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Ocean Mist Laceweight

And I was worried about the colors.



I couldn't be more thrilled. It's exactly what I wanted - quiet, subtle marls that shift from color to color, with vivid spots here and there where the singles happen to match. The eye perceives a gentle neutral from a distance, but intimacy reveals a discreetly complex kind of energy, a whole secret life of hue and tone and shade. I love it.

Thank you to all those who provided suggestions on how to ply it in the last couple posts. I think I didn't quite express what I wanted - what I didn't want was long, unbroken sections of color that would stripe or pool when knitted. The sections of disparate colors in the singles were rather lengthy, and Navajo plying would certainly have produced a yarn composed mostly of solid sections. Instead, I just went for broke with a simple two-ply (crossing fingers and toes), and lucked out, I suppose. With the color, anyway - the spinning itself is terribly flawed, obviously an inconsistent novice's painful effort to make a first project work. The weight moves from cobweb to lace to fingering and back, there are slubs and bumps and odd tangly spots, some bits are weak and others are wiry and hard while overall both singles and finished yarn don't have as much twist as they should.

In spite of all those things, because of all those things, this hank feels very precious and dear. I can hardly wait for it to dry to knit with it - I'm planning lace, of course (I like two-plys for lace, imagining that their flatness and lack of density allow for more thorough dressing and consequently lovelier drape and cling on the body). Something special before the summer dies: self-indulgent me feels tides and sails and lazy, lingering sun in these colors, and a reminder of those things, a whiff of salt and sunburn, will be welcome when winter seems endless.

Fiber: Handpainted Merino Top from Mama-E's C*eye*ber Fiber Shop, in color "Ocean Mist"
Weight: 80 grams
Yardage: 930 yards/850 meters (~laceweight)
Other specs: Two-ply, singles spun from randomly selected sections.


lovely! wow.

Oh my god, Eunny! That's gorgeous! It looks so soft - I just want to cuddle it. That'd look great as a Print O' The Wave Stole. Or were you planning on a new design?
I have to say, in all honesty, that your spinning makes me want to be a better spinner!

It really came out beautifully! The colors are striking in their earthiness and even the imperfections of the spinning are reminisant of the lack of uniformity in nature! I look foreword to viewing the finished lace!!

That is so beautiful! I love the colors and can't wait to see them knitted up!

Oh, it's so pretty! Isn't it satisfying to create exactly what you intended?

that is very "you"!

That's exactly what I thought it would look like from your description of what you wanted earlier. You did a brilliant job of it, and I think the changing texture will add a lot to the feel of the yarn. It is handmade and as the colors change subtly, so will the texture. It's fabulous! I can't wait to see it knitted. :-D

Simply gorgeous!

I think you'll find that the inconsistencies in your spinning will even out quite a bit with washing - the fibers will bloom, the twist will distribute itself a little better (especially if you give the skein a few whacks before hanging it up to dry).

I'm looking forward to seeing what you turn this into!

Oh gracious, that yarn is beautiful. Well done as always!

very purty, indeed!

Wow, it's absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

That's it! You've inspired me. I'm spinning today. That is fabulous! Can't wait to see what happens next.

Bravo! I'm pleased that you're happy with the results!

This is not decadent at all! This is good work and a beautiful yarn, unavailable from a machine!

This is just lovely!!! And you managed to end up with enough to make a sizeable knitted item.

Bellissima work!

Beautiful! I am very impressed with how the colors interweave together to create a beautiful shade.

You are very hard on your spinning, despite the fact that it looks really good. I think that the plying makes up for some of the unevenness, and knitting with it forgives it even more. It will make something nice and lacy.

I really like it. It's way nicer than some of the handspun I see for sale out there, that often looks like something a cat would puke up.

It's more than lovely, it's perfect .. and now I have to go find somewhere selling anything -close- to that color, because that's a perfect Autumn-Winter shawl color for me, and I MUST HAVE IT NOW!

Oh wait. It's not Labor Day yet. Damn this Summer of Stash!

I love the colors! Browns and blues together is my absolute favorite combo ever!

You certainly have a knack for turning your visions into reality. Beautiful.

That yarn is beautiful. I love the way the colors change and i can't wait to see what you make with it.

How beautiful! Can't wait to see your lace.


Pretty! (not that there was any doubt that you would produce anything less than eye-catching) Now I can't wait to see what you do with the other fibers from your previous post. :-)

Your spinning is every bit as wonderful as your knitting. Beautiful!

I can only hope my novice spinning efforts look as good as yours. Beautiful job. Looking forward to seeing it knit up.

It's quite lovely! I completely understand your comments about "an inconsistent novice" - I've been spinning for about a year now and just attempted plying for the first time this weekend. While I'm *amazed* at how much my plied yarn looks like "real" yarn, I still cringe when I notice a thin spot or some slubs. I've been told time and again that one of these days I'll be able to spin with wonderful consistency and will actually miss this slubby, uneven stuff, but I'm not sure I believe it!

Don't judge the yarn till it's washed. It will change and improve and bloom. It is just lovely. And as for its being the work of a novice, some people take years to get to the point where they can spin a laceweight that nice. Be proud!

The yarn is lovely. It's full of character that you won't find with commercial yarns (spoken from one novice spinner to another).

Your yarn is beautiful! I have used two different colors for the barber pole look, but I really love the way your colors play with each other throughout the skein. As a fellow novice spinner, your yarn looks great, and once it's washed and knitted, no one will see any imperfections. I can't wait to see what lacey goodness comes from that skein!


Washing it does make it look alot better - and the thwacking on the side of the tub can really help work out some stress...

It looks absolutely beautiful--"beginner" yarn, or not. The colors are great, and really, who wants absolute perfection?? (grin)

girl, that is gorgeous!! those colors came together so perfectly and will be a dream when knit! I agree with you...it's nicer that they fade into one another rather than being long sections of the same color together.

and no matter how perfect or imperfect...it's something you created with care...so be proud (as I know you are)!!


So, so beautiful, Eunny! What a lovely thing you've done. I can't wait to see what you make with this yarn.

What a wonderful result. I am sure a lot of "experienced" spinners would be hard pressed to make something this beautiful.

I am waiting with bated breath for the finished knit, which I am sure will again make the most of colour, yarn weight and texture and awe us all!!

If it weren't so difficult to get quality spinning and knitting supplies here in southern Spain, I'd be in the LYS immediately to start learning it myself....oh... my bad... LYS - about 150 km away in Malaga (my little LYS closer to home carries only one two yarns, cotton for crocheed doilies and 100% acrylic - yuck!!)

So, if anyone has heard of someone who sells good supplies online in Spain (ordering from the US is murder when it comes to postage!), please let me know!!!

Once again, Eunny, congratulations on a wonderful result!

That is a gorgeous colourway! I'm a beginner spinner too and you just make me want to spin, spin, spin!

De-lurking for the first time, to say that is bee-yoo-ti-full yarn you have made yourself there. Also loved the roll-neck sweater, trying to convince my daughter it would look terrific on her.

Your yarn is gorgeous. Stunning, really. All colors of sand and sea. I love it.

I knit a lace vest for my mom years ago now out of homespun alpaca (not mine, I don't spin--yet) that was all thick and thin, a slub here and there. It turned out great. The changes in the yarn made the finished garment that much more special.

Your yarn looks gorgeous. I'm really looking foward to seeing what you decide to knit with it.

850 meters from 80 grams is pretty damn amazing, and as your "closest" shot reveals, there are lots of sections of consistency--the not so consistent sections? I think they're what I love about handspun, the colors and the different textures will make that really fun to knit.

Wow! It's quite fantastic! I'm anxious to see it knit up!!

Fabulous! So glad you are pleased with all of your hard work. The yarn is very beautiful.

I really didn't need to want a spinning wheel more than I do already. That yarn is magic and I'm looking forward seeing what you do with it, too.

Do you object to multi-colors in lace? Seems your very own Print O' the Wave in these very aquatic colors would work sumptuously well. Please "think out loud" about what this lovely stuff suggests to you.

job well done sister!

I could only dream of spinning and knitting as well as you do. I have not spun anything in the past six months and now am anxious to get started again. Keep up the good work!

You mentioned no room in your place for a yarn stash. 'Methinks' you're scouting out more places for roving--just wait--pillows on your couch & bed stuffed with fleece!
Love your "Ocean Mist" handspun.

I am absolutely drooling. You inspire me so much. I love those colors. Very beautiful. Thank you Eunny!

Terrific job, fill-in-your-random-thing-here twin!

Not to toot my own horn... oh, forget it.


There are definitely some tips that you'll appreciate in the woolen/worsted class at Cloverhill in December, and the spinning for socks... um... whenever that is...

beautiful! the colors are amazing. I can't wait to see how it knits up!

Fantastic! I bought some of the same colorway a couple of weeks ago but have not spun it up yet. What an incentive you provide!

Gorgeous. You make my fingers itch to spin something (and wouldn't that be a lovely change!)

Absolutely stunning, Eunny!

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