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Striped Cardigan

The basic black of knitting, except not at all. Is there such a thing as basic barrier island?

I'm so pleased with the details on this one - when simplicity's the thing, details become paramount. So things like perfectly matched thread for almost-invisible buttonhole reinforcement, handmade wooden buttons on thread shanks, doubled neck and button bands for stability, and the discovery of the perfect puckerless bind-off for hems (the modified standard bind-off I described in the fall IK lace piece, with a YO after every other stitch) feel very good indeed.

Pattern: My own (if you can call it that, which I doubt)
Yarn: Phildar Crochet, in colors 0004 (atoll) and 0001 (beige)
Yardage: 4 50 gram balls (about 1000 yards) atoll, 1.25 50 gram balls (about 250 yards) beige
Yarn Source: All About Yarn
Needles: 2.75mm (US 2) Inox Grey circulars and 3.00mm Inox Grey circulars
Gauge: 7 stitches/inch
Modifications: --

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It was a good week. Back to work!


Beatiful! The details were realy perfekt. And what nice pictures, the sea, the beach and the horses.
I better check that bindoff out. I must confess; I have not read your piece in IK jet.

Oh, that's so charming! It looks really professional and it suits you very well!
Good job.

Seriously girl - I don't want to hate you but you make it really really hard. ;-) (I'm kidding for all you serious minded folks out there - well, sort of.)

GORGEOUS! Beyond gorgeous. You are extraordinarily talented at this knitty stuff. Thank you for sharing your work.

Perfect simplicity. Going to check my IK issue. Love the horses.

What a great fitting cardigan, it's beautiful on you. And I love your hair, too!

Your cardigan is really great !
It suits you perfectly ...BRAVO ;o)

Beautiful! Gorgeous colors, pattern and finishing. Hope you had a stellar vacation.

I aspire to your level of finishing ability.

Is that the Dutch coronet in action? I tried doing it on my own mass of unruly hair. If I can actually manage to complete the braid, it is indeed sturdy and wonderful. The problem is, I seem to lack the hand-hair coordination to braid without making a mess.

love it! Hey.. come knit with us tomorrow!

Looks like you had a lovely time at the beach. What beautiful details.

Welcome back!

i adore the simplicity of this cardigan. so practical but modern. pictures are gorgeous!

Beautiful! Of course.

I love this...it is so basic to the point of being unusual...is that possible. I really like the sleeve length. I hate puching up my sleeves but I do not like the all the way to my wrist...never happy.

What a beautifully skilled execution of a perfectly updated wardrobe basic. I love the deep ribbing, 3/4 length sleeves, and closely spaced buttons (gaps are evil).

My ponies! I love my Assateague ponies....

We missed you last week - hope to see you soon!

I love the sweater. It looks very lovely on you. Very simple and beautiful, and might I add that the color's lovely on you as well? Beautiful ponies!

Pretty cardi..

That is a gorgeous pattern and the colors are great. Any chance you'll be offering the pattern for sale at some point?

Love it - hope it is included in the book or sooner!

the sweater is lovely, so is that beach!

Lovely! It fits you perfectly, and the tan keeps the turquoise from being too...Palm Beach, Lilly Pulitzer, etc. Were you on the Outer Banks? Those ponies look familiar; I spent a summer out there observing them (well, some like them) for my college thesis.

You know a cardigan is a winner when it's simple, elegant, and matches your bathing suit perfectly. It's beautiful! And the first ocean photo is perfection.

I just discovered your site and I am so pleased that I did. I also think, like many others, that I found the world's most perfect knitter. What a beautiful cardigan, color, fit, etc. I hope that you share the pattern with us soon!

Another fantastic creation. You are such an inspiration to me:)

Wow, gorgeous! You're totally right, the little details totally make the cardi rock!

lovely!! i was just at the beach this week and you're making me so sad that i'm back home BUT excited to knit something new!! I cannot wait for the Winter IK for your fair isle!!!!!

truly a beautiful sweater.

It's lovely!

Assateague/Chincoteague? Used to work there (if you can call it that) at the National Park. :)

Beautiful and it looks so gorgeous on you. Wonderful photos, too, kudos to your photographer.

It's gorgeous and where did you buy that skirt?

I loved Assateague National Seashore and I'm jealous that you live closer to it than I do.

Amazing creation, as always!

oh eunny! thats wonderful! glad you had a relaxing vacation :)

We're not worthy! We're not worthy to be on the same planet as your genius! ;-) That sweater is stunning. I love the colors and it looks fantastic on you. Kudos once again on a beautiful project exquisitely done.

Hey - I may be going to All About Yarn tomorrow afternoon. Small world! :-)

It's so lovely! Impeccable details. I would love to knit it-when will the stripped cardigan be available to purchase?

very cute! very summer.

Beautiful sweater and the beach looks so relaxing.

so simple and yet so beautiful. It just look so gorgeous with the beach as the backdrop.

I'm in LOVE WITH THAT CARTIGAN! I absolutely love the colors and the design!! :-)

im so jealous of your beach trip, and you look fab in that adorable sweater. light blue and brown are my favorite combo and it was so well pulled off. congrats, seriously!

this is beautiful! your vacation looked lovely. good work! :)

gorgeous! i love the pics too!

Perfect, gorgeous ! Tu es la meilleure !

Of course you can call it your pattern. So much is in the details and the details are perfect. I just wish I could knit a sweater that fitted so well, let alone design one.

It's simple but oh, so lovely.

You've done it again, Eunny! Tres mignon! What a beautiful little cardie. I love the 3/4 sleeves. Will you be making this pattern available for purchase. I know I'd be interested.

Your sweater is gorgeous!! I love the details of the finishing. Will the pattern be available soon? Hopefully, before the end of summer. It is perfect for the cool evenings.

The sweater is lovely, and it looks great on you. And the finishing is sensational.

Tell us more about the buttonhole. Did you do a regular knitted buttonhole and then go around the edge in thread? Did you leave live stitches and then use the buttonhole stitch using thread to secure the live stitches? I've yet to find a buttonhole I really like, but yours is one I'd like to emulate.

it looks so very very good! i even start thinking of my first striped sweater or cardigan :D
p.s. the first picture is just like from a magazine! cool!

Look at those beautiful buttonholes! I just faked my way through my first buttonholes and they look NOTHING like your beauties. Perhaps that can give you a topic for one of your sidebar tutorials?

Eunny - you knit all sorts of wonderful things, but somehow, I love this simple sweater the best. Fantastic! And beautiful colors too. Thanks for sharing.

Impeccably lovely, as always. I'm still waiting impatiently for my IK to arrive up here in Canada - more than ever now, b/c that bind-off looks very very useful.

Very nice! Really looks good on you. The colors are charming!

Just beautiful! Lovely interplay of knitted fabric and shaping with a dash of color added in.

Simple cardigan
No cables, no fancy lace
Buttonholes galore!

Everything you knit looks perfect. Like Cara says, I want to hate you, but....LOL

I'll join the chorus - beautiful cardigan, lovely photo styling. Just amazing. Wish I had the talent/time to design like this.

Such a perfect fit! It's absolutely exquisite.

Forget Interweave. Start your own magazine. Your photographs are gorgeous. You already cover most of the departments (Letters, Tips and Tricks, Editor's Column, Patterns, etc.) Throw in a book review or two and the occasional story on a particular fiber, spinnery, or knitter, and you've got "Eunny Knits." I WILL subscribe.

You could deliver it electronically. How about Biannually? Could you come up with 3-4 patterns and the rest of the content?

Chew on it...

Well, yes, me too. All of the above, everybody's right? I especially love the idea of your own magazine/newsletter. I would definitely subscribe to something like that.

That is delightful. You never fail to impress, truly.

Very pretty. I love it. I also love that top picture of you, at the beach. Very nice photography work that.

Lovely sweater! Just gorgeous - colours, everything. I so enjoy your work here!

Everybody loves Assateague!

the stripes are absolutely delicious!

The cardigan is amazing - It's a perfect fit and the buttons are fabulous.

I just got the Fall IK yesterday! Congratulations again.
The cardi is beautiful, as is the setting.

What a great cardi! I love the details..honestly I never thought about reinforcing the buttonholes. I have always disliked how that stretch out of shape. BTW, your article was wonderful! I'm in the process of knitting the sleeves of a lacy cardi I designed. I've been very intimated by the sleeve due to more shaping than the body pieces. Now I feel confident enough to tackle those sleeves! Thanks!

Your cardigan turned out beautifully.
A great fit and I love the buttons. It's the details that make or a break a project.

Oh wow! I -love- this cardigan!

Absolutely stunning as usual, and yet another I'd love to have a pattern for if you decide to release it.

I am so looking forward to your books!! Your patterns are always so wonderful, the details amazing.

It's adorable, Eunny! You are a diety among mere knitters.

Another beautiful creation, Eunny. :D

Glad you had a great vacation. I am so in need of one myself. Maybe one day...

Did you do any knitting while you were away or did you take a break to just enjoy your surroundings?

Gorgeous, Eunny! I love the color combination and the wonderful details. The photos are beautiful, too. You're an inspiration!

Gorgeous, Eunny! I love the color combination and the wonderful details. The photos are beautiful, too. You're an inspiration!

Beautiful colours and the finishing touches are awesome. As to that modified bind-off is it in IKFall2005 or 2006? I don't have 2005 and would really like to try it.


Oh Eunny! One word.....BEAUTIFUL!!

Good color combination :) Love the outcame, as usual you did a great job :)

Did you some cutting for the buttonhole (something like steeking)?

What a beautiful cardigan on size 2 needles...wow!

Um, well I'd call it a pattern. And if you ever decide to publish it, I'd love to buy it. It might just end my search for the perfect cardigan. :)

Welcome back, Eunny ;) Nice to see your beach pictures! Hopefully the bugs didn't bite too bad at Assateague! (they did when I was there in June!) The new cardi is quite brilliant!

It's a fabulous cardigan! I especially like the way you matched the sleeve stripes - very clever!

Oh, also, so nicely modeled - great location!

Picked up the new IK, and finally got to read your article. Great job! I am just trying lace, and your article is going to be a big help.


It's really lovely and the colours are great.

I am soooo glad I discovered your site! VERY inspiring! You do fabulous work. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.

Very very sweet.

I love the little details

the colors remind me of your beachy jaywalkers

Hi, I just stumbled upon this blog and am happy to have done so. That is amazing work. Gorgeous.

Please Please Please make this one available! I'm so ready to learn to match the stripes on the armscye with the set in sleeves!

Lovely detailing indeed. And the beach and pony picture - wonderful!

I always prefer the simple things like this cardigan. It's so beautiful. The colours are well choosen. Can you share with us how the button hole is done? I like that detail.

Your work is awesome. What a gift you have. Inspiring!

So cute, and so my colours.

I love this sweater!

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