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I'm ready to weep with astonishment and relief, it so nearly approaches what I had in my head:

That never happens. It was a fight, I'll tell you - plotting the shift from cable to rib over the curved point was squeezing blood from a particularly recalcitrant stone. Somehow, though all the crossings are going in their proper directions, and the right slope was maintained, and I ended with the right numer of stitches, and the ribs are distributed to create extra fullness in the places that need it most. It works, it's sweet-looking and well-behaved, it tap-dances along the line between function and form, and I'm enormously pleased with myself.

Now, if only I could remember what I did.


That is absolutely fantastic. What a talented person!

Ditto on your talent, gurrrlll...I am a regular "lurker" because your stuff is *totally* knitting eye candy. Keep up the original work. Very inspiring.

Wow, that is about the only words that come to mind. I am amazed at how well the arrow came out. Lovely..

Love, love, love reading your blog! It never ceases to amaze me. Nice to know how such a talented person organizes herself.

I particularly like the detail of the under and over on the edging of the slope up to the point. Very nice.

Wow - you are amazing!

Haha! I know that feeling.

Wonderful, wonderful job though! Can't wait to see it finished.

It's just gorgeous, really. Please remember what you did, I may want to get a copy of this pattern!

Girlfriend, that is phenomenal. You rock. That is just fantastic!

yeah, cuz we're going to need to know when we go to make that design.

it looks wonderful!!! a marvelous job as always :)


Yes, please do remember! Hope to see it on your "to buy" link soon :)

breathtaking....I can't wait to see it finished (and in pattern form of course!)

Fabulous! You continue to create truly amazing and beautiful things. Thanks for sharing.

Your last line made me laugh. :)

Your work here is just gorgeous.

Just spectacular, in an elegant, graceful way, of course. I second all the requests for a pattern eventually. I'd love to make one.

That is absolutely stunning, Eunny. Your talent is inspires me to branch out in my own knitting. :)


Wow. I've beenlurking and admiring for a while now, but this sweater is gorgeous enough to drive me out of lurkerdom.

Fabulous work there.

completly amaysing this sweater and so beautifull wow! i love it ..you are a very great designer yes yes i think really so..if you put this pattern online to buy of course i get a copy

Super swoony gorgeous.

I'm stunned. Absolutely beautiful!

That is amazing. I'm so glad you exist to make stuff to show the rest of us what can be done!

PLEASE remember what you did, I would love to see this pattern for sale!

Oh wow! You never fail to deliver. :)

Super spectacular, love how you did the knot/cable work up to a point in the center, very very cool.

Excellent! I'd love to see this one as a pattern myself. I haven't finished knitting the vest, but I don't mind a little startitis for a project as lovely as this one :)

All I can say is WOW! That is a beautiful design you have created. Kudos. Very inspiring.

Simply gorgeous. Amazing how your vision has come to life in such a short time. And I love the antique rose color!

Beautiful! I want it! Congratulations!

I didn't notice the cables-into-ribs at first. It was only when you wrote that, and I'd seen it in the second photo that I noticed it in the first. I bet I'd have noticed if the ribs didn't come out of the cables!

Well done!
Of course you'll remember what you did, because...you're Eunny!

That is just the bee's knees!

Ooooh - nicely done!! Are you knitting in the round, or did you seam it up to this point?

'gobsmacked' You very well should be proud of yourself - you have every reason to be. Simply beautiful!!

OMG! Abnsolutely stunning. Now if I only had a waist like that!

I'm having palpitations over here for you. Just don't forget to try it on!!! I know your dress form doesn't have arms but you do!!! Heaven forbid it not "give" enough for you to get your arms in...

Your cabling is gorgeous! Amazing design.

Oh, well that's easy - you get a pen and paper and start to unravel...

Astonishingly beautiful. I'm impressed by your ability to knit off the cuff and off the pattern the way you do.

Think! You've got to remember how you did this, so you can publish it and I can buy it!

I've got to feature this design on the Vintage KAL - after all it's vintage inspired. As cool as it is to see the progress, I can't wait to see the finished product!

Wow, thats amazing- I love it! Soooo pretty.

It looks so amazing. You have an amazing attention to detail and are one amazing knitter. I can't wait to see how you finish it up.

Absolutely Fabulous!

Eunny - you are one talented artist!

Heh. Remembering is always my problem, too.

That sweater is freakin fabulous. You are so totally talented!
I so want the pattern!

Fabulous as usual! I love it.

Christ on a cracker! It looks beautiful, you better remember what you did so I can make it too!

Stunning too. It all looks so intricate and lovely. You must post a picture of yourself wearing it once it's finished. I'm sure the dress form does it no justice.

Absolutely gorgeous! Really beautiful. That's the nice thing about knitting in the round, you don't have to remember what you did from one side to the next! :) Does the back point up as well, or does the cabled section end straight across?

I also love the side "seams" between the cabled panels- nice detail!

Wow. Just wow. The cabling is so intricate, and you've managed it perfectly.

I'm delurking to say how beautiful this is. I too hope that you'll decide to sell this pattern.

Damn girl, you are TALENTED! Even if I came up with something that cool, I couldn't execute it. I'm a decently good knitter, but you are an AMAZING one. Please, please make a pattern book someday sooooon.

Wow Eunny. I know you don't need my little comment among the million that you get, but I have to say that's one of the most breathtaking things I've ever seen. And it's not even finished!

Oh, Eunny, it looks beautiful!

Oh my. I do hope you are able to remember and document it. I have always adored the stuff you make, but this one...this one is just over the top. I /adore/ it. I can't wait to see it completed....and to get my fingers on the pattern if you offer it. What beautiful work, Eunny. Just amazing.

Of course it worked, you are a genius!! Absolutely gorgeous. Now, if you could figure out how to get my 57 year old body to fit that sweet little sweater, you would really be a genius.

Incredible. Really fab. Your are so fast to. When do you get time to sleep?

So beautiful!

WOW...that's all I can manage just WOW

Beautiful, as usual! The cables-to-ribs are perfect. You really need to remember how you did this, because if you don't, we won't be able to buy it from you!

I actually gasped when I opened your blog from bloglines and saw the photo. That is so beautiful, it almost hurts my eyes. :)

It's awfully generous of you to share all of this with us. If you kept your design projects under wraps, we could be seeing them in IK!

That is SOOOO pretty.

I am forever doing that, I have an idea, get to knitting, and by the time I have it worked out I've forgotten half of what I just did.

Picture Kermit the Frog waving skinny green arms high overhead and trilling, "Yaaaaayyyyyyy!"

Form following function with elegance and charm. What a splendid sweater! Long, oh long may you be slender enough to wear it! I'm SO jealous!

*gasp* must...knit...now...

I love this pattern! It's perfect for my body type, since I'm petite-ish and curvy. I absolutely cannot make a sweater that doesn't have waist-shaping, unless it is smooth over the bust. And even then I'm still all about the waist shaping.

It's absolutely gorgeous.

Absolutely Bea-utiful!

It's really cool!!

But, um, you really can't remember?! No, you're just teasing... right?!

It's so fabulous! I, too, want this pattern, so please offer it. Your designs are just amazing!

D'oh! Are you serious?
I don't want to gush, but I have to. Damnit, that is one nice piece of knitting.

Oh MY! I just don't even have the words to begin to describe my awe of you at this very moment. You ARE going to sell that pattern, please???????

Fabulous. How would you like to design ice dance costumes?

What! You can't remember? But you NEED to remember. If you don't then how will this ever be put into your book that MUST be done? This pattern is gorgeous. Please don't deprive your fans of this.


beautiful. i want one!

What ever you did, please remember. We're all counting on the pattern for this one!

That is simply gorgeous! I had to de-lurk to say that. It's just stunning and I can't wait to see the end result.

Stunning. Simply stunning.

Wow. This is amazing. I can't wait to see the finished product. Gorgeous, Eunny!!!

I'm pleased with you too. :)

Simply lovely (that cabled peak is sexy-graceful-faboo [I'm sure there's a german word for what I mean]).

amazingly beautiful! you're a wizard!

Hi Eunny,
I like the color and the patterns. That are very nice. Hope you remember the pattern.

Keep on the great job!! :)

I'm delurking as well, that looks amazing! Here's hoping you remember the pattern and decide to sell it, because it's beautiful!

Lovely, lovely, lovely! It looks absolutely PERFECT. And you've (again) made me realize how wonderful it is to wear beautiful things.

Can you tell me if there is shaping in the bodice or does the shaping just happen because of ribbing and cables. I can't see a place where the cables change for shaping so I was just asking. It's lovely. Someday I would like to design a beautiful sweater for myself and so am doing a lot of research and reading. Your blog is by far my favorite.

That is stunning!

neato. I love it when you do that, Eunny!

Beautiful. Timeless.


LOL! I do hope you are able to remember. Perhaps you need a voice-activated dictaphone to record your knitting steps as you recite them aloud?

Awesome. It looks like it came out of a magazine! Wait it should be in a magazine.

Holy. Crap.

Geez, that's gorgeous.

Wow! That is AWESOME! You'll remember what you did. It will come to you from some strange fog in your memory banks.

I hope your memory gets jolted into action, because I haven't seen a pattern I want to knit THAT badly in a long time. Stunning.

You continue to terrify me, but in a good way. If you have plans for world domination, could we discuss? I'm happy to offer my assistance.

I lurk regularly, to admire knitting elevated to the highest form of art. Elegant color and form, pleasing proportions... Sigh... Something to aspire to!

Wow! It's beautiful. You are so talented and inspiring. Can't wait for the print of the pattern to be available.

You are amazing. Even my nonknitting daughter agrees.

Wow! That looks absolutely fantastic!

I'm in love with this! Feminine and wonderful. I couldn't agree more about clever for cleverness' sake alone. There are so many patterns I see that scream "look how well I knit!" and are garments I wouldn't wear in a million years.

you rock

Eunny, there's nothing I can add about how amazing you are! Incredible. I ditto what's already been said. And I LOVE your dress form, am too cheap to buy one, and have just done some research on making one. The industrious can check out my blog for the results.

I am in awe!! That is absolutely gorgeous!!

Oh. My. God.
Breathtaking.... literally!
I am in awe....

You are my new hero.

Oh. My. Goodness!!!

If only I had the skill to knit that. And then, if only I had the figure to WEAR that!!

Oh, you should be enormously pleased with yourself. You are gifted and it is nice to see that you enjoy that gift and have a passion for it. More power to you.

MAN that is beautiful!!!!

1)My breath just got snatched away when I got to the last photo where the cable lines turn so sweetly and so neatly into the rib. 2) I've thought and thought and can't figure out what IB stands for ? 3) It's good to know that someone can turn her back on home and school and still succeed, as one of our daughters is doing - worrisome.

That is just amazingly beautiful! You are an incredibly talented designer.

GORGEOUS!!!!! Love it!!! So beautiful. What talent, I'm still scared to deviate from the pattern until other then minor alterations for fit.

Are you planning to sell the pattern?


I'm going to go with stunning. Absolutely stunning.

*imitating Paris Hilton* That's hot!

this garment is a true piece of ART

I absolutely love it! can't wait to see the finished sweater. if you market the pattern, I know it will be a big seller.

I'm really hoping you write this up as a pattern. I too am a 40's and 50's fan in clothing styles. I don't think you sew, but have you looked at the Italian Line of patterns - Marfi? There are some fabulous fitted suits there that are not ridiculously revealing, and yet not shapeless.

Simply stunning and perfect. Good luck on the recreating.

Oohh! That is just stunning. Congratulations on getting it right the first go around. I hope that you will be making the pattern available. Pretty please?

Dear lord, that sweater is looking incredible. Your talent amazes me!

I love this top, it it simply adorable.

To strain at a gnat and swallow a camel... Jesse

To strain at a gnat and swallow a camel... Jesse

Oh, I hope you write out a pattern!! I adore this!

that is totally stunning :|

Oh!!!it is very beautifull sweater!
Where is a pattern? ^))))

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