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Anemoi Mittens

(the wind gods, you know)

I love them, I love them, I love them. I tweaked the chart a little for the second one, and introduced a couple more refinements - a knit row at the base of the corrugated ribbing to get purl channels that look truly inlaid; a neater decrease to the top. And just in time, too - baby, it's cold outside.

The Anemoi Mittens - A decidedly different pair of mittens in an asymmetrical, non-repeating stranded colorwork pattern of windy scrolls and breathy swirls. An unusual semi-corrugated rib and a close-fitting shape ensure toasty fingers and easy movement - go ahead, class up that dirty snowball fight.

This pattern is packed with detailed technique information and tips for working, charts galore, and ridiculously detailed instructions. It even includes a blank chart for charting your own original design.

Women’s Small (Medium, Large): 7.5” (8, 8.5) in circumference around knuckles; length is adjustable.

Yarn requirements: 1 (2, 2) 50g balls fingering weight yarn (180-200yds/50g) in main color; 1 (1, 2) 50g balls in contrast color.

Skill group: This pattern is ideal for knitters already comfortable with two-color stranded knitting in the round, as well as for adventurous novices comfortable with reading charts. You will need to be able to read and follow a chart, increase and decrease in pattern, and do a tubular cast-on to complete this project.

8 pages, 596KB. Adobe PDF compatible with Acrobat 5.0 and newer.


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Make payments with PayPal - Download with PayLoadz

Sample images from this pattern:


These are so gorgeous -- I'll definitely be buying the pattern as soon as I can. I love the swirls.

*squee* So happy to see the pattern!

I'm in constant awe of your talent and your sharing/selling the patterns.

These mittens are one of my favorites of the things you've designed.

All the best!

Oh, beautiful!

Thank you so much for releasing this pattern! I will definitely be trying these after holiday knitting is done. How is this for a beginner at fair isle? Should I try the endpaper mitts first?

I'm all over it! I have a collection of shetland 2ply I've been saving for Venezia, but I have 14-15 colors... plenty of leftovers to make some gorgeous mitts! :)

Gorgeous design, Eunny! It's pretty and very original -job well done, congratulations! :)

Absolutely beautiful. I'll be ordering this pattern soon. :)

Downloaded and rarin' to go. Thank you!

I've been waiting! Typically not a mitten person, these actually caught my attention!

Yippee! I've been looking forward to this pattern! Good thing I have one lonely sibling in the Rockies - someone to knit mittens for. Or maybe I could use them here one or two days a year?...

thanks so much, for everything really. I don't know if you realize just how much pleasure one gets from looking at your work and following your blog. And getting to knit some of your patterns, it's a pure delight. I think you have a very unique talent. Thanks again.

Beautiful job, as usual. You are very talented!

Yummy! I just picked up the Spring 07 knitscene today and read your interview. Your talent and creativity is inspiring!


Those are so very lovely, Eunny!

O yes!!! The pattern!!I love the mittens so much!! Thanks for making the pattern!

Absolutely beautiful. Your work is exquisite!

Those are SO much cuter on hands than lying flat! Squee!

Stunning Eunny, stunning. They are soo lovely.

Wow. Had I the money and the inclination to knit mittens (or, you know, the ability to follow a pattern without re-writing it myself) I'd click the Buy button now.

Gorgeous. Simply stunning.

Girl, you are a genius. I hesitate to ever comment on your blog; I'm not worthy. But I am consistently amazed at what you do. Keep it up.

Fabulous as always. Your work is amazing.

I'm going to buy the pattern even though I'm just learning two color stranded knitting, don't know how to do a tubular cast on and live in coastal South Carolina where it get cold enough to wear them only a dozen or so days a year or less.

Beautiful mittens.

As always, gorgeous! I would love to be able to make those. But I think that is still too advanced for me. But MAN, do I want to learn sometime.

Thank you for the pattern. The mittens look lovely. I'm glad to see you are selling it. Your patterns are so worthy of a purchase.
I plan to buy it later today via my paypal email address.

so pretty.

I love them! And I'm off to buy a pattern, and order some yarn.

But Eunny...Please...where are the argyle socks we've been waiting so patiently for?

These mittens are sooo beautiful! They might be a little advanced for me, but I'm going to try them anyway. The timing is perfect, it just became really cold here yesterday! Thanks so much for making the pattern available!

Woohoo! I'd been hoping to see the pattern available soon. I was just thinking I needed mittens and loved the shaping on these so much more than the traditional style.

They are gorgeous, as always. :)

They are lovely, Eunny. Great pics too ;)

I'll definitely be purchasing this pattern one the holiday knitting is done. Thanks so much for releasing it! I cannot wait to knit these.

Oh, Eunny. You've made my day. And that picture of you is just fantastic! When can I preorder your book?

Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge with us. I've downloaded the pattern, but, like others here, have some holiday knitting to finish up first.

Wow. You've got talent. The pattern is beautiful and I really appreciate your philosophy and aesthetic. Beauty and utility can and should be found in the same item.

Thanks again

Gorgeous. I think I use that word each time I comment here.

These are truly stunning - I love the fact that you have so much success veering off the traditional track.

You've done it again! What a great pair of mittens!!!! They're beautiful!

Wow. I just finished charting a pair of Norwegian mittens, changing the thumb in the pattern to a gored thumb, adjusting the decreases at the top, etc. Now I want to throw that project out the window and make these!

Hot Cocoa with swirls of melting marshmallow---- I am in love--- and scared to death. I already downloaded the pattern... now to find the perfect yarn;)

Ugh - more stranded patterns to tempt me! :) I was thinking of doing them in blues - I thought of waves (like in some of the old Chinese paintings) when i first saw them.

Thanks for a great pattern! I just downloaded it and I'm trying really hard not to start till I get the 10 other things I have on needles finished. I love them!
Sheri in GA

gorgeous! exquisite!!
um ... when may we expect the entrelac sock pattern? hopefully within the next year or so?

thank you!! i can't wait to make them. (loved reading about you too in the new Knit Scene!)

Wow - you really have talent.. That's the second pattern I see on your blog that I really want to do !!!

Really beautiful!

I'm just curious... What yarn did you use? I've narrowed my choices down two four yarns, but I can't decide which one to use...

oh.my.gooooodness Eunny, they are stunning. And just in time, as I've recently caught the fair isle bug!

I love those! Maybe after I suffer through the christmas knitting, I can make myself a pair of way cool mittens! Great picture of you too, btw!

Thanks for the pattern! I can't wait to get started.

Glad to see you selling your pattern. You put a lot of work into it. Like the sidegore thumb.

Gorgeous! However, most of my mittens are knitted for my three daugthers. And even with idiot strings attached the mittens often go MIA. So... no lovely Anemoi for them. These are wonderful.

thank you! you have inspired me to learn how to do colorwork!

Those are amazing!!!

I'm running out of adjectives here... Stunning, amazing, lovely. I think you've heard them all from me. I adore them !! And thanks for making some size choices, my thick hands appreciate it ;)

yay! already bought, downloaded, & printing... cannot wait to get started!

i started the endpaper mitts yesterday ... fun, fun, fun.

I can't really say anything that hasn't been said already, but I was SO happy to finally see the pattern - I've been checking in on your site regularly just to see if you had posted them. I am so, so, so much looking forward to knitting them. Thank you!

fantastic i just love it and of course i bought it too!(spooouky)

They are GORGEOUS. The pattern is superb (thanks for posting it!) but I think it is possible that your color choice is even more critical in the mittens' success. I can't put my finger on why, but that combo of neutrals just totally makes the mittens.

beautiful! bought! will be giving a pair of these and a pair of endpaper mitts (finished!) away for the holidays, and then making a pair of each for myself!
i will make anything you put out, you gorgeous talented lady, you...

amazing and truly beautiful!

Eunny -- you are amazing. I love them too. Thank you so much for making that pattern available! I bought one of course.

Incredibly beautiful...the scrollwork is divine.

They are so beautiful! You have such a talent for creating stranded knitting patterns that are feminine and beautiful, rather than boring and geometrical like so many fair-isle patterns I have seen. I love them! I just finished your beautiful endpaper mitts as a Christmas present for my sister--another fantastic pattern. Thank you!

You know I totally clicked, right? Now for some yarn shopping! Life is so hard sometimes! Thanks, Eunny!

What a beautiful pattern! I will definitely have to try it out, but I think I'll start with something simpler to get more familiar with two stranded colorwork. Haven't done too much of that...

You are just so amazingly talented, Eunny. I am in awe of you. :)

Gorgeous. I've been thinking about new mittens and these have moved to the top of my list, but I cannot start another project right now. I am tempted though.

Gorgeous. I've been thinking about new mittens and these have moved to the top of my list, but I cannot start another project right now. I am tempted though.

They are just stunning. I'll have to put them on my wish list for sometime.

So cool! I love these!

So.. how about the pattern for that lovely lace/shawl collar sweater you knit a few months back? :-) (Because you're not busy enough, after all.)

I love love LOVE this. :D

I just bought it. *happy dance*

Last week I did my very first two color stranded knitting and LOVED it. I can't wait to get started on this. :D

Thank you so much for being wonderful and creating these fabulous designs!!


Oh, thank you! I wanted to knit these mittens for the Stranded Colorwork KAL. Thank you, thank you!! They are beautiful and so thoughtfully designed.

Beautiful as always. I love little twists on tradition. Now I'm in serious jeopardy of abandoning my other planned projects.

write a book already :)

Beautiful. I may have to inaugurate my paypal account to buy this.

Those are lovely! Your designs are definitely enticing me to try more complicated colorwork. I also can't wait until the entrelac patterns appear somewhere.

Eunny, the mittens are beautiful as are the mitts! But tell me, is that your stash in the background? How is it organized? Are those bookcases? Glass-doored cabinets?

So pretty, I love your designs!

Wow. Should I?

they are divine! you are a goddess!

Oh my god, Eunny! I'm delurking just to say those could be the most beautiful mittens I've ever seen. Thanks for the pattern; I'm soooo looking forward to your books coming out. Nice piece on you in this latest knitscene. Glad to see you're getting some recognition for your mad knitting and designing skills.

How could I go about buying a copy for someone else? Could I send you money and then have it emailed to her? I already bought one for me. I can't wait. I'm planning to do it in some kind of aqua and navy or something so it will be like waves..... It reminds me a little of Hokusai.

Ooh, those are just so pretty! Probably be really warm while walking the dog, too, huh . . . ?

glad to see Willam Morris getting some props. i can't wait to knit these!

Absolutely gorgeous! Just bought my copy of the patt.

Gorgeous! And great job on the knitting.

Oh me oh my! I've just bought the pattern. They are the perfect mitts for me to go with my new hat. I'll make them up in misty gray and neutral so they'll look like the fog rolling in!

I'm sure I'm the millionth person to say so but I gasp every time I see these mitts. My boyfriend knows exactly what blog I'm looking at when I exclaim "oh, so pretty". Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

Ooooo, I am in love. This solves the question of what to knit after the current mittens are done!

Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous creation with us!

Well, I can't do a tubular cast-on, I'm not comfortable reading a chart, and I have no idea how to increase and decrease in pattern (even though you posted a wonderful tutorial on how to do it). Doesn't matter. I am thrilled just to know a pattern for those mittens exists in the world. It's all about inspiration. You've obviously got it, and I thank you so much for sharing it.

Maybe next winter I'll be ready to actually knit those mittens. Fingers (needles?) crossed.

Devine, simply devine. I just love those mittens.

so beautiful! i can't wait to get my pattern. thanks for generously sharing!

So pretty! I've purchased the pattern, now all I have to do is find the perfect yarn. I'm excited to get started!

Very beautiful! I have done fair Isle Mittens myself, and I know how much pleasure they are to knit. A truly amazing pattern, very well done!

This is such a beautiful pattern. I would love to make it but I wonder what yarn you used. If possible, could someone let me know?
Thanks! I love this site!

Hi, I love your site and I am interested in making these mittens. I'd love to know what brand of yarn you used.
Thanks for the GREAT blog!

)@*$&@#$)@#$. paypal account is lacking $0.42!!


Oh! Goodness! I will be purchasing this pattern to knit for myself, and other people I know. It's lovely! And YES! The wind gods!

As for Deirdre, you can find what yarn she used here:


Glorious pattern. Purchasing and deciding what yarn I shall use!

These mittens are devastatingly beautiful, and I INSTANTLY bought the pattern when I saw it. No consideration as to my skill level, etc. I just thought, "I must have these; I WILL make them!!!!" Thanks Eunny....

I have never been happier to give someone money! You are a genius!!!!

I love these mitts! They are so gorgeous.
I started the Right and am about 1/3 in. This is the first time I am doing stranded knitting - thanks for your detailed instructions! They really help.
I have subscribed to your feed - your work is so incredible. Can't wait to try more of your patterns.

I've never done stranded colorwork, don't know how to do a tubular cast on, and decreasing in pattern is a mystery to me. But, with your pattern in hand, I will learn! Oh yes, I will!!

I cannot wait to knit these, but my biggest issue is in what colors!!!

I will be so proud and happy to say I knitted one your fabulous designs!

Hi! I love your pattern- I just bought it, but I can't seem to find the download for it. Where should I look for that?

Your designs are so fabulous :)

Thank you for the pattern! I just downloaded and am off to check my stash before I go to my LYS! :)

Have knitted many pairs of beautiful mittens from Magnificant Mittens book. I always line my mittens with baby alpaca. Your hands will never be cold, lined mittens are purely lush. Will do the same with these lovely mittens! Thank you

Hello, couldn't resist to buy the pattern. Marvelous design. Hope I will succeed in making them ; )

Greetz from Belgium

Beautiful Eunny - the most beautiful mits I've seen. Thank you.

And where do I find the yarn....they are beautiful.

North of Montreal, PQ Canada

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This is a beautiful pattern.

Beautiful mittens ! I love them and thanks for the pattern!


Glorious anemoi mittens (black on white) are 99.5% finished. Love your pattern, love your blog. Congratulations on new editorship. Yay!

You are one talented and beautiful person.

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