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Rose window, outer rim:

(I've been all about the little projects lately - can you tell? This hat is something I've been knocking around for a while, and finally got a couple days to work on. I'll show more soon - I've been wanting to talk about color for Fair Isle for a couple weeks now, and the pattern for this hat will provide a great canvas for anyone who wants to play along. And besides, it's pretty - fancy decreases in pattern and neato knobbly hem and glowing dying star colors and all).



Ooh, I'm very excited, especially having seen the other stuff you've designed lately!

Wow! I didn't think I would ever like Fair Isle, but that is MY kind of Fair Isle. I can't wait to see more!


So pretty! I'm loving all the F.I. vibe these days -- especially yours!

Now this is exciting! I need a new hat, you know. Can't find my favorite one. It's driving me bananas.

It really does look like stained glass. Splendid!

Your "little" projects are more impressive than most of our big projects. I can't wait to see the hat, though - I've been thinking I need a new one, and maybe I need to learn Fair Isle.....

I love the colors! You are my FAVORITE designer these days! I NEED a book of your designs...Please tell me that you are working on a book deal!!!

I love the colors! You are my FAVORITE designer these days! I NEED a book of your designs...Please tell me that you are working on a book deal!!!

oh,my. I've done fair-isle sorts of knitting (no one told me it was hard) (same with cables, a single column in the first sweater I ever did). Haven't lately, but will succumb when this pattern is available.

when i was 13 years old, i spent one beautiful hour just staring at the very rose window of which you speak. i cannot wait to see more of this hat.

I definitely want to play along! This looks like it will be a beautiful hat ...I can't wait!

I've always adored stained glass. I'm going to bet that the geometric style of Islamic mosaic work, such as the exterior of the Dome of the Rock, would translate beautifully into knitting.

I can't wait to see the finished product! It's so obvious it's going to be GORGEOUS!!!

Your use of color is astonishingly skillful. It just glows.

You're a TEASE! (grin)

it looks like a wonderful project. can't wait to see it done- would love the pattern for the hat!

Your designs are so beautiful, you alone are inspiring me to learn color knitting. The mitts, mittens, hat - just gorgeous.

So lovely!!!!!
You also made very nice socks again for Knitty.com!!

"glowing dying star colors"=GORGEOUS

I have always loved what my mother called "bruise colors". Your teaser photo reminds me of some of my favorite Amish quilts that have black grounds. (www.revere-collection.com/dir_nii/nii_esprit.html)

I can't wait to see more of the hat!

i would just like to say that my heart went pitter-pat at the suggestion of a fair isle pattern in colors derived from a rose window at chartres.

that's gorgeous! i'd love to do that...

Your mittens are so beautiful that they almost make me want to try color work!

How beautiful!

I love Melissa's idea of Islamic mosaic/ colorwork!

Delurking simply to melt in wonder.

Found your blog over Thanksgiving weekend. Reading the archives made a bad head cold much more bearable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you for sharing - - but hurry! I need a new hat for the Chicago winter (about 9 degrees right now!) and looking like it will stay that way for about a week. I always look forward to your inspiring projects.

Lovely! The blues and yellows and pinks are like little gems.

Wow! Can you post the yarn requirements so that we can get them ordered?

Stained Glass knitting - the idea makes my breath catch.

Sharon A. is right. We NEED a book from you.

The colors you've used are just lovely, but you already know that.

I'm actually writing to thank you for the detailed and intense tutorial on provisional cast on. I've used this cast on a few times, but not frequently enough to be very good at it or remember what I did from project to project. Your tutorial helped me breeze through my cast on this morning. Thanks again and I now know where to turn for future reference.

Beautifuly, Eunny! It certainly DOEs look like stained-glass windows.

I love that deep gorgeous blue against the black. Please do a book, your patterns are always so beautifully elegant and look fun to do at the same time.

Wow! You are a knitting artist. I can't wait to see the finished piece.

Anxious to play along--what do I need to get? I cannot wait until your books come out.

Oooooh! Pretty! Can't wait to see how this one turns out. Your patterns are awesome!

So pretty! I can't wait to see the rest.

OMG I want that. I have been dreaming of knitting stained glass for about 4 years but I am creative-impaired. I'm going to follow you around until that turns into something I can knit! Beautiful!!

As always, beautiful! Can't wait to see more. I saw your profile in knitscene! so cool - congrats on everything. I can't wait to buy your books! You are an inspiration.

I'm so fascinated with your color work- but I have to ask- did you ever finish the norwegian jacket? I loved seeing it come together- I'm sure the finished product would be magnificent!!!

All I can say is ... Wow!!!
In my 35+ years of knitting I've never done any Fair Isle knitting but this is a great project to cut your Fair Isle teeth on. Thanks.

That is beautiful! I love your stuff. My first fair isle project went well but my second one had issues - I need to try again.

Also, I wanted to ask you when you would share the tubular cast-on tricks you mentioned about a month ago.

I am learning a lot from your blog. Thanks!

Dear Eunny: Thanks for the thorough description of blocking. Your work is creative and beautiful.

Chartres is glorious ! Simply the most beautiful colors ever... Yours is up to the original.
But you must see Rouen, Amiens, Notre-Dame, Beauvais, Caen, Strasbourg, etc. etc. etc.

thank you for your clear tutorials. i hope you enjoy writing them as much as your audience delights in reading them. you are a natural teacher and you give people the gift of confidence. i have just started knitting again and when i read your material i feel wildly encouraged. maybe we should say you are a great enabler, in the most positive sense.

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