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Things I have learned in the very recent past:

1) It is possible to plan and knit a Fair Isle sweater on in five days when up against a deadline. It isn't much fun (in fact, it bears a marked resemblance to Sisyphean torture), but it is possible.

2) Life goes on in those five days - after all, there's the office to go to, dinner to be cooked, laundry to be done. Necessities of money and food and habiliment can be managed, somehow, but all the rest falls away. Thoughts, worries, itchy niggling descisions about the sweater - not the sweater, The Sweater - loom ever-present during all daily activities. As a result, those five days are only remembered as a blur, a sort of black hole of knitting, forever collapsing inwards. No real recollection survives.

3) Because The Sweater takes on such disproportionate importance, little things are magnified and distorted, as though reflected in a spoon or viewed through a fish-eye lens. Steeks become a thing of monstrous prettiness, too lovely to cut:

And successful wrangling with the problems of bulkless, hemmed slit cuffs and passably matched sleeve cap stripes cause tears of relief.

No, I haven't gone off the deep end - but it's definitely a strange thing for a piece of knitting to become so...well...consuming. It's a sweet, modern Fair Isle in an allover brocade pattern for the winter Interweave - the antithesis of bulky, droopy, baggy Fair Isles (wondrously beautiful though they may be). It would look great with a trumpet skirt and riding boots, tweedy trousers and loafers, a denim skirt and ballet flats. I can't wait for it to come out and for you to see the whole thing - I'm really proud of it.

Back to real life now - back to a mountain of email and backed-up projects and patterns. Sisyphean, too, in its own way, but at least it's familiar.


I've been spinning a little, here and there - I tried out Jacquard dyes on some glorious Bombyx top:

I was going for a sort of subtly tonal effect, but I think my dyebath was way too acidic - I poured the dye on, and the silk drank it up right away where it struck, leaving none to disperse through the water. It's spinning up prettily, though:

So far, I'm just trying to get a feel for it - I bought it for an absolutely phenomenal price, and don't feel bad about waste. Silk is hard to spin - the pre-drafted top is so fluffy it catches on wrinkles and callouses I didn't know I had, no matter how much talcum powder I rub my hands with, but leaving it in its compact state makes it impossible to spin. Then, too, it takes a lot more twist than I expected it to - the high-speed whorls and bobbins I ordered haven't come in yet, so I've got the braking on the bobbin so light it barely turns, and I'm treadling so fast I feel like I'll take off. And it still feels undertwisted. It's such a pleasure to handle and admire, though - the luster of the silk shows beautifully in the places that did get enough twist - it's a soothing sort of challenge.

I've been working slowly on some Merino/Tussah top I bought at Sheep and Wool, too:

It was originally a shockingly pink color, streaked with the white of the bleached silk - I overdyed it with blue, which left it a more muted blend of purples running to deep raspberries. Nice for lace, maybe, someday.

And then, the wonderful Amie gave me the most wonderful present a beginning spinner could hope for - samples of all kinds of delicious things.

There's Ashland Bay and Polworth wools, linen and cotton, Suri Alpaca, Quiviut, and a fluffy ball of wispy angora. Thank you!


Terrific fairisle!

I *totally* understand being consumed by knitting.

Looking forward to seeing your next project!

5 da...[blinks, rubs eyes] did that say 5 DAYS?! amazing. truly lovely & amazing. i've missed "ravelings," but that sweater is a treat to behold. can't wait to see it published!

welcome back =]

wow!!! simply breathtaking work! i can't wait to see The Sweater published in its entirety!

Amazing! I couldn't even knit the SLEEVE in five days, let alone plan and knit the entire sweater! And the pattern will be published? And you spin too? And then, you modest thing, you didn't even mention your fabulous article on fitting lace in the new Interweave Knits issue! You be da Knitting Queen!

Congratulations on your article! I just received the latest IK issue and your lace article was the first to be read. I can't wait to see your pattern in the next issue. It may very well turn out to be my first fair isle project. :)

I do believe I like the looks of that neckline. I know I LOVE the colors you chose.

Cripes, I thought I was a superstar for knitting a Norsk Strikkedesign sweater in a month. :p

read your article in the new Interweave today. congrats!

and that sweater is breathtaking. utterly utterly amazing. ohmygod, you make me sick sometimes. wow.

I am sooo impressed! I have
been working on a fair Isle
sweater for about 8 months now! Of course I have taken many detours along the way.
You are very inspiring. I wish I could knit that beautifully,
that quickly. And you designed it too! I guess I need to just poor myself into it the way you have, but even then I couldn't do THAT well. Can't wait to see the pattern in Interweave Knits!

Amazing :) I look forward to seeing this in print. Goodluck!

I love those colors and can't wait to see the whole thing. I sure didn't think it would be possible to design and knit a Fair Isle sweater in five days, even without going to the office!

great color combo- and my god, you are sooooo fast!!
its great. does it feel nice?

I have never before been tempted to make an all over fair isle sweater- but this, this I can't wait to get the pattern for.

The fair isle is wondrous, so great to make it in a more flattering shape. Even the colors are divine. Can't wait to get my hands on that one!

I love the brocade pattern--I would never have thought of doing a fair isle sweater that way. Well, I know at least one project I'll want to make from the winter IK. What kind of yarn did you use? Perhaps I should start looking for sales on the yarn now...

something i've found helpful when spinning silk: in your palm pour a little veggie oil and dump in some salt; use it as a scrub for your hands; when rinsed off, you'll have "disappeared" a lot of the snags and rough spots and drafting will be a lot less annoying.

Congratulations on your IK articles. I can't wait to see what's coming next from you.

I can't wait to see your sweater in the IK issue! It looks marvelous. And your dyeing and spinning looks wonderful too.

and the apttern matches from sleeve to bodice!!!!!!!! that is fabulous - and did you say 5 days? i am out to shame and mention how long it takes me to knit anything other than socks! look forward to your article in IK

Simply gorgeous! I can only hope to knit something so beautiful (and I am a long way from attempting a Fair Isle). The colors are breathtaking.

Oh, my gosh. The colours and the brocade..! I cannot wait, I know it will be gorgeous.

Okay, that is the one of the most amazing things I have ever seen somebody dream up and then knit. My Fair Isle skills are very underdeveloped, but now I know I have until the winter issue comes out to get a feel for it. As soon as I scrounge up some knitting allowance I'm going to get the supplies to the Deep Argyle Vest as my Fair Isle warm-up garment. :)

Beautiful sweater! I have recently spun silk as well, and although it is beautiful, I can't say I enjoyed it.I hand dyed silk hankies and they reacted the same way. They feel just like spiderwebs in your hands. I did spin some fleece artist merino silk, and it is so nice. It has the good qualities of both fibers.

Eunny, I can't wait to see it - I love this look!

Now I'm really looking forward to the winter issue. Hooray for intricate knits!

Breathtakingly beautiful sweater. I can't fathom knitting a pair of socks in five day let alone a fair isle sweater. Bravo!!!

What lovely spinning! I love the soft blue especially. And your sweater is enough to make me want to attempt Fair Isle. However, right now, lace is my passion. I can't wait to read your article on it!

Wow, that's a beauty! I can't wait to see the whole thing.

Oh wow! your new creation is simple gorgeous! I'm so awe by your design.

Incredible sweater! Can't wait for the winter IK now, and I haven't even received the fall one - although the preview looks very promising.

Oh, Eunny, it's beautiful! I can't wait to see the whole thing in IK.

Really beautiful peaks you give of the sweater. Love the brokade pattern.

Thank you.

Thanks for the sneak peek.



Eunny, I am in awe! Five days? Now I have to subscrive to IK to get this asap!! A fairisle project for me for sure.


(However, no way I'll knit this during the summer here - way too hot!)

Greetings from sunny Andalucia!

Wow is all I have to say!

You are such a creator of beauty. I admire your innovation and execution. What lovely colors (the yellow/gold peeking out is perfect). I so agree with the issue of droopy fair isle -- are drop shoulders flattering on anyone? I love the fitted nature of your sweater. I will be waiting anxiously for the winter issue. Thank you for sharing!

Your sweater looks sensational, and from the close-up photos, it seems as if you have done a miraculous job of matching the shoulder pattern with the body. I've been wondering whether it would be possible to shape a Fair Isle design, and you apparently have read my mind. I will be looking forward to seeing the full IK pattern (and I loved your article in the current IK).

5 days? That Is Amazing. I love the parts you've shown us. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

The teaser pics look beautiful, 5 days is ridiculously fast, we missed you and your spinning is coming along quite nicely. (A quick post so as not to distract you from all the catch-up you have)

I'm so glad I re-upped my subscription to IK. I wouldn't miss the winter issue now for anything!

Once again, I am completely in awe of your work, Eunny. Can't wait for that issue to come out......and what about those mini argyle socks??? Huh? Huh?

I have been looking for a pattern for a Fair Isle sweater for ages - one that's not bulky or shaped like it came from the 80's. I am so excited and can't wait to make yours! It is gorgeous, the colors are gorgeous and I love the details you put on it. You rock!

The Sweater is absolutely gorgeous, Eunny! I haven't tried fair isle, but I will .. someday.

And the spinning .. oh sweet Lord and Lady the spinning! Now I know I simply have to save to get hubby darling a wheel.

The colors photograph beautifully! ANd it still has the subtlety that was so lovely in person :)
It was so great to meet you the other night! Hope to see you at the next spinners meeting!

Congrats on the very smart very useful article. I'm obsessed with BW's sunspots lace and wanted to make something with it: you article will be all I need to fill in my knowledge gaps.

That sweater looks amazing. Haven't caught the new IK yet, but heard you have a great article in there. I can't wait to read it! And I will definitely be buying the winter issue... although I don't know that intricate sweater will be in my abilities soon!

The FI for Winter Interweave looks awesome. Hope the sizing includes at least a 44" finished bust.

The sweater is so lovely, I can't wait to see it in full!

I really need to learn fair isle!!!

Jodi Green in the Fall IK and you in the Winter. I love watching this new, younger generation of designers come into their own; makes for more items I want to knit in these magazines. Congratulations!

I'm going to be watching for the next Interweave so I can see the rest of that sweater. It looks beautiful.
I already want to learn to spin, and you are making it even more difficult to wait with all that lovely roving and those beautiful yarns.

Well done, Eunny

Divine. Simply divine.

you are a goddess - THIS sweater is it worth - now i have to learn how to knit fair isle!

Wow. Amazing. You are from another planet of superlative knitting & designing talent and speed. Here's hoping your design makes the cover!

wowsa! i cannot wait for the magazine to come out so i can see the whole sweater! congradulations!!!

WOW! Stunning! Amazing! 5 days?? I can't wait to see the whole sweater in Interweave. Nice job.

the dark brown is Arapawa wool, a breed of merino let go feral on NZ isles...

There are no words, Eunny, for how gorgeous that sweater is! Chalk up a another guaranteed sale of the winter Interweave issue. Simply stunning!

That sweater is positively GORGEOUS. I think I need to brush up on my fair isle skills in preparation!

That sweater is beautiful!
I think that I had better learn how to do fair isle knitting so I can be ready by the time that pattern comes out! The pattern and the colors are amazing!

Gorgeous! Can't wait for the issue to come out. I'm looking forward to seeing how you resolve the pattern symnetry with the set-in sleeve shaping.

Beautiful sweater! I can't believe you knit it in five days! Amazing!

Maestra. Had to say it.

Beautiful! I look forward to seeing the pattern (Interweave doesn't mind you publishing pre-issue photos on your blog?). LOVELY colors. Re the spinning, I'm amazed how different the colors look pre- and post-spin. Very interesting.

Gorgeous tease! Looking forward to the winter issue. And congrats - it was fun to see your articles in the fall issue. :)

Five days? Wowzer... the glimpses you shared are absolutely gorgeous--can't wait to see the issue! And, congrats on the Lace article, too!

Dynamite fair isle. I love your fitted items. Very, very stylist. I'm doing Weight Watchers to try to have a good body for your designs!!

Beautiful Fair isle!

SPECTACULAR Fair Isle! You are definitely an inspiration.

And your friend gave you Quiviut??? She did you proud!

You're a tease - showing parts of the fair isle!
5 days? Egads!

Nice to see your articles in IK, and the piece on the website as well.

Have I missed the argyle sock pattern?

You need a good e-mail filter, or some rules in your e-mail client. I've been hammered by spammers spoofing my address as well, or other addresses in my domain. Bummer.

As usual, everything you make is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait for the next IK! The spinning is incredibly beautiful. What lovely colors! What lovely textures!

Mix equal parts olive oil and sugar; wash your hands with this before you work with silk. Does a fine job of removing those little snags.

The jumper is wonderful! It will be so thrilling to see it in IK!

Wow, that's the sweater that was just a body on Friday night? You go, girl! And I totally agree about huge floppy fair isle sweaters, most every pattern I have and like starts at 40 inches around and has huge dropped shoulders with 10 inch deep armholes. I'd love to make something less floppy.

The colors in that brocade are beautiful together. Puts me in mind of Elizabethan portraits. Did IK choose the colors and ask you to come up with something, or did you pitch the idea to them? And was the 5-day turnaround their idea or yours? ;)

Every time I see one of your designs I am more impressed. I can't wait to see the pattern for this one.

OMG! I love the brocade... utterly fabulous. Fair Isle is definitely something I've been procrastinating against learning, but for this project, I'll do it. Love your work!

I love that sweater. LOVE IT!

Ditto, ditto, ditto to all the admiring and astonished comments!

Gorgeous. But I really wouldn't expect anything else from you. I guess I'd better hurry up and finish Butterfly so I can be ready to knit this when it comes out. For you 5 days, for me 5 months! Lovely spinning - you're just so amazing.

Wow -- what a gorgeous sweater, and the shades are so flattering to so many skin tones! I can't wait to see the pattern and to try it out. Traditional fairisle sweaters are always so boxy and unfeminine somehow -- good for skiing and hanging out in a remote cabin, I guess, but what about charming sportswear for winter in the city? This is the ticket!

Eunny, you have extraordinary talent and I see a great future for you as a designer and a teacher. I'm glad you're weaving, but even more glad you're designing and publishing. I look forward to reading your future books of patterns and techniques -- you have a gift that will go a long long way and bring much pleasure and enchantment to the world of knitters.

I see have subscribed to Interweave at an excellent juncture. Your sweater snippets look beautiful.

That looks lovely and I can't wait to see the pattern. I have the feeling it will be on my needles shortly after acquiring the magazine. Now all I need to do is figure out how to wait that long.

Absolutely gorgeous!

It's just beautiful. Speechless. And in 5 days? You go!

I love your designs...this sweater is so gorgeous. Thanks for making the Fair Isle "cool". When can I buy your book? When?!

I'm so happy I get Interweave ... that sweater is gorgeous even if we're only getting a peak!

I'm clearing the decks for this one...

Wow, that sweater looks amazing! I can't wait for the pattern to come out. Beautiful handspun as well!

That is gorgeous! And five days? I'm in awe. Must brush up Fair Isle skills--I can tell I'm going to need to knit this for myself.

Your Fair Isle looks absolutely gorgeous! Wow! I'm so happy I finally ordered a subscription to Interweave a couple of weeks ago ;-)

Please tell me there's going to be a version for a 42" bust...

I call that "death march knitting". Be careful because I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder crunching through something like that and it still bothers me.

Silk sucks up dye like that. It's just the way it is. I took a natural dye class from Judith McKenzie once. We all had wool samples in the dyebath. Someone dumped in some silk samples and it pulled all the color out of the pot. It's really tough to dye silk an ugly color though ;) Great job on the sweater and the spinning!

I am so glad I renewed my subscription to IK. The sweater looks amazing. I can't believe how talented you are!

Oh my god. That sweater has the neckline I like. And I've been wanting to do a fair isle. And the waist is fitted. I've started thinking of colors I could use.

It's beautiful and it's definitely one of my next projects!

Great work on the jumper! I shall haunt the only bookstore in Melbourne that carries IK for the next issues.

Absolutely gorgeous Fair Isle, even though we can't see it in it's entirety. I've been waiting for the perfect pattern to be my first real Fair Isle, and this will DEFINITELY be it!!!

Eunny... I'm completely in love. I simply CAN'T wait until that issue!! The only reason why I haven't made a fair isle is because I haven't (until now) seen a pattern that wouldn't make me look like a sack. The ones I've seen are so 80s, and I am not an 80s girl, sheesh!

Impressed, I'm so very much impressed. Your blog, designs pictures.


When do you have time to make all this? I think I need to get started with my knitting projects again.

Thanks for all the inspiration.

can't wait to see it - I love the sleeves.

I ADORE spinning silk. When I was first learning, it was when I picked up some silk roving that everything finally clicked for me. But, yes, it CAN be a little more demanding of your skin condition than wool. *laugh* Skip the talc -- make sure your cuticles are in good shape and use a nice hand lotion about fifteen minutes before you sit down to spin (so that the lotion has time to sink into your skin and your hands aren't greasy). A long draw is SUPER effective with silk because the fibers are usually so long and strong. What sort of draw are you using at this point?

Dyeing silk can be an adventure -- someone else has already mentioned that silk devours dye. I second that claim. It will just KEEP ON sucking it up, too. The intensity of color you can achieve is really astounding. For a tonal effect, you're probably going to have to dye your lightest shade, then bind off areas and overdye the rest. Or spot dye it all with various shades of the same color.

Oh, I LOVE silk.

Looks like you've boosted Interweave's sales by at least 100! I know I'll be looking for it. (But please be kind enough to remind us when it's out -- I don't get to the stores that often!)

Truly AMAZING, Eunny! That sweater is breathtaking and only in 5 days. I have also really enjoyed your recent articles in Knits! Can't wait to get your book, too.

I am always amazing at the gorgeous work you turn out!

I just found out that you live in the Columbia area! We're neighbors! My friend Sara told me she was in a spinning class with you.

I may try spinning some day - but it would totally take away fom my knitting time!

Your talent is incredible. It's truly amazing. I say it again. YOU ARE AMAZING!

Absolutely beautiful. I love your sense of color and shape. You do amazing work!

I haven't read every other comment, so someone else might have mentioned this. But I find silk sticks to me less after I scrub my hands and wrists with an exfoliator (I use St Ive's apricot scrub) and then smooth on some light lotion. Hope that helps, much luck

Genius! You don't sleep much, do you? Please tell me you don't sleep.

My word, that is STUNNING! And it's going to be in Interweave, you say? O frabjous day... I can't wait to see it in its entirety, on the printed page! It looks like you could give the Norsk Strikkedesign people a run for their money.

That is beautiful. I am looking forward to the winter IK issue now. You did a fantastic job and we appreciate your sacrifice of time and entering into the knit/timewarp blackhole.

Wow! Eunny that's the first Fair Isle I've really really wanted to knit... and will be in my first IK! (Having hesitated on the brink for a long time, with that sweater you have finally pushed me over the edge).

The sweater is absolutely stunning. I'm so impressed. You are a knitting queen.

What a gorgeous sweater! I've been looking through a couple of Fair isle books and you're right, the sweaters in them are pretty baggy. It's great to come across one that I'd like to wear. I'm looking forward to that Interweave issue!

Wow. That jumper looks fantastic!

I will look forward to my winter Interweave Knits now, just to see this sweater. The glimpses look great.

For silk spinning, try poring a small bit of olive oil into your hand (about the size of a nickel), add some salt (I like kosher, but table will do). Make a paste and gently rub all over your hands, paying special attention to areas you know have rough spots. Rinse, wash with just a little soap and apply your favorite hand lotion or creme. Give it a minute or so to absorb, then apply talc. This will smooth your rough spots, making the silk less likely to snag on your skin, etc.

If you feel like your wheel will take off and you are getting enough twist for the silk to stay together, but it's still not enough twist, try putting it back through. Spin the bobbin full, making sure there is enough twist for the yarn to stay together and try for an even grist. When full, take the bobbin off, and run the single back onto another bobbin, spinning in the same direction, thereby adding twist to the single. For me, this is how I create high twist yarns on a wheel that doesn't have a high enough ratio. It's easier for me to add twist by running the single back through than it is to treadle like crazy and my end product is more consistent this way.

That is too totally awesome. I love it. Your eye for color and design is amazing. I can't wait to get the winter issue so I can see the whole sweater. :D

I feel so inspired to create things from my own mind after reading your blog. While I may not be up for a sweater design anytime soon I have been doing some things that have pleased me down to my toes recently. *L*

What a wonderful gift of rovings you have there. I can't wait to hear your review of them. :D

Wow. You continue to impress me with your ideas. I've been thinking about getting a subscription for the Interweave knitting magazine and this sweater has convinced me - I must have it. :D

What a gorgeous fair isle! What is the pattern? Your own? Please tell more. I had not seen it on the blog, but then I've been on vacation.

I am an avid reader, BTW. Yours is my favorite knitting blog.

Ms Eunny~ Wowsers. Intrepid is the only word that comes to mind. Too beautiful for this little mind to fathom. I'm a fan!

Everything about that sweater is beautiful:
- the fit
- the colors
- the colorwork pattern
- the finishing details.

Well done!

You are definitely getting a name as a "go-to" person for certain types of knitting; after catching up on previous entries I see how this has developed from aspects of the Norwegian sweater. Did Interweave approach you for this project to tie in with the Summer '06 issue with the knitted brocade-like jacket from the Globe Theater Museum that actress wore?

I cannot wait for the Winter IK, that sweater is GORGEOUS.

It's really an amazing sweater! I'll definitly restart my IK subscription now. I showed it to my mom and she nearly fainted :) But I'm certain I can make it if I try hard enough. It will just be a good way to motivate me to learn more and more. I was wondering if this weater is the result of the very beautiful colour wheel of jamiesons yarn you posted before? If so, is it possible this sweater is knit in their jumper weight line? That seems to be so thick for such a charming fitted sweater! I second whoever commented before, can you tell us what yarn it is so we can start thinking about finding it?

Love the Fair Isle! Can't wait for the winter Interweave now. Good articles in the fall one, though.

That is a beautiful sweater. So beautiful that when the pattern is available, I will attempt my second fair isle project.

Thanks for the inspiration.


I have long admired your work, and your sweater is stunning (can't wait to see the pattern published). However, and I swear I'm not trying to start an argument, but am curious--is it truly fair isle? I'd learned that a true fair isle has shading throughout both the background and the motif at the same time. I'm just having a hard time seeing in the photos whether the motif is shaded as well. If not, it's really two-color knitting (see Solveig Hisdal's beautiful book "Poetry in Stitches" as an example). IK has called things fair isle before that were really two-color knitting; with the resurgence of knitting, I'd love to see the traditions and history of knitting preserved.

*Gasps, grabs chest, and falls to floor*

I really enjoyed your article in IK this quarter. I cannot wait to see more from you, Eunny. You are inspiring.

Oh My Gawd!
I can hardly wait for the winter issue now, and I just got the fall issue last week! That sweater is so beautiful, I hope you don't mind if I use the fair isle pattern on a bag instead of a sweater.
I do want to make the sweater, but I've never done one before!!!

Wowza, Eunny, I adore that fair isle! Can't wait to get my winter IK now.

Oh, Eunny. That fairisle is very nice. Would it be cheating for your to hint what yarns I should be getting ready for when the winter IK comes out?
And I'll need to be studying up on fairisle. If I manage a fairisle hat, do you think I can manage the sweater?

Oh My God! What fantastic work! I totally agree with all the comments above and adore the jumper. And as for the spinning - you mention you've not been spinning very long? I just can't believe all the yarn your churning out - lovely. What a talented person you are! Thanks for sharing!

kind of late, and kind of repeating what has already been said, but I couldn't let this go without saying HOW I long for the magazine to come out. I want to knit this!!!

I love deadlines for just that reason - it's amazing what you can get done. Projects without a deadline linger and stall.

I love IK anyway but I will be extra looking forward to receiving this issue in the mail to really get a good look at your sweater.

Wow. That fair isle is simply stunning. Can't wait for the pattern!

I'm almost speechless. That fair isle is amazing and everything that I want in one - colorful, yet tailored. I can't wait to see it in the winter IK.

The Fair Isle sweater is gorgeous. PLEASE let me know when it comes out!

I cannot wait for this to hit the stands. I'll be in line to buy a copy.

The tantalizing glimpses of fair isle work have me all agog. Your work is really so fine and inspiring. Can't wait to see the Interweave issue.

Last week I was looking longingly at some fairisle sweaters on the site of a 'Scottish person' and thinking fabulous patterns but dated style- much too big and heavy for my tiny frame!
Now, it is amazing that you have come up with that fabulous sweater almost like an aswer to a prayer!!
Can't wait until next IK.
Could you possibly give the heads-up on what yarn to start collecting ;-)hehe!

Thank you for all your effort! I can't wait to knit it up!

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