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Bayerische sock (Part II)

You ain't seen nothing yet.

It really shines on the foot. I like the details a lot - maybe you can even see the way the well-behaved pattern flows into the slightly out-thrust slipped stitches of the heel (not that it didn't take some beating into submission for it to do so).

Pattern: My own (check it out below)
Yarn: Lang Jawoll, in color 0197 (Acid-y green)
Yardage: 1 50 gram balls (about 230 yards for a size 6 sock)
Yarn Source: Clover Hill Yarn Shop
Needles: 2.00mm (US 0) Addi Turbo circular needles
Gauge: 9 sts/inch over stockinette
Modifications: --

A nicely-formatted pattern for free download will be available eventually, but in the meantime:

Click for the first part of this pattern


Round 1: *K1tbl. Work Row 1 of Chart A across next 9 sts. K1tbl. Work Row 1 of Chart B across next 14 sts. K1tbl. Work Row 1 of Chart C across next 9 sts. K1tbl. Work Row 1 of Chart D across next 12 sts. Repeat from * for other half of sock.

Work as set until desired leg length is reached, ending with row 16 of Chart D.

Next round: Work as set (Row 1 of all charts) until first repeat of Chart D. Work as charted, but work 2 center sts as a left twist instead of a right cross. Work as set until second repeat of Chart D. Work first 5 sts as charted. Work next 2 sts as a right twist instead of a right cross (last 5 sts of round remain unworked). Holding 50 sts for instep, begin working heel flat.

Heel flap:

Set-up row: K2, ssk, (k1, sl1) 7 times, ssk 5 times, (sl1, k1) 7 times, ssk 2 times. 38 sts.
Row 1 (WS): Sl1. P to end.
Row 2: *Sl1, k1. Rep from * to end.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 15 times more, ending RS.

Turn heel:

Row 1 (WS): Sl1, p20, p2tog, p1, turn.
Row 2: Sl1, k5, k2tog, k1, turn.
Row 3: Sl1, p to within 1 st of turning gap, p2tog, p1, turn.
Row 4: Sl1, k to within 1 st of turning gap, k2tog, k1, turn.

Rep rows 3 and 4 until all stitches have been consumed, ending RS. 22 sts remain.

Gussets and foot:

With right side facing, pick up and knit 16 sts along the adjacent slipped stitch selvedge. Work Row 2 of Chart D1 across next 7 sts. K1tbl. Work Row 2 of Chart A across next 9 sts. K1tbl. Work Row 2 of Chart B across next 14 sts. K1tbl. Work Row 2 of Chart C across next 19 sts. Work Row 2 of Chart D2 across next 7 sts. PM for new end-of-round (yes, this "round" is only a partial round).

Round 1: Pick up and knit 16 sts along adjacent slipped stitch selvedge. K across 22 sts of sole. K across 16 sts of gusset. 54 stitches total for sole + gussets. Work across instep as set.

Round 2: Ssk, work to last 2 sts of sole/gussets, k2tog. Work across instep as set.
Round 3: K1tbl, work to last st of sole/gussets, k1tbl. Work across instep as set.

Repeat rounds 2 and 3 8 times more, until 36 sts remain total for sole/gusset. Continue to work straight (as for round 3) until foot is 1.5" shorter than desired total length, ending with Row 1 of Charts D1 and D2.


Set-up round: K across 36 sole sts. Discontinue patterned instep. K2tog, k2, ssk, k3, ssk 4 times, k5, ssk, k2, ssk, k6, ssk 4 times, k2, k2tog, k2, ssk. 36 sts remain for instep, 72 sts total.

Round 1: Ssk, k to last 2 sts of sole, k2tog. Ssk, k to last 2 sts of instep, k2tog.
Round 2: K to end.

Repeat rounds 1 and 2 7 times more, until 40 sts remain total. Then, work Round 2 6 times more. 16 sts remain.

Arrange 8 sts of sole on one needle and 8 sts of instep on another. Break yarn, leaving a 6" tail. Graft toe closed. Weave in all ends; block lightly if desired.



  • When slipping stitches to perform a twist or cross, always slip them purlwise, and slip them one at a time.
  • This pattern eats yarn at a fearsome rate. I made a fairly small sock for a US 6 foot (7" from cuff to heel flap, 8.5" from heel to tip of toe, 4 repeats of Chart D in each section), and had only 6 grams of yarn left. However, Jawoll tends to be a little light - I've found that full skeins usually weigh only 43 or 44 grams. If you want to stick with one ball of this yarn and need a sock longer in the foot, you might need to compensate by making the cuff shorter. Otherwise, plan on 3 balls for the pair.

Other questions about this pattern? I'll answer them in the next post, and incorporate all this information into the formal pattern.

I'll try to do a little illustrated tutorial on cabling and twisting without a cable needle sometime soon. Happy knitting!


That is awesome but I'm still making Chuck's cabled socks first. Will you knit a second one or did you just do it for the intellectual challenge? (that being the household joke about why I knit complicated patterns when plain vanilla would do just as well)

Thank you! You're so generous with your knowledge and talents! Time to pick up 3 balls of solid colored sock yarn.

These are gorgeous socks! Once I'm ready for socks, I'm totally making these. I love the color - it's perfect!

That is just gorgeous!

Oh my. I've been looking for a fancy sock pattern to make knee highs. Is the stitch pattern combo stretchy enough that it would work for this without calf shaping? I suppose you could do increases and decreases along the back "seam" area if need be. Any thoughts?

Hello Eunny. That sock looks wonderful. Once I get some solid color sock yarn I am going to try this one.
Thanks. and great work.

You gotta know - I really appreciate you doing this. Gee, this may just trump my other UFO's :)

Hi Lorette! I can think of one really simple way to make this into a knee sock: Knit the sock as directed, but cast on 16 extra stitches and make each column of knit stitches separating motifs into a column of 3 stitches: k1tbl, p1, k1tbl. Work straight until the point where the calf narrows, and decrease all the extra stitches out in one row (do a sl1, k2tog, psso at each column of rib to merge the 3 stitches into one). This is a technique I first saw Nancy Bush's Norwegian Stockings, and it provides plenty of shape while being very unobtrusive. Though the sock is wider all around at the knee (and not just at the back), it fits beautifully when worn.

Eunny, I've spent the last couple of days creating a vest pattern that I hope works out, and you have been a great source of inspiration for me as I go along. No easy thing this designing! Love the sock, although I think it's beyond my skill level (maybe patience level), it beautiful nonetheless.


These are beautiful. All of your knitting and designs are inspiring. Thank you so very much for sharing this with us.

Wow, gorgeous sock! I love how the ribbing flows into the complex cable stitches of the leg.

Beautiful! Fabby! I just love these socks! Bravo!

very very nice sockpattern, thanks for writing it up so fast. I am very tempted to do the knee sock version, I guess I have to order yarn now

P.S. sock is in german:singular: Socke
and plural: Socken.

Your amazing ability to come up with different projects is amazing... Fantastic sock pattern!!!

THANK YOU for sharing your beautiful pattern! This is one of the prettiest socks I have ever seen. You are so creative, talented and generous!

They turned out great--thanks for the inspiration! Time to find some yarn.

That is mind-bogglingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pattern!

OMG! It's perfect!! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern!

That is a stunningly beautiful sock. I love your style--classy and always technically perfect. Thank you for being so generous with your patterns.


It is amazing! What popped into my head on seeing it (after the inevitable "Holy !!!") was: "How could you ever bring yourself to put that inside a SHOE?"

It's beautiful! I hope to knit these someday. I can't wait to see what you come up with next! (Please let it be the pattern to the twisted stitch sweater). :-D

I cannot help but check your page all the time because it has the most beautiful knitted items continually added. If you don't publish a book with all your patterns soon I think I should cry. I'm working on your stole at the moment, plus a few other things, and don't have time for these delicious socks. But believe me, when I do, I will knit at them with such a fury that hell will shut down its business in amazement. Keep knitting!

These are probably way harder than anything I've made before, but they are so beautiful, I've already ordered the yarn. Thanks for the incredible pattern!


Just thought you might want to know that your Jawoll links to Brown Sheep Cotton Fine.


I can't believe the things you come up with. I'm just blown away again and again.

Thank you for this as well! They are definitely on my to do list.

Eunny, that sock is magnificent: I saw it and put everything else on-hold 'cause I had to start one RIGHT NOW - that magnificent. Mine is in Lorna's Laces Sock which is the only sorta-solid fingering weight I had around, but we'll see how it goes. Sock Lust is not to be denied once awakened. Thanks so much for the pattern!

what was that you said about not liking socks? :) so happy that you are embracing your inner sock knitter - and of course only in the way that you could :) technically amazing ....as always a pleasure to visit your page


Beautiful, as always, Eunny! I've already picked out my yarn for a Bavarian pair of my own!

It's gorgeous!!! Now I have incentive to finish the second sock that I'm currently knitting just so I can start knitting Bayerische! Thanks!

These are simply amazing--I don't know where I can fit another project into my schedule, but I'm going to have to, because I can't resist these socks! (And the knee-high idea--too tempting.)

Wow. Tonight must be the night of wow's. I definitely need that time turner. :)

stunning! simply stunning,. I happen to love chartreuse in general, so its even more appealing!

Ridiculously gorgeous, as always.
Twisted stitches are my nemesis. I love them; I crave them; they elude me; they drive me insane. I will conquer them someday.

Beautiful socks. I love the crisp monochromatic elegance of twisted stitch patterns. I was just reading something by Norah Gaughan the other day (in Knitting Nature, I think) where she was going on about their beauty and versatility.

I was working on my own twisted stitch pattern, but I am humbled by yours. This pattern will be jumping near the top of the 'must knit' queue.

Wow. Gorgeous as usual. I hope to knit these when I get used to knitting socks. I just love your creations!

Every single day I check your website and you never cease to amaze me. I find great inspiration in your designs and I hope to one day knit as beautifully as you do. Kudos!

Thank you for your generosity. It is a gorgeous pattern. Thank you!

Beautiful! Thank you for posting the pattern. Jawoll usually comes with a spool of reinforcement yarn. You didn't use that, did you?


How gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing!

beautiful absolutly nice.And a very big thank you for the pattern .this is very kind of you.
have nice day

A real thing of beauty. I'm looking for yarn for a pair of these right now!

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

And you're giving it away? Seriously a magazine quality pattern.

Oh my goodness! I am definitly going to make (try) these!

Thanks for sharing, Eunny. It is a lovely pattern and definitely something I would make.

The socks are beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing the formatted pattern posted. You are a talented designer and superb knitter. I am currently knitting the Print of the Wave stole--but not grafted in the centre--and it is gorgeous.
I just took a look at your Norwegian jacket and don't know whether it is still a work in progress. I love the lines of it and the sleeves with the vents are great. I sew quite a bit and to respond to your question about "matching" the sleeves--it is not possible to match the join because they are going in different directions. The best I have been able to do is to match the pattern on the length of the sleeve with the body. (I was pleased with myself several years ago when I "improved" on a cardigan pattern in Vogue by matching the lines of fairisle from the chest to the sleeve.) However doing a line of I-cord in the non-dominant colour at the sleeve join will be a great accent and will fool the eye into seeing a match. On your jacket sleeve it would mean bring ing the diamond design on the sleeve up a few inches to co-ordinate with the diamond design on the chest. (I know--the whole sleeve would have to be re-knit or something--perfection has it's price!!)

The sock is beautiful. I have one question after skimming the pattern: can you describe a M1 purl-wise? - or post a couple of photos of the technique? I'm not sure how to do that. Thanks for taking the time to share the pattern.

It's me again. I almost forgot; could you post a stockingette gauge for your yarn? For those of us that have other solid sock yarn in our stash that info would be helpful to find an appropriate substitue yarn if we don't have access to the Lang Jawoll. Thanks.

You rock.

Hi Sue - The gauge is 9 st/inch over stockinette (you can see it up at the very top of the entry, in the specs listed under the photos).

A M1 Purlwise is just my description for making a new purl stitch - lift the bar between two stitches onto the left needle and purl into it, twisting the stitch as you do so to prevent a hole.

Wow, that is so cool! Wish I could do that! :-)

Those are really gorgeous.

Hi Euny, it's sue again. Just trying to clarify the 'twist' for the M1 purl-wise. When I knit with the Combined method (Anne Modesitt's method) I purl by wrapping the yarn underneath the right needle, after the right needle is inserted. This causes the purled stitch to sit 'twisted' on the needt in your comment when you said 'by twisting the stitch as you do so'? Thank you.

hi again - many thanks for this pattern - i will definitely be attempting it. and since green is my fav color, i really love the shade you chose - but.....when i look at color 0197 on the link you left, it looks more sagey green (on screen) than 0198, which seems more what is displayed on your website. is this just one of those instances where the yard cards don't show true?

Simply gorgeous. I'm really looking forward to making a pair. And I definitely want to learn the cable without the cable needle. Like everyone else, I want to thank you for sharing so much with the rest of us.
When is your book coming out?

Wow! This is the first time I have visited your blog......and it won't be the last.

The socks are gorgeous! Very inspiring.

I can only get the top half of the photos to show, but what I can see is gorgeous! I'd love to try these some day.

These are very very beautiful. Being from and living in Bavaria I suppose I'll have to give them a try!

Best wishes

So beautiful. So when does your book of patterns come out, Eunny?


Thanks so much for sharing! What a great sock pattern :)

For a person who says that she doesn't like to make socks, you sure do make "purdy" ones.

these socks are fab and thank you so much for sharing the pattern! i immediately had to cast on for these socks, 'cause they're exactly the kind of socks i like.
i have a question concerning stitches: in chart D1 is one stitch which i don't know how to knit. row 1, second stitch: is this just a knit one?

i liked your articles in interweave very much, very easy to follow - even for a non-native english speaker!

That turned out wonderfully. Just the thing, I think, for Socktoberfest. And the suggestion, in comments, for making these knee socks is really wonderful as well.

I'm rather surprised that the cabling hasn't made this sock more binding. It's excellent that cabling on every row produced such a stretchy fabric. Gives me hope that it will work, as written, for my plus-sized leg.

Lovely socks. Thanks for sharing this, Eunny. I'll be trying out those knee-highs as well, should be fun.

I am totally jealous; between work, school, a wedding and my daughter's 6th birthday party I have had zero time to knit. When I have some more time, I will definitely be casting on your beautiful sock!

Beautiful socks! Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to try this out.

I am truly in awe of your talent!

I'm also anxious to try the Almost Argyles. Any chance it's available yet?

Oh, that is a gorgeous sock. I do think I'm going to have to knit it. Thanks for another great pattern.

Amazing work! It's all so wonderfully complicated. Or maybe it's just me :)

Those are gorgeous. Maybe one day I'll tackle those - I love cables!

These are so beautiful, Eunny (shocker)! Between the color and the pattern - I'm drooling over here! I plan to ake these one day. Definitely!

Thanks for the knee-high advice, Eunny! I just might have to try these!

Totally awesome. Thank you so much for making this a pattern! I would have gladly paid for it, but it's so generous of you to make it free.

Absolutely beautiful!! OH MY GOSH and thank you so much for sharing your pattern!!

Gorgeous, gorgeous. I think the 96 sts are worth it in the end. I don't think I would be able to give those away.. those would be kept for me, me, me!

I'm confused - on the toe you reduce to 40 sitches - then say repeat round 2 until 16 stitches remain. but round 2 as you have printed is "knit" - no decreases.

These socks are beautiful. Such a temptation!
I'm just going to have to start knitting a pair!

Bonjour Hello, you are a great designer. Thank you so much for your new green sock pattern and all your technique. I will come back and go see every technique one be one and for sure get some 2.0mm needles and some green yarn to make your sock. I love the pattern and the color. Very happy to have found your site.
Thanks again and see you soon. Françoise (Mafyb)

I love those socks. They are beautiful.

Wowee!! That is perhaps the most beautiful sock I have ever seen!! BEE-you-TEE-FULL!!

What a lovely sock, and I am looking forward to your pattern. As it is now, I am having trouble getting your interim pattern to print out properly, and I think I'll go crazy trying to follow it on the screen, so I will wait patiently for your pdf file. Now all I have to do is pick a color.


It seems to be complicated though...

Gorgeous!!! I want to make them - thanks for sharing. But how many stitches do you cast on? And what width foot do you have?

Great pattern!! One quesstion, could the pattern be worked toe-up?

Thank you for the pattern, Eunny! These socks are literally take-your-breath-away GORGEOUS!

I think I knitted a sock once, way back when. You've inspired me to try again!

totally fab, i'll be knitting these in knee-high length, cause i like long socks (comes from the 5'9", 36" inseam ganglyness, any socks that are short risk showing bare skin when the pants inevitably ride up and make me look like the nerd i've been trying to permanently hide away! so knee-length is always good enough to ensure that no skin-showing occurs between the sock and the pants.) plus, cables would feel lovely inside boots, and my boots are always knee high!

Absolutely stunning! I just might make these my Socktoberfest socks...I have a couple of skeins of LL in periwinkle in the stash and just got a new set of Knitpicks circs in a size 0...how serendipitous ;o)

Hi, I'm definitely going to make these for socktoberfest! I have a question about yardage... it says you made them from 1 50-g ball of yarn? Is that right? Was there any left over? I have bigger feet than you, so am just trying to estimate. Thanks!

Now those are SOCKS! Whoa. Those are gorgeous. Enough to make me revive my dormant sock knitting habit...

DANG! That sock is great. You are soooo talented! I'm currently in sock wars...but when I get done, I think I know what I'm going to use my STR yarn for...

What else can be said? These are inspirational! I am not sure that I am ready for 96 stitches on 0s yet... but one day.

WoW! I am superimpressed!

Love the socks!
Where do I find the key for the stitches on the charts?

Gorgeous socks - I was going to print the pattern, but it's like 32 pages long - are you going to convert it into a PDF pattern? It would be very much appreciated.

I know that you've been having a rough time, so I hate to bother you, but is there any way you can get the PDF of this pattern out? I can't find a way to make the charts print, and I work better from charts than from text. Or put it in a book and I'll buy it!

I made one! I finished it at 3 a.m. because I just couldn't put it down until it was done. I love it so much! So comfortable - I'm really impressed with the stretchiness, since cables usually bind too much for me and my wide feet. I don't tend to make matching socks for myself, but I think I'll have to grab some other colors and make more of this - it was such an engaging knit, and SUCH a gorgeous product. I'm wearing it right now - matched with a Cablenet sock from Knitty that I made earlier from the same yarn.

For those who are wondering how to print - if you select the text and charts and copy/paste into Word or another word processing program, you can print just the pattern and not all of the comments and blog extras.

Eunny, you are a genius. More, more!

WOW, the sock is gorgeous. You are an amazing knitter, this sock would be a major accmoplishment in the sock knitting world for me. If I could do knit this sock, I think I could conquer any sock pattern. Will you help the slow? I use two circs to knit my socks. Again, very very nice knitting.


Eunny, these socks are truly beautiful - thank you very much for the explicit pattern. I am a native Bavarian and thought it very funny to knit a Bavarian pattern made by an American lady with Asian background. Knitting seems to be very good for gathering a nice understanding and more all over the world.
Thank you very much again and I always enjoy your blog. Greetings from Southern Bavaria, Maria

Eunny, these are beautiful socks. I want to knit them. However when I try to print the pattern only your blog prints not the pattern. How do I get a copy of the pattern? Please email me an answer. Thanks, Susan

WOW! I just happened to come across your site. What an awesome knitter you are! Thank you so much for sharing your sock pattern. As I was looking at the picture with my mouth hanging open I thought, "If I could only have that pattern!" And, to my extreme delight, there it was! Thank you for your generosity.

hi eunny, I love the socks, bought the jawoll, but am having problems printing the pattern. is there a trick to print it the good way?
the deep V argyle vest is also very nice. I knit it in rowan tweed and looks gorgeous! thank you!! I'm looking forward to more patterns of you, like the arrowhead sweater!
happy new year!

Just in awe of these socks. Have to make a pair. Hope I can do these. They are awesome.

Lovely, simply lovely and just what I need for those Kilt Socks I'm planning to knit... well at somepoint in the future.
I don't want to be a pain in the neck. But correct German for "bayrische socks" would be, bayrische Socken... or bavarian socks if you need it all English.

I've only just discovered your website (and I'm not even sure how I got here), but I'm so amazed, I'm so impressed. You've inspired me further, and I look forward to buying some of your patterns (and your book when it comes out.)

Someone sent me a link to these socks a week ago, and I'm now ready to start work. They are gorgeous (as are your other designs!).
Did you get time to write the formal pattern yet? If so, can you send me a link to it?
Great designs, keep them coming!

I have not yet attempted socks... but these make me want to try it!!

Thank you so much for offering the pattern!

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I love your work. Was wondering how I could get that pattern written on in work format as I still have not got the knack of the charts.... Not a common thing where I come from....... It would be a lot of work for you to translate the chart I know....but heres dreaming about it lol
Take care and keep up the great work.

(monotonic voice) MUST KNIT THESE...
... and I've categorised myself as non-sock-knitting person...

These socks are absolutely beautiful. I'm just trying to manage the heel, I started last week and I'm enjoying every moment knitting this wonderful piece of your art. Thank you.

Can you clarify as to the yardage required? I see above 230 yds but at the comments at the end, you mention 3 balls. to be safe...do you mean 2 to be safe?

Wow. Stunning! I'd have to wear knickers with those socks, just so everyone could see the art on my feet!!


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