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Ride a painted pony

...let the spinning wheel spin.

(that's a Tic Tac, included for scale)

It took, let's see - a month to spin this, in little tiny chunks of time here and there: a spare five minutes waiting for a big file to upload, 10 minutes while the orzo boils, you know the kind of thing I mean (now, I just need to invent a toothbrush that'll do my teeth without any help from me - 4 extra minutes of spinning time a day!).

I think it's stunning (despite a lot of still-learning spinner's flaws) - it's a 50/50 Merino/Tencel blend from Mama-E by way of Clover Hill Yarn (they'll be at Stitches this weekend, with tons of Mama-E's stuff, woot! While we're at it, full disclosure: Erin and Chris are both friends of mine), in an absolutely beautiful swirl of seashell pinks and sophisticated, sagey greens. This begged for laceweight: the sheen of the Tencel is almost like that of silk - luminous and glowing - but there is a coziness to the yarn that must come from the wool. Perfect for a little shawl, someday - some delicate shoulder-perched bit of flowery lace for chilly spring nights.

I decided to go with a 2-ply for this stuff for a couple reasons: first, the colors are so close in value that I feared any more plies at this fine grist would just turn out a muddy, mono-chromatic looking yarn. Second, I think 2-plies are just fine for lace; they have a flatness that I think blocks out beautifully and shows the structure of the knitting very nicely. Good stuff.

Weight: 80 grams
Yardage: 900 yards/ 830 meters (~ laceweight)
Plied WPI: ~33
Other specs: Worsted-spun two-ply, singles spun from random lengthwise-stripped sections

And now I have a bobbin full of this to ply:

I don't even remember when I spun this up, but it's Hello Yarn's Merino top in Blows Smoke. I think I'll end up with 400 yards or so of fingering-weight barberpole yarn - two-color Fair Isle, maybe, with a natural white? We'll see what we see.

(Here is where I try to adequately say thanks for the very hearty reception from all you very wonderful people, but fail miserably. You've really cheered me up - and I am grateful.)


Mmm, that's a gorgeous color, very nice.

Wow! Fabulous skein of laceweight there. And you help cheer me up. Just took a quick check on the offchance you'd updated & there, instant lift.

Both of the colors are gorgeous. Oh man. I need to learn how to spin. Think I can cram a wheel in a dorm room?

nice spinning girl!

Delurking, but I read every day - Yay you are back! Beautiful yarn, looking forward to seeing what you do with it. You are an inspiration!

Thanks for clarifying that was a tic-tac--I was confused for a second!

The yarn looks lovely and it's nice to see you back posting again.

Oh my, you really are somebody!

lovely spinning.

Jeez louise, that's beautiful yarn. Whew.

Oh how lovely...I especially enjoy 'BlowsSmoke' Both will make beautiful shawls someday!

Both colorways are stunning! How do you look away from them long enough to write?

It's just a tad bizzare, isn't it, that total strangers are also friends. I said to my son's teacher the other day, "A woman I know just finished knitting the most amazing socks..." But I found it hard to describe how we "know" each other. I'm glad I know you in any sense, Eunny -- and we're all glad you're posting again.

Beautiful yarn! You have some serious talent!

Wow! What beautiful yarn. I love the first color - sage and pink is one of my favorite color combinations. You are very talented and I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your work. Quite inspiring. Thanks!

Stunning doesn't begin to describe that yarn. Can't wait to see the flowery bit warming the shoulders.

Glad to see you back, and hope all is, at least bearable, if not well.

You are such an inspiration! You really do give me goals to aspire to. Beautiful stuff, as always.

Your hand spun is as gorgeous as your knitting...

Eunny, you are amazing. That yarn is gorgeous.
I'm glad we pepped you up a bit.

Wow, that stuff is gorgeous!! I'm learning to spin - gives me something aspire to.

But what I REALLY want to comment on is Venezia since I just now got my winter Interweave. It's drop dead gorgeous!! Sigh, another "gotta make" goes into the que. I love the non-traditional shape. It's very feminine.

Lovely stuff.

Very pretty. I recently spun up some merino tencel fingering that I've been knitting into the swallowtail shawl and it is lovely. I don't think you'll have any problems with a two-ply.

Your laceweight is impressive! What a shawl it will make.

Your IK sweater is fabulous. So fabulous.

See, this is what I mean when I say I want to learn to spin on a wheel instead of with my ginormous spindle that will only let me make worsted and bulky singles.

I just want your spinning, kthxbai. :)

Wow, I can not wait to see what new project you create from your hand spun. It is really lovely.

Your sense of color is sensational! Love the spinning, love the IK sweater, too! I agree with Presbytera, I feel as if I know you through your writing and your work and I saw the IK sweater and thought, "Wow, Eunny, it's wonderful" and I felt a sense of pride as if a friend of mine has been published! I gather many of us feel that way about each other in blogland!

The "Blows Smoke" is just gorgeous.

I know what I'm swatching tonight! I have some of that Blows Smoke spun up in a fingering weight barber pole; I also have some white merino spun up at the same size. I like the idea of the two in a simple fair isle design. Thanks Eunny!

Oh, Eunny, that is just beautiful! And, my IK came today--your Venezia Pullover is gorgeous . . . it lives up to that tease you showed!

You remind me of a guitarist I play with every once in a while. I practice every day and think I sound pretty good, but then I hear him and am utterly blown away.

Pretty! And I agree, 2 ply works wonderfully with laceweights.

wow that is really fine laceweight, looks far finer than the knitpcks laceweight that I have.

Erin, i have a spinning wheel in my dorm room, it is a castle wheel. that takes up less floor space.

Welcome back Eunny!
So happy to see you back in knitting/spinning zone even if it's only couple minutes a day!
We are coming to Stitches tomorrow, hope to see you there!
Best regards, Olga

Beautiful! you seem to have learned spinning so quickly, I was wondering if you learned from a book or you were shown? In others words, do you have book suggestions?

Unbelievably beautiful work! Spinning is on my list of "when the holidays are over" activities...I hope I have the hand for it that you do!

Welcome back!


You, my dear, have a flair for creating beautiful objects.


That's all I can say, truly, WOW!

Those are so beautiful!

The yarn is really beautiful! I am eager to see how you ply the Blows Smoke.

Hey Eunny,

You know what it is that keeps us all religiously stalking your blog? It's the fact that you love love LOVE everything about knitting. Your excited energy literally bursts out from our screens! It's something you so rarely experience these days which makes it so wonderfully addictive!

From the way you describe just how tickled you are in experimenting with spinning, how you delight in luring us in with your delicious posts describing your choice in colors, to the well deserved pride you take in artistically displaying your finished works of art, we just drink it all in.

Bottom line Eunny, you're a wonderfully talented and clearly passionate person and I think we're all just so happy to have stumbled across someone who's not afraid to share their love with us. It's inspiring, energizing and uplifting.

Bravo to you! I hope this comments section is as bright a spot in your day as your blog is a beacon in the night to us.

You take us from the sublimly intricate to the ridiculously simple and show us there is equal beauty in both.
Thank you.

Your pattern in IK is absolutely stunning!
Not to speak of the steek tutorial.
Thank you!

Lovely and lovely yarn. And we're all very excited about the new IK and all your stuff! yay :) :) :)


The fact that you blog and show us all things of beauty are all the thanks we need. For those of us who "stalk" you we get our fix by you sharing the beauty you bring to our lives and then we are inspired.

I think I speak for many on this list and please accept our thanks for all you share.


The fact that you blog and show us all things of beauty are all the thanks we need. For those of us who "stalk" you we get our fix by you sharing the beauty you bring to our lives and then we are inspired.

I think I speak for many on this list and please accept our thanks for all you share.

Your yarn is gorgeous! And so is your sweater in Interweave this month!!

Thank you for explaining the tictac! I couldn't figure out what the heck that was! Gorgeous spinning! That Mama E makes some damn pretty fiber, doesn't she?

I'm so glad that you're back - I love seeing what you're creating, both pattern/knitwise and spinning. My best wishes to you in the non-knitting realm.

I'd never been much attracted to the idea of spinning, but you...you are sucking me in! I really love the way you use the colors; the yarn you make is so inviting.

The Venezia pullover is gorgeous. I've been casting around for the perfect sweater project after I finish this parade of scarves, hats, slippers, and baby items, and that might be it.

Your yarn is absolutely gorgeous. I think everything you touch must turn to gold. :)

You've completely inspired me to try my hand at spinning. Your results are absolutely awe-inspiring.

I got my IK in the mail last night and the first things I turned to were your pattern and your article on steeking. I can't wait until your book comes out next year!

Delurking - I've been admiring your stuff since summer..... Fabulous fabulous things you do here. Glad you're back. And I just got my Wintercopy of Interweave knits and CONGRATS on the publication!

Hope all is well in your journey called 'life'. Day at a time, sometimes minute at a time.

Delurking - I've been admiring your stuff since summer..... Fabulous fabulous things you do here. Glad you're back. And I just got my Wintercopy of Interweave knits and CONGRATS on the publication!

Hope all is well in your journey called 'life'. Day at a time, sometimes minute at a time.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

I just got my IK today, and I can't wait to see your Venezia pullover in detail, and read about steeks. . . .

Hang in there. You've got a whole armada of blog readers pulling for you. I'm so glad that we helped! :o)

Now I see where you've been ! Your sweater in Interweave is stunning, and your article is very well written. Hope to see more of your work published. Your knitting is very elegant.

I love all of those colors...You've inspired me to break out my wheel today. Thanks!

My jaw literally dropped seeing that new yarn! It is my DREAM yarn, in the flesh, and it's absolutely amazing. Wow, I love it. The blue and green stuff on the bobbin is lovely as well.

I'm also interested in hearing more about how you go about choosing colors for fair isle... I want to knit the Venezia sweater. Love it so much!

I discovered your blog a few months ago and have since then thoroughly enjoyed going through your archives. I am a relatively new knitter and your work has to me been an important source of inspiration. Your 'design flow' and projects have really opened my eyes. I would like to thank you for this inspiration and wish you all the best. I hope knitting can be an outlet for you.

The yarn looks gorgeous!

I definitely see a shawl in the future of the first skein. beautiful. simply beautiful.

Chin is up , yes? So good to have you back. Looking forward to the Sea sock cruise - must always have something to look forward to!

Pinks? Sage greens? TOGETHER?


That is some seriously beautiful yarn. :)

That merino/tencel is lovely. I never thought beyond socks for mine (different supplier, just as shiny) and I may now be looking for the rest of it so I can do a "me too" (only sadly not as fine or even)

The yarn is stunning. Absolutely lovely. And congratualations on the publication of your latest articles in IK. Wonderful stuff! Hope things are going a little better.

Holy crud, Eunny! I can't get my yarn to go that fine unless I card it myself (and I mean that). You never cease to amaze me. Glad you see you're back.

Delurking to swoon over your lovely laceweight, and to second what Presbytera said. If I have a stubborn project or new technique I can't get, reading your posts really energize me and get me excited about knitting again.

Thank you for sharing your knitting life with us!

Welcome home! I don't know what's been going on but a lot of people I know have had some pretty serious bad things happen in the past couple of weeks. I hope you're alright (or getting there) and I'm glad you're finding a little time to spin and knit.

I just wanted to thank you for the Bayeriche pattern. It is so clever! I am really appreciating the details (like how you forced the ribbing to flow into the pattern). And the complexity of the pattern is pretty good at hiding little mistakes ;). I an just starting the second sock. They are beautiful. I would also like to thank you for all of the work you do for this blog. It is a joy to read, and so inspirational. You have really encouraged me to try more difficult techniques. Thank You

Hi Eunny, I got to see your beautiful fair isle sweater at the Interweave Booth at Stitches. It is so gorgeous. I can't wait to get my magazine in the mail! I heard you knit that in 5 days, oh my!

Your spinning is simply lovely! It's making me want to go get out my wheel RIGHT NOW.

Your spinning looks beautiful. I don't know how you can only spin for a 10 minute stretch. I sit at my wheel and time evaporates. I think, "I'll just spin for 30 minutes." When I look up three hours have passed.

And congrats, of course, on your beautiful design in IK. I'll be placing an new Spindrift order for the shop this week. We're planning on making up some kits for your sweater!

Awesome tictac dude :)

I'm so glad you are posting again Eunny. Your work and design sense are wonderfully inspirational! Best of luck with your personal stuff. I have always found knitting to be a wonderful solace in hard times.

So Eunny--how much ease were you envisioning for Venezia? It looks pretty close-fitting, so I'm not sure how the 46" size in IK will fit my 42" bust.

De-lurking as well. So glad to "see" you back. I check your blog every day. You are an inspiration as so many have said. Also, I am so happy to see you published in IK; the design is breathtaking. I wish you great success! THank you for sharing so much of yourself with us.

Your spinning is just beautiful!

Beautiful. Just lovely. BTW I'm six repeats shy of completing my POTW Stole.... ;) I think I can, I think I can. I almost HAVE! Thnx again for sharing the beautiful pattern!

Just a note to tell you I saw your beautiful sweater at the Interweave Knits booth at Stitches East. Well done! Oh - and welcome back, I've missed reading your blog.

Well, that is just proof that I need to spin just a little bit every day. I've neglected my spinning - whining about not having time, but you have shown me the error of my ways.

So glad you're back. Blessings to you and hope things are better. The yarn looks like silky copper and bronze -- beautiful.

Wow a tic-tac. I have a new aspiration for my spinning. Those are gorgeous colors.

Your spinning is absolutely, amazingly, gorgeous. Breathtaking.

I just received my Winter IK in the mail a couple of days ago, and I Love, Love, Love your fair isle sweater pattern. It is beautiful.


Lovely as usual, Eunny. I am in awe of the things you are able to accomplish. Particularly having not one, not two, but three things published in Interweave Knits. That sweater - oh my God. Let me know where you get your patience. I need to stock up.

What great spinning results - worth the wait, but I have missed your posts.

Gorgeous, gorgeous yarns. You spin very well.

Brilliant sweater and article in IK. Congratulations!

I love your lace weight! I got some Mamma-E fiber at Stitches this weekend :) (as well as way too much other stuff!)

Also - congrats on your articles in Interweave Knits! Your sweater design is gorgeous! I can only dream about being good enough to actually knit something that beautiful one day.

Keep up the great work!

incredible job, be proud, very proud!

I love the pink lace weight! Great Job!

Oh! I got my Interweave Knits. Congrats on your pattern being published! :D

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