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I am late to the party, but hot damn, does Trekking look good in entrelac.

Those delicious muted blocks of color melting into other blocks of color - one of the best uses of yarn with ombré-style stripes (note to self: duh). The only problem? Turns out I, uh, hate entrelac, hate the fiddliness of it, hate turning the work but also hate knitting backwards, hate picking up stitches. But I love, love, love the result. What to do, what to do?

Bayerische Sock

A bit of errata, pointed out by the eagle-eyed Mmario: after the intial toe decrease section, of course the pattern should read "Then, work Round 1 6 times more" rather than the plain-knit Round 2.


Eunny, I am in a process of making a sweater with Entrelac, it was boring turning and picking up, but the result is really pleasing, I'd suggest to get all yourself together and give it a shot =)

I adore trekking xxl the subtleties, ahhh! and was thinking of making the Lady Eleanor with it ( for a narrower effect of course) -seeing this is very inspiring!

the" keep turning, knitting backward and picking up" is very good for brain exercises, as well as producing a fab effect.

Mmm, looks so good!

Oh, wow! I love it. Haven't tried entrelac yet, for the reasons you mentioned, but this is an inspiration. Your knitting is just so beautiful, it is always a joy to check your site, which I've been doing for ages without posting. Now off to find some ombre yarns.

Believe me, I can relate. I haven't knit stst entrelac, but I'm working on my 4th pair of garter rib entrelac socks. I'll be happy when these are finally off the needles! BTW, your trekking entrelac looks lovely.

That's awesome. I find entrelac boring to do as well, but the results are great.

I found the entrelac to be fiddly too. I think it's worse when the squares are so small. Also, the fact that mittens and socks come in pairs doesn't help either. :-)

At least entrelac doesn't leave a lot of ends to sew in the way mitered squares do!

I do love how the Trekking looks in entrelac, but entrelac as a whole still seems too fiddly to bother with at this point in my life.

Am I the only one in the blogosphere who loves doing entrelac??

Eunny - I do love your Trekking (entrelac is actually fiddly fun, I've always thought) and the Bayerische Socks are likewise lovely, but reading today's post makes my heart just bleed. BLEED, I tell you! To think that somewhere the genius of your Almost Argyles hides far from the light of day in your noggin & that the Bayerische is out in pattern-ish form before the AA's are is just ache-worthy. I mean, c'mon - I'm currently living on the Eastern Shore - (and you of all people living in MD can understand exactly what I mean by that) - what else do I have to hope & live for these days????? ;>

i have never been able to get past the first row repeats of an entrelac piece, but I have to say I want to go back and try again after seeing your start at a sock... absolutely gorgeous...

i was just making jaywalkers out of trekking and thinking what a great yarn it was and why haven't i used it sooner... but now this! what to do... never tried entrelac, must give it a whirl!

Wow, what a GREAT use of Trekking!!

Gee, Eunny, for a self-proclaimed non-knitter of socks you sure seem to be knitting a lot of socks ; )

Oh how right you are... Entrelac is so fiddly and fickle that I gave up after knitting and cursing my way through a blanket square for charity... Yet, it looks so good, and who can not succumb to this: http://www.blackberry-ridge.com/snowdrft.htm

(Got the yarn, needles and pattern. Need courage and patience.)

Oh, and I'm a long-time-lurker. Just needed the right post to delurk :)

I never thought to do entrelac socks...w/ TREKKING! ooooooooooh....

I found entrelec really addictive, but then I dont mind picking up sts.

I saw an FO on a LJ community a while back of entrelac socks. If memory serves, these were done with a load of solids - a way of using up ends of sockyarn. But I thought at the time it could work well with the right verigated yarn (I too was thinking of the Noro stole...) trecking - of course!

Think the pattern was in "Socks, Socks, Socks".

Fabulous yarn! I like the last one most and can´t wait getting my wheel soon.
By the way, if you want the socks name to sound original Bayerisch, the call them "Bayerische Socken" instead of socks ^.^
Anne (not from Bayern, but from Berlin, Germany

I have one idea on what to do, what to do to 'avoid' entrelac and still get that cool effect of the melting colors....I used the same Trekking colorway on a pair of socks from the winter 2005 Knits, embossed leaves socks designed by Mona Schmidt. The leaves overlay each other and the color effect is scrumptious. You might give it a try! I love your blog!

One of these days I am going to start Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style and I am already not too thrilled with the thought of enterlac but like you said the end result is so beautiful especially with the noro kueryon that I bought for it.

The sock is already beautiful. I want to start my Lady E soon.

What beautiful colors...my absolute favorite...a warm, autumn palette. May I ask what color you're knitting?

Very Pretty!

I agree the entrelac is a great match with this yarn. If you hate doing it though, you might want to try the Mermaid socks (I think) from Lucy Neatby's Cool Socks, Warm Feet. I think the look is similar to what you've got going, and I've only heard good things from those who've made them... so they shouldn't be nearly as fiddly.

have you looked at MOdular knits by iris Schreier? in her book you dont pick up stitches. you have slanted blocks but they are garter stitch.

Beautiful, as usual

Eunny- I started a pair of entrelac socks out of Schaefer's Anne and EL's Silky wool on 00's. THe result, absolutely gorgeous. The process, intensely meticulous. I finished 3/4 of one sock. This spring I certainly lost my knitting mojo for the project- but seeing this today makes me want to pull it out and begin again!

You're a fruit, you know that? I thought it wasn't meant to be, but you started it again didn't you? Was it my ranting about how I wouldn't let patterns get the best of me, or did you just need something to knit in a lecture?

Very pretty. What will you do? Suffer or rip?

The socks will be beautiful. I used Trekking in 106 (I think) and did entrelac socks. I was going to do them all the way like in Socks, Socks, Socks, but ended up just doing the tops. You can see them on my blog at www.pam-knits.blogspot.com.

I love checking your blog and seeing all the interesting and intricate items you make. I can't wait to make the socks.

Hi Eunny~
It is a lovely match - Trekking is such a great yarn. I have made 2 pairs of socks from it. It really does look lovely in the entrelac pattern too. I will have to remember this.

Hope you are well! :)

I think it'll grow on you. When you find you've knitted a whole row of rectangles without noticing, it's a good feeling. Stick with it for a little bit, anyway. It's too beautiful not to try...

Late to the party? Maybe so but oh so wonderful looking w. the Trekking. (I think I'll leave the entrelac w. you - you brave soul:)

I love it,even if you hate it.

i think is hard to do but it is very beautiful

Oh, Eunny, you are so right. Entrelac is truly loathesome. And yet those socks look so wonderful.

It really is a dilemma.

By the way, I just started working part-time at my LYS and I am currently cooking up a rationale for putting my entire first paycheck toward buying out our bin of Trekking XXL. I know it's extravagant and wrong...and yet, it is somehow so right!

*grin* I usually read, re-read; and re-read again before even thinking about whether or not I want to do a pattern (because if they don't really "grab" me, I don't want to knit them.
so it wasn't any "eagle eye" - just confuzzlation of the brain. I was sure I had missed something.

my first and only attempt at entrelac was with a pair of socks. i found that learning to knit backwards was key (and fun!)...after a while, i found a rhythm and picking up stitches no longer a chore because i had another block of color to look forward to.

the colorway you chose is beautiful! can't wait to see the finished project!

The sock DOES look good, but also like a PIA. I've never done entrelac before, is it possible to knit the top of the foot entrelac and the bottom plain? If not you can look forward to straight knitting for the foot...

I love the Bayerische socks and want to try twisted stiches. Do you know of a good pattern book that has lots of stitch patterns?

Yummy! They do look delicious! I haven't tried Entrelac yet but your socks look so awesome I just might have to give it a try!

Wow, it really does look good in entrelac. It makes me actually like entrelac when I never have before!!

I started the Lady Eleanor as a scarf with Trekking and it's beautiful and addictive and very slow on size 2s. And very slow because I stop to look at it after every rectangle. I'm a big fan of yours (though I wish you'd make a pattern for those beautiful socks in a bigger size!) and can't wait to see the beautiful things you create every week. Thanks for blogging and sharing!

Well, you'll just have to invent a different way to accomplish that, won't you?! ;)

I recently completed the Lady E wrap in Big Kureyon. I must tell you the experience was wonderful. I know it can get boring, but watching the colors fall into place is great. What shade of the Trekking are using and what are you knitting?

Sorry dude, if you love the results, you gotta suck up the process.

I had no idea so many people didn't like knitting entrelac! I thought it was just me! I loathe picking up stitches, but I don't mind turning my work; for me, it's faster. I love your socks in the Trekking - beautiful!

Gorgeous socks!

A few years ago, shortly before the current knitting-is-the-new-yoga thing -- I made an afghan (Colinette kit) of mitered squares. I loved doing it. I wove in the ends after every couple of squares b/c I knew it would be a pain if I waited until the end. But the big thing was that I had to pick up stitches so many times that it became just like knitting stockinette: easy.

It looks wonderful, as always. I'm with you: I absolutely love the way entrelac looks but I loathe working on it. I recently completed an entrelac scarf and it was the most mind-numbing knitting project I've ever done. Love the colors!

Sorry you don't like entrelac, but it really does look like it's going to totally worth it. Really cool.

It is a shame you don't enjoy it, because it is very pretty to the eye. So pretty perhaps it is best to suffer through in this one instance.


Those socks are beautiful! I want to try! I did a search for "entrelac sock pattern" and didn't seem to come up with any.... Can you recommend a good pattern?
PS You are one smart cookie!

Your work is so beautiful, I congratulate to you. You are of most professional and you have very inspirations creations.

I send many affections to you from Chile.

Sorry by my badly English.

I started an enterlac project (my first) as well...yup, pain in the bootie, but so worth it in the end. At least watching the colors pool is some excitement.

The entrelac socks look great. Are you using the pattern from the Socks Socks Socks book or making up your own?
I do have a question about yarn for the Bayerische socks. I swatched with a Regia 3-ply and am getting close to gauge. However, I have some Lang Jawoll that I'm also swatching and the yarn feels 'crisper'. Alas, the Jawoll is black and I don't want to do the Bayerische in black (I would go blind). Should I go through the trouble of acquiring some Jawoll in a more appropriate color or would I be OK with any sock yarn that gets me close to gauge? How important is that crispness? Thx, Sue

Hey, javajem tells me you're from Columbia and might be interested in the Knit-A-Thon that is happening on October 14 from 10am- 3pm. All the information is on my blog. Go to:
http://nittanyknits.blogspot.com for more info.

Hope to see you there!

it looks great! are you using a pattern for your entralac socks or just winging it?

It looks fantastic!!!!! Beautiful pattern!

I miss you. Where are you? Hope all is well!!!

Yep, I too have an entrelac sock I started a year ago, never got past the fifth "stripe", but all in different yarns. What inspiration to do it in Trekking. You are a genius, as ever, girl.

Wow,the Bayerische sock is gorgeous! And your spinning is beautiful.

A good summation of entrelac, but maybe keeping it to small projects, rather than taking on a full-length coat, will be satisfying.

Three weeks without Eunny! I hope you're okay, and busy in a good way!

I second that! ^^ It's October 10th--goodness, we miss you!

Third it!

I agree and hope you will come back to us soon.

Yes...I agree too...I get my inspiration from reading your blog....come back sooooon!

Me too, I hope you're back soon!

I add my wish for your return to the ones above. Hope you are well and just very busy!

I, too, miss you and hope everything is ok. Although I rarely post comments I hope this lull in your blog is due to the book and not something else. Take good care!

Just echoing the comments above, I hope all is well for you, too.

Another lurker echoing the previous comments. I hope all is well - we miss you!

We're going through withdrawl. Hope everything is okay with you and that you are just off finishing a book or something.

Ditto on every comment above (Oct 4 - 12). I wish I could stop "stalking" your website, but I'm hooked.

Did you know you have this many fans? We all miss you and hope you're on vacation or doing something fun!

You amaze me. That's all I have to say. Amazing, Eunny!

I hope this long hiatus is due to preparations for your stitch pattern book's release. I'm looking forward to that!

The IK sweater is AMAZING! Could Knitpick's Palette be used as a substitute? Wow, how many different colors does it use?!

congratulations! i just saw one of your designs on the winter sneak peek of interweave knits :)
it looks mindboggling beautiful !

I'm not Eunny, but I'm gonna bet Palette wouldn't work. Not that it's the wrong weight or anything, but all of Palette's colors are pretty clear and crayon-like (meaning that in the purely descriptive way, not the denigrating way). There's nothing you could substitute for the gold or the teal, for example; Palette only has yellow and blue and green.

You motivated me to try entrelac. I love it. I will post soon about it. All to say for now is that I haven't tried socks yet, so I'm doing it as a scarf and with Rowan Tapestry.

Thanks, as always, for the inspiration.

Oh, good! I was wondering if she'd fallen off the face of the earth or been eaten alive by an angry, tangled mass of yarn, or had decided to elope, or, or, or... :-)
*lol! I'm one to speak! I haven't posted on MY blog for almost a month...*

Hi Eunny,

I love your Bayerische socks! I wanted to do ones for my self but unfortunately Opal Uni yarn (the lightest sock yarn that I happend to have at the moment) was too heavy or too thick for the socks. I tried many times by changing the patterns a little but still it was impossible to finnish the socks.

Then I made just basic socks with one of your patterns, and I like the socks a lot. Here is a link to my blog if you would like to see the pictures; sorry the texts are in Finnish. http://kadentaidot.blogspot.com/2006/10/eunnyn-palmikoita.html

Sometimes later when I'll find correct yarn I'll made a pair of Bayerische socks by your pattern!

Happy knitting!

Just purchased the shetland yarn for Venezia - what a buzz!

Just wanted to say Venezia is beautiful - your style is clearly expressed in this design, and I'm looking forward to seeing your designs everywhere I look! Congrats on the pattern and on your continued success!

Congratulations on Avant Garde Designs for the Adventurous Knitter! That's what Gawker.com said the book title was when it was optioned, anyway! I can't wait to buy it, your designs are always something I would want to make and wear.


Can't wait till you return!
Hope all goes well...ss

I have been a long-time reader/lurker/ogler of gorgeousness, but have never before commented. I imagine I was just waiting for something exciting to say...

And now I have it - I have knit your Bayerische socks! Absolutely gorgeous, if not a huge time committment. :) I have pictures and a brief summary at:


I just saw your design in the interweave knits preview. It looks gorgeous. Congratulations!

Eunny!! I like your sock, really. But I miss you. I hope that you are all right.

Hi! I don't usually buy Interweave Knits but I think I will buy the next issue-your pattern looks gorgeous. Hope you're alright and the entrelac sock didn't eat you or anything.

Hey guys,
I was wondering how you could get a sneakpeak into the winter 2006 mag. The website only shows the fall magazine.


Eunny, Miss you. Where are you? Hope you are okay!

Coming out of lurkdom to wish you well and hope you're ok. A month with no entry...I'm going through withdrawal. I hope it's just a busy life that's keeping you from posting.


Here's the sneak peek link. Scroll down for Eunny's sweater.


Janet- Thanks a bunch for the link! Great knits this winter!


Love your new sweater in IK Winter 2006. Unfortunately, it's way out of my skill range, but I can admire from afar!

Oy, Eunny! Art thou blogging still?

Does Eunny still knit?

I'm over 1/4 done with my POTW edging.... I think I can do it!

But owuld love to see Eunny knit!

Until now, I've been a lurker, but I have to out myself to ask: where the heck is Eunny?


I hope she's okay.

Another lurker to say we miss you and hope good things are keeping you away from us. Daryl

Oh, I hope you are OK. Miss Eunny. I know that fall is the time everyone just gets slammed with stuff, but I just hope you are keeping your head above water.

Take care,

- Dottie

I love the colors!!! I must admit, I love knitting back backwards.....!

My Shetland Spindrift came today for Venezia - yummy - all I need now is the pattern! What is it with Eunny? She doesn't post and still gets the comments? Go figure.

Come back! Come back! :)

See Eunny blog??? :-)

Oh where, oh where has our Eunny gone?
Oh where, Oh where can she be?
Has her time run too short,
Or her worklist too long?
Oh where, oh where can she be?

Congrats on the fantastic Interweave pattern! Hope you're doing well.

Your Venezia Pullover is unbelievable. It's so gorgeous! Can't wait to see your next post, we miss you!

Eunny, we miss you!!! Maybe she is on vacation?!?

Miss your blog, hopefully you're doing well.

You never cease to amaze, Eunny! I can't wait to get my hands on the winter IK. Congratulations and we hope to see you back here soon.

Where are you Eunny? We misses you!

I wonder where are you, Eunny.... We misses you.... I hope nothing bad has happed to you !

Hope you are well - you are definitely missed!

You can See Lizzy Frog if you like :)

Eunny, you're sorely missed! (Though this is giving me time to peruse your archives.) I do hope that everything is alright with you, and that you will be back with us soon.


We miss you, Eunny. I'm looking forward to rereading your steeking article in the new IWK, not to mention drooling over the Venezia fairisle. I can't imagine it would take me five days, though.
Hope you're well.

Eunny, I can't wait until you resume posting, you are missed. Congratulations on the Venezia fairisle!

I imagine you're probably just swamped but I miss the gorgeous knitting (and the food pictures from Thanksgiving were pretty amazing too). Hope to see a post soon & to hear about what you've been doing.

Delurking after months and months to say we're all (obviously) glad you are back. Good luck with everything going on.

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