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Arrowhead Pullover

Add a hat, gloves, and a chignon and a girl with her living to get could meet with the approval of Poirot himself.

I had no idea how much fabric shawl collars take - right now, there's just enough in the way of short rows to allow a tiny, rather Peter Pannish rollover. I think I like it that way right now - very soft and delicate - though I might rip and add more if it starts to feel too twee as fall moves in. Otherwise, I'm enormously pleased with this, with the economy of it: the economy of the stitch, a very simple, very effective lace that makes the most of a few holes and a few decreases; the economy of the design, exactly what's needed and nothing more, with construction elements - shaped edges meeting at seams (check out the second photo), strong verticals separating repeats - becoming ornaments as well; the literal economy of the project, at $17.00 including tax for all the materials. There is history here, apart from the obvious, a tinge of tradition to all those things. I think this is why I knit.

Pattern: My own (pattern available someday - no timeline promises just now)
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fine, in colors CW380 (dusty sage)
Yardage: 4 50 gram balls (about 800 yards)
Yarn Source: Woodland Woolworks
Needles: 2.5mm Addi Turbo circulars and 2.75mm (US 2) Inox Grey circulars
Gauge: 6.5 sts/inch over lace pattern
Modifications: --

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Absolutely beautiful. I'm constantly amazed by your crafty-ness.

Wow! Gorgeous! I noticed that your sames (around the shoulders) look great. Do you have any advice on seaming lacy items? Do you plan out a few extra selvedge stitches?

In awe, really. Is it possible that you would consider teaching (in addition to writing)? Wonderful work....and you show great kindness in sharing it.

Oh wow... that is lovely!

That is quite stunning. The color - lovely, the stitch - delicate, but sturdy looking, the construction - flawless. Color me slightly jealous and awestruck.

Oh wow! That turned out great. I couldn't see how it would turn out in my head, but it's amazing! Great work!

This is SO beautiful. Your work is always inspirational.

Oh, how seriously divine! I suspect my eyes turn a bright shade of green whenever I eye your latest creation, whatever it may be.

Oh my! I *love* it - absolutelty beautiful! Pease, oh please, release a pattern soon :)

Evelyn - Thanks! You know, I thought about that a lot as I was seaming this sucker up. I did use one selvedge stitch, but now wish that I had planned two - that extra stockinette stitch would have gone a long way towards maintaining an even seam. As it was, I was sewing next to YOs, decreases, everything - it was a bear to keep even but gapless.

So in a word, YES to selvedge stitches!

'Twere well 'twere done and 'twere well done!


How loverly! I'm saving my allowance for the day your book comes out.

This sweater is amazing. I love it.

I am amazed every time I visit here by the artistry that is your knitting and design.
Well done!

I am a test knitter and have never seen such skill as is displayed in your seaming and shoulder join with lace, not an easy thing to accomplish, and to think I was previously dazzeled by the rib joining the lace pattern-who knew at that time that there was more greatness to come!!

Thanks for allowing us on your journey.

Me again, did you block it?

Gorgeous - stunning! Your skill and technique are absolutely incredible. Thank you for sharing!

You're amazing, it's so beautiful!


Please, please post the pattern soon! It's gorgeous and best of all VERY reasonably priced! Thanks for letting us see it completed so soon.

Lovely! I’m so envious of your design abilities; they never stop to astound me. :D

So very beautiful -- and so flattering on your enviable figure. You are a real pro!

Hi Maureen - I did indeed block it, in pieces. The lace really needed a light blocking to open up; before, it looked like a crumply, bubbly rag. I think blocking helped a good deal in seaming, as well.

you sure know how to get your knit on! so what do you knit for fun?

Once again a lovely design! Something for me to aspire to!

beautiful! and a rare glimpse of your whole face too!

Is that where you live? The setting is also gorgeous!

Very fine. I love the design, the color, and what you so aptly termed the "economy" of it.

Looks lovely on you, too!

Holy crap! (sorry) That's gorgeous!! (mouth still open...)

Such a stunning garment! It's so flattering on you! It makes me think that if you were to have a pattern up by the time I got down to 130 pounds, I would knit it in celebration of my weightloss.

And just in case, my deadline is a little over a year. We both have some time.

I am a dedicated lurker rather than a committed commenter, but Eunny, that is so very beautiful. And so are you. Your blog and your knitting are like, well, like something too sentimental to say. Just beautiful.

Very, very nice. I'm almost inspired to go back to my @_)#*%$)@#$ lace cardi. I will, I will, and I will use 2 selvedge stitches.

Another stunning Eunny original. I'll be one of the many knitters anxiously (yet patiently) waiting for the patterns release.

Love it! Squidette agrees whole heartedly.

Fabulous as always!

I'm a regular lurker but have never posted before. But this pulled my out of lurkdom. It's absolutely gorgeous. You are truly a gifted designer.

Wow I am amazed by this. This is one of my all time favorites...wow..just wow.

It is really beautiful - it reminds me a bit of the pattern from Orangina, but such a different silhoutte and feel.

Truely beautiful and inspiring work. I look forward to when the pattern will be available!
Congrats on a great finish!

Gorgeous. Absolutely, stunningly, gorgeous.

I LOVE it! I can't wait for this pattern now, too. Wow, wow, wow!

beautiful as always! my favorite pattern of yours so far (although i think that everytime you show us a new project). can't wait for the next one

i'd like you to know that i "wowed" outloud when I opened this page... Eunny, this is beautiful. you are amazing. thank you for being such a complete and overwhelming inspiration!! i am going to be trying my first "lace" top from this fall's IK. I will make sure to block before I seam! WOW WOW WOW. When is your pattern book coming out - I want on the mailing list!! ;-)

Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!

Yay! My favorite thing you have designed so far. Love it. Can't wait to buy the pattern. That is all.

This is gorgeous. Simply stunning. PLEASE have biggish sizes too :) If you want a willing test knitter to knit for large bust sizes, I'm all needles :) I can't wait for the patterns--very much enjoyed your interweave article.

WOW - your work continues to amaze me! If I only had a tiny oz. of your talent, creativity and sense of colors.... Kudos to you!

Another Poirot fan! Yesss!

Sweater is absolutely beautiful, love it!

I think I love the knitting almost as much as I love the fact that you mentioned Poirot. I love Poirot. :)

Eunny, that is one of the most beautiful sweaters I have ever seen!

I'm ready for my pattern now Ms. Jang!

Gorgeous. See you Sunday?

I truly don't know how you do it... and to develop such truly inspired pieces sooooo quickly! I love them all.. EZ would be VERY proud!

Beautiful Job! Simply stunning...gorgeous lace work in beautiful silhuette... can't believe you used only 4 balls. Congrats!

The chorus of adoration must be deafening, Eunny! The sweater is amazing, positively perfection (even the collar). Great job!

Oh Eunny - That is beautiful. I hope you publish this pattern fairly soon (no pressure). I would definitely try to do this one!

just lovely eunny!


Just when I think you've made the most beautiful garment in the world, you do another even better one! Thanks for sharing your incredible talent.

Eunny, I'm floored. You make me want to knit lace more than ever. I do hope you offer this one soon as I'd love to knit it (no pressure!!) and I can't wait to see what you do next. Any advice on beginning knitting lace? I've tried to cast on for the swallowtail shawl (current IK) a few times and the first little bit always leaves me completely stumped.

stunning! and yes, I'm still terribly jealous of your speed!

You continue to amaze me with your talent. Your knitting is flawless, and so much fun to see. I continue to look forward to your new posts.

So, so pretty! I can't wait for your book!

wow, gorgeous piece... i have to say I particularly love the way you transition your ribbing into the bodies of your sweaters... so artful, so satisfying, and so beautiful... all your little details add up to magnificence

Eunny, It's FABULOUS!
I really love to knit, I spend all my free time to do so, but this.. it left me jaw-dropped and jealous where did you acquire all those skills and tricks!
I think I will cry when I will see your book in my hands. Someone who is so talented as you really is a VERY generous person!
Thank you for your works!

Stunning. You and the sweater especially in the first picture. I look forward to the pattern someday.

I am so in awe of your craftmanship, unique design ability, and quickness!!! And, of course, you have such a beautiful figure to knit for.

How many hours a day did you knit on this? I'd love to see a video of you knitting -- I'm thinking that your hands would be a blur with the speed you must have.

Thank you for taking the time to share. I enjoy your writing very much.



Very beautiful indeed! Knitting so fine, Miss Marple would approve.

I've been reading your blog for just a little while (since your gorgeous hempathy shell). I am in awe of your ability to share yourself and your talent with us. Thank you too, for the article in Interweave - awesome to see you published. Are you presigning for your book? If so, count me in, even if it's over a year away. I know my finished handwork will be beautiful because of your attention to detail. Thank you so much.

That is absolutely gorgeous!

How very lovely, Eunny. I would love to knit and wear this. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Then, you let us know that it was such an economical knit, and I'm completely hooked.

Your a great knitter and a great blogger!!!
Everyday I quikly watch to see if you posted something and I think your blog is one of the best in the world!! Not only because how it looks but also your skill in knitting!!!

Lovely! I'm debating whether I wish for you to finish your book first or this pattern...

The top with the spiraling cables next, please!

Stunning! You have such a knack for making things that are at once classic, modern, original, and always beautiful. Your work is always inspiring.

That is absolutely amazing to say the least. I will definetely buy the pattern when it comes out. No questions asked.

Another amazing design! I adore it! Please publish the pattern, I would love to knit this!!!

So far I have not seen anything you have designed I did not like, so, please please please.....more patterns!!!

Finally, a pattern for Brown Sheep Cotton Fine! I'm impressed by the evenness of your stitch and how well it fits. Even Cotton Fine's itty bitty wool cotton can shrink it just a little. Did you wash it by hand or toss it in a cold wash?

I love the detailing on the collar and on the waistband. You have such a fine eye. I came to your website earlier this year impressed by what you did to a little bag shown in interweave knits - it's that attention to detail that keeps me coming back daily looking for more.

Oh. My. Gods. That is absolutely stunning! Beautiful! I don't know what else to say... You know you're my knitting idol, right? ;)

Congrats on another great project! Very classy indeed.

simply fab!

what a work of art! you're a creative genius!

It's beautiful! Very nice lace pattern, combined with excellent style and matching pattern drafting skills. Look forward to the pattern!

Just pure simplistic elegance..... I await the time you release the pattern

Your sweater is fabulous in every way--from the designing to the construction to the modeling.

I'm particularly impressed about the way the ribbing flows into the lacey pattern. Did you swatch the lace design and then figure out how to make the ribbing fit it so well? On yarn like Cotton Fine, which isn't very stretchy, I tend to gravitate to K1P1 ribbing so the bottom band and sleeve bands will have memory. I am not sure I would have even considered a rib such as yours (a big mistake, now that I see your sweater).

Thanks for the tip on using a selvage stitch at the seams.

Another gorgeous sweater. It's very classy and elegant.

Gorgeous! Can't wait for the pattern.

That is absolutely beautiful! I am truely amazed at your talent. You inspire me every time I read your blog!
Thank you!

Simply lovely. I don't know how you manage to keep designing such fabulous pieces one after another.

That is so lovely, Eunny - could you be persuaded to bring it to spinning night tomorrow? I would so make that and wear it!

You are amazing! It's beautiful!

OMG... I almost fell off my chair looking at your beautiful sweater! Awesome job. Can't wait for the pattern!


Fabulous! Wow, pretty.

I am a long time lurker and I am always stunned by your designs, this one however, made me exclaim out loud (everyone in the office now knows I'm not working :))I am awaiting patiently for your book(s) to be published as well as any other pattern you will have available. Thank you for your insightful article in IK and for sharing so much of your talent.

I can never figure out whether I want to make all the things you do for themselves or because of some irrational hope that I'll look like you in them. But I have reached the conclusion that you are probably the best knitter currently living.

I bought some cottom fine because I loved the color and the feel of it but I couldn't think of what to do with it so I returned it a few weeks ago. Now I wish I'd waited. you do such amazing work. This design is so beautiful in it's simplicity. I can't wait to see what you do next.

SO beautiful! And so flattering.

You create such elegant pieces. I can't wait for your book to come out and I'm imploring you to include larger sizes. It would literally make me cry to see a book of your fabulous patterns and not be able to knit any of them. Keep up the amazing work!

Another stunning sweater! I really like how the lace is a tiny bit see-through, but not too much!

Wow. It's so beautiful!

So beautiful!! I think this is my favorite so far -something I would love to knit and wear. The collar looks great at that length.

There are so many books out there now with nothing but junk and the same re-fab'd sweaters over and over. If/when you put your book out I'm sure it will include beautiful -and wearable -pieces with lots of important design information. I, too, plead for larger sizes.

Again, the sweater is stunning.

Classy. Classy classy classy.

Love it.

Not much "actual knitting"? On the contrary.

I love that you knitting is so thoughtful; the ribbing combined with the pattern, the vertical divides between the lace, the delicate shawl collar, the shaping, the seaming, etc. There's not much worse than getting a pattern from a designer and realizing that many things for which there is no plan. Thank you for thoughtful design.

oh that it quite lovely. i really have to know, where do you find the time to get so much knitting in?!

Simply Stunning! Would love this pattern....

I opened up this blog and the first thing I said is " Oh my god , that is beautiful!" You are truly inspiring.

Absolutely gorgeous, and a wonderful color choice. Congratulations on another wonderful design. I can't wait to buy your books.

I just stumbled upon your blog and I think it's amazing! Love your finished projects... all of them!


I'm just in awe at the speed at which you design, plan and crank out more involved projects! (It seems like you finished both that amazing fair isle and the striped cardigan about five minutes ago!) How long did this one take you?

I really must knit this sweater; it is stunning. My favorite part is the way the lace grows out of the ribbing. It would be so appropriate for our early fall here in AL. You do truly amazing stuff with your designs.

It is very beautiful. An other great garment.. I'll be steady waiting for your book of patterns..

That is simply magnificent. Can't wait for your book!

Eunny, after 112 previous comments, there's not much more to add, but it's beautiful. Your attention to detail is A+. Awesome sweater.

Beautiful! I love your choice of stitch pattern and color.

you are truly an inspiration to me.

It's so nice to see beautiful AND wearable knitted garments! I love the collar and the ribbing. I've learnt so much from your blog, thank you for sharing your work with us all...


That pullover is absolutely DIVINE. Well done! :)

What can I say? It's beautiful and you're my hero. :)

Great fashions and a Poirot fan as well! You are a delight!

TALENTED, TALENTED, TALENTED! I just recently found your blog and love seeing your work.
What age did you start knitting?

Love it! Can't wait for the pattern. :)

You probably heard of this million times..you know what..i just have to say it. You never cease to amaze us. I love the top! Gorgeous!

Ijust love it!! Beautiful color.

Wow. I don't want this to come across wrong, but I think you've caused me to abandon all thoughts of someday desiging my own sweaters. Not because you're intimidating, but because I love everything you've done and I couldn't improve on any it. You've done all the hard designing work for me :)

I know you got some crap a while ago when you blogged about your personal tastes in clothing, but I just have to say -- right on! I love your style and am very relieved to see someone making beautiful, classic, and old fashioned (and I mean that in a good way) garments with nary a ball of fun fur in sight.

Stunning...simply stunning!!!

Lovely and feminine.
How do you like the Cotton Fine? Is it splitty at all like Cotton Fleece?

I'm trying to wait patiently... but you're making it very difficult. Lovely sweater!

It gives one 'furiously to think,' I think.

WOW. This is so beautiful. And I have some yarn in the stash that will wait patiently for this pattern! Thank you for letting us have a peek at your methodology in developing patterns.

Eunny, PLEASE start releasing these patterns!! I'm dying over here!

Very delicate. Lovely.

I'm with Elizabeth--we need patterns! I've been stalking your blog daily for those almost argyle socks. It's been very enjoyable, though, so I'm not really complaining....much. Keep up the great work!

Gorgeous! Your talent never ceases to amaze and I am in awe!

You really are an artist.

I love this sweater, it's tres chic. The collar is perfect - don't change it!

Too beautiful! I can't wait for the pattern.

Always a sort of inspiration for me. Love the sweater - its feminine and body conscious.

Sweet holy garlic-stuffed olives. This pattern is a glorious thing, and to share it would be an act of human charity and goodness. Do you KNOW how hard it is to look curvaceous and professional and really, *darling* in any garments currently in the world? *Very* hard. Please share.

And congratulations on this latest superb production.

Absolutely gorgeous. I love the collar.

That is simply amazing!!!

oh man. you make me so jealous. i wish i had your figure. i would knit more stuff for myself!! haha. your sweater is beautiful!

You are truly an inspiration. Incredible work there.

beautifull ...you are very nice with this.

How the hell did you finish this so fast? :P

It's gorgeous. Absolutely. Could you bring it on Sunday? I wanna see it closeup!

That's absolutely gorgeous!!

That is sweet! I'd wear it in a milisecond.

How much ease did you allow? I'd tried for a top with a similar fit in a lace pattern and it had too much ease, the lace was forced to scrunch/flop a little between the shoulders. Yours, however, looks Perfect. Gorgeous. It'd be right at home on set next to David Suchet.

It's LOVELY. I can't wait to see the pattern! :)

Absolutely beautiful and fits you so well. I've seen your other items and ...girl... you have talent. I love how everything fits you so well. I can never get my knitted items fit as good on me.

I love this pullover! I'll look forward to whenever the pattern is available.

I think you might be on your way to your own knitting book of patterns. I absolutely love the green one, so pretty. If you do sell the patterns put me on the list.

The Devil's in the details, or in your case it's Genius. You have a beautiful way with simplicity Eunny.

I love this pattern, it looks very refined, yet feminine. I hope you do decide to publish it soon!

Beautiful! That first picture is perfect, too. So vintage.

Eunny, you are so amazing! How do you knit and design all these fine-gauge sweaters so quickly? You're majorly inspirational.

Wow! It's so lovely! I want to make it -now!-

One more knitter chiming in to say that I would LOVE a pattern for this sweater. It is absolutely divine.

If you put this pattern up for sale, I will definitely buy it. I love the way it looks! You do amazing, amazing work.

I would definately buy a pattern for this. I love it.

Oh Eunny. I'm speechless. Yet another breathtaking example of your knitting skill and designing brilliance. I can see that this could be flattering to various sizes - not just a beautiful young petite woman like yourself. I can also see what you mean about the collar. For a petite, it's a delicate addition and is nice but would definitely need a little more width for a larger size sweater. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos. I absolutely can not WAIT for your book to come out!

What a gorgeous gorgeous knit! I can't wait for a pattern for this!! Well done!

this is beautiful! can you please explain how you construct the collar?

you're a wonder! this is really lovely.

That. Is. Beautiful! Wow, I was looking for a pattern for just this type of sweater only a few days ago. I can't wait to see your pattern!

Please, oh please grace us with a pattern? I'd pay BIG bucks for that, SO gorgeous! I'll trade you hand-dyed silk I am in love with... lol!

Please, please....pretty please with sugar on top..
Can we have pattern for gorgeous arrowhead sweater soooooooooooooooooonnnnn.
I want to wear it for Christmas...
Thank you

Delurking to say I LOVE it. I love Arrowhead already, and this is the best use of it ever. I'll buy a copy of the pattern if you ever release it.

so lovely! someone will always be bugging you for the pattern until you post it, i guess, so i'll be the one for this month!

Wow, that's a sexy, sexy top. Nice colour, I like the shawl collar :)

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