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Momotaro's Revenge

That's some peach!

If you'll remember, the unspun top was a delicate affair of blushes and pallors and rosy cheeks. I called it peach-like . . . peach slurpees, maybe. Pretty, still, but a little more, ah, intense than what I was anticipating. Not engaging so much as electric.

I actually planned a method and a procedure this time for the much-coveted subtly changing marl: I split the bundle lengthwise into two halves, and then split each piece lengthwise again into several strips of varying thicknesses. The idea was that pieces of differing thicknesses would create color runs of varying lengths in the singles, and ensure an interesting plied yarn composed of randomly matched and mismatched plies. All this is well and good, but damn, yo.

I'm thinking now of plying the whole length with some soft, tweedy brown wool top I have - that might be kind of sophisticated and lovely. Or maybe I will just go ahead and ply it with itself, and see if it tones down any - or see if I love it the way it is, in all its who-needs-heliotropism-when-you're-brighter-than-the-freaking-sun-anyway glory. We'll see.


Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments on the Ocean Mist. I have an idea for a sinuous kind of lace rattling around in my brain - something fairly simple that uses half-dropped symmetry and some judiciously placed decreases to create flowing, undulating clustered fingers. I'm thinking a simple rectangular stole right now, clean and spare - seagrass stirred by a current, like. Unfussy.

Charting and swatching tonight, if I get a spare moment. Hopefully, I'll have something to show tomorrow, if only to prove that I don't just spin nowadays - I still do knit, really!


I think that its gorgeous like it is, and if you ply it right, itll be perfect. Though it might just make the oranges and the pinks brighter.

Your work is amazing, and I wish I had half your skill (and maybe patience) when it came to knitting and spinning

I think it's quite good the way it is but it would also be divine with some tweedy brown!

You are quite the spinner young lady! :)

Because of you :-) I dyed a lot of yarn today... Tomorrow I'll try to spin it!

I love your descriptions such as "sea grass stirred by a current." What a gift to read your beautiful writing. Thank you.

The peach is absolutely lovely.

I love the sound of what you have planned for the Ocean Mist.

Tone it down? Why??? Was it naughty? Does it not deserve to be fabulous and diva like? That yarn is Miami Beach. Please don't send it to Detroit. (p.s. I'm sure whatever you do will be lovely, just having some fun. I love, love, love the colors).

I've been admiring your work for a while and first you inspired me to knit lace, now you're inspiring me to try and spin laceweight. I'm encouraged that while as you point out yours isn't perfect, it is still absolutely beautiful and will look fabulous knitted up I'm sure. Thanks for sharing it with us. And I think that the peach would look fantastic plied with itself.

I love that you use "much coveted subtly changing marl" in the same paragraph with "damn, yo".
The peach stuff reminds me of those gummy peach rings you get at the candy store. It makes me feel happy and light.

Love the idea of creating "much-coveted subtly changing marl" and plying with "soft, tweedy brown wool top"... it simply sound yummy. Can't wait to see the result!

I can't wait to see what you decide to do. Either all peach or plyed with the tweedy brown wool will be FABULOUS and I am so excited to see what it ends up becoming.

It looks lovely! Ply it with itself, and you will likely be surprised (maybe even get the result you want!) I think the colors will blend nicely so you have a subtle "barber-pole" effect up close, and a nearly-solid look from a distance. Or ply it with another color - either way you spin fabulously!

L.O.V.E. the colours! and the weight looks wonderbar.
Can't wait to see what you have planned for it.

I love the colour but see what you mean at the same time.

How about plying with some natural-coloured tussah silk? A pale gold might be just the thing to tone it down without stifling it.

Mmmm...must get back to my wheel...

Hmmm... I kinda like it in all its glorious peachy brightness. It will be interesting to see what your you come up with when you ply.

Delurking to chime in - I think it's brilliant! I can't wait to see how it looks when you ply. (But for heaven's sake please do show us some more knitting, too!) ;)

"Momotaro's revenge"???
Okay you got me there but Google and wikipedia helped...

It would be both lovely and appropriate to it's namesake to try plying it with a golden silk, whether or not that is a smart thing to do technically- I DUNNO

I also love the idea of waiting to see what your spinnings become...

Thanks again for the journey

i like the pinky peaches in that fiber. i find that in handspinning, even bright colors are very tame next to commercially dyed ones. some that appear to be garish are actually quite dull when placed next to commercial yarn.
i also find that you never really get the full picture of a fiber until you've taken it all the way to its final conclusion, or even past that. frequently i will have completed a shawl or garment of handspun, and find later that there is a color change where i never saw one before, or that the fiber was a lot more variegated than it appeared while spinning.
you just never know!

damn yo... *as she puts on her sunglasses*

brings to mind sherbert. sweet sherbert on a hot summer day. mmmm.

It may be brighter than intended but that yarn is still gorgeous. I think that it will be lovely plied with itself or with brown. I can't wait to see which you choose.

I love the idea for the lace. I've really enjoyed reading your articles in Interweave about shaping lace and I know if anyone can do that beautiful wool justice it's you!

Peach? I'm seeing cantelopes, mangoes, papayas, tropical fruits. Colors of the Indian sub-continent. Colors to warm and intoxicate on a gloomy grey day. Ply with brown tweed? Very anglo-indian.

I'd go for the brown. You're spinning along beautifully!

It's perfect as it is! If you made a sweater with it, you could wear a beautiful Arizona desert sky at dawn. I LOVE it.

As a Japaneses woman, one of the reasons why I love your blog so much is because of your reference to Asian folktales: "momotaro's revenge" & "the kind of mysteriously medicinal peach that's always being presented by some beautiful immortal broad on a cloud to a poor-but-noble peasant boy full of filial devotion to his ailing father." I totally believe this yarn could cure any illness.

Looking forward to reading your next post!

I will be delighted to see how you bring your vision for the Ocean Mist to fruition. I have some corriedale on the bobbin that is done in water tones that I would like to do up in a similar fashion!
So what kind of wheel are you working on? I am borrowing (read: falling in love with to the point that I will have serious issues returning it) a Lendrum Matchless, which uses scotch tension. I find that I have more intuition about the amount of twist I can put into my work when I fiddle with the tension rather than the ratios. Those I adjust in order to keep from pedaling too much or too fast. So I am curious if you are using a double-drive, where the ratios and the tensioning on the bobbin are via the same mechanisms. Just curious because I am a nerd and I like learning things by paying attention to others.
Speaking of which I am simply in awe of your beautiful work. all the time. And don't be too hard on yourself for accumulating a little fiber stash. you can quit any time!

It's absolutely beautiful in my opinion. I think you'll be surprise the way it works up.
If your still kind of leary of the brightness I think the brown would be a great contrast and tone it down and little for you but be just as beautiful. Do your thing sister.

OK, I rampantly stole the idea for my current knitting project from your inverse-rib-cabled-waist top. Besides that, though, there's this creepy thing going on where you're like me, a few months ahead. I keep designing something and starting to look for a yarn, then you post a very closely related design on your blog. (Mine tend to be warmer, since I'm planning on walking to work in Boston, and have more shaping.) We're obviously working out of the same design influences and/or need the same kind of pieces for our wardrobes, but this is getting really creeeeeeepy. Now with the spinning, it's getting even odder! I don't even know how to spin, but I specificially wanted to learn to spin (after I move to Boston next month and have space for things again) to make the kind of yarn you posted in your last post. I worked out how good colour combos, how to make it, etc.

Ahwell. If I have to keep designing the same sort of things as someone else, at least it's someone with great taste. :)

I loved that book! :) And I love the peachy-orangey colors you got goin' on there! Momotaro! Ha! I love it!

What about plying it with white, or a pale version of one of the colors already in it? That would tone it down without being toooo contrasty. I also like the tussah silk idea, mmmm. That would give it a hint of a shine...

Lovely lovely work! I keep coming back for more! Thanks for sharing so generously.

I know you'll find something wonderful to make with both. Waiting with bated breath. It's so fantastic that you can cover the spectrum of the craft .... spinning skeins, designing for them, knitting them up and sharing the final product. You go gurrlllllll :-)

I'm liking the colours just as they are. They would be a nice way to brighten up a tweedy brown, but a girl really needs something for those days when a cheerful knit really makes it all just right.


I know nothing about spinning, but I love the colors you got. Of course, they may be brighter in real life, but I would still love them. As I don't like heathered colors, I wouldn't put it with the tweedy brown. I would - if I knew how to do any of this - ply it with itself. Your patterns and instructions are first-rate.

Well, the blog IS called "See Eunny KNIT" ;)

Love to see the pretty yarns though! That Ocean Mist is a beaut!

I think it's really lovely and fun - and just right to give you happy summer thoughts in the middle of a gloomy winter :). I do think it would be really nice mixed with brown though too... I guess we'll just have to wait for your decision! I'm sure whatever you decide will be beautiful as always :)

Eunny - I have finally learned that colours always look deeper/more intense/darker in the finished yarn than they did in the fibre. To tone down colours you could hold two small sections of fibre of different colours in your drafting hand and blend them together as you draft them out. It might make a more tweedy effect than you're after but worth a try. This is a great technique for blending similar but not quite the same colours into something more complex and interesting. Good luck! mly

Asbolutely beautiful colors. Looks like it will be a dream to knit with!

I think Momotaro woulod be proud of that yarn. I'd love to see it plied with some brown.

It is hard to tell how a yarn will turn out. I would try plying a bit on itself and a bit with the brown. Knit them up too.

What weight are you spinning? I tend to like barber-pole yarns better in finer weights unless the two colors are similar tones.

I completely understand fiber stashing. Fiber has unlimited potential. Yarn already has a direction, a theme. Fiber is elemental.

Oh come on. It isnt' that bright. It will be just the thing to brighten up a dreary winter day. It'll make you smile and think of the sun. Gorgeous spinning, by the way.

Your singles are beautiful!
The colour is not bright, it's evocative! So much commercial yarn does nothing but try to blend in with the crowd. If we are going to spin, maybe we want to make it worth the effort! There is no such thing as too much fiber or yarn:)

Can I just say I love it that you have sent me to Dictionary.com/Wikipedia three times over the life of your blog? (Habiliment, mysogynistic, & Momotaro.) Keep it up. :o)

Everyday you are my favorite inspiration. It's good to have you.
Greetings from switzerland