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Bayerische Socks: Project Gallery

Socken Maud, in Regia Silk Socken Rebecca, in Zwerger Garn Opal Socken Kel, in Knitpicks sock yarn

Updated 12/22/06 2:30 PM
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Would you like to share a photo of a finished Deep V vest, Print o' the Wave Stole, Bayerische Sock, Anemoi Mitten, or Chuck's Cabled Sock? Email me with a photo and a link to your blog (if you've got one), and I'll set you up in a reader gallery.


You have been tagged (check my blog to see whats what)

I want to know 6 weird things about you!!

Did I miss something? Is there a PDF pattern for the gorgeous Bayerische socks?
Would love to be making me a pair!

Late to the party here. Nothing to post photos of -- I'm not of this caliber yet -- but I love the galleries. This is always where I turn for inspiration.

The socks are great, and I will be making a pair for a friend very soon.

Those socks are next on my list, got the yarn, got the will. Any chance you will be setting it up in a PDF? NO PRESSURE!!!! I can manage without, just askin'.

There are some fabulous knitters out there!

I love these galleries!

These galleries will inspire even more projects. A tribute to your (all superlatives already used) pattern making skills.

Gorgeous, gorgeous socks. So fun to see them knit up in different yarns/colors. I must make these!!

Amazing galleries - I have yet to make your socks, but I will definitely do so!
Happy Holidays!

If I get the yarn I've been wanting to make these socks with for Christmas then I'm casting on right away. I've been drooliong over these since you first posted about them. SO gorgeous!

I love the Endpaper Mitts and I love the galleries.
Thanks for it all and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I am loving the gallery of items that others have made of from your ingenious patterns. One of these days.... :)
happy new year! best wishes!

Are you starting galleries for your IK patterns as well? I'm seeing some lovely Venezia's popping up around the blog 'verse!

Ooh, love the galleries!! I always love seeing everyone's version of patterns. And I do have to say that these socks are also on my "to knit" queue. =)

I sucessfully downloaded the Bayerische Sock pattern. And received a hank of Lisa Souza hand dyed sock yarn in Seafoam shade for the Bayerische socks.

I am excited about knitting this pattern. I feel if I can do a good job these socks, I will officially call myself a sock knitter.

I want to thank you for sharing your pattern. I look forward to the time when I might have my socks in your gallery.

Happy new years! Love your work (and the work of your readers)... can we be expecting those almost argyle socks anytime soon?

The galleries are beautiful. I feel like knitting one of your patterns just to be part of the mosaic. I 'll need to update my yarn stash to do justice to the patterns though. Thanks for sharing!

Saw the one page devoted to you in Knitscene!! You are one busy littl gal - and will surely be the new EZ!

Awaiting you new publications.

Oh, how lovely. Always so refreshing to come here.

Happy 2007!


Hey Eunny
I love your site! I found it quite recently.. but since then you've been missing!? I hope You come back soon!

The Bayerische sock is absolutely magnificent. If you have a formal pattern I would love to purchase it.

Please email me with the details.



I miss your posts, Eunny! I hope all is well. Any chance of an almost argyle pattern soon?

Wow, great socks in the spring IK, I have to get my hands on that magazine :)


Ditto as above! Also an instructional on entrelac! You are amazing!! Looking forward to the issue!

oh eunny. are you alive??

I saw the Entrelac socks in the sprng 07 IK preview. They're beautiful.

I just discover your site by ready Carrieoke's blog. I love your work. This is the first pattern, however, I have a feeling that it won't be the last.

최고 호의

Hi Eunny, You're amazing!...and inspirational. Just wanted to ask that you include instructions for making the socks knee highs in the PDF. I wouldn't mind purchasing it from you.

Already bought the vest and mittens patterns. :D

Wanted to thank you for the great article on steeking. My first pattern with a steek just said"do steek" pretty much. Your article was clear and easy to follow. Couldn't have come at a better time! I've lent it to a friend who's doing the same pattern.

Just saw the entrelac socks in IK's preview. They are gorgeous! Hope to "see" you back soon.

I love reading your blog! I really hope you do an update soon... I'm dying to see what you're currently working on!

I miss you!!!
Hope your not ill but still on holidays.

Just had to say that I am SO excited for the entrelac socks. Hope all is well with you!

Eunny: If you're not going to update, you should at least attend to the spam comments here. THe more you get, the more you attract. They are like WEEDS! Or perhaps to use a knitting example (even though I do not understand it well) ... it is like ripping out stitches after only 1 row instead of having to rip out 29 rows!!!

Hope you're off writing your book and doing great things in the world of knittery!!!! Peace out!

Lovely pictures!

I was just looking at the preview of IK, and I couldn't help but jibber excitedly. Seriously, when that issue comes out, I am so totally there. Socks + entrelac + tassels= a project I couldn't pass up for the world!

thanks for sharing your sock pattern - very nice of you!

I've just started the Venezia Pullover from IK Winter 2006 and I wanted to thank you for a great pattern! I'm loving it so far, and am looking forward to my first steeking experience.

Eunny, we miss you! I hope all is well.

We miss you!Please come back! Hugs.

Comment 50 :-( I wish you were back!

A month without Eunny is like a month without sunshine!

I miss you too! Post soon! Hope all is well.

Come back soon! Looking forward to your next post.

Your Entrelac Socks in the next IK looks so beautiful!

Oh where, oh where, has our Eunny gone? Oh where, oh where, can she be… ???

Please come back! I MISSSSS YOU!

Worried about you. Hope everything is O.K.

Hi Eunny! I've been knitting your Bayerische socks, they're intense. I hope you're doing well!

I see others have beaten me to this, but I realized you hadn't posted in a while and got worried, since another blogger I follow just recently came down with a bad case of pneumonia, among other things! Hope to hear from you soon and that everything is going well.

I'm knitting your Endpaper Mitts pattern as my first colorwork project, and loving it intensely!

Man, I hate it when you disappear like this!! Commmmmeeebbbaaaaccckkkkkk!!!

Just finished the Endpaper Mitts...awesome!!!! I'll be knitting these again...and again...and again...So looking forward to more of your designs and brilliance!! Come back soon!!!! Your fans and fellow knitters miss you...Once a quarter in Interweave is no where near enough.

Congrats on your great entrelac sock article in IK! Very inspiring!

Hey Eunny, I really love your swatches for the yoke sweater and actually I was thinking about making one like that myself after I saw it in Korean Vogue last month, but how do you knit normally (vertically) but make the cables go horizontally? Is there a pattern or book somewhere that can help me out?

Also, I wanted to send in a picture of my Endpaper Mitts for the gallery, but somehow one turned out a full centimeter longer than the other!!! I think I was nervous on the first one and not on the second, hence the gauge difference...

I saw your entrelac socks in Interweave Knits. Wow!

your month-long hiatus is brining me out of lurking status! please come back, we miss you terribly (even the lurkers)!

Hey, hope everything is going well. We miss you on the blog, I know you are busy, busy, busy and look forward to seeing your articles and BOOK!!
Take care and come back SOON:)

Eunny we miss you
Please don't abandon your blog
Especially in winter

(Because this is perfect knitting weather!)

Eunny, I do hope everything is alright with you and that you're having a wonderful time. I agree with the lot before me, I miss you!

Eagerly anticipating your next post and project!

Entrelac socks in IK looks stunning!

Eunny! I hope you're ok! Return soon!

Almost 2 months... that's 1/6 of a year...

Deprivation. It hurts.

Hi Eunny, just wanted to let you know I have linked to your page from my knitting blog, knittinginthepink.blogspot.com
come by and visit sometime, I pay homage to your inspiration.

I wandered lonely as a cloud (without my daily Eunny postings)
That floats on high o'er vales and hills, (and the internet)
When all at once I saw a crowd, (waiting for Eunny to come back)

Come back Eunny, we miss you!

Your return will be greeted with cries of delight. And your entrelac socks are amazing. Hope all is well.

Am missing your posts! Hope all is well with you and best wishes!

Hey - I'm a new reader, and I just wanted to tell you that browsing your archives has been really inspiring. I've never seen such beautiful work. Keep it up!

Come back!!!!!!!
At least get rid of the spam above-very gross.
I saw the article on you in KnitScene, and your new sock article in IK. Awesome!

I am absolutely in love with your work. I am baffled though...how do you work so quickly without fault?! Seriously...I've tried branching out many times and end up with less or more stitches on the needle than I'm supposed to. Course distracting 4 year olds and knitting doesn't work well together. LOL!

I've never commented before (yes, I'm a knitblog lurker, it's true), but I used to read your site religiously... Where are you? Please come back... You truely are an inspiration...

Congradulations on hitting the 2 month mark! (I myself have left the blogosphere for this long.)

You may also want to weed your comments- there are several spam messages.

I have been rereading everything... twice... I miss you very much...

I hope everything is safe and well in your life - your work is such an inspiration, I'm looking forward to your return.

Hi Eunny,

I hope everything is well with you. Good luck with all of your writing and knitting. Hope to hear from you soon.

oh, for crying out loud, post already! This is just rude.

I hope all is well. I saw your article in IK. Loved it. And the sock pattern.

It really has been forever! Over 2 1/2 months!
I was so used to seeing a blog entry almost every day....

Please just stop by at least for a little hello! :-)

Eunny, if you are not planning to continue this blog, could you at least say so? I've been checking almost every day, in the hope that you will continue.

Thanks so much for putting together the project galleries. I love seeing how the same pattern looks in different yarns, and galleries are definitely a time saver to us compulsive researchers. (Come on, I can't be the only person who does extensive Google searches before starting a new project. I consider it part of the swatching process.)

I hope all is well, and look forward to your return, whether it be in a few days or a few years.

Eunny, we miss you and are hoping everything will turn out well for you. Last time you had to disappear for a long time, some your friends gave news via the comments. Can't one of them do the same now ?

Should we send out a search party?

just wanted to let you know that i respect how intelligently you approach your work, and not at the expense of absolute beauty. hope all is well and that we all hear from you soon.

peace, sha

test msg

One day I will click on your link and see new wonderful goodness. I have faith. Hope everything is going well.

yoo hoo...? come out come out wherever you are? Hope all is well.

test MSG nna

I agree with Alina....I also check every day......
Maybe life has taken over and the blog and it's followers are no longer that important.
Please just let us know.......

All the very best....

Mexico City

I don't think I could ever make the Bayerische Socks, because I'm so sick of seeing them whenever I check this blog!

Please come back soon. We miss you. :(

You are missed! Hope everything is ok? Don't think we've ever coped for so long without you before. Hope all is ok.

I'd be willing to pay you to subscribe to your blog...it's so good. I really would sign/pay up to be guaranteed a 'knitting fix' from you....so just tell me what it's going to take.

Hope all is well with your non-internet writing. Your IK socks are fabulous.

oh, for crying out loud, post already! This is just rude.

Susie, I'll tell you what I think is rude: your comments.

Eunny, hope all is well with you and your knitting and everything in your life! I *love* your argyle socks! You really are an inspiration to me as a knitter. I hope these rude people won't upset you.

also Eunny, I still love your Bayerische socks! Seeing them whenever I come here just reminds me of how badly I want to make them!

Wow, it's funny how people feel entitled to something you provide them for free. I look forward to reading you when you when you get back, but until then I'm just going to be amused at the folks checking every day because they're too dumb to get bloglines or google reader set up.

If you guys are bored, you can always come to my blog:

:-) I post almost everyday :-)


I have bloglines, but I still miss Eunny! I check back in case a bug has got in or something. I really hope she is ok though :(

Dear Jessimuka,
being arrogant is worse then being dumb......
Some people, like I cannot subsribe because the Internet Support in some countries is not at par with more developed ones.
I imagine that some people also have really smart reasons for not signing up....
Please don't be so judgemental......not all people who do things differently from you are dumb.....

All the very best....

Mexico City

These sock are absolutely stunning and I'm looking forward to the challenge of making them. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

I'm not being rude or judgmenal. People are WORRIED that we haven't heard anything from you. Just leave a message to say your okay.

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