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I think I have mentioned before that I don't stash yarn. Circumstances don't allow - I don't really have the room for unassigned yarn in my cramped office, much less spare cash for picking it up in the first place. Then, too, it's very often a yarn itself that suggests a project to me - the idea behind a new sweater grows out of some little nuance of color, of feel, of luster, some specific characteristic of a specific boughten yarn. Traffic doesn't seem to flow the other way in my brain, so it's not worth it to buy anything I don't have plans for right that minute.

So why am I binging on fiber? And I mean binging. More stuff than I can possibly spin in the near future, more stuff than I can possibly dream up ideas for.

There are also, I think, six or seven other things winging their way to my house as we speak from Amy Boogie's Almost Solid Series, Hello Yarn, and Handpainted Yarn. This is a somewhat troubling trend. It feels a little...decadent, you know?

The pictured tops are more things from Erin, purchased at last night's spinning group. The bottom picture is the Flame colorway (superwash Merino), and the upper is Merino in Blood Orange. It actually reminds me more of peaches - not real live eating peaches, precisely, but the vivid, heavenly boksung-ah of Korean folktales. You know, the kind of mysteriously medicinal peach that's always being presented by some beautiful immortal broad on a cloud to a poor-but-noble peasant boy full of filial devotion to his ailing father. Something like that.

Most of my recent purchases (excepting yesterday's stuff, obviously) have been the same sort of thing, melting tones within one color, or within one closely-related color family - I think between all my purchases, I've hit most of the color wheel. Right now, I am most interested in producing the kind of yarn shown here, by the wondrously talented Cara - randomly shifting barberpoles of almost-solid color. I love the way it looks in the hank and knitted up, love the interactivity it forces: it requires a sort of active engagement from the viewer, just to see and process the way the colors move and match and mismatch. Lovely, really beautiful stuff. I could see, for example, spinning two highly contrasting yarns in this way, and then using them in a simple two-color stranded pattern - the finished work would have the same kind of energy to it, would be complex and interesting and wonderful to look at and think about. In, say, browns and greys for knee socks with a simple Faroese-style geometric pattern...or rusty reds and golds in a modern lusekoft for October bike rides?

Erm...maybe I can justify it after all. I probably shouldn't have worried.


Nah. Don't worry. At this point, it's a business-related tax deduction, right?

That roving picture in the top photograph is really lovely. I like your description, too :)

Lovely fibre! I'm working on a sock pattern that sounds a little like your idea at the moment, this spinning lark is rather addictive isn't it:-)

I am not sure it is decadent, it's like doing what some of us always did (spinning)... It's "atavique" don't you think?

Thank you!

You will LOVE Amy's fiber. It's the nicest I've spun to date and the semi-solid series is wonderful. I love the barber pole effect - especially with the semi-solids. The subtle color changes add so much - and knit up the tweediness will be perfection.

Can't wait to see what you do with your new purchases. Fiber is great to splurge on - so much cheaper than yarn and the possibilities in spinning it up are endless.

Don't worry too much about stashing fiber. First, you'll get faster with your spinning and you'll go through it in no time. Second, I find that I always have a working batch next to my wheel as I would spin a little every day.

I recently attended a fiber fest and did not hold back on the amount I bought. I am moving very soon and wasn't at all worried about packing one more thing. Why? Fiber is better than bubble wrap. :-)

I like the story about the "boksung-ah". Thanks for sharing that! I can totally imagine the peach in looking at your fiber.

have you ever tried luxe? i have tried LOTS of hand dyed fiber but nothing has ever compared to the luxery of lux, its prepared so well and is so lofty. I have spun many merino tops and her was amaingly differnt and I have to believe it was because of how it was prepared. She sells a lot of very funky stuff, but I purchased a simple semi-solid pale pale greenish color, and a light fawn puff as well. I spun it all up and adore it.


the stuff i got was from a yarn store and I have never seen it on her website.

I stash both spinning fiber and yarn, and while I felt bad about it when I was working a lot and in school because I didn't have any time with which to knit much. But now that I am self-employed and designing, I am THANKFUL! I don't have a lot of money, and when I do get some I worry about where the next will come from and thus don't spend much. So I have a good stash to work through, no deprivation here. It feels good to knit up a sample with "free" yarn, you know?

I lusted mightily after the blood orange colorway myself last time I was at the store. It's SO BEAUTIFUL!

I'm sure you'll manage just fine! Of course, I've been on a bit of a fiber kick myself, lately, so I might not be the most unbiased person at the moment.... Still, they're beautiful, and isn't that the point?

I keep being worried that I won't like the feel of rovings I buy online. I would love to know what you think of all the different ones that you get ...

It's too harsh to title this posting "Debauched". "Seduced", perhaps, but who could resist that truly beautiful roving? I can't wait to see if you'll post the finished yarn here.

A rose by any other name is still a rose.....unless, perhaps it is fluffy clouds of fiber by Erin. How beautiful. It is new and the potential is beyond one's control! Enjoy without too much analysis!

I'd definitely vote for your version of a modern lusekofta! I'd love to see what you'd come up with. So if you'd put it to a vote, that's where I'd put mine.

I think you're stashing fiber because of the potential that exists within it. Yarn is yarn; it is a set weight and you have an idea what you'll knit with it, as you say that the yarn suggests the project to you.

Fiber...the possibilities are endless until that very moment you begin spinning, and even once you've begun, you can always add more plys to change the character of the final yarn. Until you determine the yarn is done and let it begin to suggest a project, you hold an endless promise in your hands. Looking into infinity is always a heady feeling, much like the noble peasant contemplating a peach.

You make me wish I had a spinning wheel! Amazing. I'll have to stick with my lowly little spindle...

Have you ever bought any wool from High Prairie Fibers? (http://prairiefiber.homestead.com/index.html)
I'm in love with her painted roving.

: ) yarn (and pre-yarn) can always be justified.

If you think hard enough, anything can be justified... :)

Those fibers are gorgeous. I see fall in them. ... I will make it to the spinning group one of these months...

No wonder you can't stop purchasing roving. The fibre in the pictures looks good enough to eat and I imagine they are oh so soft to the touch. Who could resist. Happy spinning!

You'll find something to do with all of it. You already have a subconcious idea for all of it, you just haven't processed it into your consious mind yet.

Ha, I totally remember those folktales. I didn't really absorb the filial-duty morals as much as I began uncontrollably craving peaches.

I wish I had more room in my apartment (not to mention more of a stash in my checking account) for a spinning wheel. It seems to make the process of knitting even more rewarding.

The way I look at it is, fiber is squishy, you can really pack it in a good hiding place. Your new purchases are lovely as well as your spinning!

Dear Most Wonderful Knitter:
We hold you in the highest regards- your stitches they inspire us here at Harmony Yarn Studio. Your upcoming career with InterWeave thrills us to bits! We had rumor that our Bike Sweater is somewhere on your site and we are either too excited to settle down properly and find it or simply not able to put the needles down long enough ....can you lead us to it so we may ooh and aah? Thank you!! melody@harmonyyarn.com

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