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Full Force

I've been obsessed with making a yoked cardigan for months.

And I mean obsessed: like, staring at yoked sweaters on the street obsessed, doodling endless concentric circles in book margins obsessed, losing myself in the contemplation of a lemon cross section obsessed. Posessed, maybe. I blame Adrian, mostly, who's been cranking out glorious sweaters like it's the easiest thing in the world. Jess isn't helping, either. The construction looks so clean and fresh and elegantly simple; the finished products are wonderfully detailed, but eminently wearable.

I originally wanted colorwork, maybe in the Bohus style. Then, I was thinking that I might miraculously manage to spin the pounds of natural-colored Rambouillet I've got socked away, and do some Norwegian-style colorwork. Then, I wanted to spin some lovely green Merino I've got, and do a crazy damask pattern in two-end knitting. I kept planning bigger and bigger.

Then, a brainwave, spurred by an appealing yarn - a subtle, beautifully heathered inside-of-a-scallop pinky lavender shade of Harrisville New England Shetland (an unobtrusively pretty yarn, you see, that would not compete in the patterned sections - but would not look flat and boring in the long stockinette sections, either). I knit the longest swatch known to man - nearly a full ball of yarn - settled on the motifs, and drew a little sketch, just to get an idea of where things might go.

Here's what I am thinking: a very simple, stripped-down cardigan with three-quarter sleeves and a single cable motif lying around the shoulders like a broad torc, with smaller echoing motifs at body and sleeve hems. The motif is based on a simple, often-seen border in Celtic imagery: two key-style lines wrapping in and out of each other sinuously (the horizontal orientation of the band makes it enormously tedious to work - but the result is pretty, I think). As you might have guessed, the operating principle ended up being simplicity: this final iteration is really a plain-jane garment in a sturdy, workhorse yarn, with just enough rich, delicate detail to make it a little something different.

Three days have brought me to the joining point for the sleeves. Can you tell that I'm having fun?


Ok, I NEED to make this too!!! :-) Can't wait to see the finished product, but I love it so far.

I can't believe I've come onto your blog and fallen in love with yet another fabulous project. Can't wait for the pattern!

I'm in love with your idea! It looks stunning I must say. Enjoy the rest of the knitting, i bet it is all done by thursday.

Interesting, I like the concept. There are too many designs that I like, but would honestly never make for myself. Your idea intrigues me because it will be simple but not simple (does that make sense)?

Oh that cable is so intricate and beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the finished sweater! You amaze me!

Wow. Simply stunning. Can't wait to see it when its done. You rock.

A treat for the eyes, as always. I'm eager to see to this sweater's knitterly progress.

I cannot wait to see your finished project!

this is going to be one beautiful sweater... what a color; what amazing cables!

Actually, I love the Celtic key-style cable. Is there a pattern for that somewhere? It's so intricate and beautiful!

Oh wow, I can't wait to see this completed. I can already tell I will be begging for a pattern! What you've shown looks gorgeous, and what a fresh idea!

Fantastic. The larger, more open Celtic motif on the top left is ideal. Rock on with your Cardigan of Kells!

Oh Eunny!!! Your designs are just so fabulous!! I do wish you would design for some men garments!

Where do you get your shetland wool? From LYS or do you get it ordered from overseas?

Funny, I have a yarn (Country Style DK Higlands and Islands) that's about that shade in my closet! Of course the reason it's there is probably that it contains only 15% wool, but if you make your pattern available online, I'll have to have a go at it anyway. I've got 1740 yards.

Oh please oh please say you will be writing this one up as a pattern!! I would pay big bucks for this one! Too gorgeous.

c'est absoluement magnifique!!!
Une admiratrice frenchie;-)

seriously, you move so fast... i'm still hung up on the endpaper mittens! it's stunning... enjoy the fun!

Just gorgeous! Enjoy the rest of the project!

I don't think your design wheels ever stop turning, that cable pattern is awesome. Did you make up that swirling cable thing?

The sweater looks stunning and I look forward to the pattern. However, I'm breathlessly waiting to see your Chartes hat -now that you have given us a glimpse a few posts ago.

Love your cables, especially the knotty one. SO, question: how is it knitting with the Harrisville? I used to weave with it and remember it being very rough... I was thinking to do a fair isle with Harrisville Shetland, but was unsure of the "likeability" of the non-softness...

Gorgeous work! You know, of course, that you are brilliant...

it's kismet -- this morning i found a nearby source for harrisville shetland and this evening i found your yoked cardigan WIP. i hope i get to make my own soon. :)

You are an amazing designer. Thank you so much for sharing your things, it's such an inspiration to me. :)

As usual, I love it. The color is gorgeous and the design is simple but not boring and definitely classic enough to endure many years of wearing. Please write up the pattern.

So beautiful in its simplicity! It leaves me burning with desire.

Ohh! I really hope you plan to write this up and sell it! It is fabulous! Pretty much everything I've seen of yours is fabulous, I must say. You rock my knitting world.

Did you design the cables yourself ? I loved your tutorial on un-venting cables.
I can't wait to see the finished product! To be honest, of all of the upcoming books to be published by popular bloggers, i'm waiting for yours the most eagerly. No pressure though! But you do truly deserve to be published.

Eunny, you are insane, but I love you for it. As usual, this is stunning and I hope you either give (i.e sell) us the pattern or it'll be in one of your books. That top - cable? - makes me swoon. Damn, I hate to be so gushy.

Wow, that looks gorgeous. I'm fascinated by the construction, and can't wait to see how it turns out.

Hey there, love the sweater. I have a question for you regarding its construction (if you have a quick moment to answer that is). It looks like you're knitting on circular needles but not in the round. This is great in my book because steeks scare the crap out of me and there would be no reason to have to cut into the front. So here is my question. Are you going to create steeks and cut sleeve openings or will you choose another method? Inquiring minds want to know! I've made several Elsbeth Lavold patterns and this cabling is very much like her lovely designs. You people who can design patterns never cease to amaze me... I'm a copier.



I had to blink a bunch of times and squint at my monitor. Are those horizontal cable bands? Holy schnikey, they are! I think calling them "tedious" in the working must be an understatement, but oh so worth it.

What a beautiful color and pattern. I always get so much pleasure out of seeing your latest creation. I'm excited to see how this turns out.

Stunning. I am totally impressed by your work. Did you happen to have any professional training? Just curious if I have any chance of becoming as good as you are someday without any training :-)


I love that - especially the horizontal cable business. I'm knitting St Brigid right now and I can't get enough of that closed-loop Celtic cable. I like how yours looks, on the horizontal. It's prettier - less angular, maybe. It'll be beautiful around the shoulders.

The colour is great, too.

You sure like 3/4 sleeves, don't you?

"Simplicity with just enough rich, delicate detail to make it a little something different." - that's exactly how I would define all your fabulous work. This looks, once again, gorgeous. You design faster than I can knit your stuff. Endpaper mitts: check, Anemoi Mittens: just finished; Venezia Sweater: all materials are here, but this wil be a long term project as I won't be able to wear it this winter anyway. But I can't wait to start.

I love this.
It's simply stunning.

You are definitely a person with obsessions: this is what makes you knit such beautiful sweaters. I understand you!

The cardigan looks absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to see the result. I love the colour you've chosen, too.

I've been drooling over your Venezia pullover in IK, and I'd love to give it a go. I can't seem to decide on the colours, though, I suppose I have to knit a few swatches and see how they turn out. The colours you've chosen are so perfect, but I don't know if they'd suit me. Will IK publish more of your patterns in future issues? I hope so, since IK is my favourite knitting mag and you are one of my favourite designers!

P.S. I feel totally triumphant, I've just finished my first fair isle glove! I hope the next one turns out ok too...

Wow. Speed demon. It will be gorgeous of course. I am new to the knitting game. I had no idea that you can do cables on the horizontal. Fascinating.

I feel totally humbled reading your blog. You are such a talented woman, and your creations are absolutely beautiful, future masterpieces. If I only had a quarter of your talent. Continue the great works.

Let me see. If I know you, then yes, you are having fun. And you're probably going to be almost finished by knitting tonight. You are coming right?

That cardigan is going to so beautiful - as is everything you do.
I read your blog always, your blog is absolutely great. I thank you for the past year and wish to you and yours happy holidays!

That is lovely. I can't wait for your book to knit all these things you dream up!

How the ???? horizontal cables? I'd guess it was knit as a long strip with stitches picked up on either side, but the pics don't look like that's what you did. I'm 95% done with the endless mitts mittens, just need to finish off the fingertip decreases.

You have made so much progress on it since I saw you! It is truly lovely. That yarn is amazing ;)

Wow. Gorgeous. I'm definitely looking forward to watching this grow.

Well that just knocked my socks off, and I'm wearing panty hose! Usually I make my own patterns, but this one I have to buy. You, my dear, are a radiant genius!!

The curling cables are fascinating - I've never done anything like that. Obviously some more experimentation is required in the near future.

Looks gorgeous so far!

I just finished your endpaper mitts and am starting on the anemoi mittens. Thanks for the incredible patterns. I was so scared to try stranded knitting, now I think I may be addicted. :)

Very pretty - the color is subtle, but rich at the same time. Cables sideways - I can only imagine, but leave it up to you to make it fly! It looks like the finished sweater will be simple with those elegant touches that make something classic...

What a lovely design! I just love cables, and Celtic designs seem so elegant and earthy. Are you going to publish your pattern?

I was just wondering how to make a norvegian yoke on the sweater I am currently knitting, when I found this ! This cable is absolutely beautiful, and it inspired me a lot. I hope you'll sell this pattern too. Thank you for everything you share !

Oh. My. Goodness.

I'm a sucker for a beautiful cable, especially a gorgeous, delicate celtic cable. Wow, I hope you list this pattern for the rest of us, because it is breathtaking! I'm looking into the yarn already!

I have no idea how you managed to cable sideways, but wow, is that ever a nifty effect!...

That looks lovely. Looking forward to seeing the finished product--the 3/4 length sleeves are an unexpected & stylish touch.

Gorgeous, just gorgeous. I love the classic lines and styles that are often in your work.

Gorgeous. I love the texture and color of the yarn and the cables are perfect.

You clearly don't sleep, that's the only explanation for your productivity.

I love Harrisvile yarns: the tweedy mix of colors appeals to me.

Your sweater is lovely and sweet, and your taste unerring, as usual.

I want to thank you so much for your lovely designs! I'm making the endpaper mitts in black and red for my mom (colors her request). She really wanted some fingerless gloves, but at 71, she wanted something a bit more elegant than the teenybopper styles that are out there. Your design arrived just in time, as I am the *World's Slowest Knitter*! Thanks again for your inspiring designs.

Oh, and Venezia in Interweave is dreamy, and so beautifully designed. I learn something new from you all the time. Sincere thanks, and Happy Holidays to you!

I really do love this look you have created. I have an obsession for celtic looking cables, delicate not chunky. I can't wait to see the finished product and hope there will be a way to buy the pattern....How is the book going?

The swatch is beautiful and the color is so simple but attractive. I can't wait to see the finished product. Judging from the last three days of work, I won't havet to wait long.

I just read your little interview (I think it was in knit simple mag). You're every where right now, and I love it!

Can't wait for your book, too!

Your sketches look so elegant and pretty. I can't wait to see it finished.

Exquisitely beautiful Eunny. May I reserve a copy of the pattern now!!
Thank you for your wonderful sharing and writing.

This looks amazing. I love the combination of the flattering, feminine design and the rugged(ish) look of the yarn.

Love the way the cables twist and curl.

Holy crap! I may be picking up on your wavelength! For the last 6 months or so I've been thinking about something specific and then BAM! you pop out a pattern for it. I've been obsessing over colorwork for a few months and was thinking about working out some mittens in preparation for a yoked sweater. Maybe we're both getting it from the great knitting ether... ;)

It looks lovely by the way.

That Celtic cabling is beautiful!

I just saw you in the Spring Knitscene - good for you!

Did you ever expect knitting would make you famous?

Wow . . . simple, stunning, beautiful. I would love to knit that!

The cablework looks wonderful, and I love the color too. You are such a great designer.

That looks like it's going to be lovely. There have been a lot of yolked sweaters on the zimmermania blog and I have been tempted to make one as well.
Great work!

Somewhere I read that you were always looking ahead to where that stitch was going; rows above... reminded me of chess. Seeing this design gave me a glimpse of what that means.

Just stunning. You inspire me. Looking forward to seeing the finished sweater.

What I can see there sure looks gorgeous . . . there's just something about a horizontal cable! Gorgeous.

Wow, it's already so beautiful! I already know I'm gonna want one of those!

I am really wondering how to do a horizontal cable !

You are an amazing knitter...I am trying to get better but I can't seem to grasp the complicated patterns like you can, do you think its possible that my parents never told me that I am retarted?

I cannot begin to tell you how fun it is to have a peak inside your design process. Creativity at its finest. And how interesting that what started as a potential fair isle project changed to something much simpler but perhaps even more beautiful. Fascinating, actually. Can't wait to see the finished product. Those cables are amazing.

That is going to look so great and with the stockinett stitch it is a wonderfully relaxing project (unless you fiddle with the cables).

I think that you win the title of Queen of the Swatch.

Eunny, The sweater is lovely and understated, destined to be a classic.
The sleeves are being knit in the round, yes? How do you get the horizontal cabling around the bottom of the sleeve?

There's a part of my brain that's filled with stuff like silly names for the dog and how to program remote controls and you seem to be using that section to knit patterns that look horizontal, vertically. You're killing me!

Now that is very cool & different...instead of colorwork, you are using the cables instead. I love it...very unique!

Gorgeous!! But how in the name of pete did you knit that horizontal cable?!!??

Care to elaborate on that little tidbit, pretty pretty please??

Oh wow, I love this. Please please make this pattern available somewhere! Simplicity and wearability are the main characteristics of a classic knit and this has both. Can't wait to see it finished.

If you don't write this up as a full pattern, PLEASE at least give us a chart for the horizontal cable. It's lovely, and my attempts at something similar, with nearly horizontal Celtic knot lines always fail miserably.

this sweater looks like it's going to be another beautiful addition to your already awesome portfolio :) I LOVE the swirly cable!!! I second (or 88th or whatever) everyone's hope that you'll publish the pattern when you're done :) Happy Holidays!!

I just wanted to let you knowt that I just picked up the 2pring 2007 issue of Knitscene. How cool for you! Congrats!

I just wanted to let you knowt that I just picked up the 2pring 2007 issue of Knitscene. How cool for you! Congrats!

ok, so is there a pattern? or is the cable just knitted seperatley and attached?

Are you still there..? :)

This is fantastic, and I can't wait till you tell us when and where we can get the final pattern. My fingers are itching already!

Wonderful, and I love using HIghland Shetland for well, everything. Is this a web pattern, book pattern, or just for you?

just yesterday, a couple of ladies were wondering how to cable horizontally.Is there a book or a web site that teaches you how to knit in that manner. I would be very thankful if you could reply with some information. Thanks a lot for your time. Joy

Hey, Eunny!This is brilliant! I love your work.

I still can't figure out how the cables are horizontal on a vertical ground. I thought I'd gotten it, but then one swoop made it look impossible.

So what's the secret?

Wow..that's such a beautiful color. Well, at least you get to the swatch making part. I haven't gotten past the doodle on pages part. In the meantime I have a lot of interesting ideas that look pretty in theory..LOL!

Hey there, I decided to delurk to not only say that wow, you are incredible, inspiring, and just so freaking talented, but also to wish you the best with your knitting-recovery! I hope everything is okay, this lonnnnng absence kinda makes me worried, here. I hope you can come back soon to inspire more of us to try challenging techniques. You are my (and many others) inspiration- come back soon, okay?!?!?

Oh where, oh where has our dear Eunny gone?
Oh where, oh where can she be?
We sure miss her...and her delightful designs.

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