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The weekend's project: 500 yards of Shetland laceweight-ish 2-ply. My first "big" spinning project - the last of the Shaela grey Shetland top from Sheep & Wool, dyed in diffuse emeralds and violets and spun quickly, hungrily. The colors in the plied yarn are deep and cool, overwhelmingly green at first glance but slipping here and there into the gloomy purple shade seen in an old-growth forest. It makes me think of kelp forests stretching towards the far-away sun, floating nori nets, dulse and wrack clinging to wet rocks - in honor of the last, I think this will become large-gauge lace in a very open, geometric pattern loosely evoking seaweed and waves, maybe with some more yarn spun for a deep, luxurious fringe. You know, the sort of thing a wistful selkie might wrap herself in to walk along the water, dreaming of going home.

As top:

And as singles:

I love the way the singles look, though I felt they were a little bright for use on their own.


Don't worry - I still knit, really.

I adore this little swatch with my whole heart - I love heavy texture and fine detail. I was fooling around with linen stitch (with linen yarn, of course, yuk yuk), and came up with this faux-herringbone variation. It creates a slightly stiff fabric with a wonderfully crisp hand, that still manages to be quite light and airy on the right size needles - perfect for a seriously tailored, seriously flirty summer jacket.

I've been a little obsessed with stand-up collars lately, particularly those that aren't an applied neckband but rather are extensions of the front pieces. They flare gently away from a low closure - somewhere just above the bust - and stand a little away from the skin to frame the throat in the prettiest way. This fabric, finished with a wide rolled hem, will be absolutely perfect in a sunny, wear-me-with-shorts sort of way. I have needles, I have hanks of Euroflax pre-washed and dried, I have these wonderful antique leather-covered buttons - ready, set, go!

Almost Argyles

I'm proofing the pattern tonight - glad there's been such an interest!


Lovely yarn! The lace shawl sounds very beautiful, and I love the plans for the jacket! I can't wait to see them.

spinning tales- poetry in fiber!

Oooh, pretty...I am seriously digging the linen stitch pattern. With just the swatch and sketch, I already want the pattern.

Yay Eunny!! I can't wait for the pattern, even if I *sometimes* stash more yarn and pattenrrs than life will allow me to knit.... When will you have the pattern up for the textured shell and the twisted stitch sweater??

What a gorgeous stitch pattern, especially in that lovely color. And princess seams and the collar. *Swoon.* I'm constantly amazed at the way you seem to effortlessly and perfectly match all the small details of fabric, texture, and design to create garments. I can't wait to see this one develop.

Lovely job spinning. The singles look amazing, but the 2-ply...WOW! My vocabulary cannot describe how amazing it looks other than using exclamations.
That is a beautiful stitch pattern as well, and on that jacket, my jaw will drop and I will be reduced to just using "!!!" Can't wait for it to be done, and for the Almost Argyle pattern to be available!

Lovely selkie shawl spinnings, perhaps she'll find her tail.

What kind of linen yarn are you using for that swatch? It looks lovely. Your sketches for the flirty jacket are gorgeous.

Nice yarn. You do sucj amazing work, and I'm looking forward to the sock pattern

Your writings about spinning are as intoxicating as the experience you describe! Thanks for making your yarny bliss so deliciously palpable. I love it! And the faux-herringbone jacket promises to be very smart indeed.

I am excited for the pattern, too! I just got some sock yarn in the mail that will be perfect; very likely my first ever written pattern for socks (opposed to a basic rib on a basic sock format).
That laceweight is really beautiful. Is ther anything fiber-related that you don't do well? Shearing sheep, maybe? ;-)

Good heavens, I am seriously lusting after that yarn. Beautiful work as always.

I am so eager to see how the jacket knits up! I can't wait Eunny!

Really pretty yarn; subtle and moody.

I have been musing on the nature of art and creativity. Often I see things labled as art that are ugly because the creator is trying to be "Original." You, being genuinely original, create beauty. Herin lies art.

The colors are fabulous!!! you are taking off so quickly with this... I fondly remember my first laceweight... llama which I absolutely adored.. I can't wait to see what you dream up for your shetland... and now, back to my shetland.


The yarn looks lovely, and I love the sketch for that jacket. Very classy!

the yarn is stunning. and yes, spinning is completely addictive. i've been spinning for 4 years, and been through 3 drive bands, and 6 brake bands. it's fantasmagorical.

and i like your jacket, except for the cuffed sleeves. i think a stand up collar liek that deserves full length sleeves. can't wait to see what you do with it.

I love the stories you weave into your yarn. I hope you include a few of those wanderings in your book with the pattern notes.

I like everything else too and am anticipating the first finished pictures of the newest top design.

*So* interesting.

Why pre-wash the Euroflax? Does that soften the yarn?

Looking forward to whatever you do next...

I've decided that in a previous life you must have been a wonderful poet.... It shines thru your fantasy, your exquiste designs, and, of course, the beauty of your words....

The yarn is yummy! Definitely more interesting plied, IMO.

Wow that green is gorgeous. You don't stash yarn? bwahaha!!!!! you will. Now that you spin, reading a yarn label that says '100% Wool' will make you crazy. WHAT KIND OF WOOL????

I've made a solemn vow never to start spinning, for fear that it will take over my life and that my house will become nothing but wall-to-wall fiber and that my dog will be neglected and I'll never read books anymore and all the rest of it...

But you are forcing me to reconsider.

Lovely yarn, lovely description of the process.

Every time you post a new blog it's exciting! You communicate your excitement really well, I suppose dying and spinning your own yarn is a natural extension to creating your own designs, it will make them truly unique.
I'm waiting with great anticipation for the sock pattern!

Nice work on the yarn-it does look sort of mermaid ish. About the stand up collar- a couple of years ago (when I was knitting for hire)I made a jacket with a stand up collar in a silk and linen blend- BUT I ironed on a little bit of Wonder Under (or some such pellon based thing) just inside the collar-worked wonders for maintaining and managing the shape of the jacket.

Gorgeous yarn. You amaze me. It's like you've been spinning for years. The new design is gorgeous - I can't wait to see more of it.

I really like all the things you do and am just like you thinking that the next logical step in my fiber life would be spinning ( can't really come full circle without it ) and am planning to buy a couple of good spindles and enough material to spin for my birthday and Christmas ( which is almost the same ).
I will not get a wheel, since shipping to Mexico is more expensive then the wheel itself, not to mention other logistic difficulties, like learning, spare parts etc.....
I will live vicariously through you...at least where spinning is concerned !
Two weeks ago I learned the Linnen stitch upon suggestion of a KnitTalk lister....it is wonderful, especially with thin yarn and 2.5mm needles......
I bet you can guess........once again I am waiting with abated breath for news of the jacket you have shown a sketch of today.
Terracotta and Mustard colors come to mind..............and a niece Celadon green...( I collect Korean Celadon....my favorite green )...which I will armed with a cup of coffee go looking for on the www probably right now....
Remember I have the money I set aside for yarn for the brocade or Norwegian jacket......?
Wonderful beginning for what I hope to be a great week !
Wishing you the same......


Beautiful!!! I'm drooling over that jacket pattern already ;)

Oh man, those singles could be the Trekking yarn I'm knitting with now. And the swatch looks great! I can't wait to see how good the jacket looks.

You have the best sense of style. Your designs are always lovely. It's always so interesting to see your projects develop. *sigh*

That's going to be a simply stunning jacket. And of course, it will look simply stunning on you. You are truly talented and you amaze me.

Oooh... I just tried spinning for the first time yesterday, and now I can't stop thinking about it. I love the laceweight!

** love ** the yarn -- your color sense is excellent as always. And can't wait for the almost argyles...

Your yarn is gorgeous! I love spinning and I see you do, too. What a wonderful job with your colorways!

It's funny how we want to spin wool when it's hot, isn't it? I was just doing some a little bit ago, yet it's so hot I feel it even inside! And as it happens I've just started knitting some linen yarn as well; there's a gauge swatch in the washer as I write.

Anyway, what I actually wanted to ask about it something this is totally unconnected to this post and maybe you want to add it to your column? Anyway, I'm looking for the best bindoffs for lace knitting. I'm hitting the end of my first shawl, and the pattern makes this bindoff the bottom edge of the shawl, so I want it to 1) look nice and 2) be very stretchy. So far, I'm not sure of what direction to go in. Your counsel would be much appreciated.

You are blessed with such talent! I talked about you in my sock class at Woolwinders on Saturday and my teacher who also *loves* your work, went immediately to look up the latest socks. I mentioned that you had bought the Koigu at my LYS (I live around the corner from Woolwinders). Please continue to share with us. Karen

Super cute drawing! Will keep my eyes open for how it progesses.

Beautiful spinning! I think you were born for it.

I'm curious how you wash and dry your Euroflax. Does it soften it up a bit for knitting? Do you hang it to dry?

I'm eager to see the great jacket!

For those, like me, who needed reference materials: selkie: n. A creature or spirit in Scottish and Irish folklore that has the form of a seal but can also assume human form.


The spun emerald yarn looks great! I love the little peeks of purple through it.

Wow. Your spinning is amazing, as how quickly you got to be that amazing.

I got my first wheel yesterday, so you've given me hope (and a fair bit of motivation) that I'll stop creating bumpy under and overspun messes and start creating beautiful yarn sometime soon.

Can't wait to see the shawl, once it's knit.

Your yarn looks beautiful! I absolutely drool over your designs!!! I can't wait to see the progress of this one!

I love the design sketch - such a polished look! Very sophisticated AND sexy!

It was great to see you last night, E! :)

Your writing is so lyrical - I can see your ideas - lovely!

Noticed that you have a design coming in the Winter IK - congrats - and I can't wait!

It's fascinating to see how the singles combine to make the plied yarn. Your posts are always so informative!

Where do we sign up to pre purchase your first book? You had better hold on tight girl - you are going to be a hit!

That is so funny because in addition to knitting I sew, and I am planning a jacket that is basically that exact same design, but I'm sewing it. Its from the Burda World of Fashion Magazine patterns. It has a zipper closure and some little patch pockets but basically the same design lines as your knit jacket you sketched. Good luck, I can't wait to see it knitted up!

A good friend of mine just designed a jacket like that for publication in a book coming out next spring. Can't wait to see your incarnation.

You are absolutely amazing! Sickeningly, brilliantly, gorgeously talented... Abigail's right: You are going to be a star!

Congratulations! I just saw your two articles on lace knitting in my new IK.

I second the congratulations on your publication(s) in IK. Your articles were a fantastic read. Thanks for sharing you skills and knowledge with the rest of us. :)

Hi Eunny :) I wanted to congratulate you on your wonderful articles in Interweave Knits magazine. I was so thrilled to see you there! I am so happy for you
that all of your hard work and efforts have paid off. Keep up
the good work. You are so young I know you will go far :)

I just finished both articles in IK. They were both really informative and I will definately use them as references from now on. You made incorporating lace painless. I especially loved how you explained the cast off methods. I can't wait for your book! Thanks!

I want that FairIsle sweater! It's spectacular! I think 5 months is a more reasonable goal though!

I love that swatch. It's very...yummy...and sophisticated (an odd combination of adjectives I've used, I know).

The argyle sock pattern is coming! Ah, I've been eagerly awaiting it's arrival.

The yarn is beautiful, and perfect for a selkie. I've always loved selkies. I can picture one now, walking along the shore with her feet bare, letting the waves wash over them as she longs to return to the sea. She wears your garment wrapped around her...a perfect picture!


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