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Sneak a peek.

I think we've established that knitting to masochistic, up-all-night deadlines is no fun . . . but mostly-secret hidden garters and excellently-fitting heels and smart, knitterly shaping sure are, yessirree. Stay tuned!


Thanks so much for the kind compliments about the laceweight. I really can't say enough good things about Merino/Tencel - the luster, the smoothness, the ease of spinning . . . I could go on for days. And I probably will; I treated myself to a whole bunch more at Stitches.

Those pinks! Those browns! Those turning-maple shades of flame and plum! How could anyone resist?

The third bump of top came with the name "Platinum".

Sweet fancy Moses, this stuff is gorgeous. I think it's more like gunmetal or pewter, myself; the Tencel at a super-high twist gives a subtle, glinting kind of sheen rather than a true glitter - which I'm glad of. Who needs people mistaking your blood- and sweat- and tear-saturated handspun for Berroco FX? As it is, the color moves very gently through different saturations of the same cool grey shade, creating a wonderfully complex effect - it reminds me of the play of shadow and reflection in the embossed handles of very old, very well-kept silver. New silver won't do, you see: I'm talking decades of patina, of the glint careful hands leave behind on things fine and things humble.

(It's my metaphor, and I'll indulge myself if I want to).

Anyway. I'm spinning this up as a laceweight, too. What should I do with the others, though? My problem is, I'm a pretty conservative spinner - the shininess of this stuff makes me hesitant to use if for anything other than accessory-type things. Thoughts? Opinions?

Edit: reading back, I see that this is unclear - I have big plans for the grey laceweight, for sure, but what to do with the multis? Narrow stripes in a plain stockinette boatneck? Cuffs on an otherwise somber pair of knee socks? Hmm...


Those pinks/purples/browns are so fantastic together!! It looks so soft and cuddly!!!

Beautiful. I'll be curious to see how the pink/brown/etc. top spins up.

I'm usually not one for shiny clothing either - but maybe the platinum would make a nice dressy camisole?

Here's my M.O...plain yarn=fancy stitches/fancy yarn=plain stitches.

I'm thinking it won't take much to make that stunning handspun into a stunning little sweater or shell. Or maybe a twin set?

I think the pewter laceweight would make a great lace scarf or small shawl. Something really elegant to go with a fancy dress, maybe. That's when a little bit of shimmer is okay. (I'm a conservative dresser, and shimmer makes me a bit nervous, too.)

Maybe ply the pewter with black and knit that bustier from Knitty in it, then wear it to a Christmas party and rock it.

Have you considered Annie Modesitt's Corset Tank? It's a lovely pattern and lends itself to yarn with some sheen to it.

I have no suggestions of my own but I think a cami could be wonderful. Really, that yarn is so fab that it'll be great no matter what you do with it.

I'm thinking a little shrug to go over a little black dress, the kind with a bit of beading that would be perfect for New Year's Eve parties. Knit it in a simple but elegent stitch pattern, maybe a clapotis-esque design? Or a plain body with some lace going down the 3/4 sleeves that flare out past the elbows? That color inspires me something fierce! Where can I get my hands on some of that roving?

Your tencel in the last picture -- I can see that as some of the squares of entrelac or maybe also in some modular knitting. Could be fun with bunny angora!

The entrelac is fabu! Is that your own pattern or someone else's? I LOVE the garters with the tassels!

BTW, do you have a good recommendation for an "intro to entrelac" pattern? (Until you get around to writing a tutorial, that is!)

And I think any or all of the suggestions for the platinum are good; it really says "dressy" to me.

The boatneck sounds perfect!

Is that an entrelac Christmas stocking???

regarding a use for the multi colored yarn, there was a really cool noro pattern that i saw at this url:
it starts with several balls knitted at a time and it's knitted to allow shifts in the positions of the colors / working balls to create the visual effect. i.e. the of blocks of color are created by preserving the the color coming from the ball before shifting to another ball or position. i know your tastes are more original, but i thought the concept was worth mentioning.

I hope you are still coherent after meeting your deadline! And I am loving that Platinum.

I can't wait to see what the entrelac is!
Your homespuns are gorgeous.

As always, an inspiration. First with knitting, now spinning. You may not want to knit another, but a platinum Butterfly-type garment would be lovely in the summertime.

I just love all your spinning and I would love to get my hands on something like that. I just finished your Print O'The Waves Stole and I swatched the kimono shawl in cashmere. All thanks to your inspiration. I'm sure what you made in entrelac is definately worth another project on my to-do-list. Keep it up, I'm right there.

I love looking at your entrelec pictures! It's like exotic yarn candy for the senses.

I too am IN LOVE with spinning merino/tencel! It has the perfect sheen and believe it or not felts great. I did a pillow cover and then a purse, both machine felted (handspun fat single ply) and they turned out amazing.

Gorgeous spinning and I love your colors on the entrelac. Can't wait to see the finished product!

I am glad that you love the roving!!! See you soon!

Your spinning looks amazing as usual. Any tips on plying?

Platinum and diamonds go well together :)

Congrats on the latest IK issue! I did a little happy dance when I saw it. (My mother now thinks I'm a little not-right as she was present when the dance began.)

I'll ask you to do a favor for someone you don't even know, namely me. I want to see the size of your singles (I'm currently obsessed with learning how singles and their size translate to plies at what WPI). Please do me the favor of putting something in the photo for perspective, like a coin. I would be eternally grateful!!!

You make the yarn turn into poetry right before my eyes. It satisfies something deep within that hungers for this - the creative side that is beginning to emerge and is strengthened by these little vitamins of beauty.

I'm in love with the colors in the entrelac!!! What type of yarns was that?

I've been lurking for quite a while, but I thought I'd add my 2ยข regarding spinning. You could try spinning the fiber at a different, heavier weight. I spin naturally at a finer weight, and mastering a new technique is a great challenge. I'd also say try spinning a soft, balanced single, or even a textured yarn. It seems you've got consistency down, so other techniques would expand your repertoire.

Gloves, turn the beautiful pewter yarn into lovely button up the side gloves. The spinning is going so nicely, your plys are getting so even. Maybe I'll give spinning a try. But I think I'll start sewing next.

I love the combo of the grey & Blue. :D

You are really making me want to give entrelac a go.

I think you should use some of the yummy stuff you've spun for cuffs on gloves or mittens. The whole pair if you have enough. :D

Garters - are there feet? Or is that secret? I haven't ventured into the land of entrelac, but your colors are wonderful, and I love the pewter handspun as well.

Everything is so beautiful! I normally am not a fan of "variegated" yarn for any project, but you've made me see that spinning your own multicoloured roving can make some gorgeous yarn. I might have to give this spinning thing a try...but I'm already spending too much on knitting. Can't wait to see what all that beauty turns into on the needles!

I vote cuffs/heels/toes on plain black socks. Or maybe fair isled against black. I think the black would really make the colors pop.

Oh my god, how gorgeous!! Oh how can you not cuddle up in that pink/brown lovliness? I'd say absolutely wear that stuff in a cuddly sweater. I second the notion of keeping busy yarns with simple, plain stitches...although I'm sure you're already on that vein considering your past projects.

What about something like this?

This style looks especially cuddly and relaxed, which suits the yarn, you mentioned boatneck yes?: http://www.berroco.com/237/237_colby_pv.html

Or a cuddly cowl neck would also work: http://www.berroco.com/247.254/249/249_kouri_pv.html

I also like the idea of these two, but I'm not too sure how they really suit that yarn: http://www.berroco.com/212/212_wyoming_pv.html


or.. you could make yourself one serious entrelac'd throw for your couch. You know something to wrap your shoulders in while you knit by the fire?

Hee hee, I'm glad you're back:)

Here goes a de-lurking moment...I've been lurking your blog for a while now and really admire your knitting!

Now I'm itching to try out entrelac!

I'm new to your blog, so of course I'm in awe six ways to sunday. I wanted to say that not only is your knitting inspiring, but as a spinner I am loving your handspun.

Also, you're not afraid to wax poetic about fiber. I like that in a person. :)

I'm thinking shell to be worn with a nice grey pinstripe suit. In any case, I just got some merino/tencel while at FFF of VA and hope to start spinning it soon. Gorgeous stuff.

I'd say something bigger than an accessory - work them into a sweater or tank somehow (a tank in the gunmetal would be fab!) somehow finding a stitch pattern that looks like the emobssed tin or something....

Are those tassels on the jester socks!!!!!! Eeeee!

What gorgeous colors you chose, oh my, each and every one is lovely.

I'm an accessories girl myself through and through. I would suggest something simple, a gorgeous wrap or scarf, maybe like trinket with the ruching.

If you like the look of barberpole tweediness you could try plying one strand of Merino tencel with 1 or 2 strands of a solid merino. It will add glints of luster and variations in color without overwhelming anything. It's also is a great way to stretch the milage of gorgeous but pricey hand painted rovings.

are those entrelac knee highs with a tassel tie at the top? be still my beating heart.

great work....again and again

Everytime I come over here I have an "Oh! Ahhh... OOO!!" moment. Lovely stuff. The greys on your bobbin are absolutely lovely.

(I finally tried entrelac and I'm hooked!)

Love the platinum laceweight! It's gorgeous.

I'd vote for toes and heels on some plain socks to add a little spice for the brown/pink tops.

I love the entrelac colors! And that is a great tassel - I want one too!

ok, are you going to tell us where you got said Merino Tencel in the Platinum colorway?

That is truly gorgeous and I WANT SOME....

I am on a fiber diet after splurging at SOAR this year - but I may have to break my diet for that color.

Hey, I am so glad you are back. I hope the better days for you have already begun. I am looking forward to see more of the stuff!

Wonderful colors, I envy your spinning expertise.

In regards to the multicolors, why not pull it together with a complementing solid and make a little Chanel type jacket. So many of those vintage chanels are multicolor tweeds, and I am thinking this would look great....but that's just me.

I am certain you'll come up with something that will amaze and awe us all.

I'm going to have to stop coming here - you make me want to go on a fiber spending spree (and that screaching you hear is my credit card). The new things are lovely, of course. As for the multis, I'm not creative enough to help, but I'll tell you it's lovely when you decide on a project.

I love how you entice us with your patterns. Tell us more about where and when we can expect to see it.

You might use some for travelling stitches over a plain or subdued background.


I'm swatching for a lace cardigan in a hand-dyed (from Mind's Eye Yarns) merino/tencel. It's got a bit of shine to it, for sure (though not more than I've seen on merino/silk), but using it in something more... distributed like lace should make the effect subtle.

I think that you should spin the yarn first, and see what it says to you. Give your handspun a chance to tell you what it would like to be. ;]

Oh my gosh, these colors are more than beautiful - I'm so looking forward to seeing how they'll spin up!
As for the platinum - hmh, I can somehow envision it as a gorgeous evening camisole - but no doubt you'll be coming up with something amazing, and mind you, I can't wait to see it!

Why cuffs on a sock? I could see a dark brown or grey sweater/cardi with cuffs on sleeves, bottom border and neck finished with those maple leave colors or so.
I'm pretty sure you'll find something gorgeous to make with them.
Cheers Eva

I too have the phobia of knitting with my handspun. Recently, I spun some up in a worsted and did some scarves. It killed the phobia, and so now I'm spinning with specific projects in mind. I'm sure you'll find something!

P.S.: Are you going to be at the spinners 11/17 meeting?

That stuff is so beautiful! I vote for something more along the lines of garment than accessory! I'd love to see a cute little lacy top or jacket that's somewhere in your head knit in that yarn.

Whew! That's a laugh. Me giving you suggestions for what to do with the yarn you've spun.

Me, I just sit back and wait for your talents to bowl me over.

Umm, did I say something to offend?

beautiful sweater in the latest Interweave!

Thanks for clearing things up Eunny:)) I can't wait to see what you decide to do with it!

I LOVE the pinks and browns! And I love the entrelac again. Yay! Something to look forward to.

Beautiful. What type/brand of wheel do you use to spin your very fine yarns?

Have to delurk to comment on the entrelac and the fibers! Both are absolutely gorgeous! You have inspired me to try entrelac...and I am DYING to know where you got those stunning fibers! Do tell!

Hey, long time - no read. I love the stuff you've been spinning up (that pewter is great). Yet again, you're inspiring to pick my spindle up. It's been lagging a little over here.
You've gone entrelac crazy! I can't wait to see what that knitted item at the top is.
It's a bit late, but I saw your sweater in the new IK - wow! It looks superb! I'm thinking about knitting it in whiskey or a nice wool/silk I found lurking on a bottom shelf in my lys. Congrats!

How about a slinky dress tank top for new year's eve?

Please, please, PLEASE - is that entrelac pattern one of your own? I. must. have.

Absolutely beautiful entrelac...the colors are stunning together!

yay for Interweave!! It's gorgeous!! I'm going to run out tomorrow and pick it up, but I saw the pictures online - BEAUTIFUL! :) congratulations :)

I have to say that your blog has me literally dreaming about entrelac. I am intrigued by entrelac socks and might have to knit some up and see what they are like--I'm afraid they'll be too bumpy. Can't wait to see your pattern...somewhere?

I have a bunch of merino tencel I'm about to spin up as well--looking forward to the shiny results!

You handwarmers are gorgeous. I can't wait to make some, and it will be good for me because I never have done fair isle in the round.

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