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Endpaper Mitts

Sometimes a tiny little hit is plenty.

I've been a little stalled out on the knitting, lately (yes, even the entrelac): my brain is abubble with plans and ideas, I'm loving a lot of projects recently out, but when it gets right down to it - nothing much seems very appealing to knit right now. You know the feeling? Just a general...blah. Seems just now, I'd rather cook, or read, or curl up with a cup of coffee, without ever-present yarn and needles in-hand.

I think it's just plain old fatigue, really - lately, nothing I've knit has felt like much fun. Interesting maybe, absorbing certainly, but not particularly entertaining. I want to get back into being excited about projects, itching to try something out, deeply satisfied by translation from idea to tactile substance. A spontaneous, light, bagatelle of a knit - that's what I need right now.

Enter the Endpaper Mitts. They're tiny enough that they're no commitment at all; they provided a good field for trying out some tweaks to techniques (a Better Tubular Cast On, anyone?), the pattern satisfies but doesn't exhaust; the structure is simple enough, clean enough, to approach orderly grace.

They'll also be eminently practical: the house is kept chilly year-round (can't abide a stuffy room), but stiff fingers aren't an option. I'm pretty pleased - can you tell?

Pattern: My own (follows below)
Yarn: Louet Gems Pearl, in color 02 (tobacco) and Koigu Premium Merino, in color 1500 (deep teal)
Yardage: 1 50 gram ball (about 180 yards) each (I hope)
Yarn Source: Clover Hill Yarn Shop and Woolstock Yarn Shop
Needles: 2.00mm (US 0) Addi Turbo circular needles and 2.75mm (US 2) Brittany Birch DPNs
Gauge: 8 sts/inch over pattern
Modifications: --

A pair is made of two identical, reversible mitts. I've used two fingering-weight Merinos, but jumperweight Shetland, sock yarns, or any other yarn of the right weight would work just as well.

These would be an excellent first project for a novice colorwork knitter - they're small and snappy and dead-simple, the pattern is easy to memorize and predict (and they're worked in the round, so you'll learn to read your knitting), and they'll teach you some shaping basics.

I will collect this into a printer-friendly PDF for free download eventually, but the HTML version follows below. Do let me know of any questions, or anything that needs clarification - I'll incorporate all of it into the PDF version. I'll also be sharing some first-time colorwork tips and illustrating how I do some of the methods called for in the next couple days. Additional resources can be found here for the Italian Tubular Cast-On, and here for the Tubular bind off/kitchener rib bind off.

Endpaper Mitts

Gauge, Needles and Notions

(see below for sizing notes)

For Women's Small: 32 sts/40 rows to 4" in Chart A
For Women's Medium: 30 sts/40 rows to 4" in Chart A
For Women's Large: 28 sts/36 rows to 4" in Chart A

Recommended needles: for SMALL, set of 5 2.75mm (US 2) DPNs. For MEDIUM: set of 5 3.00mm DPNs. For LARGE: set of 5 3.25mm (US 3) DPNs. For all sizes: set of 5 2.00mm (US 0) DPNs. You may find that colorwork is smoother and gauge easier to maintain on wooden needles rather than slick metal. As always, check your gauge before beginning with a swatch in the round.

Other notions: blunt tapestry needle.

Sizes and Fit Notes

This pattern uses gauge changes to fit three different sizes. To determine your size, wrap a flexible tape measure around the knuckles of your dominant hand, excluding the thumb, and find the circumference.

Small....6" - 6.5"
Medium....7" - 7.5"
Large....8" - 8.5"

The mitts are intended to fit snugly; if in doubt, go down a size.

An Important Note on This Pattern

For your convenience, the full shaping lines of the thumb gusset have been provided in chart form (Chart B). When working this section of the piece, the chart must be mirrored for the back of the work. For example, for Row 2 of the chart, you would read from right to left as usual, work a purled "seam" stitch (not included on chart) and then read from left to right for the second half. As straight sections are symmetrical, Chart A is always read from right to left.


k: knit
m1: make 1 (lifted bar increase)
p: purl
sl1 wyib: slip 1 stitch as if to purl, holding working yarn behind stitch;
sl1 wyif: slip 1 stitch as if to purl, holding working yarn in front of stitch;
st, sts: stitch, stitches

Detailed Instructions


Using the Italian tubular cast-on method and main color, cast on 56 stitches onto a single smaller DPN. Work the first two rows flat as follows:

Row 1: *k1, sl1wyif, repeat from * to end
Row 2: *k1, sl1wyif, repeat from * to end

Distribute stitches equally onto 4 smaller DPNs (14 sts on each needle). Join, being careful not to twist.

Next round: *k1, p1, repeat from * to end of round.

Continue to work in k1, p1 ribbing for 13 rows more. Attach contrast color and change to larger needles.

Begin Colorwork


Next round: *Work Row 1 of Chart A across 27 stitches, p1 in main color (this establishes a purled "seam" stitch at the side of the work). Repeat from * once more to end.

Continue to work in Chart A as set until 3 full 10-row repeats have been worked, continuing to work purled "seam" stitches as established.

Begin Thumb Gusset


Next round: *Work Row 1 of Chart B across 27 stitches, p1 in main color, repeat from * to end.
Next round: Work across Chart B to first false "seam" stitch, m1 in pattern, p1 in main color, m1 in pattern, work Row 2 of Chart B (working from left to right), p1..

Continue as set, working an increase round as above every 3rd row 8 times more. 75 sts total, 18 increased.

Form Thumb

Next round: work Chart B across 27 stitches. Place next 19 sts (9 colorwork sts, 1 purl st, 9 colorwork sts) on a piece of spare yarn for thumb. Cast on 1 st over gap; work Chart B across 27 sts, p1 in main color.


Next round: *Work Chart B across 27 sts, p1 in main color, repeat from * to end of round.

Continue to work as set until Chart B ends, continuing to work purled "seam" stitches as established.

Work one full repeat of Chart A as established.

Next round: *Work Row 1 of Chart A across 27 sts, p1 in main color, repeat from * to end of round.

Break contrast color.


Switch to smaller DPNs.

Set-up Round *K27, p1, repeat from * to end of round.
Round 1: *k1, p1, repeat from * to end of round.

Continue to work in k1, p1 ribbing for 4 rounds more.

Set-up Round 1: *k1, sl1wyif, repeat from * to end of round.
Set-up Round 2: *sl1wyib, p1, repeat from * to end of round.

Bind off using tubular method (kitchener rib bind-off).

Thumb Ribbing

Put held thumb stitches back on 2 smaller needles. Re-attach main color at first stitch after "seam" stitch.

Set-up Round: K across 9 sts; with a new needle, pick up and k 3 stitches across gap; k across 9 stitches to end of round, p1. 22 sts total.
Round 1: *k1, p1, repeat from * 3 times more. Ssk, p1, k2tog, p1. (K1, p1) to end of round. 20 sts total, 2 sts decreased.
Round 2: *k1, p1, repeat from * to end of round.

Continue to work in k1, p1 ribbing for 3 rounds more.

Set-up Round 1: *k1, sl1wyif, repeat from * to end of round.
Set-up Round 2: *sl1wyib, p1, repeat from * to end of round.

Bind off using tubular method (kitchener rib bind-off).

Work a second mitt in the same way.


Weave in all ends. Soak in cool water with rinse-free wool wash for 15 minutes; drain thoroughly by squeezing gently against side of emptied sink. Roll in a thirsty towel and stand or lean on the package to extract as much water as possible. Block over a cylinder of the correct circumference, or flat on a non-absorbent surface with pins.


Sometimes a small hiatus is needed to make a hobby entrancing again!

Very beautiful colorwork!

Those are dead gorgeous!

while fingerless mitts are often cute, these are freakin' gorgeous. beautiful work!

The way in which you approach all your projects (even the "light" ones) as a way of learning or trying something new is really inspiring. I could say it's the detail that sets your work apart, but really what I mean is the quality of attention you bring to whatever you do, whether it's designing or executing. I always look forward to reading about what you're working on next!

i must make these! thank you!

I love these! I usually eschew smaller projects for big, ambitious projects, but these are awesome, and would be perfect for winter. They remind me of your Norwegian Jacket, which I'm anxiously waiting on a pattern for, along with the Arrowhead Pullover and the Striped Cardigan.

psst. Fantastic seeing you all over IK this issue :) You're destined for greatness, Eunny.

Thanks so much for this pattern! I've wanted to learn colorwork and it looks like the perfect project :)

nice one Midge!

Fantastic Eunny!

Beautiful, as always!
Thank you for sharing the pattern.

Yay Eunny! I just finished gathering up all the yarn and such that I plan on using for your Deep Argyle Vest. I've found myself stalling because I really want to wet my feet with a small project. Here you are to the rescue again. Woot!

OK, for someone who is feeling rather blase about knitting, that is a pretty kickass pattern!!! It looks great. I don't even wear fingerless mitts and I would consider knitting up a pair of those!!! Cool!

How very beautiful!

ooooooooh very nice!

Great pattern, thanks!

I had to de-lurk to tell you how absolutely gorgeous these are and to thank you so much for providing the pattern! My knitting resolution this year is to learn how to do colorwork and I would love to attempt these! I also have a few Koigu 1 skein impulse purchases and since it wasn't enough for a pair of socks, I didn't know what to do with them. Now I do! Yay!

Oh dear lord. I saw this on bloglines and gasped.

When I grow up, I'm definitely trying this pattern.

I have to agree with Johanna, I really appreciate what you put into both your designs and your executions. I squeal everytime your feed updates in my bloglines b/c I can't wait to see what you've done. Everything's gorgeous and I learn something new everytime. Thank you for another inspiring project!

WOW!!That's gorgeous!

thanks for sharing...the gloves are stunning! You are amazing.

oh, these are really lovely. how generous of you to share the pattern with all of us! i could use some fingerless mitts...and haven't done colorwork in awhile. hmmm...

Eunny, you are a very generous person. I am going to start these tomorrow - right after I get me to a printer. Thank you!

These look like great fun, I've actually already started a pair and gotten through the ribbing and the beginning of hte colorwork. One problem I had though was that the charts and instructions weren't printing with my printer's default settings. I just opened them as images and printed that way, but weirdness. Anyway, I'll probably have photos up of my start tonight or tomorrow. I'm using J&S Jumper Weight in a chocolatey brown and grey blue.

I decided to make fingerless mitts and have been looking at all the styles on the internet but nothing really satisfied. Just last night I decided I would design my own and maybe do some colorwork. Your inspiration is so timely that I had to smile. Thank you for generously sharing your pattern. You are such an inspiration.

OMG! Very cute! I've been meaning to learn how to knit the thumb gusset of a wristwarmer for the past three months. 고마워!

Wow, how beautiful! Thank you for sharing this pattern. I think I'll try this as a preparation for the deep v vest and the venezia sweater.

GORGEOUS! lovely job as usual.

I would just like you to know that you are wonderful and amazing. I bought my first issue of Interweave Knits yesterday because of your breathtaking pattern, and now you offer us elegant mitts? Soon I may have a Eunny Jang shrine instead of a knitting corner.

I love the slightly variegated Koigu. It Makes the Mitts.

Superb!! Everyone needs a hiatus from that which keeps us so busy - you are so creative and talented - sometimes the brain needs a rest - only to come alive with wonderful new ideas - which in your case - we so enjoy! Thanks for the wonderful pattern!

oh. my. god. you. totally. rock.

I am so freaking happy that you posted this pattern. Have been obsessed with fingerless gloves lately- may be related to this wacky lukewarm weather we've been having up here.

WOOHOO! I think I want to start a fan club in your honor.

Wow! Thanks so much.

i can't wait to do these!!! thank you so much!

Wow, that's simply gorgeous. Thanks a million for the pattern.

Ha! I need a new pair of mits but I haven't liked any of the simple patterns out there.
THIS, you wonderful designer, is perfect!

I hope they've taken care of your knitting blahs.

I was astonished.

Thank you very much to share your talent.

Your you are incredible!!!!!!

I love them. Thanks for the pattern. I have been looking for a pattern with a little more length on the knuckles and arms than many patterns seem to have.

These are gorgeous. I didn't know that my soul was crying out to knit a pair of mitts, but it was! Thank you so much for such a beautiful pattern - I'm going stash diving to see what I have that might work!

I bow to you.

I made a very simple pair (and promptly lost one of them!), so I can't imagine the work involved in this pair.

Those are really amazing and I think a good way dive into colorwork! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Lovely and definitely a good colorwork project. I've been wanting to try a two-color project to practice weaving the colors in while knitting.

Your work is so awesome!

These are gorgeous! Thanks so much for pattern. I've been looking for something to knit for a friend's Christmas gift and these are perfect (if I can bear to part with them after I've knit them, that is). I love the color combination as well. :-)

You continue to amaze me with your artistic genius. These are beautiful! I am prompted to ask a neophyte question -- what is the advantage of the tubular cast-on and bind-off, as opposed to, say, a long-tail cast-on and a regular bind-off?

Thanks for sharing the pattern! :-)

Wow - these look great. Now I'm dying to do one pair with a solid background and a variegated yarn in the foreground.

Is the tubular cast-on the same as the cable cast-on? I'll check out the resources.

wouaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh it's wonderfull

Until yesterday I was satisfied with my last creation. Today I ought to realise that I have a long way to go yet. Only one thing consoles me: we were concerned with similar object.

They're gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing the pattern. I'm definitely making those.

Gorgeous!! I am a big fingerless mittens wearer between september and may and I really don't have enough of them. But I was wondering about the name. "Endpaper"? Hum, does that mean you finished writing something? Like a book full of gorgeous Eunny-patterns?

Excellent pattern! I'm a new knitter who just made her first cables with the Fetching mitts pattern on Knitty. Since my daughter grabbed them out of my hands as soon as they came off the needles, I was looking for a new pattern to make some of my own, while learning another new-to-me technique. I think this is the one! I'll wait for the 'extras' you promise with the pdf file.

LOVE these. I have some sock yarn just sitting around not being socks that would look marvelous as these. Cannot wait to cast on for these.

Oh that is fabulous! I've had some yarn set aside for a Norwegian mittens pattern I wrote, but sadly, I haven't been able to get done due to various other deadlines and what not. Perhaps this would be a better suited fate for the yarn...hmmm :)

I sympathize with your fatigue. I'm not sure if it's the time of year or just something in the air, but when you're candle is burning at both ends even something as soothing as knitting can feel like a chore.

You are such a talented and generous soul. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pattern.

lovely. i especially like the colors.

i was just working on my first color work project!(ez's norwegian mitts) what luck i have! this is fabulous. I am so casting on asap. Thank you! looking forward to reading more about your suggestions and guidence with colorworking!

Very pretty! Now THESE I could recolor without making a fool of myself.. red and black... lavender and cream... yummy.
Hope to see you this evening.

These are great, I love the color combination as well as the idea. I've been working on some colorwork mittens recently and have mostly mastered the stranding but for one issue. How do you keep the stranding so pretty and even around the dpn changes? Mine bunches up or is alternatively too loose, and can't quite figure out how to keep it right. Any tips?

I love them! What is it about Fair Isle that is so intriguing?

The mitts are gorgeous. The stuff you design is so sophisticated and classy - I can't wait for your book!

Reversible? Do you mean that they can be turned inside out? Or just that each mitt can be worn on either hand?

At any rate, they are beautiful. I really like the color combo! I only wish my fair isle were prettier so I could do the pattern justice! Thanks for sharing them with us.

I've admired your work for quite a while. So refreshing amidst the pervasive "dumbing down" of the craft of knitting.

Now, here's a quick question (which I probably could figure out on the needles). Is the seam on the thumb or pinkie side of the glove?

Thanks again for your thoughtful, beautiful work!

I will definitely be making some of these! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

Must. Make. These.
Love this pattern - and your IK stuff too - elegant, beautiful and timeless. THanks for sharing.

You are such a doll! I love that when you get "stuck" you create something wonderful! I love that your brain works like that! Thanks so much for the beautiful pattern, I love it!

thank you for providing a beginner colorwork project! i've been too scared to start one, but this looks feasible for my experience level...and beautiful too!

Lovely - something like this is just what I have been craving for working on knitting projects in my chilly house - since I can't knit and hold onto a cup of tea simultaneously!

Thanks for sharing this pattern.

Gorgeous. I go through cycles where I'm in a funk and nothing is fun anymore. Sometimes just reading a book is the key to a refreshed attitude. It looks like your creative juices are still flowing - and creating lovely little knitted bits.

Those are gorgeous. As soon as I get through the Christmas knitting (and figure out if I have tendonitis or carpal tunnel), I will be making them. Thanks for the pattern! :)

The patterns you share for free are SO wonderful, I can only imagine what the ones in your book(s) will be like. I absolutely can't wait to see them!

These mitts are breathtaking. Such detail...

Aggghh! Why did you have to post this when I am in the throes of holiday knitting? I am in love with these and can hopefully hold off until the knitting I need to do is done. As always, brilliant.

Thanks so much for the georgeous pattern! You always know how to spoil your readers with sharing your creations.

This patern is very nice and colorfull. I think I knit them.

You're a peach. Thanks!

Those are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, I just might have to cast on for some :)

It's like you read my mind!

I've wanted to make fingerless mittens for my chilly office for quite a while, but couldn't decide on a pattern. I've also wanted to learn color work for quite a while but couldn’t find a good beginner pattern. I fell in love the moment I looked at the picture, and I'm even more thrilled now that I realize how well they match my knitting goals.

Oh my goodness, those are lovely!

Hiya Eunny, let me just say i love your work and think you are a great inspiration to all creative bods out and about.
This mits are great, I'm definately gonna have to try these at some point. And I'm sorry to hear you've not been as motivated to knit lately, I know exctly what you mean... i should be sewing right now, but look, i'm sat here procrastinating the evening away :(
Well, this is a long one in the end, keep up the great work and don't force yourself, otherwise you will find it a chore rather than a pleasure ;P

When I grow up I want to be you!!!!!!!!!

You know, you're just spoiling people with these insanely beautiful patterns, right?

Thank you so much for all the work you put into posting them.

Woohoo! Those are just beautiful! And they're reversible .. so, mosaic, not fair isle? Awesome!

Thanks for this pattern Eunny. I cannot wait to make them.

l.o.v.e!!!! those are so great....as soon as i finish all of my gifts, those are top on my list...thanks for the pattern!

I have Raynaud's Syndrome and always have cold hands. I must make these! The detail work you bring to everything you do with fiber continues to amaze me.

And as a book designer, how can I possibly resist something call "endpaper"?

Eunny, you're an angel! These should be just the thing to get me out of my Xmas knitting slump. Should be good practice for that Poetry in Stitches sweater, too. Thanks a bunch!

Beautiful as usual! I have never tried fair-isle on dpns, so I guess it's time I try it!

thanks a lot for showing this! Beautiful, I will knit them to!

Those are so fantastic. I've yet to try 2 color knitting other than stripes. This is definetly going to be my next project. Really Gorgeous! Actually think I may have the right yarn for it. Screw it. I need a x-mas gift too. Im casting on tonight.

This seems like a terribly stupid question, but on this pattern, do you mean that you need a ball of each color yarn per each glove (so four, altogether,) or a ball of each for the whole set? I'm thinking you mean the latter, but I'd like to make sure before under-purchasing.

Sorry to bother you!

Beautiful colors! I absolutely love the pattern.

Hi Eunny, I just finished the first Endpaper Mitt and it's so cute! I'm just starting on the second one now, and I'm going to make more in different colors for Christmas presents! I can't wait for the wavy mitten pattern to come out!

Amazing pattern. I've been meaning to knit up a pair of fingerless mitts for ages to go with a new hooded sweater vest I just finished, but have been a little reluctant due to the lack of a truly spectacular pattern. These fit the bill perfectly, thanks a million!

Gorgeous! I've been looking for a nice fingerless mitten pattern for ages, and this looks to be good for practice.

Those are beautiful!

I love the mittens and I have just finished them. However, I must say I hate the Italian tubular cast on. I think it is really ugly and unflexible. The tubular cast-off, on the other hand, is nice.

Thank you for the pattern! They are lovely and I learned a lot!

These gloves are too wonderful. Great work.

I'm late to the party, but my mitts are coming along in Blue Sky Baby Alpaca. The ribbing is a moss green while the color work is charcoal and cream. Speaking as a newcomer to color knitting, the directions are great and I'm impressing patrons left and right at the cafe where I take my lunch break. Thank you, Eunny. I look forward to seeing your work at Interweave.

I think I may be in love with you and your knitting. Thank you so much! As soon as I've got a couple of projects off the needles, I am going to go right for your deep V vest.

Again, thank you,

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