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Here's the thing about entrelac: turns out it's excellent mindless knitting, worried knitting, I-can't-hardly-breathe knitting. Its monotony soothes even stressed-out nervous fingers into laying off their twitching - but the sense of accomplishment is so much more satisfying than for, say, the same expanse of plain stockinette.

Why is that? I'm going to guess it's because there's such a loud bang for the knit stitch buck (I got over that burning, blinding hatred of entrelac pretty quick, I guess). I'm fascinated by the way different size blocks consume different yarns; am bursting with ideas on dyeing, blending and spinning the perfect entrelac colorway; am a-bubble with plans to use entrelac in all kinds of things - a relaxed, slouchy sweater coat in alpaca, gently shaped at the waist and sleeves with different sized blocks all in a row might be nice, eh?

Provided, of course, that I get to knit more than a couple minutes a day. Lots of things are going on right now, mostly non-knitting, and mostly not good. This blog, at least, is a dear hobby to me, and not a chore - I guess I feel like if I post at all, I should take the trouble to do it right - and for the last few weeks, I haven't had much to say or much time, energy, whatever to say it. But now - here I am.


Whew! I was worried about you! Welcome back, you entrelac freak. ;)

Great to have you back, but please don't take our missing you for condemnation of your choice to take time off! :) Everyone needs a little break once in awhile (especially when producing copious amounts of entrelac).

I'm so glad you're back. You were greatly missed!

Glad you're back. That photo makes it eye candy Tuesday for me!

I'm glad to see you back. I think I speak for many when I say that we were a bit concerned about you!
I hope all's well and again, welcome back.

It's great that you are back! I love the socks, are you going to post a pattern?

glad you're back and I hope everything is better "behind the scenes"

I miss you!

It's only more stress when your fun stuff gets added onto your "must do" list...hope your mostly-not-good is mostly over!

Hoping your life straightens out soon and you're only busy with good stuff. (I also use knitting to keep my hands busy when stressed. It keeps me from killing people.)



Best wishes for things calming down and doing better ASAP!

So glad you are posting again. Your entrelac is beautiful. Hope we'll be able to help with your concerns (just by being here to help.)

Oh man! All that entrelac is gorgeous!

Welcome back! OK, so you are officially insane. That is a sh*t ton of entrelac. Oh my god. Good luck to you and I hope knitting continues to be relaxing in rough times.

So glad you're back!

Thanks for posting! That's a gorgeous photo...hope things improve... :) I missed reading your knitting adventures...they inspire me to become a better knitter. :)

So glad to read a post from you today. We've all checked regularly hoping that it was the day of your return. Welcome back!

It's wonderful to see you posting again. I hope things get better for you soon. You've certainly got a handle on the "Knitting as Therapy" concept. Gorgeous work. Do we get an entrelac tutorial from the Queen of Knitting Tutorials?

LOVE LOVE LOVE your entrelac socks. They are so gorgeous I cannot take my eyes off of them. Knitting is a great stress-reducer. It is my way of sitting cross-legged, holding my thumb/finger in a circle and saying, "ohhhmmmmm." May things improve for you Eunie!!

are those SOCKS?? they are gorgeous - is there a link for a pattern? I love entrelac - have been doing it for years, and you certainly have "gotten" it!

Hi! I hope things settle down, but at least you've found a way to ensure breathing - I hear it's kind of important. I got my IK last night and saw the lovely sweater - my favorite in the whole magazine. Just sayin'

Great to see you post! I love the purple/gold sock - jester like!

Hope to see you this weekend!

If that's what you can accomplish in only a few minutes a day, I'm building a shrine to you and worshiping it daily. Beautiful stuff, and if you're working on an entrelac sweater pattern, I'm already excited. Until then, how about those blue socks???

Oh hurrah! So glad you're back.

Hope things start going better for you...

The entrelac socks - AMAZING.

Each of those socks deserves it's own picture. Can't wait for the yarns.

welcome back Midgie! Nice entrelac!

De-lurking to say that I hope things get better in your world soon. Your entrelac socks are lovely! I've never been a fan of entrelac, but now I feel inspired to try it.

Beautiful work, and if those are the reasons you love enterelac wait til you try mitered squares, I am sure you will be hooked for the very same reasons!!!

Prayers are with you.

I hope things calm down for you soon. I'm glad you've had the entrelac to keep your hands busy and to soothe your mind.

That pile of knit goods is awesome. I can't wait to try my hand at Entrelac. Maybe I'll start with a hat. *L*

I hope you have a Happy Halloween!


Wow, now thems some socks! very beautiful! Glad to see you back... hoope all the ickiness works itself all out...

Good to hear from you, welcome back. You deserve a break, you've been working so hard. Those are really nice colors on the socks.

Yay! I'm de-lurking as well to tell you how happy I am you're back. Hope things come together for you soon.

Thank goodness. You were missed. And oh holy cow, that's a lot of entrelac.

Happy Halloween! We missed you!

I was wondering, I tried entrelac once before and the tutorial which I found online was absolutely atrocious. I've been wanting to make an entrelac scarf with some noro I had lying around. Have you found a good tut out there? I have seen Danica on Knitty, but I don't like all that breaking of yarn and weaving in of ends. Are there any tips or tricks you could share? Which entrelac method do you prefer? Thank you so much!

I hope things calm down for you soon! (Both for alturistic and purely selfish reasons.)

P.S. What's the difference between a vampire and a doughnut?

--Try dunking the vampire in your coffee and you'll find out! ***knyuck knyuck knyuck*** :)

I'm so glad you're back! Back with entrelac!

Ok, I'm in love with the entrelac socks...I think you may just have convinced me to add another trick to my knitting repertoire. And welcome back!

I, too, am in the planning stages of dyeing and spinning an entrelac-perect yarn. I'd love to hear/read more about your thoughts on the matter.

glad to see you back, and hope that you are well. i have always believed that it is important to entrelac responsibly (because i have seen some entrelac that can only be described as "serious ugly"). this is highly responsible entrelac. gorgeous, gorgeous.

I'll 38th that: Welcome back. I was starting to worry you were in a terrible car accident or something. Hope things are calming down and looking up.
The enrelac socks look great. I've got the Forest Path Stole on my list of lace to knit (IK Mag Summer 2003). It is an entrelac- meets-lace stole. Yum.

I was really starting to worry about you! So glad you're back, Eunny. That is one PILE of yummy entrelac!

Wow - you don't kid around when you knit for stress relief! The entrelac is just gorgeous. Sending good wishes your way for resolution of any and all ickiness....

I'm terribly sorry life is showing you its stressful side. Wishing you the best (and loving the entrelac).

Welcome back! The knitting, as always, is fantastic. I knew you'd have something awesome to show with your return... but I didn't think it would be a pile of beautiful entrelac! Don't tell my boyfriend, but I love the purple and gold socks (I'm adamently anti-LSU, at least to him, hehe)! They are so fun and MARDI GRAS! I'm hoping to do an entrelac hat, but can't figure out the shaping. Blah. What is the big thing under the socks?

Welcome back! We've been missing you. I do hope things get a little less stressful soon. Beautiful knitting, as always!

Glad to see you back. You've been missed. The entrelac is gorgeous. I really have fought the urge to try it until opening your blog entry today. Cudos!!!

I hope things start getting better for you!

Out of curiosity, what yarn did you use for the sock on the right? The colors look exactly like those in the Lorna's Laces colorway "Fall Flight", which I'm currently using for a pair of plain ribbed socks. But I can't imagine getting such neat, solid squares, with no color blips in them.

i cannot believe the entrelac socks! Gorgeous and fun.

Hope things settle in a bit for you.

I'm so glad to see you back. And, I have an utter hatred for entrelac, but have to say the photo here almost has me intrigued.

I wish you the best and brightest on the other side of this dark time.

Your posts are always a pick me up no matter how badly my days may be going. I only wish I could return the favor in some, small way.

SO glad you are back. We were worried, and I was hoping that something wonderful was keeping you busy. Sorry to hear that it was not. Hope it improves.

Glad you are back and I hope all turns out ok.

Your entrelac is stunning - great color choices!

Wow, you do amazing knitting! Those socks are great, as usual. No wonder you're tired. I can't believe how much knitting you do. You're unbelievable!! Hey ... take care of yourself too.

Yea! You are back! All is right in Knit Blog World again!

Welcome back sorry to hear that you have had a rough couple of weeks, and I pray that things get better for you. Beautiful Entrelac indeed. We missed you.

Glad to see you back! I hope things start going better for you, and that you get lots of extra knitting time.

I do hope you feel better, Eunny. I don't know what's going on but it sounds really hard. Know that we're all here rooting for you whether you post or not.

Glad to see an entry, and so sorry to hear that you've needed "mindless knitting, worried knitting, I-can't-hardly-breathe knitting". I've missed your posting, and hope that it all gets better soon. . . .

Just joining the chorus, but it's true, I was often wondering when you'll be posting again. Without your posts, the blogging world is definitely missing something. Hope, the non knitting related life soon sorts itself out.

i don't know entrelac can be this beautiful! love to see your posts again.

(ps, i'm wearing the sweater you gave me today! love it still!)

wow, are those entrelac socks? how cool. glad you're back.

I've been very fascinated by entrelac but haven't taken the plunge. If those are entrelac socks I spy, I'm game for trying those!

Hurrah! Eunny's back!
Those are lovely socks!!
pattern please? pretty please??

This is the 1st time I've ever been inspired enough to try entrelac! Gorgeous!

Lovely to hear from you.

While I love the entrelac socks, I am wondering if (when you have the time, and if you have the inclination) you might discuss an approach to colour substitution/choice for Fair Isle patterns such as - oh, I don't know, perhaps this Venezia sweater in IK? (Lovely to see it whole, incidentally).

So glad to see you are okay and hope things improve very soon. Your metric ton of entrelac looks magnificent! Take care, Eunny.

Welcome back! I missed your posts exceedingly, and it's so good to know you're alive and (hopefully!) well. Take care of yourself, good luck with everything that's going on, and

holy cow, that is a LOT of entrelac!

Yeah-your back!

Holala I am soooooooooo happy that you are back !

Welcome back to blog land! I can't wait to see pic's of the Alpaca coat. I went to an Alpaca farm and bought some beautiful natural, not dyed, chestnut yarn! Oh so soft!! I'm knitting it into a lace cartigan now!

I'm thrilled you are back Eunny! For a girl who disliked entrelac and vowed never finish socks you seem to have changed your mind ;)

Welcome back - you've been missed. Entrelac is a terrific vehicle for spinners and dyers to experiment and then use up all those little samples your experiments yield. Have fun!

So glad to see a new post, and the entrelac items are beautiful. Here's hoping the other parts of your life get better so you can have more time to knit and share it with your fans.

So glad to have you back! Hope everything calms down soon, because I've really missed reading your blog!

Welcome back! Wow, what a wonderful amount of entrelac! I'm so inspired to take it up! I'd look forward to seeing a sock pattern myself!

So nice to have you back! :-)

I have had the same fears of entrelac and haven't gotten past the fiddliness of it yet, but I am feeling more inspired by this photograph.

Hope things start to look up for you.

Hang in there. It's okay to take a little blog break to take care of other things. Everyone will still be here when you get back. Nice design in IK, by the way!

Those look like great socks! And you have a lot of comments!

I'm so glad you are back...you are a great inspiration to me and us knitters!! You were missed and more than welcomed back!!! So sorry to hear life is "full"...this too shall pass....

Eunny! Thinking of you. Though we are complete strangers you have a place in my world, and I think of you warmly for the generous and gifted person you have shown yourself to be.

Good to see a post, Eunny ;) Lovely entrelac socks. Hope you are okay - things have definitely been busy. Hope to see you soon!

Glad you're back. You've been missed!

welcome back.
we missed you.

My my you have been busy! I'm glad you're back!

The entrelac is gorgeous and I'm so glad that you're back but sad to hear you've some crappy stuff happen. Hang in there honey.

Yes, welcome back! That's a lovely photo of lovely knitting. Could you flash us a pic of what the heels look like on those socks?

And..do you knit backward for your e'lac or do you turn your work?

Yippee! Welcome back. We missed you! Your entrelac is beautiful. Hope life eases for you soon.

Good grief! 80 comments so far! Can you tell how much we missed you? I am waiting patiently for the new IK to come out, I have my yarn ready and cant wait to start on your latest design. Hope everything is going well and that all of that not-so-good stuff goes away.

We're strangers so I wouldn't intrude and ask how you were but I've been worried about you all the same. I hope the life stuff picks up, the real world is not all it's cracked up to be IMHO.

See, now this is why I keep checking your blog. You learn something new and just dive right into the deep end with it and talk about all the possibilities this new skill or method offers you.

Glad you're back, and clearly I'm not the only one. You must be aglow with the proof of all your internet fans.

Oh I am soooo glad your back and posting with BEAUTIFUL work. You are so very talented, my knits seem meager compared to yours LOL. I stumbled on your blog a bit ago and have been waiting anxiously for an update since LOL not like you are busy and have a life or anything LOL....anyways, thanks for satisfying the curiousity!

Sorry to hear things aren't so great with you right now. The knitting looks great. I, too, have become a big entrelac fan, inspired by your previous post to try it on the Lady Eleanor scarf (Scarf Style).

Anyway, I look forward to more pictures and thoughts when you have the time.

Welcome back! I supposed you were so busy.

So glad you're back. Missed reading your blog, and hope you're doing well.

I'm a big fan of entrelac. I keep meaning to make a pair or two of socks with it. I like the colors for your entrelac.

Glad to see you back! I thought that maybe you were busy with your book or other exciting things... I hope this difficult period passes as quickly as it can for you.

So glad to see you're back. I found my way to your blog last week and was absolutely overwhelmed with awe and inspiration! I've never seen anything quite like your knitting.

I hope things get better soon.

So glad to "hear" your voice again! Welcome back. Nice to know that even though things are rough your creative mind is churning out ideas. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Glad to see you're back, hope that things in your non-knitting, non-blogging life settle into ok-ness soon.

Congrats on your beautiful work in the new Interweave, I can't wait to get the glossy in my hands!

So glad you are back. Sorry you are troubled - do remember that difficult times breed strong people. You make it thru - one day at a time - and when all is said and done -you look back and wonder just how you got thru it all! My best thoughts and a few prayers are with you! Keep knitting!

Hey, I already quit blogging once because it felt like a chore instead of a pastime, so I don't want you to feel the same now, when I've only just found you! I'm a lurker who's only loved your blog for two months or so, and that's far too early to lose you.

So it's fine, keeping us happy is not an obligation; we'll be here whenever you do want to show off your amazing work. Don't run yourself ragged on our account!

Missed you Eunny! Congratulations on the beautiful pattern in IK- it is the star of this issue for sure!

Hope November brings you some rest and rejeuvenation.


Even a short post from you is wonderful to read. I saw the sneak preview of your sweater in the upcoming IK and it's a beauty. Can't wait to get the magazine.

OH THANK GOODNESS you are back. I thought you had abandoned us! I missed your posts and hope all is well for you

Oh, welcome back! The socks are beautiful. I'm barely a knitter, and have heard the cautionary tales about entrelac, but the socks make me want learn.

We missed you!

WELCOME BACK!! We missed you.

Welcome Back! Missed reading your blog! All the Best!

We are so glad you're back - can you tell? The Entrelac is beautiful. I just recently discovered your blog, and am mostly a lurker. Reading about your knitting and seeing your pictures has given me the inspiration and confidence to change patterns to fit my body and personal style. The most important thing is for you to take care of yourself; you can't crank out those amazing designs if you're under the weather :)

Take care.

Hang in there. If entrelac helps keep you sane, well, we aren't going to complain. The pics are gorgeous!

Nice to see you posting again.
I like the thing that is not a sock, but don't those entrelac socks feel kind of 'seamy' on the inside?

I've been raving about your blogs to my fiber friends!Your knitting, spinning and photography are a joy.

I'm so glad you are back. I love the pic of all the wonderful entrelac socks. I've not enjoyed knitting this pattern, but your work is tempting me to try it again. r

Phew!! it is so good to have you back. I have checked your blog every single day and became increasingly concerned for your welfare - knowing how much work you had undertaken recently. Not that you don't deserve a rest, of course you do, it was just that you seemed to disappear mid-sentence so to speak.
Truth be told, it is even a little reassuring to know that you are really human, lol. I was beginning to think you were an extra terrestrial with super powers and my jaw would drop in awe of all the things you have done.LOL!!
But talent like yours should be preserved and reserved. I want to see you around for many many years to come and taking your rightful place in the knitting/design firmament!!

Big, big hugs of warmth and love and comfort. Sorry to hear that things have not been so good for you. It won't last, you know. Soon this too will pass and you will be full of joy again as you fully deserve to be.
Money can buy you the time to do the things that bring you fulfilment and can also buy you the services of someone who can take care of the mundane things. So, concentrate on getting your for sale patterns up.... we are all waiting to take part in a major downloading frenzy...then you can feed your soul with the right kind of food.
And that's and ORDER!!

O.K., I'm coming out of lurk-dom just to say I'm glad you're back. You had parts of the knitty cyberspace worried there... The entrelac is gorgeous! Hope life treats you good now.

Hang tough, Eunny; sometimes you win by outlasting the problem. Let us know what's under the socks sometime, please; it appears to be spectacular.


Another voice from out there that is really happy to read you again. I hope for better days for you and your doings.
PS: I recently discovered that when I am really really down the only thing that helps is singing. Loud and whatever it feels like singing.

All of your wip's are beautiful and you bring a whole new stylish meaning to the word 'entrelac'

Hope all is well.

Welcome back! I missed your posts; the entrelac socks are beautiful! :)
My favorite is the blue

Those are gorgeous. I'm also in a big entrelac phase right now, although it is thus far limited to some scarves knit as Christmas presents. Why does it seem to knit up so quickly? I don't understand it, but I love that about it.

And blogdom is good once again; you were missed. Ditto the "wow"s on the entrelac - you do it right when you do it!

I think you're in love, with entrelac that is....I myself have not tried it but you're making me want to! Saw your fair isle in the IK sneak preview... It's absolutely gorgeous! We've missed you and hope things smooth out for you soon.

Home real life gets smoother.
The socks are gorgeous. I am currently an enterlac hater..but those socks are enough to make me think twice....


Glad to see you back!

i guess you DID get over it! it's good to see you back—just yesterday i came over here thinking that maybe in my newsgator i had unsubscribed to your blog by mistake, but no—you were just taking time off.

Welcome back -- Congratulations on the beautiful sweater in the upcoming Interweave Knits! Gorgeous!

Whee! She's Back!

I'm glad you're back.

First of all, take your time. The nice thing about having a blog-reader is that even with my favorite blogs (ie yours) I don't really notice absences, just the pleasant return. Even if I did, it's still your blog! I'd much rather not read you for a while (or, better yet, go and reread the steeking chronicles) than think the blog was interfering with your real life.

Second, yay, entrelac! I'm a huge, huge fan (not that I think it's suited for everything - ugh, picture an entrelac pullover on the average woman, although, hmm, maybe a fingering-weight one ...), and it's an underappreciated part of knitting, I think. It'll be great to see your work and thoughts (well, more of them) on entrelac whenever you have the time and desire to post them.

Oh, and congrats on the IK sweater, it looks gorgeous.

Wow! Will you be sharing the entrelac sock pattern? Is it yours? Or somewhere I can find it? I love them.

I found your beautiful blog a couple days after the initial entrelac entry and then kept checking every few days for more until I'd worried you had fallen off the face of the planet. Glad to see you are back! I love your entrelac work and second the notion that (when you find the time...no rush) you should think about putting the entrelac sock pattern up. They rock.

WOW! That's a lot of entrelac.

I'm glad you're back. Every day I checked to see if you were posting and every day I looked at the entrelac and every day I thought "I need to try that."

Maybe I should try that. :)

Know that now, without any details that hundreds (and probably many more) of knitters are sending thoughts, prayers, and/or positive energy to you. A small gift for all of the joy your artistic wonders bring to us.
Do what you need to do for yourself first, and then, if there is anything we can do for you, please ask.

I'm glad you are back! Sorry things have been so hectic and worrying for you. I am glad you have knitting to relax. The entrelac socks look fantastic. I don't know how to do entrelac, and until your socks and Kristi's pictures (at Knitter's Anonymous) of a Lady Eleanor stole, I was quite content. Now I think I must learn it and learn it quick!

I hope the negatives in your life improve as quickly as possible!

GOOD GRIEF! The number of comments rivals the number of entrelac blocks! (both insane amounts, clearly) LOL

I'm sorry about your mostly not good junk =(( and hopefully it will get better soon. It must be contagioous because everyone seems to be going through hard times right now =( - but as always, this too shall pass

I hope things calm down soon.

Welcome back, Eunny. You were sorely missed!
Lov-olicious Entrelacs, girl!

i, too, tend to knit more when the rest of my life is unravelling. it seems to help hold me together.
wishing you peace and strength in your not-good times.

Missed you. Glad you are back. Hope things get back in balance for you soon Amazing entrelac! I don't think I've ever seen so much of it one place before.

Eunny, I missed you! I love your entrelac, it's so pretty. :)

If you need anything, I know I'm a stranger, but I like to help in any way possible. You have done so much for me in regards to inspiration I would love to do something in return. :)

I have had a really tough year myself, but it gets better every day. So, I hope whatever is going on with you is getting better.

You were truly missed but I am glad that you're back!! The entrelac looks fab and I can't wait to see all the new ideas that emerge out of this technique. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Dang - if you LIKED entrelac instead of hating per your last post - what would have knitted - a CAR COZY?!! No,no...that would've been too easy. A real car!!
Welcome back!

Those socks are gorgeous! Are you using a pattern, or are you off-the-cuff-ing it, as it were? I was wondering how the entrelac felt on the soles of your feet - generally in my own socks I can't stand anything but stockinette on the bottom, and I've been trying to wrap my head around how that would work with entrelac (not very hard, I've been distracted with other projects).

Anyway, if you had any thoughts to contribute to the pondering, that would be great (and would probably directly influence my next project...).

Really glad you're back, I've been missing you!

You're entrelac projects look really interesting, I'm very curious to see what you'll make of it all.

glad to see you back ! Beautiful entrelacs !

So glad you're back - and wow, that entrelac is stunning indeed!

So glad you are back and posting again. Missed you so much! Looking forward to seeing the amazing socks in more detail....

Goodness gravy! I am so glad to see you back. I almost fell back on my chair when I saw the different picture on your page. Great work! Hoping things are well, welcome!

Just another one of hundreds of folks glad to have you back. There is no substitute for Eunny. Love the entrelac. Looking forward to the new IK.

Glad to see you back! I had just found your blog, and was afraid it had been abandoned! Your work is beautiful and I can't wait to see more!

Hibernating and knitting entrelac may be a good approach to take when trying to navigate through tough times. Welcome back.

Those are ... entrelac .. -socks-!!??!!!??!?!


Blessings on you Dear Heart.

Gorgeous Gorgeous socks! I wouldn't knit those if you paid me $50 a minute, but I will stand back and applaud while you create.

eunny, i missed u!!! i thought you were lying in a gutter somewhere. and of course i LOVE your entrelac.

Eunny, I too have been feeling the call of the Entrelac. It's good to read a post from you. Don't feel any pressure -- as you can see from the comments, we'll all be here whenever you have a chance to write again. =)

I just found your blog and have been lurking about for the past few days. It has been knitting HEAVEN for me as I haven't been doing much myself these days. I have two dtrs, 2.5 yrs and 6 ms. So much of my knitting is vicarious in nature. And what a THRILL it is to be tom peeping at yours!!! I just bought your chuck cable sock pattern and will be lovingly studying it until I have some stolen moments to start on it.

So, thanks very much for sharing your knitting life with us... It does this crazy mommy a lot of good!!

Lots of love, Julie

You have convinced me to try entrelac finally, I want entrelac socks!

Oh, my goodness. Those entrelac socks are just gorgeous.

I need to try this.

Glad to have you back. Best wishes being sent your way.

So great to see you back! And those entralac socks are great! It's neat to knit, ha? :D

I know you are busy and all that, but I just wanted to ask if you will upload the pattern for the Almost Argyl socks someday? It's from way back in July, but I am wondering because I still love the pattern!

Happy knitting, and looking forward to reading your posts again!

welcome back!
You wonderful knitting inspiration was truly missed.

Hail fellow well met!

Thanks for your latest post and the view of all that gorgeous interlac. I, too, am engaging in my share of mindless knitting to soothe nerves. What first draft of the novel? What education recommendations for city government? Sometimes, the old brain needs to switch into idle and roam while my fingers get busy with something other than a keyboard or a pen.

Best wishes!

Just for the record . . . 160 comments. Welcome back. :o)

Welcome back! How's the book coming along? Is there any chance that it will be ready by the cruise at the end of April so that I can get you to sign a copy for me?

Have been waiting patiently for a new post. Glad that you are back at it. Hope things that kept you away are letting up. Your entrelac work is beautiful. It makes me want to try a sock. Just what I need, another project. WELCOME BACK!

OMG - she's ALIVE!!! You HAVE been missed and we're glad you are back. You must promise to never leave us alone again, we can't handle it!!

Dear Eunny,

Like all your other readers, I am glad that you are back.

I wish I could help with any of the issues that affect you at the moment, but since that is not the case, at least I can wish you all the best and hope for you that things will resolve themselves soon to your satisfaction.

Welcome back!


That is some DELICIOUS entrelac! Once again, you've forged the trail...and I'll be right behind you. (I've been avoiding entrelac for quite a while...) Thanks, Eunny!

You're back! That's good news.

Welcome back! Love your entrelac, it makes me want to give it a try!

Whatever's going on in your life rightnow, I hope it gets better soon.

De-lurking to add mine to the "Welcome back, worried about you, hope things are better soon" messages!

Yummy entrelac.

I'm so glad you aren't dead. I saw your pullover in the Interweave Winter preview, but then no updates for weeks.

All that entrelac looks amazing by the way. Haven't tried it yet myself. Just glad you are ok. Courage!

My, you have been busy - it is all looking gorgeous, as usual! Welcome back - we've missed you!

Entrelac socks! I love Entrelac. Are you publishing a pattern? I am new to your blog and love your work.

Glad you are back!!! I lurked at your post everyday hoping to see something new.Your entrelac is beautiful.I recently completed the Lady Eleanor shawl from Scarf Style and it was quite satisfying.

Your blog is just wonderful and brings such joy. Thank you for it and welcome back.

Glad you are back!!! I lurked at your post everyday hoping to see something new.Your entrelac is beautiful.I recently completed the Lady Eleanor shawl from Scarf Style and it was quite satisfying.

Glad you're back! I love your sweater in the new Interweave - I think I might have to buy a copy just for your pattern : )

Missed you. No pressure to post but just...missed you.

I am so glad you returned. Missed reading your updates, and I have to say those entralac socks look fantastic. Hope all is getting better in your world too.

Delighted to see a new post, especially one so inspiring with all that entrelac completed. I do hope things in the rest of your world get better.

I'm so glad you are back! i was starting to get worried about you. :) your socks are freaking awesome!

Eunny, I was so thrilled and relieved to see your post. Even though I don't *know* you, I feel as if I do and I was a bit worried. I'm sorry to hear things are challenging at the moment. On the brighter side of things I love entrelac and rarely see things I would want to knit in entrelac(Kathryn Alexander's designs got me into entrelac which was on the cover of Spin Off some years ago) but your socks are absolutely wonderful. Now that is some entrelac I'd love to knit!! Take good care!

Beautiful photo. I hope all is well soon!

Eunny, you are amazing. All your work is so beautiful, including your excellent tutorials. So glad to see you back.

I hope things are improving in your personal life. So sorry you've been having a rough time of it.

Your Entrelac is beautiful.

I already posted once (sorry, I'm a bit ADD lately) but I wanted to add a "ditto" to the previous poster who mentioned help with fair isle color schemes (especially the venezia sweater). I'm scared to make my own color choices, especially when so many are involved. Any insight you could give would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Oh it's so good to have you back Eunny, I've missed you a lot.
I hope things in your private life improve, there will be lots of people out there wishing everything well for you.
And of course, your knitting is, as ever, superb.

Now that I'm through flipping cartwheels for joy at seeing a new post here, I'll add my good wishes to those of your other reader that your non-knitting worries soon lighten. I'm not at all worried you seem to have gone crazy for entrelac.

typo: readers for reader... note to self: make more use of the preview button sorry!

Good to have you back, although I'm sorry you've hit a rough patch.

Hoping things improve soon.

So good to see you back. I hope things calm down soon for you.

Welcome back! I missed you & was getting worried!
Your work is delicious!

Look at all those pretty socks! I'm sending you good thoughts to get through the hard times :)

Beautiful photo, Eunny. It's nice to know you are still here.
Take care. We can wait for you. (and there is plenty to read in the archives for the impatient ones!)
I cannot believe you finally love entrelac!
Plenty of good thoughts sent to you, from Switzerland.

Welcome back! It's good to see you posting again. And holy damn, those socks are gorgeous.

Welcome back! And congrats on the pattern AND article in the new IK!

Welcome back Eunny! May all the comments of concern and admiration help you in the struggle of everyday life. Aren't we a bit selfish by urging you to post? But your knitting is so inspiring, a joy to look at...

You are amazing! Welcome back...you were missed!

Okay, this is comment #199, so, most likely lost in the shuffle, but just wanted to say it's nice to see you in blogland once again -- was getting worried. I'm sorry things have been rough lately. Sending good thoughts and positive energy your way.

I love entrelac. Took me a bit to figure it out, but once I "got" it, I found it wonderfully fun.

Welcome back from a humble lurker... your knitting is inspirational! Hope your life settles down. All the best to you.

Congrats on the beautiful pattern in Interweave Knits! Do you have any additional photos of the finished piece you can post on your site? The magazine doesn't really show the neckline--is it a boat neck?


so glad you are back! i love all the colorways entrelac.

I checked on you almost every day. So glad you posted. The entrelac is all beautiful--but I hope things calm down for you.

YAY!! You're back!! :)

I love the color combinations of your entrelac.

Like so many others..so glad you're back! As always, such beautiful stuff you're doing.

Just adding my voice to the throng... So happy to have you back. You inspired me to try lace knitting (successfully after reading your blog), and know I'm considering Entrelac... erm, when you explain it ;)
Keep your chin up...

Those are enterlac socks I see. That is ingenious! I'll have to try that. Glad to see you are back.

SO glad you are back, yours is one of my "always check" sites when I'm clicking around my bookmarks. Also wanted to say that I ADORE the fair isle in IK winter. I'm already plotting to make it. Can't wait. Hope things will settle down a bit.

That entrelac coat idea in alpaca sounds really splendid. I would definitely like to knit one for myself too! And those entrelac socks, or what it is on the picture, looks amazing. Your yarn and colour choices are so tasteful! My guess is that it is Noro Silk Garden 203 or 228 on the blanket/scarf thing in the background of the photo?!

By the way, I want to say. I am really glad you are blogging of course. BUT, really, don't feel any pressure to post. We prefer a happy relaxed Eunny before a stressed out one!

Just want to say the Venezia sweater is soooooo gorgeous. Of couse it is well above my pay grade right now but it is my inspiration and I am busy fantasising new colour combos in luscious reds, pinks and purples.

You have single-handedly turned entrelac into the coolest form ever! I sort of thought: Mmms clever but not, ahem, cool. You have changed that completely.
You are a genius!!
I don not just await your pattern on the little arrowhead sweater, I looooong for and ache for that pattern!!
Oops, No pressure there, then! LOL

Glad to see your back. Amazing socks.

Thought you fell off the face of the earth! Love those socks. I am thinking I need to make several pair.

New here...love the entrelac socks! I don;t say that lightly as I am not really a sock knitter, but now I SO want to! WOuld love to have the pattern when you get settled and if you make it available. Thanks :)

Your entrelac socks are amazing. Thank you for the inspiration. It's time for me to give it try.

Stupore! ho una sensibilit molto buona circa il vostro luogo!!!!

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