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It's the little things, you see.

Matching stripes across set-in sleeves is getting to be a bit of a fetish for me. The math to figure it out is straightforward enough, but there's still that moment of pleased suprise - adding up hypotenuses is never as exciting as matching the finished cap and armscye up and finding that they work, they actually work. Almost as though they were, you know, meant for each other.

The yarn is Phildar Crochet, a soft, skinny cotton 3-ply. It's not mercerized, and it's rather loosely spun - wonderfully lightweight and summery, but prone to pilling, even at the close gauge I'm working. Ah, well.

I'm headed to the beach for a week of sandcastles, steamed crabs and sunburn - and piles of work, work, work. I'll have wireless access there, so see you then!


I'm not so sure about your use of "math," straightforward," and "adding up hypotenuses" all in the same sentence Eunny! Other than that, your stripey top looks wonderful! I can't wait to instantly buy all your publications so that I can get all these patterns.

Those matching stripes are amazing. I have no idea how you calculate that. Is there a reference you could suggest? Have fun at the beach with your new cardigan!

Congrats on the matching stripes -good job on the math! The simplicity of this sweater is very eye pleasing, it's very beachy, indeed. :) Have a good trip and fun at the beach!

I love the colors. Have a great time at the beach...

Just talking about crabs makes me hungry! How cool that your stripes match up...I don't mind math but I just don't want to take the time to figure it out before getting to the knitting.

Do you have precise calculations for the match up? I generally try to be sure that the stripe at the first bindoff edge (for the armhole) on both the body and sleeves matches, and then I align the stripes when I sew (or sometimes crochet) the sleeves to the body. I just assume that if those two points line up, the rest of the garment will too. The sweater looks wonderful.

Just came across your blog and thought I would comment and wow at the stripes.
That's just awsome!!!!

Have a lovely time at the sea side.
We off to coast tomorrow.

I too would like to know more about the math. Very much inspired by you I'm getting more and more into doing my own designs but as we say in Danish: there is no need to reinvent the deep plate every time. So if you feel like it why not do a post about these calculations? I'm sure a lot of people would be interested.

That's so cool, looks great! Have a lot of fun at the beach!

Its always the simple things in life that make you smile the most like math, knitting, and perfectly aligned stripes!

A matching stripes tutorial sounds like a great "Unraveling."

Have a safe trip. And wireless or no, take some time to relax.

Good for you! It's the simple things in life....

Have fun! You deserve it. :-)

I'm loving that Sweater!

That French site where you got your yarn is awesome! I looked at all of their models wearing knit and crocheted clothing, and it was crazy cool!

Wow...I am *so* impressed with the matching stripe!
Hope you have a wonderful week at the beach!

Very pretty stripes! I know that will be finished and something new begun by the time you get back. How about a little hint about when/if/where some of these enticing new patterns will be available, especially the socks (remember the "available this week" post?). Anxious fans out here!

True beautiful sleeve cap.

Enjoy your well deserved trip! And congratulations on the publication of your articles in IK. They are wonderful.

Have fun! Well, except for that work part. Isn't there a rule against working at the beach? The stripes are lovely :)

Okay, I was a math major in college and now I'm a CPA, and I don't see that math as easy. I think it takes a little bit of EunnyGenius, too.

Have fun at the beach!

Truly beautiful Eunny! As my momma would say, "The devil's in the details!" That's what I love about things like stripes that match, etc. It shows a level of workmanship that you just don't see as much as you should. Have fun at the beach and don't work too hard!!

Everytime I see your work, I'm just amazed by your talent! It's really not as simple as you make it seem...although I wish it were.

As usual, I am in awe. I have enough trouble getting the sleeve to fit in the body WITHOUT having to worry about stripes....

There's definitely a lot of interest in the math for making stripes match! *grin* This is one area where I am unforgivably lazy. I tend to wing it when I really OUGHT to sit down and do the math beforehand.

Have you noticed that the stripes of the sweater are very similar to the stripes that form the background of your blog? :-)

Like many others, I vastly enjoy your writing, and will be buying the next Interweave Knits just to look at your article.

I hope you are able to have some fun in the sun without too much work!


Fabulous job matching up the stripes on the body/sleeves!

Ohh, wow, I am impressed! The matching stripes are great. I, too, think this technique would be great for your column. How do you manage to get Phildar yarn in the US? I never can find it!

Congratulations on your first IK articles. You clarify techniques so well. I'm looking forward to more.

Hi Eunny, I would not call this lazy. You are extremely productive and your sweaters are all fantastic. I'm checking your blog every day to see what is happening on your needles AND!
I have finally got my knitting spirit back, thanks to your inspiring knitting projects.
Thanks, :)

Perfect beach sweater. Love it.

Great job on the math and the matching!

Things just look so much better when they match up.

Love those matching stripes!

PS. Did you happen to do something to the fonts on your blog as it seems to be really wonky on my screen? (Who knows, maybe it's just me.)

So lovely. An inspiration. Thank you...

I just love your stripey top! And the matching...looking at it makes a warm tingle go up my spine. I think I may have that fetish as well! It makes me want to immediately start on a striped top and match up the stripes perfectly.

Excellent article in Interweave Knits. I'll definitely be keeping it close while I knit my first lace project. Well, other than little dishcloths that is.

Thanks for all the great tips!

Heh, your definition of straightforward differs a bit from mine... Hope you're having a lovely break!

I'm a big time lurker and I absolutely love your blog. I think your projects are fantastic, and I've just started moving away from patterns and figuring out my own things. Your shawls and socks are fab, and your instructions are also really well laid out.

This sweater is also fab and I wouldnt think twice about knitting something to match my bikini. It's easier for me, because mine's black and white, but still ... no question.

Enjoy the beach ... I'm jealous.

Eunny...t's beautiful, but it's been a week! I thought you said you had wireless there at the beach?
:-) We love frequent updates, dear!
your readers

Hi Eunny. Your blog is soooo inspiring! Your colorwork is unique and fresth. I really love the striped cardi. When you do publish your patterns, place info on your blog as to where they can be purchased.I wouldn't mind being one of your first customers!!
Thanks for posting.

can you explain how to match body and sleeve stripes in easy English

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