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I had a long post for today on how I go about planning a sweater, from doodle to swatch to FO - but it's closing on 4:30 all of a sudden, and there are a thousand things left to do yet that all seem to need doing right! This! Second! So, just for fun:

This is what I called a Dutch coronet - "Dutch" refers to the style of braid (strands cross under each other and make the braid stand out in relief, as opposed to a flat French braid), and "coronet" refers to it looking, well, like a small, tight crown. I've seen it called a crown braid, a Heidi braid, all kinds of things - in any case, done tightly on slightly damp hair, it's clean and neat and sturdy enough to last all day. I like it for sports because it keeps the hair out of my face, and leaves no tail to whip around into my eyes or tangle in equipment - helpful when being pulled around behind a boat at 30mph, or doing rescue diver drills 90 feet under.

Here's an excellent set of instructions on how to do it, though it's a lot more complicated than the way I go about it - I start above one ear, go across the top of my head and back around, taking in new hair from the outside edge only. I then tuck the tail under the outer edge of the braid and hide it with one or two carefully-placed pins. Voila - my crazy mane of unruly hair cowed into submission for a few hours.

Yarn for sale

I don't really have any stash to speak of, so I've never felt the need to do this before - but I know for a mortal certainty that I will never, ever use this yarn and would rather send it to someone who will. It's Dale Stork in a bright blue and a nice cream. I was planning on using it in a nautical-stripe type thing, but the color isn't particularly flattering to me - it seemed fresh and summery in the store, but each successive peek into the bag on the way home showed the color as brighter and brighter, and uglier and uglier against my skin. So:

6 balls Dale of Norway Stork
100% Egyptian Cotton
50 grams/180 meters per ball
28 sts/30 rows to 10 cm

4 balls color 35, dye lot 0060 (bright blue), 2 balls color 2, dye lot 0180 (cream)

$4.50 each (retail $5.00-$5.25)

If sold as a lot (my preference), I'll throw in USPS priority shipping free.

The blue is very bright - the color in the photo is (believe it or not) true on my monitor, but you might like to check out the color card at Yarndex. Or, click here: hex value #33CCFF is very close to this yarn, in all its Caribbean glory. It doesn't work for what I had planned, but it might work perfectly for you.

Email me to purchase. Paypal only, please.



Funny that dutch braids are done the same way cornrows are, only cornrows are smaller.

Hmm, I may have to give that a try now that my tail is getting too long for my fattest barrette. How long is your hair?

Thank you for satisfying our curiosity! It's a pretty and practical 'do.

Oh how fun! I only wish my hair was long enough to try that.

How I wish I had enough hair to do that! I mean ... my hair is actually getting thinner ... and is not really substantial to do any complicated braiding.

I never knew how that was done; you bring back memories for me. My granny used to wear her hair like that all the time but she would go round and round and round as her hair was really long and thin. She was so cute, at 90 some odd years old she would sit in her rocker on the porch of the Okalahoma trailer with a cup sitting right next to her. Once and a while she would, without looking, spit her chew right into the cup.

You know what? I actually googled "dutch coronet" the other day because I had never heard of such a 'do and was curious. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity ('cause Google was of no help!)

**Raising my hand**

I googled too. And you're right, Google couldn't tell me what a dutch coronet was!

When I had long hair I could never get it to stay braided. I think I'm braid-impaired.

I love that look, Eunny! I tried it with my own hair but it is going to take some practice. It seems very practical for me, so I hope I can learn it!

Wonderful! I could never do that myself, I have problems even getting it blow dried into a shape. Good luck for me I have too short hairs, it's not even possible to be tempted into trying.

Thanks a lot for the braid link, very interesting. Now I just need someone to fix my hair, don't think I'm able to do that by myself.

oh i love your hair creation, but i think i would braid my fingers too. Thanks a lot for your nice blog. i stop by almost every day.

ha! i've always called that an inverted french braid. i used to braid my hair like that when i had long hair. really quite simple once you get the hang of it yet very dramatic.

I came across your sight a few days ago and really enjoy it. You are inspirational and refreshing. I love knitting and am fairly new to blogging. My 16 year old daughter is a knitter and a successful competitive ice dancer. She gets her license in a few days so I will have more time to knit and figure out the blogging. Your braiding website is a get resource for an ice dancer!

The ultimate knitter — even your hair is cabled!

I see I'm too late to suggest dyeing the too-bright yarn.

Fabulous do, my mom used to do that to us all the time when we were small. It was our "princess crown." Sadly, I just suck at French braiding my own hair.

thanks for posting a picture (beautiful!) and finding a tutorial. you are the best!

I always loved that Tacy refused to give in to Betsy's attempts to convince her to wear her hair in a pompadour but instead stuck to her classic, practical coronet braid.

Then, when Margaret Ray was old enough to put up her hair, she adopted Tacy's style.

(Any Betsy-Tacy fans out there?)

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