so much knitting done these days.
I think you just need to find your balance.

I think you'll find your own balance - I've knit with breastfeeding babies on one arm, after insanely long office days, and now as an entrepreneur artist, I make a conscious choice to give my evenings to it. Since it is now your profession, you can tell yourself that knitting for pleasure is really "keeping up your knitterly credibility." Or whatever - as if knitting ever needed justification!

Oooh, I really like the waistcoat! The teal is beauitful! :)

Great color, and I definitely have that itch going right now too. Must finish something soon.

I'm sure you'll still find time to knit. My work has sent me back to school for six months, and I was sure that I was going to have to give up knitting, blogging, and reading for fun. So far, while I've had to cut back on the reading, I discovered that I can knit in class, and I've been more productive knit-wise than I ever expected. So I'm sure that you'll still find your knitting time from somewhere. :-)

How funny - I'm knitting something out of that same shade of Silky Wool, and I've had very similar thoughts on the yarn. It's just so... interesting. I love that it is uneven and heathered and yet has such great stitch definition. The word I'd use to describe it is "crisp" - maybe even "inexplicably crisp" given its texture.

I'm sure you will find plenty of time to knit, the only way I can knit these days is after little Robby goes to sleep in my lap :) I thought I didn't have time to knit before the baby came, little did I know..... I have a design question, I have a sweater in mind that I would like to make for myself but would eventually like to post pattern info for other sizes. Where do you get measurement info so you can calculate the modifications for smaller/larger sizes?

Lovely yarn and pattern.

The more I knit, the more I think that large projects go through a ripening process. After an initial burst of growth, I often knit more sporadically on a larger project, completing several smaller projects in the meantime. Then, out of the blue, I have to finish the large project. It may be only a quarter done at that stage, so there's really no light yet at the end of the tunnel, but it's ripe and needs to be finished.

ah, i love that pattern. it's one that i keep telling myself i'm going to make, but haven't yet. sigh...maybe in the fall.

That's really a lovely shade of blue. I've lately become obsessed with blues that have a touch of green - deep teals and bright aquas - even though I feel more at home with reds and browns. But life's a bit boring if you never venture out of your usual color scheme, right?

And the knitting itself is, as usual, lovely. I do love a good cable project, both doing them and staring at them.

Oh, how I love the Silky Wool...that's a particularly lovely color, too. And of course you'll still have time to knit...not necessarily a lot, but you'll make time.

I've been thinking of a vest and I remember seeing this vest. I'm going to go look at it closer again and see if that might be something I'd want to make. I've just finished a big project and have room to start something.

Silky tweed is one of those great yarns that feels great, looks great and knits great. A rare find! The vest reminds me of something you would design. Intricate cables, hidden shaping details, refined fit. Congrats again - I would hope being submurged in the knitting universe would give you a bit of time to knit. IK probably wouldn't mind you knitting at meetings.. :)

Hope to catch up with you at MD S&W when I'm down!

Mmmm... I just bought some of the Silky Wool in that same color to swatch with. Its so yummy.

My husband used to spend all his spare time building or flying model airplanes. Then he got a job in the industry. He still spends all his 'spare' time working on models, just not the ones he would choose for himself. And he rarely flies them outside of professional obligations. Having said all that, he wouldn't trade his job for anything!

Best wishes in your new endeavor!

I was just looking at the Provencial waistcoat pattern yesterday; thinking, there must be some stash-yarn I have that would work for this pattern. I'm currently working with a tweedy-yarn myself, though it's 100% silk.

I'm sure you'll find time here and there to knit in your new job. You can always chalk it up as research! ;)

It looks great. I'm working on the Celtic Icon sweater (from Fiona Ellis's "Inspired Cable Knits") in Silky Wool right now and am loving the texture of it as I knit. And I love the deep plum color of mine . . . but I remember being sorely tempted by that teal!

That vest is one pattern that I always loved but never get around knitting. I'm always worried that the way the bottom part curves up would enhance my belly and makes me look pregnant on bad days.
You reminds me of that bag of silky wool somewhere in my stash though ;)

I disagree--I worked at Webs and spending all day in the knitting world only increased my fervor to knit when I did have the time to!

One way or another you will find yourself delving into the world of fiber and that totally rocks! The silky wool is gorgeous, I love the color! Keep knitting!

Oh, that's lovely! Makes my fingers itch to start knitting one myself just looking at it.

So - here is my question - if you work at IK, can you knit in meetings? I have to attend numerous meetings and seminars in a given week, only some of which are useful. I would resent the useless ones a lot less if I could only knit during them.

I definitely know that feeling. For selfish reasons, I am not nearly as worried about the amount of time you will have to knit as I am the amount of time you will have to design... :)

Your waistcoat is absolutely lovely so far. The silky wool is absolutely perfect for this project. I think you will actually knit more since you will be privy to so many things that will catch your fancy. :)

I used Silky Wool to make Shedir for my daughter and ohhhhhh you (and also Margene today!) are reminding me that I can't wait to use it again as soon as knitterly possible. I love that yarn! Great color and pattern you're planning to use it for!

I've have been admiring that waistcoat since my magazine came in the mail. Since you're using Silky Tweed held double, do you think I could use one strand of Summer Tweed for a similar gauge/ appearance? I have tons of it in the stash. (Yes. Yes, I will also do extensive swatching, but I also like other peoples opinions. :)

Holy moly, I'm #33 to post a comment! That's too cool!

Anyhoo, I like this waistcoat too, and I can't wait to see the finished project, as usual. Please come to Philadelphia and teach me to Fair Isle the way you do! Cuz I'm sure you're just laying around with nothing to do.


Wow, gorgeous project.

Oh, lovely! Teal is not a colour that I wear in my everyday life (though I've got a lot of it going on in my bellydance gear), so it's always a pleasure to live vicariously through others.

I also understand about enjoying patterns others have so cleverly made up. I'm in the midst of designing for myself, and the desire to simply look at a pattern and knit just as written is overwhelming. So, you know, hello knitted accessories :).

Silky Wool has to be one of my favorite yarns. I have knit it up entirely more drapey, so it will be really neat to see the added firmness and structure that knitting it double will lend. Great color, too!

Beautiful, of course!

Hey, this is off topic from your post, but I have a question since you'll soon be editor of my favorite knitting magazine. You know how they always say "Cardigan shown measures 36""?? That tells a person NOTHING if you don't know what size the person is. Why can't they say this is 36" 2" larger than the person modeling it or have an ease chart and say with negative ease, slight ease, etc.?

Oh, Eunny, I didn't mean that to sound quite as whiny as it did....

I have been looking for a fitted vest-waistcoat type thingie to wear to class, and you have given me the perfect pattern. Thank you! It looks gorgeous in the teal, too.

I was tempted to knit that. . .
Until I saw the photo of the back--Tacky ribbing that looks. . .Undone? How do I describe it? (Hopefully I'm recalling the correct piece)

I'm really looking forward to see how you tackle the back.

I love that you are making this vest because I completely forgot about it, now I have another knit to plan for myself.

I actually take time out of the day to sit and knit because its my yoga, but I am starting grad school in August and I KNOW I will not have my knitting time anymore so I am knitting up a storm right now to get everything done and I LOVES it!!!

Beautiful shade of silky wool and I can almost see, feel it made up into that lovely vest. I had forgotten about the vest in my list of thousands of patterns I *must* knit someday. Now it has moved back up the queue.

I am sure you will find the perfect balance for you. Transitions are always a challenge.

Gorgeous color. Is this the "shiny" yarn you got at Tangeled Skein?

Hi! I am from Russia. Sorry for my English, it's too bad. But i must tell you - yous knits so wonderful!
After I saw your blog, I begin to do patterns for my own ideas.
Thank you!

I love that pattern! I so need to get a subscription to IK! Yay it's so great to have you back!
Dea from Denmark

I LIVE with the must. knit. now. feeling constantly. Unfortunately, it dies in the middle of everything and then I want new things...I'm resisting several knee socks now, because I know I'll never finish them.

Oooh, I love the idea for the Silky Wool! I have some I was making a blanket with, but it won't happen either, and I don't have enough in any one color for a sweater. But this is a great idea!

The need to knit will always prevail. (Whether it is on my lunch break, daydreaming about that next lovely piece while performing all those OTHER duties that seem to rule my life) My mind sees the world in fiber, cables, lace, little knit and purls, nothing can stop me! Muahahaha!

I see so many projects that are intriguing that I'd like to knit - like this waistcoat. I always try to be honest about whether I would wear it or not before I start a project. I love the color you chose and it's nice to see someone working on it. BTW, I think we make time for what we really want to do.

Lord, now I've just gone and subscribed to IK... AND ordered the Winter 2006 back issue.

Thank you for your excellent eye.

First and foremost: a belated congratulations!!!!

Ok, second (and aft-most?): I knit mostly my own designs, mostly samples that I never keep, and yes, that joy of knitting a good pattern by someone else is SUCH a treat. If the finished knit is for me... well, love. The waistcoat will be great. Silky Wool has the perfect amount of drape, right?

Your blog is pure, white hot knitting inspiration; your passion for knitting is palpable in your posts.

That kind of inspiration only comes from genuine connection with one's craft.

Given that, I am sure you will never fail to get your requisite amount of knitting in!

The folks at Interweave have brilliantly seized onto the opportunity to have a true creative genius at the helm. Congratulations to them and whoopee for all of us who will no doubt benefit! I will be ordering my subscription over the weekend!

Oh, that must knit now feeling - I understand all too well. That vest is wonderful. So cute and I love the teal color you choose.

I don't know how your knitting will fare as the new Editor of IK, but I do know that IK will fare better with on board! I am looking forward to it.

Hi Eunny, I love that pattern and want to knit it, but the Karabella Yak is way out of my budget: but do you think the lack of sproinginess in, say, Peruvian Highland Chunky or Jaeger Extrafine Merino Chunky will affect the fit? The pattern does say that the stretch of the yarn helps the fit of the vest, so am curious how you find the substitution affecting the fit. Thanks! The Lavold colour is gorgeous.

I've admired your work for a while, purchased a pattern or two and just want to congratulate you on the IK editor-ship. Enjoy.
PS Wonderful vest and choice of yarn.

I have knit several things in Silky Wool and not only enjoyed every minute of working with it, have really enjoyed the finished products, too. I used it for a Swallowtail and it is perfect. Good yardage, reasonable price, fabulous colors...what's not to like. The vest looks wonderful.

Meetings are the best places to knit at. And you'll be in lots of meetings!

I can't help but notice that you mentioned that you're writing patterns. I really hope that one of the patterns in question is for that sideways-cabled cardigan you've been showing pictures of. I've got my eye on it already, and I've only seen glimpses! I'm very excited to see how Interweave is going to grow with you running it. You're my knitting hero!

I thought the waistcoat was cute when I got the magazine, then stopped thinking about it. When I saw it on your blog, rendered in the beautiful silky, I got that "must knit and wear right away" feeling. I'm swatching and loving it right now.
Thanks for the inspiration and let me join the many to congratulate you on the editorship of IK. Can't wait to see your hand on this wonderful magzine.

Just reading back a few days in your blog. The waistcoat is wonderful. I have become addicted to Lavold's SilkyWool, too. If you haven't already, try it on a shawl. The drape will blow you away. And it blocks like a dream.......and the palette, well, I don't think I have to tell you how marvelous it is! Just really getting in to cables, Lavold and cables........hmmmmmm.

You will find time to knit. I'm a VP at a large company, a mom, and (hopefully) a good citizen of my community and I still find time to knit. I'm knitting right now while having my morning coffee and catching up on your blog.

That vest is perfect for my dd who wants a vest. Thanks so much for putting it up there and jostling an old lady's memory banks. ;o)

i guess being an editor of a knitting magazine is like having a baby- everyone thinks you will never sew or knit anything again - hey i amy be new at this motherhood thing but i have built entire period garments on less sleep - i think i can squeeze in a few moments of knitting - And you are flippin' amazig at what you do and seem far more together than most (meaning me :) ) so i do not see how you wouldn;t have time to knit...dont you have to fly out to colorado every once in awhile?...snakes knittin' on a plane
Congrats on the fabulous new job ( i am so jealous!!)

Hi I'm new to blogs. I'm a mad Aussie knitter and would love to try the vest pattern. Where can I get a copy please?

I really like the look of this waistcoat, but look how tiny the model is. I don't know if it would look any good at all over my enormous boobs...

I've made the waistcoat, and its fabulous. Know, however, that the XS is REALLY SMALL (I imagine this is true proportionally, of the other sizes as well) This is good, because the vest would look pretty silly if it was floppy and loose, but you DO NOT have to size down to get a "fitted look" on this sucker. Just so y'all know.

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