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Print O' The Wave Stole: Project Gallery

Lisanne's stole (take two) **click for big**
Emily's super-133t pillows, in mohair backed with raw silk Ann's stole, in Blue Heron Mercerized Cotton Lisanne's stole (take one) **click for big**
Nathalie's stole in Handmaiden Seasilk, for her sister-in-law's wedding **click for big** Jenipurr's stole, in Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud Angelika's stole, in blue mohair
Holly's stole, in Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud Keri's stole, in Spritely Goods Virga Sylph Yvonne's stole, in Rowan Kidsilk Haze

Updated 12/22/06, 2:15 PM
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Has the error in the border pattern been corrected yet? I don't see that any of these people point out that the graph for the border is missing a decrease near the edge on rows 9,11,13, & 15.

Oh, I love the stoles. I have been planning to do one myself, but it will be a bit down the track as I have a lot of projects that have to be done before I can do this one.

Well from the looks of it i am sold on seasilk will have to try some. My concern has been how well it will block...

Print of the Waves are fabulous - and btw Seasilk blocks beautifully, relaxes to about one-third more the size.

Gorgeous stoles! Uh, could you please have Nathalie move her head, so we can see who she's with???

What a feast for the eyes -just beautiful!

Hi Eunny!

This stole is fabulous, I am so excited to be making it! I have a question, though: is there a reason you chose to do 17 repeats instead of 15? I was thinking of doing 15 because picking up the stitches evenly would be simpler (i.e. 2 out of every 3) but I would like to know if it would make a difference in the overall tension and end up backfiring! Thanks a lot!

I am very interested in what size needles Nathalie used for the stole she made in seasilk? Please let me know.

The shawl that you do is very beautiful, I like.

just wanted to let you know that i respect how intelligently you approach your work, and not at the expense of absolute beauty. hope all is well and that we all hear from you soon.

peace, sha

I have just discovered your site and love the Print of the Wave stole. Can you give me the pattern information? I would love to stitch this one. Thank you!


Anyone have an idea of what yarn and color was used to make Lisanne's first stole above? What a gorgeous blue!

Hi Debbi, they are actually both the same stole, just under different lighting.

I made the stole in Colourmart cashmere 2/24 laceweight in pale blue. The colors Richard stocks are 'luck of the draw' depending on what he has at any given time, but all are beautiful!

Thanks for the quick response Lisanne! Your work is just stunning.

You're so welcome! Hope you decide to knit this!

Hi, Eunny!
I'm halfway down on the Print 'O The Wave. I've knitted in white cotton, because I couldn't pull out my error in the cobwebyarn. When I'm done it will be huge, but I'm a tall girl, so that will be alright. Thanks for showing me all the possibility's in knitting. You're great!

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In response to the edging error, it is right to add a k2tog after the last YO on rows 9, 11, 13, 15, isn't it? That's the only place I can find to add the missing decrease without changing the shape of the pattern.

I love the pattern, and am just finishing my test swatch of it--I think that it'll end up being a lace-handkerchief-like piece (32 sts wide by 3 repeats tall, with 4 repeats of edging per side--in laceweight on US2s. Next time I may use 4s.)

Josh Harper

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