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Three rises = beautifully light rolls with a fine, soft crumb (I use the Bread Bible recipe, mixed by hand - with a little extra flour today, it's so humid):

Sweet Potato and Pecan Gratin, waiting for the oven (layers of sliced parboiled sweets, chopped toasted pecans, brown sugar and unsalted butter in a greased pan. A little warm, cinnamon-y milk to moisten - into a 400 degree oven while the turkey rests, or until things are brown and melty and delicious and easily pierced by a paring knife):

Fields of Brussels sprouts, oiled and ready to go (these get snapped up like candy by kids and vegetable-hating adults alike. Trim a pint and a half of Brussels sprouts, halve them, spread in a single layer on a sheet and toss in olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast, stirring once in a while, at 350 - 400 degrees or so for 45 minutes. When the loose leaves crackle and the halves are ringed with caramel, they're ready. Crisp bacon is a nice garnish- but I like them best almost-naked and nutty-sweet):

Gingered carrots and parsnips (a ladleful of stock, a tiny drizzle of honey, plenty of minced ginger and garlic and crushed red pepper, simmered to a glaze) and glazed pearl onions (blanched onions shaken in a bubbling glaze of sugar, some rosemary and stock):

And pies, of course, a-cooling on the counter.

Also: thyme-y creamed corn; perfectly basic, basically perfect bread stuffing; green beans with vinegared shallots; pan gravy; mashed potatoes; cranberry sauce; ham; and a turkey.

Thanksgiving was odd for me this year - I had class right up until yesterday afternoon, and didn't get a chance to do anything in advance but shop and make the cranberry sauce (I added plenty of orange zest and a clove to the boiling berries this year - very nice). I was up at 4 today, cutting pastry dough, planning oven schedules and boiling lakes of water to blanch vegetables - worth it, though, to have everyone in one place and happy.

I am thankful, for sure.


Everything I had today pales in comparison! The brussels sprouts especially look (and sound) amazing.

I cannot fathom waking up at 4 to cook, though. It looks like it was definitely worth it.

no, no, no! can't look at any more food today.
I'l have to come back tomorrow to read your post...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you had a lovely feast!

do you parboil the carrots and parsnips before cooking them in the glaze?

Gorgeous. For next time, I heartily recommend Grand Marnier in the cranberry sauce, with the orange zest. Lovely. Cointreau works equally well - a bit sweeter but definitely more reasonably priced.

As wonderful and beautiful as your knitting :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Eunny!

My gosh, all these goodies - you have me drooling all over here! I think next year I'll have to fly over and eat all this yummy stuff before you can get hold of it;) Amazing photography too, as always!
Happy Thanksgiving, and all the very best to you!


I've never before heard of anyone cooking Brussels sprouts this way (like I do). You are absolutely right that even vegetable haters gobble them up!

Sounds like a lovely meal--food wise and family wise.

awesome midgie! I am thankful for you!

Looks like a lovely day. Happy holidays to you and yours! BTW, i had a dream last night that you taught me how to do color work. Since I've never met you, it seems rather bizarre that you were in my dream, but there you have it.

Oh, that food looks sooo tasty! Soon it's Christmas and thats the grand feast up here in Sweden. That's when we don't stop eating for several days...

Wow, that all looks so good! Despite my day-after-Thanksgiving food hangover, your pics made me think that I could eat again!

Looks as though you cook with variety and skill, just like your knitting! The food looks fabulous and the photo of the table reminds me of all those warm and homey feelings.

A Beautiful Table, Eunny. And I really must try your brussels sprouts!! YUM!

It all looks and sounds absolutely wonderful! So good for you to have family together!!

Yumm . . . I love brussels sprouts served that way, too, although I can't seem to convince the rest of my family . . .

Love the Bread Bible!! Rolls look delicious. Isn't it amazing what we do for family??

If you are cooking as finely as spinning or knitting, for sure you had a nice supper: I wish you a happy thanksgiving time (from France, where such things do not exist)!

Looks fabulous. Try maple syrup in the cranberries next time, delicious.
Hope you had a good one.

Oh, I love brussel sprouts the same way! I actually heard of them from Ruth Reichl's memoir Garlic and Sapphires. The last time I made them for friends people were moaning while eating them. Definitely no leftovers there...

What wonderful food! Next time I see Brussel sprouts in the store I'm trying your way!

thank you thank you for the brussel sprout recipe. I love them and i would love to try it this way. Your table and your family look wonderful.

I've been reading your blog for a while now ... and I'm absolutely blown away by your knitting. It is just so gorgeous and inventive. And the food!

I'm noticing a theme here, as everything is sweet! Perhaps I can even get my ultra-picky five year old to go for your brussels sprouts.
I'm glad you had a wonderful time as a family together, Eunny, 4am or not :)

It all looks so delicious. I'm hungry now.

I am in China. I can eat none of the foods you mentioned. I really love looking at them on your blog though! Thanks for sharing your brussel sprouts recipe; in my family we never eat them, so I was in high school before I figured out what they were and that everyone hates them. I've never actually had them on a plate before, but your recipe makes them sound so nice that I might try some day.

It all looks delicious! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, I'm sure it was wonderful :)

Wow-What a feast! A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Everything you do is beautiful and your cooking is no exception.Wow some must try recipes: sounds scrumptious.
Will try brussel sprout recipe on my anti-veggie (will only eat potatoes- roasted)granddaughter!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yourloved ones. [A little wave and warm thoughts to all Americans reading this]
Hope you find time for a well earned rest... although no doubt a rest to you is spinning and knitting and designing.
When she sees me knitting, one of my friends often says - jokingly: knit me a 'three piece suite' by next week (I'm talking furniture/ upholstery, not clothes! Dont know if this makes sense in USA)
Now, I have taken to saying: Well, I know I won't be able to do that but Eunny can!!Your name has become synonymous with superhuman feats!

Absolutely fantastic. I wish for only a smidgen of your talents.
Thanks for all the instruction and wonderful blog.

Good heavens girl!! You cook - you knit - you spin - - Your Thanksgiving table looks absolutely beautiful!!

Be happy - along with being thankful.

A Happy Holiday to ALL.

You are not just a great knitter you are also a fantastic cook!!! Everything looks yummy.

I am in awe of you. You have such a marvelous writing ability, your knitting is sublime and inspirational, and now it is revealed that you are also a genius cook. Wow. You are a lovely woman as well. I am not only awed, but a bit intimidated by your many talents. Thank you for allowing us lesser mortals a glimpse into a world of such beauty.


Just looking at the food is making me salivate. I never thought to put pecans in the sweet potatoes—must try that! You're invited to my house next year as long as you bring that dish! *wink*

Yummm.... I'll have to try your brussels sprouts recipe. I've never had them any way but steamed or boiled, and really don't like them. But I trust you on this recipe!

hmm, YUM!!! we have thanksgiving on friday for the third time in a row, so i just finished cooking a feast and stuff myself silly! love your pictures as always, hope you've had a good holiday!

Looks delicious, Eunnie! You have so much to be thankful for! You have a wonderful knitting talent that so many people would love to have.

Your bread looks good. Have you tried the Jim Lahey "No-Knead Bread" yet?

Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for sharing your beautiful recipes. :)

Mmm. The brussel sprouts look delicious!

The picture at the end brings it all home. I LOVE it. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving with us!

Lovely, lovely dinner. I must try this way of making sprouts. I love them but am rarely allowed to cook them because the family hates the smell of steamed ones.

How on earth did you time everything? Either you rest the bird a long time, or you have a very big oven. Serious technical question here.

Is there ANYTHING that you do badly? Or even mediocrely? What a FEAST!

We don't do thanksgiving in Australia. Basically, Christmas is the only "feast" time. I love the ideas for the sweet potato and Brussel sprouts, both of which I love. I've never tried the sprouts done anyway but boiled, so I will have to give your way a go. The carrot and parsnip will have to be on the menu too. Thanks for the inspiration.

Looks like a scrumptious Thanksgiving meal. Did you make it all? That's a lot of work. I got off easy this year: all I had to do was bake bread (shallot/potato) and get myself to my parent's house. Also, I'm curious about the timing. The only way I can make a Thanksgiving dinner is to start three days early (baking ahead) since I have only one oven.

(I love hand-kneading bread.)

What a beautiful labor of love for your family. I agree, plenty to be thankful for in my life.

Everything looks quite tasty! What a wonderful spread for your family!

Hmmm, that Thanksgiving dinner looks really delightful! You're so organized to be able to make all that on the same day!
Your family can be thankful for having you!

Hi Eunny, I finally got my InterKnits and have to say I love both the sweater and the article.


Happy thanksgiving! What a wonderful day, and wonderful food :) Absolutely makes getting up at 4am worth it!

A gorgeous Thanksgiving spread and you're very dedicated to get up so early. I do appreciate it when we can do things ahead of time, but it looks like you made it work marvelously.

I won't insult you with any Martha Stewart comparisons, but man, you are one multi-talented girl. And on the knitting front, I was pretty cocky about my knitting ability but I have to say that I've learned a thing or two from you. Thanks so much!

What a beautiful Thanksgiving for your family. I'm sure it was a very special day for all!

Wow, Eunny, those sprouts are excellent! Tried them tonight with some salmon, and they had a really unique nutty flavor I didn't realize they could have! Delicious, thanks for posting it!

Looks like you had a great day filled with family and great food! I love brussel sprouts done like that also - simple and wonderful! YuM!

What an excellent hostess rising at 4 to do the cooking. Your feast looks very yummy indeed.

Everything looks so delicious! I love brussel sprouts too, especially with bacon. I can't believe you had ham and turkey. Definitely looks like some kitchen counter space & oven planning was involved in cooking up that meal!

A beautiful Thanksgiving feast. I'm glad you had such a wonderful holiday!

OK, that does it, I'm going up to get something to eat!

I made the brussel sprouts last night. I don't think a brussel sprout has passed my lips in over 20 years, but your recipe sounded so good, I thought I'd give them another try. I ate them all! (except for the ones I let me husband have!) Thanks!

Spectacular! What a gorgeous Thanksgiving table!

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!
I am just knitting the endpaper fingerless mitts.. in Rowan 4ply soft with the colors espresso and irish cream, for my Mom the coffee lover.
Thanks for publishing the pattern!

Yummy dinner! I saw you "visiting" over at Mama-E's new studio. I want your hair! Okay, so technically I want my hair to look like yours, I don't really want "your hair". Hope your December is going well.

I have a package of Brussels Sprouts in my fridge that I just didn't feel like steaming. I'm so going to try this tonight!

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