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Anemoi Mittens: Project Gallery

Juju's mittens, in Chat Botté Nenuphar and Fonty BB Mérinos Chauntel's mittens, in Patons Kroy Laura's mittens, in Koigu PPM and Henry's Attic Kona Superwash

Updated 12/22/06, 2:20 PM
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Would you like to share a photo of a finished Deep V vest, Print o' the Wave Stole, Bayerische Sock, Anemoi Mitten, or Chuck's Cabled Sock? Email me with a photo and a link to your blog (if you've got one), and I'll set you up in a reader gallery.


Very beautifully done, these mittens! Unfortunally I knitted none of the patterns required, but the readers' gallery is a very nice idea.

Dear Eunny.
I want to wish you a merry Christmus and e very happy, healthy en much knitting 2007!
I hope that we (as readers from your blog) can read again those beautiful things of you in the new year.
Your great!!!!!!

Greetigns from Tijm


those mittens are lovely, done in the colors of snow.

so pretty! and so quickly finished! mine are still little stumps :(

You're amazing. Your designs are my daily dose of inspiration. I'll be moving beyond the basics in 2007. Thank you.

Eunny, you are a wonder and an inspiration to us all. Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing what goodies you come up with in the future.

I reeeeaally dig these mittens! If I hadn't have so way too many projects on my to-do list then I'd have jumped into making a pair.

I just bought your anemoi pattern and can't wait to get started. I have also recently started your entrelac socks from the Interweave magazine. I love them! Its my first time doing entrelac and its such a fun technique. I can't wait to see how they turn out. Are you going to have a readers gallery for them?

Hi did you receive my order for the anemoi pattern yesterday? Please let me know.Thankyou, Elaine

o wow they are the most beautiful mittens i've ever seen!

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