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Indigo Ripples Skirt

Just in time for the last blue day of Project Spectrum

Comfortable (drawstring!) and cool (fishtail!) - I'm going to live in this skirt this summer. It's knit at a fairly dense gauge, so I'm not worried about that whole sag/droop thing - besides, if it ever does sag or droop or pouch or poof, it just goes in the washer and then the dryer.

Pattern: Kat Coyle for Interweave Knits Spring 2007
Yarn: RowanDenim, in color 225 (Nashville)
Yardage: 8 50 gram balls (about 800 yards)
Yarn Source: Stash.
Needles: 3.5mm Addi Turbo circulars
Gauge: 5.5sts/inch over stockinette
Modifications: changed gauge for narrower skirt; added length to stockinette panel; added length to lace panel for below-the-knee skirt. Worked mirrored double decreases as k3tog and sssk.

The indigo is starting to fade already along the raised decrease stitches:

It's like if you could have your favorite pair of broken-in jeans made to order. Knitted. Denim. Skirts. Who knew that these three great tastes would also taste great together?


Very cute. I liked the skirt in the magazine but love yours. Great way to use the demin yarn that I've been eyeing at the LYS.

You are amazing... love that skirt! Post pics as it fades...

Your version is awesome! It's going to the top of the must knit list today.

I remain wary of knit skirts, but that does look very nice.

Love the skirt! I love using Rowan Denim.

You say you can wash and dry it, did you swatch and then wash it for shrinkage? Rowan says it will shrink the wash.

That is a keeper for sure! Looks terrific on you, so enjoy!

What a beautiful skirt. And with the right slip, you probably won't have to worry about either sagging or transparency. Inspiring.

I've never really embraced the knitted skirt concept, but I can see denim yarn knit at a tight gauge being quite nice!

That is the prettiest knitted skirt I've seen. The color is amazing. I like the fact that the skirt will bounce back with a wash. Wear it in good health.

Very pretty. Beautiful job. I now have to rethink the whole knitted skirt thing.

Are your fingernails blue? :) I like it - and I can see you wearing that all of the time! Love the whole fading aspect of that yarn too. I love jeans and denim, so this seems like a yarn I have to try.

I may just try this one! I love the idea of knitted skirts, but have always been turned off by the fear of walking about with a bum print shaped pouch in back. (Either that or never sitting down.)

I've always thought there must be a "better way" for knitted skirts. Denim yarn may be it. Who can say no to machine washable/dryable?

It does look really great, Eunny. I wish it wasn't quite as dark, because seeing the lace panels in the denim yarn interests me.

Wow. That does look great! Huh, I'm still a wee bit wary of trying a skirt...of course, I have yet to try a top of any kind!

Beautiful. I've been looking for a skirt to knit; that one's definitely on the list now. Yours is really nice.

That looks great, Eunny! I gave that skirt a close look in the Interweave, and maybe I will give it another. I just have to scare up 8 or 9 balls of Denim.

Gorgeous! But, dammit, now I'm thinking twice about this pattern, when I had initially written it off as a No Way.

I'll admit, I wasn't too taken with the pattern when I saw it in IK, but I love the modifications you made. Maybe this will be my excuse to try out Rowan Denim!

It looks nice, skirts do scare me though I dont know if I am brave enough to try one

Great idea Eunny, making the stockinette section longer. I had looked at this pattern and then rejected the idea because of the transparency but you solved the problem.

Beautiful skirt! But the last time I wore a skirt, my six-year-old son asked me, "Hey, Mom, what's that?" He had never seen me wear a skirt or dress in his entire life. I guess I won't be making this one for myself.

When I saw the pattern I immediately thought that if I ever made it, I'd lengthen the stockinette. It looks great! I never seriously considered making a knit skirt, but you may have changed my mind!

Cute! How was it working with the denim? I'd like to try it, but I'm curious- does it actually feel like denim, rugged and fibrous, or does it get the name just because of the fading aspect?

Anyway, love the skirt, especially the ruffles on the bottom... and I can't wait until April 5th! Why? Well, its when my first issue of Interweave Knits is mailed to me! Yay! I've felt out of the loop for so long, not getting IK, so I've got some catching up to do. Happy Friday!

Wow! That came out adorable! I love that pattern in the denim! :)

yay ripple!

I am obsessed with ripples in all forms lately. :)

I didn't really like the Interweave Knits version, but I love yours! Much better below the knee.

I loved this when I saw it in IK. I wasn't sure if someone with more hip can wear it well though. I like that you made it longer. You're not blue when you wear it, are you? I'm knitting with the Elann denim yarn on a sweater and my fingers are all blue when I get up! I have to make sure I'm not knitting on my light beige couch without a towel over my lap.

I LOVE it! Your modifications make it perfect. I would love to attempt something like this.

well it look stunning on you but its not for me...I have just acquired some of that yarn in a bargain lot and can't wait to make a cardi out of it. I only blogged about it today, how amusing! I made a cabled cardigan out of the same yarn about 14 year's ao, it felt like a life's work! I got blue fingers and loved the way the yarn faded like a pair of jeans..I nearly cut up that jacket and made some cushion covers out of it but my new partner wouldn't let me. So pleased he didn't let me cut it up, I still wear that jacket now and then...good luck with your new job too! You are too clever for your own good!

Hey! I thought you didn't keep stash?!

Seriously though, LOVE IT.
I would make it if I wasn't in a self-imposed project finishing mode.

It is beautiful and I forsee a run on rowan denim. ;) I also see a denim skirt my husband will finally approve of (with a few more minor modifications). Thank you Eunny!

I don't know nearly as much about knitting as you do (I'm learning fast) but I DO know about slips. Having been raised in an era where you never went out without one, I know that under knits a taffeta slip is an absolute necessity. Taffeta doesn't stretch or bag, so the skirt can't either (unless you jerk it way down when you sit). I don't know if they still make them but I have a slip that is nylon on the front and taffeta on the back. It closes with a zipper. Works great.

I just e-mailed Kat to let her know you knit her Skirt Design and I know she will be thrilled. She has been working at my shop for 3 years and has designed several patterns for me and she is a REAL TALENT. It's nice you made it your own - once a designer, always a designer...

The skirt is gorgeous! It looks very comfortable for spring and summer.

I've been wanting to try some of that Denim yarn myself...sounds pretty interesting.

That is absolutely beautiful! It is a must knit for me. I have been eyeing it. Gorgeous.

Oh that is a beauty - I love it. That Rowan Denim, may it never be discontinued.

You went and did it again. I did not think I'd knit this, as I was afraid of sagging. I did not think of subbing the original yarn with Rowan Denim though... Now I want it too! Did you do some kind of math to account for the fact that Denim shrinks lengthwise, or was that what you ment by "added length in stockinette panel"? I think a lot of us would like to see the skirt again after a few wears and washes!

Oh how cute! That looks so totally comfortable to wear. I am thinking I need to get some Rowan Denim yarn soon!!

Oooooooh! it's beautiful! I might just have to take a second look at that pattern some day! I also wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your wonderful information on the crocheted steeks. I have done both sewed and crocheted, and the crocheted steeks are much more stable!

Love it! I'm usually less-than-enthused about knitted skirts, but the denim really does it for me. I've never knit with it before--is it heavy and tough like fabric denim?

I remember looking at the skirt in the magazine and wondering wether I liked it or not. But I have to say it looks absolutely stunning, and very comfortable. I won't be able to fit in something like that for a while (I'm pregnant) but I will revise my project wish list! (For next year...)

What a wonderful skirt!
I have planned to knit it and, after seeing your I think it'll be on my needles soon!
Fanny from France

Okay, I confess I've been skeptical of knitted skirts but that just looks lovely! That Rowan Denim looks great too!

Is the indigo fading because you washed it? In your mods you don't mention taking denim's shrinkage into account: di the 20% work, or did you calculate in more?
Just curious.
Denim for that skirt is just brilliant, dude.

Hi Eunny!

LOVE, love the denim skirt :-) It will look so amazing as you wash and wear it!! What a great example of not being afraid to use a different yarn than the one used by the designer for the project. Sometimes I luck out because the gauge is right but usually I wished I had used the same yarn because of the drape or feel...

I have Rowan denim in my stash but didn't like the dye on my hands while knitting with it. Any suggestions...I was thinking of maybe bathing the yarn with vinegar water to stop the dye from bleeding; like you would do for some fabrics before sewing. Lazy me though just wants to get into the knitting :-)

Hope your having a great weekend. Happy Knitting!

I like that you incorporated the properties of the denim yarn into your interpretation of this design, Eunny!

Interestingly, though, it doesn't look like the designer planned to take advantage of the shrinkage of the denim yarn (Garnstudio's Den-M-nit, which should behave similarly when washed), since the finishing directions say to wash in warm water before blocking. I think the agitation provided by a washing machine would be required to achieve the full shrinkage of the fabric.

And since I haven't yet offered my congratulations on your new position--congratulations! I'm looking forward to seeing what you--one of my favorite new designers--bring to my favorite knitting magazine.

My LYS had a trunk show last week of some of the current projects from Spring IK. Green Tea Raglan, Bonsai Tunic, Ruffled Surplice (from the cover), and the Indigo Ripples skirt too. It was amazing to be able to see them in person. To feel the yarns, see the craftsmanship, it was totally inspiring! I hadn't considered knitting a skirt until I saw Kat Coyle's. It was beautiful. It looks great on you. Enjoy!

The skirt looks fantastic! Even better that it is going to fade like denim. Might have to take a 2nd look at that pattern...

That looks fabulous on you!
I wish I could wear a knitted skirt, but I'm what you might call "bootylicious" so I can't quite roll like that.
Ah well...it does look great on you. Have fun wearing it!

That's a gorgeous skirt! Have you had any issues with Denim bleeding everywhere, onto your needles and hands, etc.? I really want to knit Raspy with it, but have heard horrific stories about the color bleed.

I merely loved this skirt before.. I MUST HAVE IT NOW!

Rowan Denim, you will be mine.

I like how you were able to lengthen and tighten the gauge and keep the integrity of the pattern at the same time. Very nice, and very flattering too!

Oooh, Kat's skirt! I will have to send her your link. She's as nice as she is talented (very, very nice)! Looks great on you - truly great. Mmmm, and it will go with just about everything! Awesome.

I saw that skirt and was wondering how it would ''really be" and it is lovely! nice work!

No. No, no, no. Not gonna do it. Looks *delightful* on you, but I kind of wish there had been a photo from a slightly tilted angle as well, to show a little more 3-D (and maybe the stitch surface?) Knitted skirts... this looks good, but I'd love to see it after you've been living in it a while- looks comfortable as well as adorable now, but the future????!?! Makes me anxious.

Very sexy. Do I dare? hmmmm

That's a great skirt I would totally knit for myself if I only had the legs to wear it....

How does an Aussie go about getting a copy of that pattern? I WANT!!!! to make it! Gorgeous work, Eunny!

How cool. I saw you at the Tattered Cover last nite, but didn't get a chance to meet you. I hope you are enjoying Colorado!

Very lovely... great yarn does help enable great knitting, eh?
Enjoy that skirt this summer!
Happy knitting,

I only hope that this will be just a stylish in 2008 when my wait can sustain a knitted skirt ... I've been ogling this in my copy of IK but these days I have no waist! (Big reveal over on my blog...)

It looks beautiful! I've been taught to question the wisdom of a knitted skirt, but it looks great, so screw 'em!

How did I miss this post?! Kat is a great friend of mine and I love her work. I got to try on the sample she made for IK and absolutely fell in love with it. I haven't made this one yet, but the Daktari skirt I made was the one Kat designed for the Knit Cafe book we both worked on. I live in it. I need about 10 more!

Hope that you are enjoying the new gig,

xox, J

Just checking in. I hope you're getting settled at you new job and still finding time to knit.

Hmm... I bought 9 balls of Rowan Denim at a serious discount (making it impossible to pass up!), but I didn't know quite what to do with them. Maybe I've just found my answer!

I am knitting it now, with the Rowan Denim as you did. I did want to knit the skirt when I saw it but the yarn listed was hard to find when I searched online. Sometimes I think designers get to use new yarns for their patterns before the companies distribute them widely. It's annoying, but not scandalous. Anyway, I was happy to see your yarn choice and zipped off to Knitting Garden online for their April discount. However, I'm not getting a "dense gauge" as you say, even as it appears to be the right gauge by stitches. When I learned to knit a few years ago, my goal was to knit a suit like one sees in Peruvian Connection. (let's all have a good laugh)

OMG!!! It's fantastic! You are a knitting goddess!!!

This is truly fantastic! Congrats!

Hi, Eunny,
I took out what I began and started again and so far so good. I wanted the dense gauge you said you got so I chose a much smaller needle. I've had to adjust stitches, though. I'm loose when I knit. Your success spurs me onward, I'll say, as that skirt looks great on you. I'm in the lace now, with many rows to go and then, that dastardly I-cord.

Hi Eunny,
Congratulations on becoming the new editor of Interweave Knits!

The indigo ripples skirt you made turned out wonderful!

I just wanted to share with you about the KAL for this skirt that I just started.

Here is the link:


love the skirt just ordered Rowan denim , BUt inorder to get guage will i need a size 1or 2 needle

I just love this skirt and wouold really love to knit it!

I was wondering if anyone can give me any tips on how to knit the skirt in a bigger size than provided in the magazine?
I was hoping to knit it for a 47" waist and 52" hips; or am I mad to think I can do it in that large a size??

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