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Just for fun, you see:

I have a handful of "big" projects lingering in various stages of dream and doodle and development - by big, I mean those that require lots of thinking, that demand a little creativity - but right now, all I want is some plain, no-brainer knitting and a pretty finished object. So, then, a summer cardigan in soft crochet cotton. You know the kind: a slightly cropped, clingy thing ideal for breezy boats and roofdecks. There is nothing original about this whatsoever - it's a chopshop kind of pattern, plain ribbing at the bottom, button bands and crewneck, shaping as standard and straightforward as can be at body, armscye and sleeve cap - but it's kind of zen and soothing in its simplicity, ideal for these lazy days. Then, too, it's an excellent exercise for a sometimes over-ambitious knitter to take, since there are no frills, no bits of cleverness to hide flawed execution or bad planning. It's the steak tartare of knitting: naked, accented by only the humblest of embellishments, plainly awful when slipshod but immensely satisfying when done properly.

The colors are bright, yes, but I figure it's a summer sweater meant for the beach. Besides, how often does one find yarn and swimsuits that match perfectly?

Who could argue with that?


Ain't nobody arguing...

LOVE the colors. And yes, sometimes a simple, fly-off-the-needles FO is a tonic that soothes the soul.

And a bikini!! I would have figured you for a one-piece or a tankini girl!

Those colors are great. :) It's awesome that it matches the suit, too. :p

The colors are pretty-what's the yarn?

It's adorable! I just love how the stripes are unequal but with the different in saturation of colours it looks perfectly balanced when looked at from afar. Very cute without being too preppy

You cannot argue when color is that spot-on.

its funny, i was just in the process of planning out a summer cardigan for myself. now that i see how your's is comming along, im definetly going to go for it.

Great color combo - the match is incredible!

I love the colors. Very Cute...

I love patterns like that, so nice and simple. You chose nice colors for it.

It still amazes me that you can create EXACTLY what you draw in the real world. WOW!

You can't go wrong with those lovely colors. I have that swimsuit, too, JCrew girl. ;)

is that opal uni? i ove that yarn. great color combination!

Lovely! You have been (sockpattern) busy! I can't wait to see (sockpattern) the new (sockpattern) sweater pattern you have (sockpattern) coming out.

Very pretty. You are amazing! Even your "easy" "no-brainer" knitting is fantastic and mind-bending!

I adore the colors! They just scream sandy beaches and summer. The simplicity in this pattern is just a stunning as some of your highly detailed designs.

I love your colors. :D

I hope you get some fun opportunities to wear it at the beach on on a boat soon. ;)

I love it! I'm working on a pair of plain, rib and stockinette ankle sock for my daughter. It's just what I need in this heat when my brain won't work.

Very nice! Can you tell us what yarn you're using?

The colours are super fun, can I ask what yarn you are using? It really is knitting up nicely.

I agree with everyone - those colors are absolutely perfect together! I'm sure the finished result will be amazing.

Yes...beautiful colors. I don't think I can add anymore than what has already been said..Please do tell us what yarn and colors you are using. Thanks.

Hi Eunny - I just saw your article in the new IK. Thank you for such clear instructions. Keep up the good writing and of course the beautiful knitting. Who will model your Fair Isle in the winter IK. You I hope?

How cool! Do you use a software program to design or do you just go with good 'ol math?

I love it! Only a true knitter would knit a cardigan to match her swimsuit!

Sometimes something soothing and simple is just what we need to rejuvinate. The colors you've chosen remind me of the sand and sea - perfect!

Very beachy!

I'm torn on the cotton cartigan issue -- I like the thought of the weight of it, but not the horror stories I've heard about things stretching out of shape. What's your experience been?

very very niiiiiiiice :) these colors are so cute and summery!!

That's so funny, I'm just about to start one of those "no brainer" projects too, and it's stripes in light blue and brown! I'm doing a plain jumper in Drops Alpaca, just to have a nice jumper finished by the beginning of September when the weather is beginning to get cooler here in Sweden.

Your cardigan looks very pretty!

Very cute, I love the colors. I don't feel horizontal stripes work for me, but I am sure it will be beautiful on you!

Perfect! To knit a cardie for a swimsuit, now that's brilliant!

It's cute and your stitch definition is spot on so far.
I love that your bikini and your sweater match perfectly. It must be fate.

Obviously meant to be!

Great photo!!

Simplicity is a pleasure in and of itself. :-)

I love the colors. My bedroom is a combo of these colors!

Great colors and I read your article in Interweave Knits. Very good.

HOLY CONGRATS on your article in Interweave!! Great job!

Is that suit from Jcrew? I have the same one! and I'm so excited to see you in Interweave soon, I love your patterns!

I don't think you CAN argue with that! Enjoy your little beach getaway, looking forward to seeing that finished sweater when you get back! I got my new Interweave the other day and I was thinking how psyched I am to see your work in the next edition.

I love your work. I truely hope you put out your own pattern book. I know I will be in line to get it..

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