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Just a teeny taste, before I send this off to Jamieson's:

Though I do say it, this is my absolute favorite of all the knits I've built from scratch. I don't say that easily - I'm usually incredibly self-critical, and unhappy with how far short reality falls of an idea that seemed quite good. This, though - this is something I'm completely, perfectly, beatifically happy with.

It's the very modernist of modern Fair Isles - long-line, closely fitted, with a deep u-neck and bold, wonderfully rich horizontal stripes. I love the fit - it's shapely, but not tackily tight. I love the compound raglan shaping (Maggie Righetti for the win), which makes for horizontally matched sleeves knit in the round with the body, that also happen to fit well, with nary a pucker or a pooch. I love the deep, open (steeked) neckline - so flattering to nearly everyone - which provides a nice balance against the, well, wool sweaterishness that might otherwise take over. More than anything, I love the combination of color and pattern - in these colors, my medallion motif is reminding me of cloisonne work, of stained glass, of tapestry. This, truly, is the kind of thing I like to see, would enjoy knitting, would love to wear: sweet and fresh and up-to-date, but with a sense of history and tradition lurking in the background.

I kind of want to keep it. Do you think they'll notice if I quickly knit, say, a plain stockinette tee in bulky yarn before the deadline and send that in instead?


I don't think I'd be able to send anything that beautiful away! I'm working on your Venezia pullover and if it's a fraction as lovely as yours, I'll be thrilled.

Absolutely stunning, the marriage of all the elements is perfection, and I am in awe of all that goes into the places where the sweater "joins", like the sleeve set in.

Keep on knitting, you bring such beauty and refinement to the world.

Thanks for sharing Eunny

I am totally in love with it! I love fair-isle but not the boxy type sweaters. This is totally my thing!

I wouldn't be able to send it off! But will we be able to get the pattern soon? I do hope so!


If I were capable of producing anything half as beautiful or of designing anything half as competant then I would be very happy indeed.

Your book is first in my mental "must buy" list. Can't wait to see and knit from it, your work is just amazing.

Thanks for sharing some previews!

Absolutely gorgeous.

If I were you I wouldn't want to part with it either. I've just finished my first-ever stranded knitting (your Endpaper Mitts) and have been thinking how nice a fitted, patterned sleeve would be. Not to mention the rest of the sweater! Is there a size for a38" bust? Please?

Good God. You go away for two months and come back with gasp inducing images. That. Sweater. Those. Colors. Ayyyy!

I don't think anyone would blame you for keeping but I am thankful that you are willing to part with it because the last we need is another bulky tee pattern out there.

I think you hit the knitting jackpot here, that is perfection. Please tell me you get it back...right? right?!

It's stunning!

the knitting world is blessed to have you in it.

They might notice, but who could fault you. *L*

LOVE IT! You have the coolest, yet most classic designs. :D


Wow. Wow. Wow. I want to knit that.

Just a teeny taste? Now you're just being mean!

Darling! You've brought the SEXY back (or maybe for the first time?) to knitting. Fantastic!!

It's so beautiful Eunny, love the u-neck.

It is truly stunning. So beautiful, I am in awe of your talent. It is truly inspirational.

Lordy, that is beautiful!

That sweater is lovely! Really really fantastic. It really is perfect!


wow. that's gorgeous. i'm no fan of fair isle, but i'd put this sweater on my shot list!

That is stunning!!!

What a beauty! Are you selling them the pattern, or why are you sending it to Jamiesons?

Wow! That is truly stunning!

Beautiful. I say keep it, but knit the t-shirt in a variegated yarn so they think it's a fair-isle.

Wow, that is incredible, such a departure from the Fair Isle I've typically seen, but the colors, the fit, and the motif make it a truly classic piece. Great work!

It's beautiful... another fabulous, inspiring, amazing design.

oh wow! it's simply breathtaking.

Beautiful !What créativity Eunny! Bravo !

Gorgeous! I really like the neckline, but I love the sleeves. Traditional raglan sleeves are not flattering on a lot of people (including myself), but your sleeve creates a much straighter, broader looking shoulder line for those of us who don't have a lot of shoulder width.

Gorgeous. Stunning. Rich. Delectable. Inspiring.
(gods, I hope we can get the pattern...)

I'm speechless. That is truly magnificent.

beautiful... yeah they Might Notice... get some of that varigated bulky yarn, that would hide it more ;-)

Absolutely stunning.

Eunny, it's AMAZING. I don't think I've ever seen such an amazing sweater. I don't think I could send that off!

Dude, who needs that Scottish mother-daughter team when we have you?!?

Also, please let us know where this will be published so we can order ASAP!

Unbelieveably beautiful. You did an incredible job (again). Congratulations!

i'll just repeat everyone else and say it's amazing and one of the most beautiful hand-knit things i've ever seen.

maybe i can pay someone to make one for me. i love it!

Oooooooo.... Wow.

Holy cow. I am in awe and totally smitten with this sweater. Knitting Venezia gave me a taste for fair isle knitting but I have a hard time finding patterns that I actually like the style of and would want to wear as well as knit. Thank the knitting gods for you. I will be the first to cast on for this sweater. Please say it will be available soon!

I just love everything your doing right now! So different from everything out there, yet classic and lovely.

This is simply amazing! It's a work of art.

seeing only half of this sweater made me audibly gasp at work. seeing the full thing may have made me pass out - thanks for having mercy on a corporate knitter.

tell me where to send the money, and i will order the pattern (the main criticism i've been getting on the argyle vest designed by you is that it looks "too professional")!

WOW! This is beautiful. I'm really impressed. I love your knitting. I'd LOVE to see you do a handbag. (Yeah, I love handbags..what can I say :)

Just wow . . . lovely pattern, I can't wait to find out if we can order the pattern somewhere.

Lovely. Just lovely.

Once again, an amazing garment and wonderful patterning. You rock.

Jamieson's? Dude. How cool.

Impressive, Eunny! Simply amazing.

I don't care that I may be embarrassing myself if I gush that you are, truly, THE best knitter/designer out there right now. None better.

I literally gapsed at that sweater. I am not worthy.

Hoo boy.

Good heavens, that is a fantastic sweater! Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. I'd have a difficult time sending it off, too!

The sweater is beautiful as were the swatches in the previous post. My question is how can you stand to wear such itchy wool so close to your skin?

Just when I think you can't make anything better...you do!
You are truly a fibre artist and genius designer.
I think you have surpassed even EZ in your innovation. Well done.That sweater should be framed and hung in the Tate Modern Art Gallery
Please do tell sooooonnn where we can expect to find your fabulous patterns, pretty please!

Gorgeous!! I can't wait to get my needles in this!! Where can we expect to see the pattern?

This absolutely amazing. I am fairly new to your blog and this is my first time posting. What a stunning owrk of art! When will it be available to the public and how can we purchase a copy?

OMG, ditto on what everyone is writing. I must have this pattern/book/mag.... Details please! ;-)

P.S. Glad you're back, we've missed you!

Take a two month hiatus any time you like! But do drop us the occasional note to let us know your still alive. Now, I sound like your mother!

Seriously, that is a goregous sweater and definitely something I'd wear. I'd stopped doing fair isle because the styles don't suit me! Good for you for noticing and updating a slightly outmoded style.

Oh, you just can't send that off! The color patterns... you made circles! I couldn't part with it, if I knit it!

(I've been a regular lurker for a while... so glad you are back!)

Stunning! Beautiful! And in my favourite colours too!



Words defy me.


Breathtaking, yet again. I think I use that word too often over here. I'm looking forward to a pattern release at some point, because it is something I would love to wear. The colors are some of my favorites as well.
I think they'd notice if you sent them a bulky sample.....perhaps you could whip something up on a set of 2s and call it even....

Breathtaking! There's always something that makes me go "Wow!" when I look at your website, but this just leaves me speechless. I've been kicking around the idea of a Fair Isle project lately and this is it. Can't wait till the pattern is available!

Wow. Wow. Just *gasp* wow.

You are amazing! Simply breathtaking! I don't know how you do it but I sure wish I did. You should be writing a book my dear!


beautiful for all the reasons you mention!

it is lovely.

whew...you are back and as stunning as ever. i cannot wait to get that pattern, i will knit it for next winter come hell, high water, or twins! yay, i missed your contribution to blogland so much.

Luminous. Completely splendid.

This is the most beautiful creation, ever. It's in colors I love, and you're right, it's definitely cloisonne-ey! Can you give us a clue as to when we might be able to get our hands on it?? I simply can't wait. You are my favorite designer right now.

Please let us know when the pattern is available, and how to purchase it when it is. That was my favorite of the photos you posted a few days ago.

Beautiful; the medallions simply glow.

I am stunned. Awed. Beyond gaping in shock and awe.

That has to be the most beautiful sweater I have ever seen.

Oh Eunny, it's simply beautiful.

oh wow -- i just stumbled upon this. Pardon me if this has been answered -- but when and where can I buy this pattern! My socks are knocked off ;)

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. I have no other words...

What they said-absolutely gorgeous.

Add me to the crowd staring in glassy-eyed awe...that is just lovely, lovely, lovely. :)

That is a piece of art. Wow.

OMG! I must have that sweater!

Excellent. The sleeve detail is really nice. Keep designing for the thinking knitter. We are here.

They'll notice. But I still couldn't part with it. Stunning, simply stunning!

Eunny, if anyone can turn me from a texture knitter to a colour knitter, it's you. This is yet another example of your incredibly beautiful work. Outstanding, superior, fabulous, spectacular.

Wow! Beautiful work Eunny!



Wow! Amazingly beautiful... as your designs always are!

Very pretty! I really like the neckline. Thanks for sharing.

Any hints at the yearn used? Absolutely gorgeous!


WOW! That sweater is beautiful. Again, I am amazed at your knitting. How long did that take to knit up? When do you find the time? ;)

Wow. Just wow.

And someone mentioned a book in the comments. How did I miss that you're doing a book?

*pokes Amazon to try to preorder*

It's absolutely gorgeous! You'r a fine craftsman! Your eye for color is a special talent. I love your work and enjoy seeing what you are up to. An inspiration to many. Hopefully Jamieson's will give it back to you! You've done their yarn good!

Stunning. Just beautiful! The neckline is my favorite part, it's unexpected in a fair isle, and so feminine!

Wait, book? Truly? I just mentioned in my blog that I consider you my favorite knit designer, and would be first in line for a book.


So shiny.

extraordinary! the colors are delicious. i'd tell them there a wee accident with the original....

Eunny, I hate fair isle (the look, not the technique) with a burning passion....yet, I'd make that. Very impressive.

Are you saying that you don't get the sweater beack after they've photographed it? Are you kidding me?

Wow Absolutely stunning!

OMG - it is a crime that you have to send that away. I don't know what Jamieson's is - but you should keep the profits of that pattern for yourself!

As well you should be! AWESOME work, Eunny! I can't wait to see the whole thing ;)

I hope you are well compensated for that stunning work of art!

PS -- I DO think they would notice, silly ::ROFL:: Nice try though, and I can't say I blame you either!

I continue to be completely bowled over! Your designs are breath-taking, and the execution exquisite. Kneeling and bending in your presence. We are not worthy...we are not worthy.

Thanks for sharing - it looks very appealing! And inspirational for desinging in colorwork.

Oh wow!
I'd look awful in those colors, but I love it ... I want to knit it! NOW.
How soon can I get that pattern out of Jameson? Can I test knit one for you? I'll buy the yarn...
covet covet covet...
(as NewKnitting Addict said:
we are not worthy).

i can accept you sending it away as long as it is going to a place of yarn goodness, like jamiesons, and that we will be able to get the pattern someday!!!

just stunning work, eunny!

OMG! I exclaimed so loudly when I saw your exquisite self in your exquisite sweater, that my husband came running in from the other room to see what was up! I spent last night in awe of the gorgeous medallion swatch you had posted previously, and just love what you have done with it.

You have such a poetic and unique style, along with wonderful technique. I also love your color sense, although it doesn't really complement my coloring. Darn! Anything for us jewel-tone women?

This is the sort of sweater and pattern that would be lovely in several colorways. Given your fantastic color sense, it would be a treat to see what you could come up with that would complement those with different coloring.

Again, thanks so much for your fantastic art, and for posting it to share.

That sweater is like the culmination of the last few projects you have been working on. The colors - the style- the shaping.

It's like the other projects were just practice for the main event.

It's breath-taking!

Stunning! Absolutely lovely! You have a very distinctive style, and I like it a lot.

I know I am just saying what has already been said, but I could not look at that glorious photo without saying, "Congratulations!" That is truly a work of art. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

Eunny, Eunny...

Way to put us all to shame! It's gorgeous!

We just LOVE it. And we must BUY IT Immediatly.... where can we buy this lovely, gorgeous, wonderful pattern..... ! we can't wait ! matter of life !!!

Your work is so breathtaking, Eunny. It is nice to have you back blogging again so we can see your beautiful work!

Simply beautiful!! Maybe you can ask them about the lease/lend policy. They can have it for awhile and then you get it back for awhile - Nice to have you back - you have been busy!~

OMG! Drop-dead gorgeous. I worship at your feet....

Your projects never fail to inspire. I love how you apply a very artistic eye to a very "homey" craft without seeming pretentious or condescending. You make the art of knitting accessible to, well, us. Thanks!

Your new sweater? Unh, like, whoa!

My heart skipped a beat - literally. It's a masterpiece.


Hurray, you're back! I love this sweater and the hat with horizontal cables on the last post.

Now I really can't wait to see the book...

BEAUTIFUL! thank you for sharing!

For some things, there are absolutely no words.

I'm fairly new to your blog, and have just finished your Endpaper Mitts (and ordered the Anemoi Mittens pattern), and I'm totally stunned by these things you create. Puh-LEASE let us know where where can find the pattern/buy the book - it's just incredible!

This pattern is amazingly beautiful. The sweater seems to glow in its lighter areas.

I am just learning stranded knitting and that is exactly the type of fair isle sweater I have been looking for. Traditional, yet modern, yet traditional. The colors are stunning!

I'm in love! This is the first fair isle I've seen that really grabs me and shakes me up!

That is by FAR the most beautiful fair isle sweater I have ever seen. You've taken my breath away. Definitely worth the wait of missing you all these weeks!

Now, I understand why you needed to be silent for so long. I have no proper words for what I see and feel, its stunningly beautiful... I am happy for you, please keep knitting! Many greetings from Prague Karolina

Truly beautiful. I love it!

Holy cow. That's just about the most perfect sweater I've ever seen.

Ok, let me be the hundred and thirtiest person to say: WOW. Love it, want to make and wear it NOW!

Breath taking beautiful!
I want to be like Eunny when I grow up!

Beautiful sweater! I love those colors together.

See, now you've forced me out of lurkerdom. I've always been rather complacent about steeks, because I don't like Fairisle enough to actually go through the trauma of CUTTING INTO MY KNITTING WITH SCISSORS (who came up with this concept???). Now I have to have this sweater. Excuse me while I go get a paper bag (breathe, Kate. Breathe).
So very beautiful.

Bsolutely beautiful! I want one, too! How long do we have to wait for the pattern to come out?

It's funny, how I've been obsessed with the same fit and neck line lately. I just finished a vest that has the same shape, and have several drawings for to-be-knit sweaters that also follow almost the same general pattern.

I've also been unsuccesful in finding anything even close to that in the stores. I don't know if we're setting a new trend and they are behind, or if I'm behind, but I don't really care. I just want to wear sweaters that are flattering to my shape!

Way to knock the socks off my monitor. The color choices are great and, as seems per usual for your creations, the fit is top notch. Any chance we'll see more of the pink sweater with the horizontal cabling soon?

Oh, and welcome back to blogland.

Oh my goodness! It looks like very exquisite antique tile, the kind you'd find in a palace somewhere in the East. (Or maybe Hagia Sophia.) It's magnificent. Please let us know where/when we will eventually be able to find the pattern! :-)

Superbe, magnifique amuse-bouche!!
When does the main dish come out?

Wow. What a beautiful sweater. I would love to know too when/if a pattern is available for the sweater. I am a little intimidated by Fair Isle, but I would be willing to tackle it for this one!

That is AMAZING! Beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, and any other compliment you can think of! PLEASE let us know when the pattern is available and where it can be purchased. Wow, wow, wow!!!

this is so absolutely beautiful .... a design triumph. i hope to one day be able to design and knit something that is at the same time beautiful, functional, and form-fitting. bravo!!

That is just stunning! I am in awe of your talent! I love everything about it! Just wow!


Eunny, you really don't need anyone else to showcase your patterns.
I don't know how you could bear to part with it!
Look how many of us are wanting to buy them and each of us know several more knitters who would also want to buy them.

Word of mouth alone would reward you for your art.
To own something made from your patterns is like owning a great work of art.
Simply the best: better than all the rest......:-)

Just beautiful!

This certainly is one that would be hard to part with! Congrats on a superlative job.

So. Beautiful. I feel money for yarn and patterns freeing itself from my bank account as we speak. I just hope the pattern comes in my size. >_

Please, please advise when your "amuse-bouche" will appear as a jamieson's pattern. I have never knit a fair isle sweater (have been waiting for THE pattern). Though I admire AS's colorwork the sweaters are too boxy for my taste. Now I see a fair isle I would knit--and it's a Eunny Jang!

Gah!!!! Day after day I click over to see Eunny (knit), knowing that you're probably cooking up something amazing--and when it's ready, it will be either ground-breaking, stunningly gorgeous, or intruiging--but most likely all three. So day after day, I check. I miss a few days on the computer, and look what happens! Darlin', this is no amuse-bouche! This is somewhere around a 9-course, soup-through-cheese exquisite meal. (I know, you meant that the photo is a teaser, but I can see enough to know it's perfect.)

And yes, Maggie Rhigetti rules. She and her Dumb Baby Sweater taught me to knit.

Simply beautiful. Thank you Eunny. I keep coming back to look longingly at your beautiful designs and cannot wait for you to publish. Very Best Wishes.

Although I am not patient or careful enough as a knitter to make most of your designs, I will most certainly be buying all the pattern books you write over the next couple of decades.

You possess rare talent!

Eunny, you have a rare talent. I believe you are destined to become one of the big names in knit design.

I also love something traditional in a modern setting and you've created a work of art with this piece. It is stunningly beautiful. Congratulations!

Beautiful. Your attention to detail is to be envied. I love that the stripes match. I'm looking forward to your book.

Eunny, your designs and execution place you rightfully in the 'star' status of young designers in the knitting world. I see a book by you on the horizon--you already have so many fans. The volume of your productivity is mind-boggling. I am guessing you get by on 4 hours of sleep per day!

Wow, E - this is stunning :)

Eunny, can you give us any information as to when your book will be available? I can't get enough of your patterns! Beautiful sweater!

i too have been forced out of lurkdom to comment on this sweater. its gorgeous... enough so that i would be willing to brave both fair-isle and steeks to have one. (luckily you have great tutorials as well!) can't wait to get the pattern :)

Eunny ce FI est absolument magnifique bravo! j'espere pouvoir acheter le modele tres vite chez toi ou chez jamison's

That is so adorable!

Your Fabulous.

It is so beautiful!! You are an artist!

Delurking to comment. Please, please tell me (us) how to get a hold of this pattern. Will it be offered by Jamieson? Should I start planning a trip to the Shetlands? Should I start pestering them with emails? All I want is a little clue...

Your talent is astounding!
That sweater is unbelievable.

Move over Kaffe Fassett and all the great designers. This is by far my favorite. You are, in a word, brilliant. I applaud you.

Absolutely stunning! I totally understand that you'd want to hang on to it!

You are a design genius!

Will you be posting when Jamesion has the pattern available?

Stunning, absolutely stunning.

That is one gorgeous sweater! I love the neckline, the colors, the sleeves, the medallions.... You add beauty to the world through your work. Thank you!

I was on a pattern and yarn diet until I saw this number. Now I'm eager to get the pattern and yarn for it. I've just started the swatch for Venezia.

OOoooooo can't wait for the pattern!

So beautiful and inspiring. Where and when will the pattern be available?

Wow! I'd run out and buy the yarn right this minute if only I had the pattern. PLEASE tell us when/where we can get it.

This beautiful Fair Isle pattern will appear in Simply Shetland 4 at Tomales Bay, in fine knitting stores everywhere, Fall 2007.

Absolutely stunningly beautiful. I've never had the urge to knit an entire sweater in Fair Isle until now. Gorgeous!


*is stunned*

Oh my. And when the pattern is available to the general public, you'll post about it here so we all know to go out and get it, right? Because...well...



Congratulations on your editorship (but what's wrong with Blog Bunny? hee, hee)!
Stunning Fair Isle. Simply. Stunning.

This is just adding to my list of dream projects, along with your sweater in the winter IK. I just need to get good enough at fairisle to make it worthy of these projects!

I know you already have about 4 million comments on this masterpiece, but I simply *must* add my voice to the chorus. I love fair isle, but the horizontal stripes it creates don't work well on me, especially when combined with a high crew neck and boxy overall shape. You have solved all those problems, and I think I have finally found the fair isle sweater for me! I will be watching your blog like a hawk to find out when and where I can get my hands on the pattern. Thank you!!!

A big thank you to Mr. Gregory Courtney for letting us all know when and where we can find this scrumptious pattern!

Stunning. Simply Stunning. Well worth the wait. Is Jamieson going to put it in a book? Did I not read carefully enough? Stunning.

Not the first to ask and, I'm sure, not the last...

Where's this pattern going to live? And how long before I can get one of my own?

Beautiful work! Brava!

Wow, wearable glowing mandalas. I'd have a flashback, but the flash forward design cancels it out. Lovely design and colourwork. Will caper for pattern.

That is SO gorgeous!!!

Wow! You give a whole new spin on Fair Isle! I just love it!

First of all, congrats on your new venture! How exciting for you. It's always great to hear when someone gets their dream job.

Secondly, that sweater is THE most beautiful thing I've seen. Really stunning work. I don't know how you were able to let it go. I think I'd experience a tad bit of seperation anxiety of letting that beauty go!

Oh my goodness, that's gorgeous! Are you going to have the pattern published somewhere? I want to try to knit that!

So when are you going to write up the pattern? This is just lovely and I want one!

Absolutely one of the most gorgeous sweaters I have ever seen!

Needles in hand waiting to purchase the pattern! That is the absolute perfect Christmas present for my sister. So pattern where/when? You are a true inspiration.

I love it and so want to make it!
You are the best!!

Bravo! And the celtic pattern is wonderful too. I want one! Why are you sending it to Jameson? You should sell on your website.

it's a beauty alright! love it, thought that neckline i cannot wear (pout)

you are an artist! that is a great pattern you made. so beautiful!

Damn it woman, when do you sleep??? I would buy that pattern in a heartbeat! I hate this expression but here goes, thank you for sharing :) Susan

The sheer beauty (in both color and construction) of this piece really makes me understand why you were chosen as the editor of the mag.


I love this pattern and I'm wondering if it's been published yet. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Congrats on your publishing with Jamieson's!
Fantastic pullover; I stumbled on the preview section when I was ordering the wool to make Venezia.

So, where is this pattern published?

I'm sure you got lots of compliments on this already... I just received the email from a friend and am going to get Simply Shetland 4 just so I can have the pattern! Rest assured, there will be a KAL on this! If no one started before I start this sweater, I will be hosting one!!! Thanks for such a beautiful design!

Thought you and all your commenters would like to know, Jennsquared and I have started a KAL for this. The KAL blog is at Thanks for creating this beautiful design, Eunny!!

OK, so it didn't let me include the URL when I posted as myself. But if click on my "name" below this comment, you can get to the KAL blog.

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