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Oh! The things I have to show you.


Welcome back! :-)

OMG, so you didn't stop knitting but waited for our impatience getting so enormously strong, that you whould astonish us even more than ever with your fabulous knitting o.O

The Colourwork is awesome

Wow! So much, so suddenly! I was startled to find something new when I got here. The cabled rose yoke is fascinating me now, what is this pink ribbon? I can't wait to see better details. And the last picture's colours are warming even in the -30 weather I'm having. Thanks for the photos!

Good to see you're back. The things you've knit look very pretty, especially the colorfull fairisle!
ps: I also loved your gorgeous entrelac socks in the Interweave Knits!

Beautiful! Worth the wait. Thank you for sharing your incredible work.

Well, Eunny it's about time. Like Spring in MD you did take your time girl....Gosh, don't do this to us again!!! But yes, it was worth the wait and we welcome you back with open hearts.

Eunny, it's so nice to hear from you! Loved all your magazine articles but still not half as satisfying as your blog. If nothing else, please post a source on how to do that cool sideways cable. I've never seen that before! Thanks!

Well thanks for showing us anyway LOL

Good to hear from you. Can't wait to hear more ;)

It's so good to see a post from you again! I can't wait to see details about ALL of the pictures :)

YAAAAY!!!!!! Welcome home! :-)

Wow! You've been busy! I think my favorite is the cabled hat.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! You have to tell us about them!!!!

Looks like you've been on a roll, Eunny! It's nice to see you posting again.

Welcome back! We've missed you! Now what is all that stuff?

That's a powerful lot of beautiful knitting to take in all at once. Wow....

That final one leaves a lasting impact...

Wow...these are all just beautiful. The last one is just sharp looking. I love it. Makes me wish I had a cabin..or deep mahogany hardwood floors and a fire place. :)

You tease. :)

oh, you know it's a bad day when I can't spell "you're"! Maybe I was just overcome with excitement...

Wow! I'm suffering from sensory overload. So many beautiful little peeks. I can't wait to see the rest. (Excepting the hat and sock, of course. They are both great, I especially love that hat!)

Wow!! what beautiful stuff. I'm loving the hat and socks.

Well, clearly, you deliver. Love it all.

So nice to hear from you again! Everything looks so beautiful (the colourwork is breathtaking!), can't wait to see more… :-)

It's great to see you back! Everything looks amazing, can't wait to see more, and maybe even a pattern or two :)

It all looks amazing - I can't wait to see more!

Welcome back! I've been wondering where you were, I see you've been busy making some absolutely gorgeous things. I'm looking forward to hearing the details on everything.

Ooooh--that hat with the sideways cables--gorgeous. Is there a pattern coming?


Wow, great to see you're back and you sure used the time well. Are the details coming tomorrow? or in two months ;-)

I'm speechless. Details, please! Oh, and welcome back.

It's true. Reading your articles are wonderful-- but there's a liveliness to your blog that many have missed!

Hooraaah! Welcome back! Can't wait to read your news and hopefully see some patterns too :)

I'm glad to see you back safe and sound! And with knitting photo teasers, too.

So glad to see you back. Are these lovely items book material, perhaps?

WOW!! I can't wait to see more of everything!

You are such a tease! Love the hat up there...the yoked cardi well that leaves me speechless.

Yipee! I'm so glad you're back. I was intorduced to your world only shortly after your last post and I've been starving for more. My next sock project is destined to be your Bay socks.

Let the welcome back comments come flowing in!


As always, your work is gorgeous. I can't wait to see the processes behind it!

LOVE the colorwork! And the cables! Oh, and the hat! Ummm...everything?

OMG. It's all gorgeous, of course. But that HAT! Must.Have.That.Hat!!!

Welcome back!!! You were missed. I absolutely love the pictures. That hat is mesmerizing and I join the others who would love to know how you did the sideways cable. Worth the wait :-)


Wow. Looking forward to your update!

My guess is that these are photo snippets from your book...we await the announcement (with Amazon links) with bated breath!

Ooooh. Pretty! Tell me more about all of this. You've been so busy since we heard from you!

Oh! Those are beautiful things indeed. Worth the wait, certainly.

Welcome back!

Oh, I've missed you sooo much! Good to know that you're OK.

Thank you for sharing all those wonderful projects with us. You never cease to take my breath away.

Thanks for the photos. The projects are so beautiful

Damn... you posted! You didn't give me time to start the rumors and to fling things at Amie!

I know you are writing books, designing patterns and other very time consuming things. As always, your work is stunning! Thanks for the wonderful pictures. We'll wait as long as it takes to see more.

WOWWWW!!! oh how I have missed you! Nearly fainted to see a new entry your new bits look great :-D

So, glad to see you posted!

Everything is amazing! The colorwork is the most beautiful I've ever seen. I haven't tried colorwork yet, but I will now so that someday I can knit your designs.

The hat with horizontal cables rocks!

You've left me speechless, and that's pretty hard to do.

you've been missing my dear but my lord you've been busy!

miss you!

Please tell me that someone has offered you a book deal by now. Yours would be a book that I would actually buy. Beautiful work, as always.

So many lovely things! But I especially Love the hat. it's worth the wait :)

woo hoo!

book bits, maybe? patterns to share? regardless, welcome back.

wow sister!Beautiful!

ok you tease... so when does the book get released? ;)
welcome back!

You have such a way with color and texture, it's a gift.

Welcome back!

I am just overwhelmed with beauty.

I thought I was too experienced, too blase for pattern lust to smite me. But I must, must, must have that hat.

Lovely work - I can't wait till we get to see the entire objects. All of them look very intriguing!

and I thought you'd disappear for good.
Glad to see you back online. Looks like you were pretty busy with all that knitting. Hope you gonna write about it soon.
Welcome back !

Your title is almost right...it is more like:
"oooooh, aaaaahhhhh, oh my, eeeee!, oh yeah!, hooooo, , love it.

Thanks for the gorgeous pics.

Well, no WONDER you were gone for so long... You've been busy!

Welcome Back! Such awesome pieces. Can't wait to see more. Love the socks.

with a big inbreath was exactly what I said , when for the umteenth time in the last several months I logged on and there was an entry.

Thank you thank you thank you and such beautiful things, can't wait until you reveal what the mohair diddy is.

OH, YOU TEASE!!! Wretched temptress of my needles, you are at it again... I cannot knit fast enough to keep up with you and your inspiring work!
(Lovely, lovely, by the way...)

What beauty! Can't wait to read the details.

Glad you're back. Please tell me that the patterns for at least some of those gorgeous things pictured will be made available.

You are, as they say up here, a WICKED TEASE. But I forgive you for now since you have been so good to us in the past and wouldn't leave us all hanging for too long. ;)

This post takes my breath away. wowee!

Delurking here to say 'Welcome back!'
Like so many before me, I really like that hat!
Goodies from an upcoming book, perhaps?


All of them are gorgeous. Can't wait to see more. It appears that you've been very busy.


Thank you!!!!

I gasped aloud at work when I saw that cabled hat. Glad you didn't fall off the face of the earth altogether! Welcome back!

I love your stuff!! You are such an inspiration!

Just looking at your projects actually lifted my spirits today. Well worth the wait.

Well, I recognize the scarf - I think it's the tubular braided one from winter Vogue.
Your work is so beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for updating with all the eye candy.


You tease. I can't wait until those patterns (or full photos) are available.

I've enjoyed knitting your patterns since you last posted.

It's a feast for the eyes. But, being greedy, I'm looking forward to you telling us how you did it, too!

You're my hero! But I absolutely MUST have some details!!!

Absolutely beautiful work!

Fabulous . . . waiting for details :-)

Eunny, it's so great to see you back again! I also gasped aloud at work when I saw that hat ... my mouth just formed a little O and I thought, "Dear Maude, I must make that hat now!"

Yay! You're back! Can't wait to hear the details of all of these beautiful things...

All yummy-looking, but I love the Fair Isle on the top of the pile most. :)

Welcome back, I had just started to read when you went *poof*. I look forward to more detail about those amazing pictures.

Woo hoo! Welcome back! I can't wait for the details...

YIPPEEEEE! What loverly stuff that is.


Been wondering where you have been. Now I have to get some napkins and wipe the drool off of my laptop. Can't wait to read more!

What a beautiful sock.... :)

ooh, beautiful knitting!

I think I need to make those socks one of these days...

glad to see you back

Such a wealth of gorgeousness! Thanks for a lot of lovely eye candy!

I am currently having a torrid affair with entrelac, so that first picture really intrigued me.

Did you realize that your comment section exploded? :)




Welcome back! Beautiful knitting!!


So good to see you back.

I have logged on to your blog every single day.Was getting worried about you!
All those beautiful works of art: words are not enough.
needles ready for the hat pattern, lol. Please make it SOOOOOOONNNNN!

Never gave up on you.... WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!

Can't wait to hear all about your beautiful stuff!



Oh, you tease us! Can't wait to hear more - glad you're posting again.

it had been so long ... we all miss you ! how have you been... nice work ... i read on the magazine that you have to new knitting book coming out soon ... can you give us more details on that ????

Hat hat hat hat!

Please, please, please, PRETTY PLEASE can we get the pattern for the hat?

Yay!!!! Welcome back!!!!!!

All of it is beautiful and interesting, but that last swatch in particular is stunning. It *glows*. I can't wait to see what it becomes.

I recently watched Sunday in the Park with George, and ended up learning a lot about Georges Seurat that I hadn't known. (Well, I guess I didn't know anything much about him, except that he'd done a few famous pointillism paintings.) That last photo reminds me of the movie, and his theory about combining colors to create something greater than the whole. I guess that's the beauty of knitting colorwork -- it's pointillism in yarn. He had a theory that you could create effects more brilliant than any of the component colors. From what I understand, whether he ever actually achieved this effect is disputed. It's hard to tell on a monitor, but that last swatch of yours looks like it's in the running for making that color magic happen. (Or maybe I'm biased because I'm on a red kick right now, and those mostly warm colors really appeal to me.)

Wow, WoW and WOW. Amazing. I love the sock and that lacy wrap/scarf is just beautiful. Well done, as usual.

Clearly you have been majorly holding back on us! I can't wait to hear more on what you're up to.

Gorgeous! As usual, all of it is gorgeous. I can hardly wait to hear all the details. It's good to have you back.

Good Lord Woman!!!!

Welcome back Eunny! Everything looks beautiful, nice progress on your yoked cardigan. Good to have you back!

hooray you're back!


What a wonderful day! First I finally get my STR Rockin' Sock Club kit. Then a new post from you! These photos are gorgeous. Love the hat, the socks, the colorwork, the lace, everything, everything, everything!

What a phenomenal blog post...I just keep scrolling up and down! You have everything here in this one post.....colorwork, cables, socks, lace, entrelac - a lot to take in!!
Thank you!

Oh, you tease!

Missed ya :) Welcome back, cannot wait for the book!

Can I be your apprentice? You are my idol. Really.

So glad I clicked on your blog bookmark today-welcome back. I can see why you were gone so long-you were busy. I can't wait to hear about all the lovely knitting:)

WELCOME BACK!!!!! OMG, it's so good to see what you've been up to! LOVE the socks.

Absolutely beautiful! It was worth the wait. I really can't wait for your book. I'm so excited for it.

a long time lurker coming out to say im tremendously happy you're back and im impressed, as always, with your fabulous work!!!!

glad you're back, and with so much beautifulness!

Ooo! Loverly!

The lace is beautiful, socks are divine, colorwork is amazing...but that HAT! Oh my I hope to see where we can find these patterns...it is great to have you back!

Just to add my rejoicing to the rest--I clicked on the link today without much hope and then gasped aloud (startled my partner!). I'm so glad you're back!! All the photos are beautiful but the one I covet most is the soft white lovely thing in the middle. Looking forward to hearing more. I hope you're back for a good while now. And seconding what someone else said, I would definitely buy the book...

...and there was much rejoicing.

Really fantastic your work!!!!!!!!!!!

hi, Eunny!
Its the first time i leave a comment here. but i'd like to say how much i admired ur work and missed u so much. While i read everything twice, i checked this blog almost every day! Really glad to have u back and wish u lots of success in ur knitting career!

멋진 작품에 감동받았어요. 큰 성공 거두시길 빌어요.

Yay - you're back! Is this all book material?

Oh, how I've missed your posts. Welcome back!

Gorgeous fair isle!!!!!!!

there's no sunshine when she's gone--so glad you're back, Eunny. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous.

Impressive, as usual. Dare I hope that these are pictures for a book that you are working on? Tell me more.

Yaaay, you're back! And with what a load of gorgeous knitting! The colorwork in the bottom photo is just stunning! It's all stunning.

I can't get over how beautiful your work is. I love that pale-pink yoked cardigan! Sideways cables... how gorgeous. You wouldn't happen to be thinking of writing up a pattern for that, would you...?

Ooh, pretty! The hat, especially . . . and the colorwork . . . so, so lovely . . . So glad to hear from you again!

what a tease! i love it all!

AHHHH! Entrelac, socks, lace, hats, sweaters, color...you're blowing my mind! I've been waiting so long...

Welcome Back!!!!!! LOVE all the new things, AND the new socks in IK too, they are AWESOME :) Congrats!!

Oh so glad to see you back. . . . . and back with a vengeance I see! Yeah!

BTW, more socks? More BEAUTIFUL socks??? Please tell me that you knit the second one? They are just so pretty to be all alone and never worn. . . .

Yay!!! You're back! I'm sure you know you were greatly missed. And wow, how beautiful! I love all of it. Will there be patterns? I'm dying to see and hear more of the cardi, and may I ask whether there is any new news of your book?

Oh! So excited! I'm glad you're back, and I can't wait to hear about that hat (which is awesome, just FYI). ^_^



especially at the sock. *double swoon*

I neeeeeed thhhhaaaat haaaaattt!

Oh! You're back! Yay!

Eunny, you're a prodigy...like a Mozart of yarn. Breathtaking work. Thanks for showing us. Look forward to hearing about all the lovely knitting.

Oh my. Oh my oh my oh my. Just beautiful, as usual. It was marvelous to click on the link to your blog and have so much to see. The colors you used for those Fair Isle pieces are stunning, and I'm so intrigued by the cable on that yoked pullover. Wow.

Wow! Welcome back! Doing my daily blog check, not expecting anything and...bang!...new stuff. Yay! You're back! But you're such a tease. I want more...and descriptions.

Yes, you're back!!! I missed you, just like the other ones.


I am awed by your artistry. Breathtaking.

Such a great treat to see your new blog entry. As always, beautiful! You are so talented, Eunny!

Sweet!!! It's awesome to see you post again...and that you have so many goodies to show! I can't wait to hear about the stories and inspirations behind them. It's good to have you back

Where to begin? I've checked your page daily, just hoping that I would see even a hint of the wonderful knits you do. Now that you've shown so much, my senses were overloaded and I actually got a teary-eyed! Glad to see you back and I really hope to see more pictures of your cream-ish handspun cabled sweater!

You have been busy girlfriend!


Welcome back, what fantastic projects, I am really hoping you have written the pattern for that cardigan, beautiful!

Welcome back! We've all been faithful to checking for updates, apparently.

Can't wait to hear about your latest knitting exploits.

That fair isle is making me drool!
Let us know wht's been going on!

Wow! I visit your page now and then to see if there's something new, and today there was! Yay! Sooo beautiful! I can't wait to hear more about all of those projects! I especially like the fair isle. Gorgeous!

Oh! Everything is beautiful and inspiring. I can't wait for the details!

I think I may have just wet myself a little bit.

I have knit two pairs of your Anemoi mittens - I will mail you a picture as soon as I find the cable for my camera... A fab pattern, and a really enjoyable knit. Can't wait to find out more about your ventures, and your entrelac socks may even tempt me into that dark world.

So good to see you're back again - and what a comeback! Unbelievably beautiful. The last fair isle picture made me drool all over the place. It's amazing, how your work inspires me. Can't wait for your book.

OMG! OMG! You're back with a blast!

Fantastic work and great to have you back!

Welcome back! OMG! So fantastic!

Beautiful work! So glad to have you back. I can't wait to hear about your recent projects.

I was wondering what you were doing!





Everything looks lovely. I especially like the hat with the horizontal cables. I'm interested to see how the construction on that one works.

Thanks so much for comming back!

You're back! And with pictures! I'm digging that hat and the colourwork at the end.

Talk about teaser post! Do we dare to hope for an explanation of the pictures soon? They are all very pretty.
I'm glad you're back, I've been missing you!

Boy am I glad to see you! What beautiful work - I see why you were gone for so long! Now, tell us all about those wonderful projects (and when we can have the patterns:)

Hurrah! You're back! I've been checking the site every now and again and hoping for a new post. Hope all is ok. LOVING the photos - looking forward to more...!

I second what everybody else has said (well apart from the commenter who wet herself!) and it's so good to see you back.

Damn, I'm drooling again!
Soooo good to have you back ;D

Welcome back! Can't wait to see the pink cardigan (?) in more detail.

Eunny, you're back!

The sheer, unadulterated beauty of that last shot just about made me fall off my chair in a swoon. ;)

Amazingly beautiful work as always! Couldn't possibly say anymore.

How beautiful! I almost fainted at the sight of that colorwork. Lovely beyond words.

OMG - yor ARE back!!! My artistic sensability feels better now after seeing all that gorgeous work you've been doing!! Simply breath-taking!!

Your post has made my day! So happy you're back! I see you've been so busy; everything looks amazing. My favourite are the cabled socks. The eyelets running along the sides of the feet are the best!!

You're back! YAY! I can't decide which project I like best--they're all beautiful. Can't wait to hear their stories.

During the first days of finding nothing on your site I was curious. Curiosity turned to concern when there was nothing for so long. I'm relieved you posted today and hope your next posting is soon. Your knitting is beautiful, you are talented and I'm glad you are willing to share.

I'm glad to see you are back and have been so productive. You were missed!

Hi! I am de-lurking as well to say that everything looks really amazing. I love your website and look through your tutorials for help quite often. Thank you for sharing!

Welcome back!

Glad to see you posting again... I hope all is well with you.
The photos are fantastic... you never disappoint me. Waiting patiently for details.

My regular blog crawl routine can resume now that you're back-yeah!
I suppose I have to update MY blog now. I was using "well, Eunny hasn't blogged so it's okay". Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Your items are gorgeous, as always. I cannot wait for the details!

Splendid. Just splendid.

I'm so glad you're back (and nothing horrible seems to have happened to you)! I can't wait to hear everything about what you made while you were gone... it's all beautiful as always.

OMG I can't wait to see what each of those beautiful swatches is part of! Gorgeous photos. We missed you at spinning last month but if you were doing all this then our sacrifice (snif) was worth it...

love, love, love that cable sock!

Way to hold out! It's all wonderful.

Where and when can I buy the book? There has to be a book, right?

So you didn't run off and join the French Foreign Legion! I love what you've been up to! Beautiful as always!

I'll be the 10th million bagillion person to say this: Welcome back!!

Must. Make. Those. Socks. Great colorwork too, and I love the sideways cables on the hat! Love your blog. Expecially the gorgeous patterns and the amazing tutorials. I've learned a lot from you.

Great to have you back - I missed reading your blog entries. Awesome knitting!

Woohoo! You're back and you've been plenty busy. I've been anxiously awaiting my IK for a Eunny fix. Of course the pics are lovely & intriguing but now we need details.

Oh, I must have the hat and the scribbly lace thing. And the colorwork is absolutely stunning, like a Persian carpet.

all I can say is .... YAY
I think its a great idea to take a break , but I missed your knitting.

Yay, Eunny's back! At least for a visit. Gosh, I feel you're as special as Aslan. Please stay with us just a few more minutes!

Welcome back! Your posts are always such a visual feast...knitting 'porn' for more distinguished tastes.:)

That colorwork is literally stunning!!! More, please!

Is that a grosgrain button band I spy? Did you just hand stitch that sucker in there? Can I coax you for a tutorial?

Omigosh, welcome back. I was beginning to think someone had hijacked my computer between you being gone and the masondixon ladies taking a few days! Beautiful work well worth the wait :)

Gorgeous as usual!



More than worth the wait....

Ohhhh, I like the pretties!! You have been a BUSY girl. I can't wait to read about these beauties.

I love that hat! If it is your design please put it on the site or sell it or something because I have to make one. :)

Oh MY! How beautiful. Both the knitting and that you're back.

Now we need details!

glad to hear from you again! :D

I'm loving the look of that tweedy sweater, and I can't wait to see the rest of it. But, oh, the socks! Those socks are just gorgeous! Dare I hope you will be posting a pattern? My sister doesn't believe in hand-knitted socks, and I'm determined to change her mind. I think that would be the pair to do the job!

Where the @$%& have you been? Girl! It's going on 3 months and we've heard not a word that you're OK, that you're alive, that you haven't been kidnapped or that all your yarn hasn't burned up.

Good grief, throw us a @%$&ing bone, I don't know if I can take that again.

Uh, uh, uh. . .I'm speechless. I'm in awe of your knitting, and where have you been, and when are you going to talk about this knitting, and don't go away again, and oh my gosh, you're amazing.

I really love the pics that you took of you GORGEOUS works! They are all so fun that I want every single pattern! There's no way that I could ever dream of doing the intarsia work, but it sure is beautiful!

Eunny! You're back again! And with such gorgeous treats for the eye. I must confess, I squealed when I saw you had posted... and your colourwork... amazing!

Ooo! I've never posted a comment here before, but I've been missing your posts so I thought your return warranted some reply. Your work is fantastic; I love it! And welcome back too! :)


thank you for beautiful inspiration. you're the best.

It's all just so beautiful!

They are all absolutely beautiful!!

As I was scrolling through, I thought "If she writes a book, I'm buying it!"

You know, it's funny. I started to compose, and then deleted, an email checking up on you. I was thinking that even if you don't have specifically knit-related stuff to post, all of us poor Eunny fans would just love to hear what you're up to, and how you're doing. There's nothing like waves of ovation when you're riding high, or hundreds of support pillars when you're feeling wobbly. Heaven knows there are plenty of us who'd love to help one of the most inspiring knitters around today.

Thanks so much for the pics . . . now I'm terribly interested to know more about them--and the projects that have been left hanging. ;o)

Good to "see" you around again!

SUCH loveliness. Welcome back.

So glad you're back - and definitely worth the wait! Very beautiful and inspiring!

It's wonderful to have you back!!!!! We read you in Finland!!! Such beautiful knitting! Hopefully a book???!!!

Oh my God!!! You almost made me fall from my chair. That is one super-vast update. Love everything. I can see that your yolk cardi is coming to completion, and the socks and the swatches. LOVE everything!!!

Eye candy all the way. I love it all especially the colorwork on the bottom!

Just gorgeous.

What beauties! Welcome back.

Welcome back!
Did you see this:

I'm in love with the fair isle samples . . . I had to wipe the drool off my face.

So wonderful to see you back. As Laurence mentioned above, I was startled to see a new post--but definately worth the wait. The colourwork is beyond words--can't wait for some details. Glad you're back!!

Wow! A sideways cable and those lovely fair isles! I too would love to see a book.

You have been a busy girl! Everything is beautiful!

Yea! Eunny's back! Gorgeous stuff--I love that it all makes you tilt your head sideways and say "oh, wow! look!" I've just finished the first of my Anemoi mitts, and I'm so thrilled with myself (and the pattern). On to the second!

So that's where you've been... I've missed you.

We are all your groupies!!! Please, hurry and publish the details!! I'm checking every day until you cough it up!

Those glowing Fair Isle samples sure perked up my 12F degree cold and windy day in Maine. I've missed your posts and fabulous way with color. Pattern coming?

I thought you stopped knitting! Your work is AWESOME!! I'm in the middle of working on the Endpaper Mits as well as Frost Flowers. Keep up the good work.



So glad to have you back today. I've been visiting your site daily, waiting. I'll be waiting for your book.


(That was the sound of my jaw hitting the desk.)

yeah! glad you're posting. tell us more.

Looks like somebody has a book in the oven. Bring it on. This is Artistry, truly. I can't wait, but I bet I'm gonna have to.....

Come on now, it's Show and TELL! Lovely stuff, I want to know more, please?

Thank you for the glorious inspiration. Welcome back.


Welcome back. I thought you might have abandoned us in blogland. I love your colorwork. It comes right at the time I am designing my own color worked sweater! Beeeutiiiiful!

Looks like you have been busy! I'm loving all the colors =)

Did you design the cabled socks in the second picture? And if so, I hope to all things holy that the pattern will be available SOMEWHERE because I HAVE to make them!

What a tease! It certainly looks interesting. Please tell us more...your projects are such an inspiration!

You're back! BEAUTIFUL KNITTING! Any new patterns coming soon?

most beautiful sock ever.



WOW! and WOW! -SO GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK- and as always, so inspired -we need your inspiration -try not to go away for so long pat j

You are a tease!
Cannot wait to find out what the tannish coloured knit is with the pink button lining...
Welcome back!

It's posts like this that start knitting envy! Very beautiful knits indeed.

I came across your blog a few months ago and have pratically stalked it since then - so happy to see you posted again! All your work is amazing! Hope to see patterns available soon :)

I knew you were around b/c you donated the mitten pattern for my contest, but I have been wondering what you have been up to! WOW! you look like you've been busy...

Details puh-lease!!!

;) Kate

I thought you had fallen off the face of the earth. I'm so glad you are back. I love your work. Have you been working on a book? If so, let me be the first to reserve a copy.
The colors in the fair isle are scrumptious, I can't wait to see a picture of the whole project. I'll be waiting with baited breath!!

The colourwork is breathtaking!

Whoo-hoo, you're back! And in lovely style, as always.


Oh, how incredible. The cables and colors and... it is all just so beautiful! I'm madly in love with your horizontal cables... and cannot for the life of me figure out how you do it. Maybe someday? (:

Again with the dazzle and amaze! Lots of different brilliant beautiful creations! This is eye candy.

Every day, or almost -- I was starting to give up and stop by less frequently -- I've looked to see what new wonder-in-progress you were making. I actually love to see the work as it develops, hear about the flying changes, and learn from your teaching asides...

Apparently 300 other people were also waiting just as eagerly for you to reappear. I'm glad you're OK!

Like everyone else here, I am a huge Eunny fan - I was having some serious withdrawal symptons when you didn't blog for such a long time. Welcome back!

Your work is awe inspiring. I particularly love the cabled sweater, even the stitching on the grossgrain ribbon is incredibly neat...

Please, please put it all in a book. Then I might get a chance to make my own. Thanks Eunny

COmmenter Number ONe: OF COURSE Eunny didn't stop knitting. Why don't you all see ... when Eunny is not blogging, she is still knitting!!! She is just working on things for her book or for INterweave Knits. Things that she probably can't blog about because they are going to be in her books or in the magazine. Get a grip, folks. Eunny will never stop knitting! She is a knitting machine...

Welcome back!

Everything looks just lovely! Can't wait to see more of your yoked cardi and that fabuluos colourwork!

Oh, I want knit that hat! Horizontal cables - I love it!

(The other stuff is gorgeous too, but most is beyond my current skill level).

Hey, I'm new at this . . . how do you subscribe?

You almost make me want to do color knitting. I'm usually just a lace and cable girl. Beautiful as usual.I hope there is a book in the future!

SO glad you're back.

Wow...splendid.... You're a great knitter... Welcome back..

Is that beige piece entrelac? That is my dream to try it - is it difficult? what did you make?

Is that beige piece entrelac? That is my dream to try it - is it difficult? what did you make?

I love the sock. is it published somewhere? in IK?

Congratulations Eunny, I just saw the press release from Interweave Knits announcing your position as the new editor.


Greetings wonder woman...I think I emailed you before but don't know if it made it or not...to heck with Jamieson, I WANT/NEED that sweater pattern. Yousa, to die for. Thank you. Susan

I love your artful knitting. For me it is too difficult but it shows how far knitting can go to (in this world where true craftsmanship is hard to find) Keep your unique style!

WOW!! Love everything! all your stuff is beautiful! especially the hat!

Your work is breathtaking!

I'm jealous. How long does it generally take to finish a sock?

The mohair 'curtain' . . . is beautiful. I've been trying to trying and experimenting . . . yet I would still benefit from knowing the yarn, the needle size, and the pattern for the part that is not stockinette. . . your guidance on lace swatching to determine a balance between open space and solid is what i'm trying to emulate.

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