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Punch Drunk

I feel a little intoxicated. I am making yarn.

Adventures in 2-ply:

and 3:

I have absolutely no use, of course, for hideous red-and-grey or brown-and-pink jumperweight, but it was helpful in seeing just how this whole twist-untwist thing happens to the single as plying happens. The 2-ply was plied with no tenstion on the singles at all, and no adjustments to the wheel - I used my fingers to spread the threads, and they just ran through freely as the wheel did all the work. The result is soft and squishy, and very well balanced - of course, it's also very uneven because of the imperfect singles.

I don't stash yarn, ever, but I see, all too clearly, how fiber stashing could happen very, very quickly. I'm living in this sweet delirium of roving and top, drunk on possibilities of blending and mixing, wanting a boxful - a roomful - a houseful - to pick and choose from and play with. I want to pull brightly contrasting colors together off a comb for a chunky striped top; to ply three very subtly different shades of the same color together; to make tweedy yarn (how do you do that? Quick, someone tell me!); to try wool from every breed of sheep under the big blessed sun. And then there's dyeing - I want to try making roving with subtle color progressions and see what happens when you ply several singles of it together, I want to hot-pour for deep, diffuse highs and lows of color in lustrous silk, I want to dye almost-solid rovings and bright rainbow ones. I want to do all these things, and a million more, right this second.

Maybe feverish is the right word.

Two (almost) argyle socks:

If you're into subtlety and tiny little details, you'll appreciate these - the way the lines outlining diamonds and lines within diamonds never cross except in a very specific pattern, the way the moss stitch is worked out to lie centered inside even-numbered areas, the careful plotting to make the lines flow organically out of ribbing and into the heel:

After all, neatness counts.

Pattern closeups

Moss stitch diamonds, unstretched and on the foot:

Twisted rib diamonds, unstretched and on the foot:

Patterns: My own (coming this week!)
Yarn: Koigu Premium Merino, in colors1500 (teal) and 2343 (avocado)
Yardage: less than one 50 gram ball for each (about 150 yards per)
Yarn Source: Woolwinders
Needles: 2.75mm (US 2) Brittany birch DPNs
Gauge: 8 st/inch over stockinette stitch
Modifications: --


Fiber. I feel the same way.

I love the little details that you put into your work. The flow and symmetry is elegant and peaceful to me.


i need the socks.

Yes, I understand what you mean about the "delirium" - you want to/have to do everything. Hee-hee, that's what keeps us up at night. Nice spinning - knowing you E - your spinning will get more beautiful. And the socks? Why! it's another gorgeous stitch by the great E! Yes, I think you have a gaggle of blog fans here waiting for a pattern...
thanks for sharing :)

You and I are in the same boat kiddo.

Sounds like we have a spinner on our hands.

those socks are beautiful. so is your spinning.. i will wait impatiently for your sock pattern. :) thank you.

You're a knittingwonder!

Yep, spinning will do that for you. It gives a whole new meaning to the idea, "It makes my head spin." It looks like you're doing great though!

Oh, and the socks are lovely--both of them. They make an interesting pair, too....

Your spinning is turning out wonderfully. The spinning bug hasn't hit me yet but I can feel it coming my way.

Can't wait for the sock pattern!

Can't say that the spinning bug has hit me but I do enjoy petting the rovings in the store. I think the yarn is lovely (both the grey and red and the brown and pink combos), especially considering you are just getting into it. If you are looking to give them a good home, I am sure I can find a special place for them in my stash.

The socks are sweet! I appreciate your attention to detail and, of course, your neatness. :-)

Awesome socks! The sort of thing a real knitter swoons over, and her husband says, "They're ok, I guess." Sooo subtle and exquisite!

And the yarn ain't subtle at all. Good on you! I immediately thought of three projects for each skein. Have a ball with it!

I've always thought it would be cool to take bi-color yarn like that and combine it with yarn in one or both colors to make a garment. Like a brown sweater with a subtle pink/brown stripe around the chest.

I'm glad you're having such fun spinning! I've been wanting to try it but have been putting it off as the cost of a nice wheel seems so daunting. Regardless, I totally understand the love of fiber. I have an enormous stash myself. The socks are beautiful! The little details make them look so special!

Beautiful socks! Can't wait for the pattern.

So what WILL you do with all that yarn, it's not so hideous really, surely there's a use for it somehow.

Your yarn looks great! And as for the fiber addiction... I spent last night plying silk and spinning llama, and every time I finish one chunk of fiber I think "now I have room to buy more!"

I believe tweedy yarn is made by combing or carding lots of different colors together before spinning, to get those subtle color variations.

do you ever sleep??

and the yarn is beautiful - I think the brown and pink would make great mittens!

I guess I'm into subtlety and tiny little details because I LOVE THOSE SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, please, oh please, post the patterns - quick!!! (thanks!)

Cute socks. I was playing around with a stitch pattern like that the other day. I love the moss and rib details. Nice touch :)

Until you got to "hideous", I was going to tell you that you and I have similar color tastes. Apparently not. Pretty yarn though!

I think I need to start spinning. And knitting socks for that matter...

Uh oh.

Eunny, Your genius is showing again. Very subtle but brilliant socks.

I'm just giddy for both you and Erin.

Tee hee!

Nice patterns! I am definitely interested.

Yes, absolutely, neatness counts. I want those sock patterns -- I've been trying to decide what to make from that skein in my stash of Socks That Rock in Falcon's Eye, a very subtly varigated light green. Now I know.

You may not like the look of the yarn that you have spun, but it may look fabulous as a felted purse--maybe with pink or red felted flowers to embellish it--or red or pink handles. It's fun to hear your obsession/fever hitting high gear!! Enjoy!!

Very pretty yarn! It might not be something you would knit an entire garment out of, but perhaps you can use it as accents?

And those socks look great! Interesting yet subtle, just the way I like it ;)

Gorgeous! I'm looking forward to buying the pattern.

No, no, no. The red and gray is hardly hideous but soft and appealing -- a toasty scarf? wrist warmers?
The socks -- super special! I must learn to knit socks.

I too caught the fiber fever right after I bought my wheel in April. Still have it strong. I bought rovings of every breed I could get my hands on. (Can you say, I love ebay?) So far, I have to confess that my hands-down favorite is Blue Faced Leicester - but really I've only made it halfway through my breed exploration (Coopworth, Cotswald, Corriedale, Merino, CVM, Jacob); so much of the herd left (targhee, Cormo, Dorset, shetland, tunis, romney, ...).

I also want to play with dyeing fiber, but with a small child underfoot and no workspace, that'll have to wait until my wee one can remember not to put *everything* into her mouth. (I have no interest in kool aid dyeing; I want to go straight to the lush colors!) Luckily, there are lots of folks doing fabulous hand dyeing out there, but once I stumbled across spunky eclectic (http://spunkyhats.com/) I was hooked. The almost solids, the variegateds -- all available in my beloved BFL... (No affiliation here, just a devotee.)

I'm punch drunk right with you and still going on and on and on about it...

Why yes, I will also buy your new sock pattern. Now, please.

Whew! Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Lol- that's been my summer too - I have all these ideas and all these things I want to make and so I have a million projects on the needles and a million more floating around my head. Finally I decided to start writing them down on in an "idea" book so I wouldn't forget them - and should I feel "blocked" one day, I can just turn to my idea journal - and wham - something to do!

I think "subtlety and little details" should be your middle name. Lovely!

Holy moly!! I love those socks. Please hurry with the pattern!!

Ok so I am already thinking of doing a pair with the moss stitch diamonds paired with the twisted stitch diamonds so there are no plain diamonds at all.....

Love the attention to detail in the socks!

The socks are beautiful. I can't wait for the pattern.

Beware! I got my first wheel just over a year ago and now I'm about to open a spinning shop. It's a slippery slope! (The shop will be on the Eastern Shore, not too far for you to visit, and no, I'm not above adding to your newfound stash-heresy.)

So glad the spinning bug hasn't taken over the knitting. We need your talent and patterns. Love the socks. Am picking out my color right now!

Not sure about YOUR feelings on it (well, actually I guess I am after reading the post) but the red and gray are PERFECT Ohio State colors. Ever thought of exporting it out to Cleveland or thereabouts?

I have yet to catch the spinning bug and am wont to do anything that will take me from my knitting but maybe someday...
I love the subtlety of the socks and can't wait for the pattern!
Also I wonder when Unraveling might come back.

I kinda like the brown and pink. And I love those socks. Can't wait for the pattern! See you monday?

Tweedy yarns are usually done by blending different colors when carding. So looks like you need to try fiber prep too. You can also get interesting effects by "garnetting" which is done by cutting up yarn and then carding those bits of yarn with another fiber. Spinning is great fun!

That sock is yummy. I love all the little details you put into it. Finally something from you that a guy could possibly knit. Can't wait!

Of they're amazing! I can't wait for the pattern. I have just the yarn too... Yaay!

Eunny, that yarn is lovely! If you don't want it send it over hyar! And the socks so rool.

Yay, the socks! I have been vacillating about my next pair - no more!

Oh, I dunno, Eunny. I kind of like the pink and brown handspun. But either way, I definitely feel the spinning magic.

I'm thrilled about the sock pattern. I have some Koigu that is just begging to be knitted up... Can't wait!

oohhh speechless. You have such a way with words. I am a new spinner too and I feel just the same about fibre, and those socks......

Oh, you have the BUG! Congrats. Careful with your wallet, now!

I absolutely understand you on the fiber thing. The possibilities are mind-boggling and so fun and educational.

I'm looking forward to the sock pattern! I know someone who needs socks like that (me!).

If you don't have combs/carders/drum carder (dog brushes also will work in a pinch)and want to blend 2+ colors together:

Use thin sectionsof roving, maybe 5-6 inches long until you get the hang of it. Spread the roving out thin widthwise and place each color on top of each other. THe wool will stick together a bit, making it easier to blend.

ROll the roving widthwise in to a tub or fold it over, whatever you will find works best for you, so the colors are overlapping each other in thin layers.

If its rolled in to a tube, you are done and then draft from one end of the tube to make it thinned and easier to spin.

If folded over, you can keep pulling it gently widthwise to make it thinned and fold it over again to make tinner layers of colors. Draft from a corner of the rectangle or roll in to a tube to draft.

If you'd like some tweed or funky blended roving or fiber batts, let me know and I can send you some!

Since Jessie doesn't seem to have an email on the comments-

Wiltons cake dye is an excellent alternative for brighter colors if you dont like KA but dont want to use acid dyes.

Tweedy yarns are easy to achieve. I especially like them when they contain two different TYPES of fiber. I use wool (usually merino) and silk top to make my favorite tweedy yarns.

The tweed happens because of the way the fiber is prepared. It's all about striking the right blending balance. You can invest in fiber combs or a drum carder, but I think the best way to process fiber for tweedy yarns is by hand. I use dog combs and cat combs that I got at my local pet supply store. I have varying sizes of combs (they run about $7 a piece instead of $70 for a set of Louet minicombs) and you only need one to start blending fiber in interesting ways.

the yarn you made is cool! I can see how you want to try every animal under the sun, curious minds NEED to know.
socks are great. can't wait to getthe pattern.

Oh wow, I love both yarns. They're simply gorgeous!!! If you don't want to keep them, I can certainly find a good use for them .. *wink*

And the sock pattern .. gods, it's beautiful! I'll be waiting patiently for that pattern!

You're so amazing. Look at that yarn! You're great already. Love the socks too! Truly works of art.

bwaahahaha, you've been sucked in! YOU'RE A SPINNER!!!! There's no turning back, you know, once the wheel has you in its clutches. ;-)

Tweed yarn- to make that, you need to card flecks of little fibers into your roving before you spin it- soooo you'll need a drumcarder. The Fricke's Finest is the one I have, I recommend it- works like a dream.

Yay! I'm squealing with delight that you got a Schacht. I got one last November and haven't looked back since. I completely agree about the visceral connection - it's a great wheel! I'm de-lurking only to tell you to RUN DON'T WALK to get Judith McKenzie McCuin's spinning exotic fiber video (it also has a great section on novelty/designer yarns). Watching her spin, even just on the video, is the single best thing that has happenned to my spinning. Also, Deb Menz's color in spinning book is a must! Have fun!

Are you sure you're new at this spinning thing? ;-) Those yarns don't look like beginner's yarns. In fact, the top skein looks exactly like some Green Mtn Spinnery that's in my stash waiting to become a cardigan. (And it wasn't cheap.)

The bottom warn isn't ugly either. Swatch with it. You'll see!

er, that's "yarn"...

Flecky tweeds (like Rowanspun) uses noil of a contrasting color and incorporates that into the roving/rolag.

De-lurking again along with my URL. I'm not cut out for blogging, but if you go to my link you'll see a lot of pics of my experiments with handspun...

Now I'll never show anyone my early attempts at spinning!

The socks are exquisite.

Very nice! I wish I could spin good like you. Beautiful sock pattern, too.

That spinning just sucks you right in, doesn't it? ;o)

Your plying is worlds better than mine - and you don't want to knit anything with your first yarn, anyway. You just want to put it in a nice bowl or something and gaze lovingly at it.

Yay for the return of socks! I love the moss stitch argyles. Can't wait for the pattern!

YES! It's the pattern I was waiting for! ^_^

Have I mentioned that I love and need your designs? Because I do. A lot.

Love the details of the socks. I'm always happy when patterns flow like that, it shows good planning and always makes a nicer finished product.

Oh dear, I still haven't even started Chuck's Cabled Socks yet and now I'm wanting to take on another Eunny pattern. Between you and Grumperina alone I have a lifetime of Wanna-knits. Oh well, guess this means I can't die for a really, really long time! The spinning looks great.

OK, I am so impressed, you are the Queen!

Perhaps I'm hideous in that I like the yarn you've created. Maybe I'm more mesmerized by the spinning (mine leaves much to be desired).

The socks are gorgeous. I love the detail. I look forward to the pattern.

Yes, spinning is extremely addictive. We often find outselves with more and more handspun yarn and nothing to knit with it. No bother, it's the process. Yes, you can make any yarn that you can think of. See how much sleep you get when you realize that!

OK. After you Eunny, how can any of us compare? You are so talented girl, with such an artists eye. LOVE your work!

Your yarns are beautiful. I really love the red and gray!! And the socks are so cute! Fantastic, as always!

Looking forward to the sock pattern. The pattern reminds me of an intricate Free Dance.

I love everything that I have seen of your work. But I have to say the red and grey yarn speaks to me. If you decide it is too unlike you and want to toss it. It will have a loving home in my yarn stash. =)

For tweedy yarns I recommend Three Bags Full roving from Carolina Homespun (carolinahomespun.com), especially the Forget-me-not and Peace colors. They are wool with rayon, and silk noil for the tweedy speckles.

I'm looking forward to the sock pattern, thanks!

Your argyle socks are the prettiest knitted socks I have ever seen!!!! I cannot wait for your pattern.

I have knit 3.5 socks in my life and swore I would never knit one again. That is, until I saw your wonderful designs. Those are socks I would actually wear. In fact, I'm already looking for a source of Koigu in my neighborhood.

I think the yarn is neat - especially the brown & red - I can see a hat or a bag - maybe felted.
The socks are amazing - very classic but geometric. Your talent is awesome.

Beautiful socks!

I agree with all the praise and I await continued spinning marvels from your fingers.

But, I'm confused...

You don't stash yarn???

Is that a surrealist joke?

Oh, you have the spinning bug. It's a bit intoxicating. You may want to look into finding a guild in your area. The knowledge base in my area guild is incredible and really inspiring.

Your sock patterns are lovely. Definitely on my to do list for socks this year. Perfect colors.

Beautiful handspun! And the socks are quite lovely - especially for someone who isn't wild about knitting socks.

The socks are striking, and I love these two colors, especially together. I am in the midst of writing up an 'argyle' sock pattern as well, though I didn't develop the stitch pattern. I can see how these easily followed the Bonnie sweater!

Ooh - pattern this week!!!! Can't wait!

Beatiful yarns (really!) and sock patterns; at first the socks reminded me of the "Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge pattern" from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush, but closer inspection revealed that yours are (of course) much more detailed and the diamond framework far more pronounced. Gorgeous, but not blatant!

I rather like the pink/brown combo. Maybe the photo lookes better than the actual yarn. Its hard to believe you don't stash yarn. I, too, was once a non-stasher. Alas, I have succumb to the lure of shops when I travel.

I really like the red/gray myself - the colors blend nicely.

Those socks are awesome!!! I am so excited for the pattern.

Fortunately, I don't have the fiber fever... I don't have room!! But it's fun to see the yarns that others make. And your almost argyles are lovely!

Your socks rock!! I'm so glad you are making a pattern for them. I already know what yarn I want to make them in.

How do we get that sockpattern now? I think I speak for your whole fanclub. You are amazing!

Please pattern of these beautiful socks!!!! I love to knit... especially different socks

Have you released the argyle pattern yet? Gorgeous!!!

Fabulous socks as with all you do! I love the way your mind works on fiber, Eunny! Our needles are itchin' for the pattern, woman! Keep up the great inspirations!

Still waiting, almost patiently, for the almost argyle sock pattern. . . they are just lovely.

did you ever publish that pattern? i was looking for it, but i could hae just missed it.

I keep hoping you'll publish this sock pattern -- I'd certainly buy it!

From a lurker who's also originally from NW D.C.

I still haven't made the jump to a wheel. $$. But the plying process is so amazing. I actually love your color combos, and no on but yourself will notice any uneveness of the individual plys. After you ply them together they help to balance each other.

Do you still have plans to publish the pattern for these almost argyle socks? The pattern details are so very compelling; I would love to try knitting them, and I'm not sure I'm quite up to inventing my own pattern from your photos.

I would like to know how to obtain the pattern for the almost argyle socks. thank you, shirley

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I love those socks! I am also interested in getting my hands on the pattern. Please email it to me if you are making it available. I really appreciate it!

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