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Remember. Though I don't think forgetting was ever a possibility.


Have you heard?

Seasocks 2007 is going to be a good time. Amie is developing a really excellent class schedule, Erin is doing her thing with some absolutely beautiful goodies in exclusive colorways, and yours truly will be spotted giving technical design workshops, demolishing buffets, and figuring out how to graft toes while in a hot tub. Shore excursions to yarn stores, cruise-exclusive patterns from Amie and from me, and knitting-related fun galore. Head over to the Cruise Planners site for more information.

Back to posting soon - things (work, school, personal, you name it) are insane, INSANE. Something about it pouring when it rains. Or maybe it was about things hitting fans. Something like that, anyway.


Life is being chaotic now so that you'll better appreciate the delightfulness of SeaSocks.

That's what I keep telling myself, anyway... only 7 months and 18 days to wait.

Sigh, I wish I could go on the seasocks cruise.... but it's just too much $$$ for me. Maybe some other time! (I realize I only have to pay $200 down or something like that... but after taxes and all, and wanting to have spending money for beehive wool shop, well... it'll be too much!)

At sea with knitters!! That sounds like so much fun :)
Good luck with chaos control - I know exactly how that feels!

I wish I could be there - I'm sure grafting toes and tubular cast-ons in the hot tub will be something to see.

Please, do post!! You inspire me, I am now creating my own pattern... But it is not as perfect as yours... Anyway, do post!

Oh. My. Goodness.

I may have to figure out a way to go on this cruise. I'd have to fly to LA from Orlando and that would suck, price-wise, but it sounds like so much fun!

And, yes, rain=pouring and whatnot. I'm sure you will juggle it all successfully.

Do you think it would be wrong to sell my kids to go on the cruise? I really want to go!

Hi Eunny! Who would I talk to about perhaps giving a discount code to for Seasock Cruise participants? Or maybe a free copy of one of my sock patterns... stuff like that.

I am soooo excited to go....7 months is so far away!
Saving my pennies for Stash Enhancement at port!

its hard to believe 5 years have past. I still feel as if it just happened. the world will never be the same.
Last night I posted a photo of the knitting I made that week. it hangs in my house.

Gasp!! A cruise for knitters! Somebody pass me the smelling salts (and my credit card!)

*whimper* A cruise?? Where you knit SOCKS?? OMG, heaven on earth! What a fantastic idea! Too bad I'm poor, dangit. The price really isn't bad at all!

I wish I could go! I'm sure it will be a good time. Will we (non-cruise goers) have access to the patterns at some later date? Looking forward to hearing what has been keeping you from the blog. Good luck with everything.

A great deal of self-control has been exercised to NOT whip out a credit card and sign up for the cruise. I really want to go, but finances and the lack of a babysitter will not allow it. I'm hoping with fingers crossed that a trip up to Vancouver to meet you all at the end might pan out. Back to my drywall hanging and kid farming. Cheers.

Is it April yet? See you then. I can't wait for the cruise!

I wish I could go too. Sounds like a great time with a lot of good things to take home with you alongside all the memories and yarn crawl scores.

I'll be right there with you (bellied up to the buffet, that is)! See you on board!

I'm not a sock knitter but your designs are giving me the itch! I've got the pattern for Chuck's Cabled Socks. This weekend I may just have to find the perfect yarn for them and get down to business!

I can't wait to see this pattern!

Now that you're editor of Interweave Knits, how soon will you be directing the staff to plan another cruise to Norway and Sweden like the one in June 2004, with the optional extension to Estonia? They had classes with ethnic-knitting specialist Nancy Bush, visited museums and mills, and met with designers. Help me knit a Norwegian sweater while cruising the fjords.

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