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For reals

Recto and verso.

(the diaper pattern reminds me of old-fashioned endpapers, see.)

Can you believe it? I liked these enough to actually go ahead and knit the second - and the Knit Knite Girls can tell you how rarely that happens.

Hopefully, you've got an idea of how dead-simple these really are when the two are shown together: either glove can be worn on either hand, with just a simple purled "seam" at either side to give a little structure and hide the join. And that's about it, really. Barenaked bones, gussied up just a little.

Tubular cast-on tricks and Fair Isle tips tomorrow - along with, maybe, a peek at the Proper Colorwork Mittens I'm planning as we speak, sparked by the fun of the Endpaper exercise. Excited? Check. Refreshed? Check. Back full force? Check, I think. Maybe all I needed was a little palate cleansing, after all.


I think the beauty of them is also the yarn choice, the colour variation makes them look so luxurious. It shines like turquoise gems.. Thanks for the inspiration! not a week ago my niece asked for a pair of wrislets for christmas :)

Nice. Now you can keep your hands warm and still knit!!!

welcome back and congratulations on sticking it out to finish the second one.... i rarely even finish the first when attempting to knit "pairs".... but i WILL start, persevere with, and finish THESE!!! (i'm a slow knitter...)

.... did i forget to say "thanks" for taking the time to write up the pattern and share with us all here? Take my knuckles as being slapped... and thanks ;P

Beautiful.Exquisite. They remind me of the exotic and bejewelled headresses that Indian elephants wear for special celebrations.

Sorry, I don't get the End Paper reference. Is it because I am English, maybe?

Beautiful.Exquisite. They remind me of the exotic and bejewelled headresses that Indian elephants wear for special celebrations.

Sorry, I don't get the End Paper reference. Is it because I am English, maybe?

Those are beautiful!

Eunny, First thought into my mind... She knit two of them!!!
They look beautiful.

Very elegant.

Eunny! I LOVE your work. Also- I was SO excited to see your pattern and article in the new Interweave Knitting magazine. My heart jumped for joy because I read your blog and kinda know who you are. Hehe! Great job.

This new pattern is outstanding. This is what I was looking for to knit for my SIL. It's beautiful. *thumbs up*

Couldn't wait for either PDF or tips, though I look forward to hearing them - already swatching. And proper colorwork mittens.... you tease, you.

And here I was thinking you had both all along.

I am thinking now of Cookie, who said that she used the one-legged mannequin in the photo shoot for Pomatomus to hide the fact that she had only knit one sock, and my friend who won a ribbon at SAFF for her fairisle mitten, 'knitted for a one-armed woman.'

Those are so pretty. So pretty. The colors, the pattern, the style... gorgeous.

I love them, Eunny! Gorgeous as always.

Hookiemama, the pattern reminds me of the end papers used in the really nice editions of classic books, or in handmade books. I have a few books that nice, and they're cherished.

I've put a pic of an endpaper up at my blog, for reference.

Oh, and Eunny? I'm hoping you meant paper pattern, instead of diaper pattern??? (Is there something you're not telling us? ;o)

You are the queen of Fair Isle. These are gorgeous gloves. (Like the aliteration to go along with all the endpaper talk? Fits with the bookish theme at least.)

I love the colors you chose. It does seem like a simple pattern, and I can't wait to try my own!

Fabulous way to use the yarn left over from that gorgeous sweater you made several months back. You are the knitting queen. I'm old enough to be your mother (almost) and I'm not half so organized.

These are so pretty-- I am definitely going to make some. Do you ever think of making the thumb come out in a different place, though? When I make mittens or gloves I make the thumb slightly off-center-- I think if you look at your hand with your fingers pointing straight at you, you'll see the thumb comes out at 5:00 not 6:00, if you imagine a clock on the tip of your middle finger? Does this make any sense? People always make fun of me when I propose it, but it keeps the side 'seam' on the side, rather than creeping around to the back of the pinky.

So, how sad is it that when you say 'endpaper,' what pops into my mind is the things a hairdresser puts on your hair when you're getting a perm? I don't usually read comments, but man I'm glad I did. I had a whole "Oh, *I* get it!" moment.....
Lovely cuffs. Makes me wish I had the followthrough to do colorwork without wanting to throw it across the room and trod upon it.

Gorgeous and I'm glad you made two. They're so cute and you should be able to enjoy your knits a bit.

They are so lovely - I'm imagining them in different colour combinations... Thank so much for the pattern. I already printed a copy and they will be the first thing to knit after some obligatory holiday knitting is done.

Oh, Eunny! I am torn! Do I envy or admire you? Do I indulge myself in feeling inadequate or just feel grateful for the fact that you share your gorgeous designs with us...for free? Wow. One thing's for sure: you have buckets of talent!

So appealing. Your photography is as lovely as the knitting.

LOVE the gloves! Thanks so much for sharing your creations with us...you inspire me to design more and more!

Wow, you are a true artist. I am just in awe of your creations. Thanks for sharing patterns.

Wow! You knit TWO of them??? I'm really impressed! ;)

Hope to see you soon!

Elle sont magnifiques !

These are just BRILL yarn bought and on its way you ENABLER you ;)

wonderful, these are gorgeous!!!
chhers, caroline

i LOVE your work! you are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!

the pattern is fantastic.. I could see this so easily on socks too!!! they are really gorgeous Eunny.. I'm so glad to have you back.. life was not the same without my daily dose..

They are gorgeous! Looking forward to reading your tips on casting on and fairisle.

Swooon, I adore these - merci beaucoup for the pattern!! woot.

Very pretty (naturally) can't wait to see you awesome tips on tubular and Fair Isle =)

BEAUTIFUL ,,,, what do you mean by Endpaper Knits and Diaper pattern ? Thanks, Judy from Alaaska

Those are exquisite.

I love those fingerless mittens, the colours and the picture of you, so beautiful and relaxful.

Eunny, I've read your blog for awhile and must say it's my fave - great photos, great writing, and most of all you are truly talented. The mitts are beautiful. And isn't it great to get back into the swing of things. Whenever I get prego (I have 8 kiddos) I sink into a severe depression and all knitting and spinning comes to a dead halt! Once the baby is born, I'm so happy to see my love of fiber return.

I love these! and the name is just perfect. I will definitely be casting on a sock version when my christmas knitting is finished.

Love the mitts and the name. I'm one of the few that probably smiled at recto and verso since I knew right away what it was.

hot buttered rum!! those are damm sweet. i want to be wearing these in the near near future. thank you for being so generous with your creativity.

Can't wait to see them - they're beautiful!

(Here's another endpaper example...)

Woo hoo, more tips! *does a little dance* Eunny, my dear, I am becoming a better, more inspired knitter because of you. Thank you sooo much!

yarn bought for this project? CHECK!
Excited to see your tips Tomorrow? OH BOY!
Thankful for your blog!? ABSO-Knita-Lutly!

Regarding the "diaper pattern" - before diaper had its modern meaning, it referred to a type of cloth with a square or diamond repeating pattern created by the weave. The term diaper can refer to those types of patterns.

they look beautiful!

Gorgeous! I love the colors too. I just made a baby sweater in those colors!


Wow, those are really pretty. I especially like the colors, good combo!

Now these are brilliant ;) I look at a lot of books, and they do indeed look like the endpapers!

They are really cute. I want to knit some for myself after Christmas. They'll be handy right up until the end of May for me.

They are a lovely complement to your IK sweater ... I didn't even need to look at the designer name, just the pic, to know it was yours.

Glad you're back!

Ooh, adorable. I love the pattern! I have a 19th century book with absolutely beautiful endpapers. I think I have to take it shopping with me to buy yarn for this project!

Thanks for sharing the pattern. The mitts are just to die for!!

Definitely trying these. As soon as I can...

These are just beautiful. I love the colors. I am also a fan of end papers, so these call to me. They may be my first colorwork. Thank you for sharing your pattern.

those mittens are gorgeous(sp?) will they be in your book? or available as a pattern from you later?

"For reals"? You sound like an SF Bay Area native -- I wonder who else adds that "s" at the end?

Gorgeous pattern, can't wait to make them! Your book-nerd voab only sweetens the deal.

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