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October 31, 2006


Here's the thing about entrelac: turns out it's excellent mindless knitting, worried knitting, I-can't-hardly-breathe knitting. Its monotony soothes even stressed-out nervous fingers into laying off their twitching - but the sense of accomplishment is so much more satisfying than for, say, the same expanse of plain stockinette.

Why is that? I'm going to guess it's because there's such a loud bang for the knit stitch buck (I got over that burning, blinding hatred of entrelac pretty quick, I guess). I'm fascinated by the way different size blocks consume different yarns; am bursting with ideas on dyeing, blending and spinning the perfect entrelac colorway; am a-bubble with plans to use entrelac in all kinds of things - a relaxed, slouchy sweater coat in alpaca, gently shaped at the waist and sleeves with different sized blocks all in a row might be nice, eh?

Provided, of course, that I get to knit more than a couple minutes a day. Lots of things are going on right now, mostly non-knitting, and mostly not good. This blog, at least, is a dear hobby to me, and not a chore - I guess I feel like if I post at all, I should take the trouble to do it right - and for the last few weeks, I haven't had much to say or much time, energy, whatever to say it. But now - here I am.