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Twisted Stitch Sweater


A bright spot of color in a week of dreary grey. Who needs fireworks, after all?

Pattern: My own (pattern available someday)
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fine, in color 230 (Victorian Pink)
Yardage: 5 50 gram balls (about 1000 yards)
Yarn Source: Clover Hill Yarn Shop
Needles: 2.75mm (US 2) Crystal Palace bamboo circular needles
Gauge: 8 st/inch over ribbing
Modifications: --

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Wonderful! the fit is beautiful... and yet I cannot stop myself ! Excuse my silliness and let me mention (with a wink in mind!) that it is funny that after your post about your taste in classic fashion style, you post a picture of your with your bra showing!

Eunny, it looks just gorgeous! (Not that I expected anything else, of course.)

Ah, but it's a camisole covering the bra that you spy.

Wow! Beautiful work, as always. I can't wait for the pattern to become available.

I await the pattern with bated breath. It's gorgeous, and I can't wait to have one of my own.

another gorgeous, classic top. i love it.

Aha! forgive me for being nosy around your bust, the colour contrast just caught my eye. It really makes an interesting difference, a shiny blue with a more traditional look in old rose, once again you manage to mix old and modern with good taste!

Clicked in for a visit and all I could do was gasp. Another stunner! Wow.

It's lovely, Eunny. I hope you don't mind if I knit a version myself.... many of the design ideas you post here are things that I've been chewing over myself, but this one is new to me.

I'm actually thinking of knitting it with raglan sleeves (so that the ribs will line up interestingly), a different waist pattern, and inside-out (for purl lazineess).

Wow! So happy it's done & we get to see it. The finished result is gorgeous & I love the shape.

Not just beautiful but VERY FLATTERING which is one of those really tough things. You should be overjoyed--you have hit that nirvana of handmade, where it is BETTER BY FAR than anything you could buy. Lovely!

I would knit it too! Congrats

Gorgeous! I would love to see someone do it in a larger size. I know if I wore something that snug on my abdomen, it would look not good at all. Good work though!

Absolutely beautiful - very well executed and fits you wonderfully.

Congrats on finishing--and on an excellent finished object, at that! It looks great on you.

It's gorgeous on you, Eunny!!! Love the color.

Incredibly beautiful! I was so glad to hear you are publishing books...I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival!

So sassy. It looks awesome on you! Mwuah, love it.


Wauw, really beautifull! I love it! Will surely make it once you get it written up! :D

I can't believe how incredibly flattering your sweater is and you are stunning in it. Sign me up for the pattern as well. Can't wait to get started.

Stunning. Elegant and beautiful just like the rest of your designs. You are one talented woman Eunny!

Thank you for your reply to my email about fair isle and color joins. That was a very informative post you sent me to and it helped me tremendously.

i love it, someone once said that good art is something outstanding when viewed from afar and keeps revealing itself as one draws closer-I just love the detail of the lower part of the sweater!

Truly beautiful sweater. You look amazing in it :-)

Stunning witha serious Wow. The sweater is amazing, all the detailing, and the colour is perfect, and the photo with the chartreus-y walls and the tulips, wow to the whole thing.

Eunny, I am in awe. What a beautiful sweater!! It looks absolutely stunning! I love the tulip picture in the background too :)

That sweater is crazy cool. I just love the fit and the details.

Very pretty pattern. I imagined the neckline differently, but this is very flattering. Subtle sexiness.

Zowie, it's GORGEOUS! I must get my waist back so I can make it. You look gorgeous in it and it looks gorgeous on you!

*note to Mollie - thank you for saying "bated" breath instead of "baited" breath!*

One word: WOW !!!

So pretty! I hope the pattern comes out soon!

Whee! Looks great!

That is just amazing. It is perfect--Very very flattering and cute!


Can I test knit it for the gazunga-boobie size?

Wow, that's smokin' hot. Great fit and look.

Oh Eunny, I love it! It came together really well. The neckline is fabulous. I especially enjoyed being able to see the creative process from sketch to finished garment.

Bravo, my dear! I think this one certainly translated well from drawing to finished product. I hope it's everything you wanted!

Very beautiful!

This is really a beauty. You're VERY talented, greetings from The Netherlands

I'd buy this pattern in 5 seconds. I think it's your best so far!

Wow. It's beautiful.

Will you need to write up different cup sizes? Or will the ribbing take care of that? I ask out of pure self-interest.

It looks beautiful on you! Excellent job.


I've been lurking, watching the progress, dying to see the final result. Can't wait for the pattern to be availablel!

That is absolutely stunning!

It's even more beautiful than I thought it would be. I just LOVE the cut. Genius, once again. Thank you for sharing.

Wow! I love it!

It fits you like a dream...

I love cotton fine...and it is so feminine. Love it!


Beautiful! I love it. It's very figure flattering, isn't it?

That is beautiful! All your hard work really shows!

Oh, please say there'll be more pictures posted! Front and back views would be perfect.

You did a fabulous job!

I love it, Eunny! You are the most amazing knitter and designer I've seen. It looks beautiful on you.

So so so so so elegant. Really flattering and a wonderful choice of stitch pattern around your waist.
For another version, I would, however, consider something slightly different for the sleeves. These seem a bit "busy" and detract a little from the lovely bodice. Perhaps 3/4 smooth sleeves. Or tiny little sleeves. Or no sleeves at all. :)

Stunning - absolutely stunning. Great color on you too!

In a word, gorgeous. I didn't realize that Brown Sheep had such a yarn - of course, I should have known by the name, since I've used their worsted and Cotton Fleece in Victorian Pink before!

I've been to Cloverhill before, when I was living with friends in B-more. What a nice spot.

Fabulous job!!!

Stunning. I love the waist cincher look. Seems like it would be flattering on less ample figures too. :)

That looks absolutely FABULOUS! I have really enjoyed watching this masterpiece come together. Congratulations!

It is breathtaking! As is that photograph come to think of it. Is it everything you hoped it'd be?

the shaping is fantastic (how big will your patterns go?

Absolutely fantastic! I just love it.

Gorgeous. Can't wait for the pattern.

Now that's a sweater!

And forgot to add - I *love* when designers use such economical yarns. I loved watching this pattern come together and I love even more that I can make one for about 30 bucks! Thank you.

Amazing, and so flattering.

Eunny, That is absolutely amazing. I have been rendered completely speechless!

Best. Eunny. Sweater. Ever!


That is absolutely amazing and beautiful. That's a pattern that I will want. Hope it's coming our way in some form or other. Great job, just stunning!

Great job! What a beautiful design.

Wonderful! :o)

Beautiful. One of the nicest knit tops I've seen, period.

Gorgeous. Simply perfect and so flattering.

Eunny, when I say this is the most beautiful sweater I have ever seen, I am not exaggerating one bit. Gosh, it is pretty much the sweater of my dreams - intricate, well-fitting, pink... omg it's so wonderful! It looks marvelous on you! I love it sooo much. I sure can't wait for this pattern! I hope you'll be able to release it quite soon. I would love to see more photos of you in it, and that is the exact color and yarn I'm using for a sweater I'm knitting right now. Also, love the tulips in the background. I bet your home is just beautiful!

I love it! Gorgeous work.

Beautiful! Faye ain't got nuthin' on you.*

*That was painful to type, I swear I never speak like that...

Absolutely stunning!

I really like how the bust shaping worked out. I'd be tempted, if I made this myself, to end it just a half inch lower -- the ribbing seems to be creeping up the underside of the bust which doesn't work for very well for larger sizes (though you'd never know it based on plus-sized fashions in general). I like this because using the cabling to provide shaping was a wonderful idea that looks great.

you're really the best your sweater is wonderful.

Absolutely stunning! Great work - I love how this sweater turned out, and I enjoyed being "in" on the process as you went along. (Well, okay - not so much involved as a bystander, but it was still fun.)

That... wow. That is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait for the pattern!

All I can say is WOW!

That's drop-dead-gorgeous! Do you have any idea when the pattern will be available?

That REALLY looks great! How about a modelled shot from the front?? Please ;-)

But what happened to the cables on the sleeves??

I'm with everyone else, WOW. I'm definitely getting this pattern when it is available.

W-O-W! Simply stunning. I can't take my eyes away from the photo. Jaw-dropping gorgeous!

Perfect in every way! What impresses me most is that you are not only spectacularly proficient in knitting technique and minutiae, but you also clearly have great awareness of and respect for your figure. Every aspect of the sweater fits, shapes and flatters perfectly - a quality that is so often lacking in handknits. (Being a 5'10" athletic beanpole with a B cup I will sadly never properly fit many of your designs, but your approach is highly inspirational nonetheless.)

I admire the eye you have for detail, and that your designs balance interest and good lines with not-too-fussy. Thanks for the inspiration!

Eunny, that is so beautiful! And I think it could even fit me too! So I'll be waiting… :-)

I love it! Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Will you be offering a pattern for this?

It's very nice, but my first thought was the same as those mentioned regarding the bust. If I purchase the pattern (love the shaping, except for the bust area), I'll probably close up the front a bit more. My size bust and waist appears to be about the same as yours, but I don't like to show as much cleavage. Otherwise, nice work.

damn it it's just amazing. -jing

Well, I read all the comments up to this point and there is nothing left to say. But I agree with every one.
And thanks for helping me with the lace; I'm having great fun with it.


That is gorgeous! It's a great mix of classic and sexy. The cabled waist is perfect

Another knock-out design, Eunny!

I can't wait for you to post the pattern!!! Absolutely-freakin'-fabulous!

Really gorgeous, Eunny. It's also extremely flattering. Congratulations!

Absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait for the pattern!

Just amazing - you are quiet inspiring. Thanks!

Well, it's all been said but I will throw my 2 cents in as well. Gorgeous and FABULOSO!

hmm, I'm surprised.
I was anxious to see the outcome of this project but I'm a touch shocked at the shortness and the low neckline especially from someone who went on about modesty and who expressed such dislike for things such as camisoles as outerwear.
Personally I find this far more revealing and overt than the cotton camisoles I buy from the Gap.
I love the general design (the shaping)
but would want it to have a shallower vneck and be longer.

that is a PERFECT fit! nice bod too (in a totally heterosexual way)

great job!

Gosh, I guess some people never learned the "if you can't say something nice" lesson. There's a difference in showing a hint of an undergarment and wearing one AS the garment. It's what you DON'T see that's sexy and seductive. Very simple premise which not many people understand.

I love the sweater - I daresay I was *almost* as thrilled as you when the cabling came together under the bust - it makes the sweater, in my opinion. Thanks for posting the progress and I hope to see the pattern soon!

It is worth repeating what others have written... this is a stunning design. I hope the pattern is available soon. I'll definitely purchase it and knit like a fanatic (a careful, technically proficient fanatic) to get it done.

Very nice work.

DAMN!! AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see this pattern-it is so great. Congrats!

of course it's beautiful. as is everything you do...


Truly amazing!

great job, I would absolutely knit this. hope you get it out there soon!

good lord, that is beautiful. please publish a book someday, please.

oohlala - foxy!

Oooo... so pretty. I like pretty things.

I believed in you the whole time! I'm so excited that you finished it, this really is a piece of art.

AMAZING... and soooo sexy... I love it.. can't wait for the pattern.. I'll definitely be making one for myself for work!

Eunny, I'm a huge fan of all your work, but this is definitely my favorite so far. It's GORGEOUS and classy, and I bet it's also really comfortable. I would also love to see more pics. It's pure art - great job!

Absolutely stunning!!

Eunny, you've managed to create another stunning piece of art. Honestly, this sweater has it all. I can't wait for the pattern. It's beautiful :)

that is too pretty for words.

Beautiful! I will patiently wait for the pattern :)

Eunny, it looks great! did you decide against the closures we talked about at knit nite the other day? Eitherway, it is beautiful - such an intricate and feminine design!

PS - how were those kebabs on the new grill? ;)

WOW. It is stunning - and stunningly flattering.

As my friend Dan would say "Meow-how-how!" Very beautiful and flattering!!

Wow. That is simply divine. Can't wait to try it myself -- though no way that mine will come out so neatly. You are a terrific inspiration. Thanks.

Fantastic! Looking forward to the "someday".

IT seems big breasts are your best asset. so you might as well show them off.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eunny, you are fabulous. Seriously. I love your design sense, and everything you produce looks professional and gorgeous. I look forward to getting this pattern when it's available. Beautiful work.

Very nice! You do excellent work and you're very inspiring. :)

You've outdone yourself!

You could (but don't) stop now and live out the remainder of your days on the merits of this beauty.

I love the color, the pattern, the fact that you pulled it out of your head.


Crikey, that's a hot sweater! Great job.

Geesh, what can I say that hasn't been said already? It brings awe and a huge smile to me - what a beautiful piece of knitting. You should be proud of your work! (and I think you may start a fashion trend w. a contrast of color there!)

That is absolutely stunning- amazing job!

Absolutely beautiful and tastefully sexy. Great job.

hey.... that stitch pattern looks like a.........

Wow!! It's beautiful! I wish I liked to do twisted stitches..it looks beautiful on you!

Wow! Love the new design - sign me up for one. Nice to see a knit that really flatters the curves! You rock, Eunny!

Eunny, that is simply stunning! Very, very beautiful! I didn't realize until now you were knitting it in cotton, but I suppose that makes it more of a summer top. As always, very inspirational work!

That's very beautiful! I like the way it hugging the body and give some illusion of lengthening our bodice.
It's very feminine too.

The motif and yarn color also good choise.

I am thinking, while you write down the pattern, perhaps can give some instruction on how to make the neck part not too deep? ;)

Once again, congrats! :)

genius and *wow* - very sexy, like a corset - a winner!

That is one GORGEOUS sweater... you are so talented!!!

Lovely! Looks great on you. And the fit! You really captured that vintage mood!

Absolutely fabulous. I feel like I'm in a privileged club getting to see all your work develop.
And of course, it goes without saying, as with everyone else, I really really look forward to buying the pattern.
Well done, you're brilliant.

This is absolutely stunning. I can't wait for your book/the pattern. I'm not sure how it will look on me as we don't have the same ahem, assets, but I want to knit this sweater.

It's beautiful! Some people want more tummy room, I want something to close up that V neck a little bit... Laces, maybe? we're impossible to please, aren't we!

It turned out perfect, as I knew it would. Brava.


Please, please say your going to offer the pattern for sale!!!!!

I'm truly amazed by your talent;in complete awe.


Sleek, feminine, but not fussy -- the Juliet sweater updated. It looks fabulous on you!

this is an extraordinary sweater. really, really beautiful! there's not a thing about it that should be changed.

A very classy sweater and very flattering. Very feminine

Holy crap - my jaw just dropped - it's beautiful.

I already knew that I wanted to knit it, but now that I see it on curves, I HAVE to knit it. Wow. I really can't wait for the pattern to be available!

YIKESA! Gotta make me one of those!

The blouse, the photo composition, the tulips, your beauty... I feel slightly faint.


Thank you for sharing the entire process with us! I look forward to the pattern

wow - amazing. totally gorgeous - i'd buy this pattern in a hot minute (& then spend the next seven years trying to get my knitting skills honed enough to actually knit it). xo

That looks gorgeous!!

The sweater is great. You're a knitting inspiration.

I don't know how you do it, but wow, do you ever get the job done! It's somehow prim and daring all at once. Lovely!

well done!!! please post the pattern for us!!!

Gorgeous - wonderful knitting! I can't wait for this pattern to become available!

One more vote for "fabulous"

Absolutely gorgeous!! It becomes you.

So pretty! I love it!!

so pretty!!!!

Gorgeous! Interesting to see a design project from beginning to end. A superb design and exceptional fit - a masterpiece. Congratulations!

That top is just breathtaking.

De-lurking to say - wow! I happen to love Cotton Fine, and your design is just amazing. Please please please put this one up for sale!

I gasped when I saw this - absolutely incredible. I cannot emphasize that enough. You amaze me. It looks great and you should be very proud of yourself (I'll be buying a copy of this one when it becomes available).

gorgeous! i love the color and the silhouette of this pattern. and, as usual, the genius is in the DETAILS. it's so flattering! can't wait for your pattern.

First commenter said: "it is funny that after your post about your taste in classic fashion style"...

Yes, I agree it's too low-cut to be considered "classic" and my personal sense of modesty would not be able to handle it, but it looks very pretty on Eunny.

Beautiful as usual! Please keep us "bigger girls" in mind when you write out the pattern (wink wink nudge nudge)


Not only can I not wait for the pattern to become available, I even have the perfect yarn: gorgeous alpaca that my mother brought back from Peru. I've been hoarding it for something just like this. I'd be happy to test knit for you!



It turned out perfectly, of course. That is one I MUST make and will drop everything for! Do tell that it will be available soon...

I don't normally leave comments, and you certainly don't need any more on this post, but...

1. This is one of the most beautiful sweaters I have ever seen - handmade, store bought, period.

2. I would buy (and make) this pattern in a heartbeat. Allow me to join the clamoring masses begging for the pattern!

This sweater is so beautiful it almost made me cry. It also made me wonder if you approach design from an engineering standpoint, or from a shape standpoint first. I always look for hints about your thought process when I read your blog.
On another note, I have thought a bit before saying this, and decided to go ahead. Reading the comments I'm surprised that people would say things on a blog that they probably wouldn't remark on out loud (I hope) if they were to walk up to you on the street and comment on your sweater. I wonder why the internet makes people feel so free to be so...overt? I wonder if they mean to be rude and intrusive, or if that's just my interpretation of it?


That's truly something to be proud of, Eunny!

Way to Go!

sheesh! can you possibly read all these comments? ;)

... they are all deserved. the TSS is a coup, eunny! classy AND hot AND what looks like a fun, challenging knit. when "someday" comes i'll be in line for the pattern.

That top is gorgeous. I have been keeping my eye on your progress of this top and could not wait to see it finished. How clever are you.

I normally don't comment but the sweater looks beautiful on you. I really enjoyed seeing the creative process from idea to finished product, thanks for shareing.

I am however, curious if the double-purled edging will stop the collar from flopping after several washes. Please excuse my ignorance as I don't often work with cotton yarns so I'm clueless as to how they will behave.

so many people have said it, but I'm still going to echo them ;) gorgeous!
I love how clever the stitches mix together, well worth all the works you've done!

I love it!! You did a great job with this, Eunny.

Inspiring as always. :D


I was wating to see it finished...and... what can I say? It's gorgeous, it's absolutely gorgeous!

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous... But I think you've heard that already! :-)

Pattern pretty please! If you need a test knitter......

There's really nothing left to say about your design, as it's all been said a dozen times or more in the voluminous amount of comments you've gotten. I love it and I'll definitely be purchasing the pattern when it becomes available. Great job!



"Someday" cannot arrive soon enough. That is bloody gorgeous, Eunny.

absolutely gorgeous. how is it in the land of knit-blogger-book-deals, you haven't come up?

You and the sweater look amazing! I love it!

that's stunning eunny! go on with your bad self!

I love it!

You are truly an artist. That is a work of art - how beautiful it is. I think it might stretch my knitting skills a bit, though.

Yowza! (Now, can you design something for my over fifty figure that will look as nice? Oh, I am sooo jealous!) Long, oh long may you be slim enough to wear that! The pattern companies should just SNAP you up and put you on retainer!

My five cents from Ireland - absolutely stunning! Elegant and stylish - the colour, the pattern, the design! Your work is very inspiring, thank you, you blog is such a pleasure to read. And your style (writing, clothes, knitting - everything!) - ah, don't get me started... I can't wait for the book!

Hi! Let me be the 195th person to say that this is gorgeous! Rock on with your old-fashioned-clothing-designing self!

gorgeous! you're amazing!

very beautiful indeed!

I've been a lurker on your blog for awhile now and following the progress of this one ... it's beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your patterns published!

Hey Eunny! Your sweater is really amazing and inspiring!

Truely amazing. It looks stunning on you. You're designs are so beautiful, Eunny.

Stunningly feminine and beautiful - really really nice!

Lovely design and it looks smashing on you!

It's strange, but as you get older, your body changes, and alas, I can't wear designs like this any more, though still knit like a fiend.

I think knitting can be extremely hard on the body though. So look out! Make sure you get enough exercise to keep up your good figure!

I sit and knit for hours, and hours, and listen to old "Suspense" radio dramas and Orson Welles' radio plays. I knit to fit -- my unfortunately expanding body -- but I also dream of exercising to lose the weight I've put on since I took this full time job. So those dreamy ribbon sweaters I'm making will drape much better on my figure than they would now.

SO . . . to make a long story short Eunny . . . you're young, don't waste too much time knitting, or else you will age quicker than you thought and your body will show it! The hours of bending forward and looking downward is killer on the shoulders, bustline, and neckline! Ya heard it from me -- a living testament to the dangers of compulsive knitting!

Oooh, how pretty. Very 30s! I'm most intrigued by set-in sleeves knitted in the round. I hate, hate, hate sewing them in.

that's incredible. Bravo.

Congrats, that has to be one of the most beautiful sweaters I have ever seen!!!

Sooth et all,
knitting is not hard on the body at all...unless you eat and snack and have high caloric drinks while knitting,as I suspect quite a few do......
Knitting does not cause the body to change, but the extremely sedentary life style many knitters have does.
In order to stay in shape we have to exercise and eat a halfway healthy diet with the appropriate amount of calories.....at least as a rule of thumb.
I know there are certain health problems that make diet and exercise not that easy, but knitting is not one of them.
As a former 249 pound person in October 2004 ( due to a metabolic crash that came with thyroid cancer and made me insuline resistant) I have lost over 100 pounds....not by quitting knitting,but starting a 6 day a week weightlifting, exercise and running program and eating much more healthy then before.
I do not want to offend anyone, but was amazed when a saw photos on blogs of fiber festivals and the International Knitting in Public Day and am really concerned about the health of some of my knitting sisters......
Believe me, if our body has gone through changes that go beyond the normal aging process, it is often because of the life style we lead and that we have built around certain activities....and often for knitters it means little or no exercise...



Must have! Can't wait!

This is gorgeous!

I gasped! That is beautiful...


You are right! Knitting alone will not make one heavy. But compulsive knitting can prove to be a problem. Moderation in everything is the ideal, but some people cannot be moderate when it comes to knitting. I am one of those types. You simple cannot turn out garment after garment by hand without doing stress to your body . . . it's a question of proportion.

My point to young knitters like Eunny is simply this: you cannot knit to these almost staggering levels of personal production without eventually doing some damage to your posture and body. Knitting is demanding on the body if it is done hour after hour. As younger knitters grow older, their bodies will need even more care and exercise to maintain their shapes, and that requires . . . (gasp) not knitting, but moving, exercising, anything BUT knitting, which for a compulsive knitter can be very hard indeed -- knitting, after all, like exercise, produces endorphins in the body!

Eunny, sweet pea, when the fingers start bleeding, it's time to STOP SPINNING! :D
Had fun today - can't wait to see pictures!

Angelika, if you read this, could you e-mail me, please? Have some questions for you...

That is g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s!!!

I love the blog. You're inspirational (and I'm not normally this gushy).

Hope a pattern is on the way?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

This turned out incredible. I'm very impressed.

love Love LOVE this!!!! Dying to have the pattern. Love the Subtle Argyle Socks as well... looking forward to that pattern too!!! You are so talented, I love looking at your work!

Coming out of lurkdom to say:

This is a fabulous pattern. Please don't change a thing! I love the fit, the deep neckline (wearing with a camisole underneath is a gorgeous way to hint a things), the collar.... and being a mamma with a bussum but small waist myself, I think it would suit me down to the ground...

Something I've learnt over the last decade- it is worth being proud of your assets and showing them off- and I don't mean by flopping them all over the place- but with something like this, that shows body shape and leads the eye down in a teasing but non-obvious way... I love it!

please, please, PLEASE tell me this pattern will be available soon. This would look lovely on my little sister and I've been searching for the right project to knit for her next birthday!

Stunning. Your talent blows me away.

I LOVE it ... so I'm joining the chorus here and pleading you to please publish the pattern soon ;)

Adding my voice to the chorus of "please?" that you're hearing -- asking for the pattern, please? I keep coming back and back, hoping you've posted it (or a link to where I can purchase it). Thanks in advance!