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Fits and starts, starts and fits.

This is a 3-ply worsted-spun light fingering weight, from Amy Boogie's Almost Solid Merino top in Hyacinth. It feels wonderful, wonderful - I spun three very fine, very firm plies, set them up on storage bobbins, and plied them together with quite a bit more twist than I thought I needed (about 3/4 of the single twist) to get this wonderfully sproingy, squishy, not-at-all-wiry, and yet strong and knittable yarn. Seriously, I wish they'd hurry up and invent squeeze-o-vision already - I want everyone to give it a pinch.

Weight: 110 grams
Yardage: 460 yards/ 420 meters (~ light fingering)
Single WPI: ~45
Plied WPI: ~19
Single TPI: ~20 (unless I'm not figuring this out right - two revolutions of the 15:1 whorl for every 1.5-2" of drafted fiber)
Plied TPI: ~13
Other specs: Worsted-spun three-ply, singles spun from random sections

It took a couple weeks to spin just that four ounces - very busy, losing my mind, yadda yadda yadda - but I suddenly started sampling up a storm, spinning tiny little 7 or 8 gram skeins of everything, just to see:

Clockwise from top left: A sad attempt at a worsted-weight 2-ply Almost Solid Merino in Poppies; sock-weight 3-plys in Handpainted Yarn roving in (from left) Polar, Azul and Sunset; that delicious Blows Smoke from Hello Yarn, in a distressingly bumpy fingering-ish 2-ply; and some more Almost Solid in Juniper Berry, in 2- and 3-ply versions.

For subtly tonal fibers (and purely from a color standpoint), I really like 3-plys. Not Navajo-plied yarns, mind you - they're well and good, of course, but aren't what I'm going for with these - but three separate threads all spun from random sections of fiber. The shades are distributed better, and in the case of something like the Juniper Berry (truly almost-solid), the subtly different tones work a wonderful kind of alchemy and produce a really lively, energetic yarn. Interesting just to look at and to process; demanding a closer look, and then one closer still. Good stuff.


So beautiful. I am so impressed with how even your spinning is. I, obviously, need practice!

I agree. Your spinning is fantastic...

I try and try and I can seem to get a good dk/fingering weight yarn! I am jealous! ;-) It's very beautiful. Oh and your sock is beautiful too. It looks embossed.

I'm waiting for squeeze-o-vision too, the way you describe it! All your yarns are really beautifull and I will try 3 ply to distribute colours, I find my 2ply is a bit splotchy sometimes. Your links to those beautiful shops will be the death of my credit card :)

I like what you did with the juniper berry. I am trying to get to the point of separating out shades within a roving and spinning them together. It's just time-consuming, you know? So much easier to just spin straight off the batt.

JEEZ! Beautiful stuff! It looks like you've been spinning for years and years. How do you do it?!

Oh! That lavender is so deliciously candy-cane like. I love it.

You have no idea how badly I want to buy a spinning wheel now! When you first began spinning, I hunted down my "spindle" I made in my fiber-arts class- a dowel, two rubber bands, a blank CD, and a screw-hook. Let's just say my results were not as spectacular as yours, Eunny.

Like a flower garden of spun yarn. I want a wheel too. If I were you, I'd be almost reluctant to knit with the yarn, and tempted to make it a permanent display in my living room :)

wow - absolutely gorgeous, all of it. :) If you knit up swatches, send pics of those too - I love how all the yarn looks in the skeins, and I always wonder how it will look knitted :)

gorgeous! its eye candy friday everyday on your blog!

Juniper and Sunset are stunning...don't you just love Amy Boogie?!

I really like your 3-ply. We really can see how squishy it is in the photo.

Wow, those are some nice colors, relaxing to the eyes!

Wow, all of these yarns are so beautiful. I especially love the hyacinth and that yellow one.

The Hyacinth is absolutely gorgeous, just love the colors. And I just saw the sock .. wow just wow

You've got spinning in your blood, it's incredible!

OH how I love the Hyacinth... all the colours are beautiful, but that Hyancinth, sumptuous...

It's not fair, you knit AND spin beautifully!

I'm so glad you let us all gape at your creations!

It ALL looks so wonderful, more so b/c it's hand spun. Hmmm, could "Eunny's Yarns" be near?

The yarn is gorgeous...it's tempting me to learn to spin. But I do have a "no stash" policy that would be pretty impossible to keep if I spun...hmmm. How do you handle storage?

You're getting really good at spinning, eveything looks great. And that new sock design is just beautiful.

Lovely, gorgeous spinning!

Just lovely! You wouldn't be working yourself into a line of handspun yarn, now would you?

The Juniper Berry really caught my eye. You said it so well about seeing something that beckons you to look closer. I am all for squeeze-o-vision!! I am a yarn squisher, toucher, and put it against my neck type.

Good stuff indeed. Your spinning is just gorgeous.

Not surprising -- your spinning is beautiful, too -- I love the hyacinth! Oh - and the Bayerische socks are great!

Hi Eunny. I have commented before but never introduced myself. I am Penny and I knit easy things and appreciate complex ones. So here's the comment: It's always such a pleasure to come to your site and see what you've done. I love the green socks from yesterday's post. You never disappoint, and I have not yet seen you hit a wrong note. Keep knitting!

Eunny, you are doing (as my mother would say) the devil's work - here I am, maintaining with steely determination my intention not to learn how to spin until I've made serious dents in my yarn and fabric stashes and what do I see? Glorious colours, beautiful fibres and a wonderful 'what if I do this..?' attitude.
Thanks for the Bayerische socks, as well. My fingers are itching to make a start on those.

You greedy little bugger, you!! How dare you take so many creative genes and leave ME with so few!! Can I adopt you? Or maybe marry you off to one of my sons (23 & 27)!!

The purple skein is so beautiful. Maybe once I am out of grad school I can aspire to making my own beautiful yarn.

Beautiful spinning! I love watching your projects evolve - thanks for sharing them!

As for twist per inch (TPI), this is usually measured by placing the yarn on a ruler and counting the number of times a single fiber revolves around the yarn (twists) in a given length (inch). While you may be intending it to have a particular TPI, there's usually a different measured TPI because of what's added during wind-on to the bobbin and removed during wind-off to make the skein. And then the yarn relaxes when you wash it, so it again loses some of that intended TPI. Essentially, you make note of how you spun it and the result after all the finishing, too. Then you'll really be learning what you'll get when you spin in a particular manner.

Happy spinning!!

Beautiful colorway and wonderful spinning job!

Squeeze-o-vision? What a great concept, and not just for yarn — think of all the cute kitten pictures.

I'll happily take that purple off your hands. You weren't going to use it anyway, were you?

And I definitely think squeeze-o-vision would be better than smell-o-vision.

I believe that is the most beautiful yarn I have ever seen in my life.


You work is awe-inspiring.

Thank you for sharing.

Love all the colors! Just beautiful!

Oh, I love the purple yarn! It's gorgeous. And the Bayerische socks are very nice. I may have to try them...

I take comfort in knowing that my Blows Smoke looks like your Blows Smoke!

They are so beautiful, especially the Hyacinth!

I gotta say that I like 3-ply much better than a 2-ply yarn anytime. I'm not sure why.. it just feels so much nicer, and makes for a round yarn, that knits up well for stitch definition. I too like a lot of twist in my yarns; I do almost all of them on a CD spindle. I do have a couple of wheels, and do use them a couple times a year, but my spindle goes with me wherever I go! And it does the work, so what more can I ask?!! Love your colours! And Merino -- well, that is all you need to say!

The yarn is beautiful - and made even more so by your photography work!

Hey Miss Eunny, where are you?? Should we be worried? Don't you know having a life is no excuse for abandoning your faithful blog readers?

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