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A Meme? Really?

Cairi left me a comment way back around Christmas, tagging me for that fun 6 weird things meme. By that time, I'd fallen off the face of the earth, and never filled it out. But!! I'm here now, and I'm totally ignoring the ephemeral, quickly-staling nature of such things to tell you....

Six Weird Things About Me

1) I have almost no food hangups, but the ones I do have are odd. In context: as budget allows, I try to eat widely and intelligently, will try anything, in general take a great deal of pleasure in eating, and always clean my plate. Downmarket and upscale are both fine with me - a big sloppy burger with lots of fried onions and bacon sounds just as exciting as some precious little verrine of scallop tartare with osetra and fennel foam. As a kid, I grew up eating organ meats (cheap, you know) and things like salted squid guts (ethnic, you know); I still love marrow and tongues and codfish heads and Serious Kimchi. It strikes me as prety odd, then, that the only food-type items I strongly dislike would be ketchup (bottled) and chocolate (all kinds, in all forms).

2) I love karaoke - madly, truly, shamelessly. I also somehow already know, like, every single American pop song produced between 1959 and 1980 (thanks, Dad!). Add my complete lack of a voice and a little sake, and I am a threat to national safety.

3) I'm a certified PADI Rescue Diver, wakeboard avidly, and would love to learn to surf - but I can't swim worth a damn. An awkward dogpaddle is about the best I can do.

4) I have very strong personal preferences for certain spellings of some words. "Grey" over "gray", for example: "grey" just seems right, with its connotation of coolness, of absence. I also think it's better-looking on a page than "gray". Of course, I stick to standard American English orthography when working, but grudgingly.

5) Jeff and I play a game all the time where we make up secrets for people - usually, it's while we're flipping channels. We'll see a talking head - some nice associate professor of history talking about the unusual weather patterns of the 16th century, or something - and immediately start telling "secrets" about him to each other. You know, like, "When he's teaching, he wears tight black jeans and a black shirt with the top three buttons undone - with no undershirt. When it's cold out, he doesn't button all the way up - instead, he just wraps a scarf around his neck...so you still get that triangle of sparsely-thatched skin between the scarf and his shirt. Also? He goes to student parties, and totally enjoys himself."

6) Billy Bob Thorton would not be that far down on my list of celebrity crushes.


I am a fan of grey as well, gray just looks like it's spelled wrong, somehow.
I haven't congratulated you yet - so congrats! I'm so excited to see the direction that you are going to take my favorite knitting magazine. I see many good things ahead for both you and IK.

Thank you! I find something oddly compelling and sexy about Billy Bob. Unexplainable. (And I also prefer "grey".)

Just let me know immediately if any chocolate falls into your hands, and I will bravely protect you from its ravages.

Ha! My husband and I also make up lurid life stories for people we see on TV. I thought we were the only ones...

Yummm, ohjingoh (sp?). What is it with Koreans and karaoke? My parents love karaoke and just recently got one of those karaoke machines, you know for all those crazy get togethers involving a lot of food, soju, and drunken warblings on the microphone. Hey, Billy Bob is from Arkansas, next time he comes down this way, I'll let you know :)

Just have to say that though you are late to this meme party, yours is my favorite of all time. Not the standard six things. Thanks for sharing!

Being Canadian, 'grey' is the only acceptable spelling of the word, as is 'night', and several other words which may be nightmares phonetically, but are (I find)much more pleasing to the eye -

And congratulations on your new relationship with IK - I cannot wait to see where you both take us!

I prefer 'grey' as well, but it may have come from my girlhood fascination with Lady Jane Grey.


Hey, who doesn't love noribang? I love be the only American to walk into a Korean noribang and just listen to all the drunks who think they sound great :)

I always feel a little trashy saying this but I am with you on Billie Bob!

1. Chocolate?! :)

2. I like grey myself.

3. I think you and Jeff have just gifted me with my new favorite pasttime.

4. Billy Bob? Weird? I think not. Beat this: Philip Seymour Hoffman.

#5 - Oh, at first glance I thought you had written that you create a "scent" for people like talking heads, etc. You know, that guy probably smells like peppermints or bananas, or I bet that woman stinks of "Poison" perfume, or wouldn't it be lovely to smell like vanilla? I always thought that the pregnant anchors on the weather channel must have that milky chocolate smell... I always associate that with my pregnancies.

Congrats on your new gig - can't wait to see the first issue!

I'm right there with ya as far as Billy Bob goes. I thought I was alone.

I work at a church, and to entertain myself during mass I play the "secrets" game with the people sitting near to me. You wouldn't believe what some of them have been up to! It's nice to know that I'm not the only one.

I had to giggle when I read #3. I thought I was the only one. I am a certified PADI diver and do lots of water sports, but can only swim enough so I don't drown. How I ever passed the certification courses is beyond me.

You know, I don't think you have to know how to swim *that* well to surf -- the important thing is to avoid thrashing around looking like shark food when you fall off your board. Other than that, you're mainly just paddling to and fro while lying on said board.

I agree with you about ketchup -- it's disgusting.

You are aware that most of us would be happy to take any chocolate off your hands, right?

And "gray" refers to the sky on a yucky day, but "grey" is a beautiful color.

You don't like chocolate? wowwwwww....most foodies LOVE chocolate! :)

I prefer Canadian spellings for most things as well, cheque, grey, etc...

Billy Bob? FOR REAL? hahaha. sigh..i guess I can't agree on you w/ everything. :)

You can have Billy Bob Thornton if I can have Brendan Fraser. :)

"I'm a certified PADI Rescue Diver, wakeboard avidly, and would love to learn to surf - but I can't swim worth a damn. An awkward dogpaddle is about the best I can do."

Me too, me too! Well, I'm not Rescue certified yet- I'm advanced certified through PADI and will get my rescue dive certification as soon as I move somewhere where I'm close enough to open water to dive cheaply- all we've got here in Colorado are cold lakes, and diving road trips to the ocean are a bit much for my college student budget.

And I can't swim for crap. In high school swimming class, I was slower than the dog-paddlers.

I used to live on a tropical island with lots of reefs. Oh, do I miss that.

THANK you! another chocolate hater.

I am picky about spellings too. Drive Thru and color always make me cringe.

You're too funny with the difference between 'gray' and 'grey'. I think that 'grey' looks more like the actual color, but then again I'm one of those weirdos who sees colors in words. And 'gray' is not one of my favorites, to tell the truth.
Glad to see you back~I know you must be quite busy~but we've missed you.

Even though I'm Canadian and we spell it grey, reading The Picture of Dorian Gray right now is making me love the gray spelling.

I use British spellings on anything for which I actually know British spellings (coloUr, recogniSe, fibRE...). It started as a high school affectation that would probably have gone the way of prom date angst and mixing Dr. Pepper with Fanta Orange, but that a college professor told me he'd count me off on spelling if I maintained my odd habit.

I'm stubborn, so I took the B over the A and have used colour/recognise/fibre ever since.

Not as elegant a reason as Eunny's "grey," but we end up at the same destination, orthographically.

HAHA!!! aww Eunny thanks for answering this BUT I now feel very guilty as my 6 never made it to blogger...blogger just would not play nice and after the fifth...yes really of writing these and losing them I lost faith but I will make an effort now to put them up ;)
So with you on the grey...but then I am scottish and would be flogged for spelling it the other way anyway!!

I love kimchi too, but no chocolate?!
Karaoke rocks, I used to stay there for 8 hours and get out with no voice left.

Wonderfully entertaining! Thank you for sharing. My biggest concerns for you when you announced the IK job (and I am THRILLED about that) wasn't that you would no longer have time to knit -- but that you wouldn't have time to design, or to share your insight and personal voice with us. I know your life is likely to get much busier soon, but I'm so pleased that you shared this really fun peek into yourself.

Grey all the way!

I also stubbornly insist on using punctuation around quotation marks the British way, since the American way of putting all punctuation inside the quotes offends my sense of order and logic.

Haha, I agree with you, its got to be grey. Never really thought about it, though. Thanks for sharing!

Oh yes, grey is far more elegant.

And as far as Billy Bob, have you seen Love Actually? He plays the president and - well - he cleans up nice. Not to mention, he seems like a pretty nice, intelligent, artsy guy in real life.

I can't believe I just admitted Billy Bob Thornton's kinda hot. SOMETIMES.

Grey is correct, in my world view. "Gray" is a mis-spelling, that is appropriate only when referring to gunmetal gray. Even then... it's iffy.

It irks me no end that the spell checkers are so sadly misinformed.

Of course, they tend to get theatre wrong too....

You don't like chocolate? That is freaky ;)

To the person who thinks liking Philip Seymour Hoffman is weird. Are you nuts? He's totally hot! :) Saw him in Long Day's Journey into Night on Broadway a few years ago. Stunning performance in my favorite play.

For some reason, I like grey too.

And I LOVE Kimchi.

And I was thinking a few days ago, I truly miss going to those private karaoke rooms with friends in Austin. You know, the BYOB kind and throw a crazy silly karaoke party. :)

Now that I have retrieved and replaced the bottom of my stomach and intestines back into my abdominal cavity - after reading about fish heads, squid guts and tongue.......yuk...( I have eaten pigs feet!)
I would just like to say, like Lord Byron you are mad, bad and dangerous to know...heehhhheeeee Billy Bob Thornton?.sheeshhh!!

I have a friend who doesn't like chocolate and when he told me this I simply concluded that he must be a robot. Since then, I've met several people who didn't like chocolate, and now I think that robots are taking over the world. :)

Used to like g-r-e-y but live on G-r-a-y Street. No time for g-r-e-y anymore.

#5 is awesome.

But I totally prefer "gray."

The Billy Bob thing is actually the only thing I find odd on your list.

Then again I'm loopy over Hugh Laurie, but only as the character he plays on tv. You know House. *L*

So I guess it's what they say about the eye of the beholder. :P

Love the secrets game. :D

My honey and I play, which Star Trek Actor would do better in this part than the person acting the part on this yatta... whatever it is. Much fun. ;)

Neat. Thanks for sharing these interesting tidbits about yourself.

To me, this meme will never lose its oomph!

I share a distaste for ketchup with you, which is an anomaly in my family. My cousins only eat eggs when they're drowning in ketchup, and they love this noodle dish that my Aunt makes for them, which is basically just globs of ketchup and soysauce on a pile of plain noodles. Blech!

Dislike chocolate? That is weird.

Madeleine L'Engle shares your Grey/Gray preference. She once named a character "Zachary Grey" and the publisher changed it to "Gray". She made them change it back!

Hooray for other people who don't like chocolate! People give me all kinds of funny looks when I tell them that, but I kindly remind them that it means more chocolate for them and they cheer right back up. :-)

Ooh, karaoke! I even have Singstar Rocks for PS2 so I can get my fix at home.

Since Billy Bob and Angelina split, he's pretty hot. I mean, he was just freaky when they were together. Now, they're both...normal.

Yay for grey! I'm a pretty smart cookie but I have to admit that I was in my 20s before I realized that I was spelling grey incorrectly. It just always made more sense with the 'e' so I never bothered to spell it any other way.

I am seriously mourning your dislike of chocolate. If everything you wrote, that is the only one of which I cannot even conceive.

Wow, don't like chocolate??? Glad you mentioned it so that I don't bring chocolate cookies Friday night... As for Silky Wool, I love that yarn and would love to see other designers start to make up patterns for it. I love Elsebeth Lavold's work but I'd also love more excuses to buy more of that yarn!

Wow - I think I've only ever met a handful of fellow chocolate haters. Why does everyone find it so strange?

For some reason, when I see "grey" I think of a warm grey, and when I see "gray" I think of a cool gray. So I use either.

Not liking chocolate is indeed unusual. If you could design something for BBT to wear what would it look like?

Not liking chocolate? yeah, I may need to rethink this friendship... ;P

Um, Kris and I totally do the same thing with people on TV!

Hi. You don't know me, but I have visited your site many times and love your stuff. I noticed your love of Norweigan knitting and hoped to share with you something special. Please visit my blog. I think you'd be someone who could really appreciate the "Norweigan Family Heirloom" post. Thank you for all your wonderful information.

Grey vs. Gray. Yes, I am all about it.

But no chocolate? What? What did you just say? I don't think I heard that right.

Love the making up secrets about people. Billy Bob Thorton for me has now been replaced by the new James Bond. Daniel Craig....

Another person indifferent to chocolate (and several more in the comments)! I'm working on a comic called "I Don't Like Chocolate", so I'm pleased to see I'm not the only one.

I wonder if Billy Bob is narcissistic enough to google himself and see what people are saying... NO, he wouldn't do such a thing. ;) I'm with the person who wants to see what kind of sweater you'd design for him. Don't you think that would make a great surprise for your first issue at the helm? Billy Bob modeling it and everything? Yeah.

(Hey, Mr. Thornton, I think you're hot, too.)

That's a great list, lol - There is something about Billy Bob, he cracks me up. I think everyone loves karaoke =)*) even if it's secretly.

My middle name is Gray, but I totally wish it were Grey. There's like 247245754 times more sophistication laden in "Grey". Oh well.

I'm totally with you on 'grey' over 'gray'. And I'm even an American!

I adore you! I love the organ meats too! Love the crunch - lol. When I order from the Chinese restaurants they ask me if I'm Chinese. I laugh and tell them no. I will eat almost anything, except oats and custards - my g/mother forced me to eat them as a little girl. And cows milk - hate it.

The kiddies and I used to make up stories about people in the airplanes that fly over us. ie There's a kid on that one flying to meet his brother for the first time, who happens to be a CIA Secret Agent, and works as a circus clown in disguise.

Now our house is in a flight path and the stories just aren't as interesting anymore.

ooh I love that game - my husband and I play it too, especially when we are waiting at the airport, we are so tragic! We also like to turn the t.v. sound off and make up new dialogue for the actors.

You don't like chocolate? How can that be?

Excellent! I no longer feel so bad about my late posting of this meme. I was tagged for it before I had a public blog, and I never got around to posting.

I also have a strong personal preference for certain spellings. The reason varies depending on the word. Like a previous poster, I also think of grey and gray as two colours, but the cool-toned colour is spelled "grey". Maybe it's like the forty words for snow the Inuit have - in Washington, there's a whole range of grey and gray to see.

Funny about the grey/gray thing -- I've also always thought of them as separate colors, but perhaps not normally, it would seem. I've always thought of grey as steely or slate grey (hard, sometimes glinty, but with a definite "backbone") and gray as pastel gray, soft, muted... Maybe Janine is right and we need some more words to use here...

As an Ex-pat Brit now living in Australia, I have to say that I abhor the American "sense" of spelling. It is in fact, one of my PET hates. It IS grey, it IS centre, and words ending in ise, NOT ize. Also, words ending in l ie: No, I won't go on. I'll get off my soapbox now. hehe

Just found your blog after reading people gush about you. What a beautiful knitter and designer you are. Your blog is officially earmarked for me!

Just laughing over Sue's comments. Personally, I find it annoying to hear people leave out the articles before certain nouns like hospital and university. And I find it down right silly to hear Americans attempting to sound sophisticated by copying this British speech idiom. The next thing you know people will be driving on the left side of the road here too :)

Hi Eunny. Are you published? You have an energetic, eloquent use of language. I'm fascinated with language also, being a double major psychology/linguistics. Grey is my preference and not just because I come from one of the Colonies. You could learn to Surf in New Zealand. You and yours are welcome anytime. And could you please make the Baby Argyle Vest available for purchase. PPPPPPLLLEASE!

Eunny, I'm so glad to hear your feelings about "grey." I concur entirely. "Grey" is a lovely, graphite, color with a tinge of blue; "gray" is an old washrag color, tinged with yucky yellows and greens. After a poetry workshop in which I was told to change the spelling, I checked a current dictionary and lo and behold, both spellings are now acceptable. So please join me in using both spellings as appropriate, but when we like something, it's definitely GREY.

OK, I am trying to get my head around the idea of a dislike for chocolate... But got distracted when you said that you are a rescue diver but don't swim well. I have always wanted to learn to dive, but thought good swimming skills were required, no????

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