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Seg? Way.

It's been a long few days.

Friends of ours were wed this weekend, and the days surrounding the wedding are a little hazy - a whirl of last-minute this and oh-God-don't-forget that, shopping and hair and tailors, cigars and blown circuits and enough Red Bull to sink the Spanish Armada. And then the long, slow convalescence - if there is any fundamental tenet of faith in my world, it's this: excess is generally to be frowned upon, but you can never have too much late-era Elvis, too much barbeque, or too much Moet.

You can. The next few days will bring moaning-till-noon regret.

Anyway, it was a beautiful wedding on a lush lawn lapped at by the high-tide Bay, ships in the distance and sailboats passing by. Low thunder far away, lightning striking along the horizon.

Oh, did I forget to mention it's been raining?

Yeah, it's a little wet around here. Mercifully, it held off during the ceremony, but the last 48 hours have seen nothing but steady, strong storms. Thunder in the morning. The Middle Patuxent foamed up and swallowed the bridge by Jeff's house, the water moving faster than the trees on the banks could stand up against. Flash flood warnings, washed-out back roads, spectacular in the sense that it has been quite a spectacle. I like a little rain, or even a lot of rain - but I miss blue sky. This kind of thing will make a girl sort of despondent.


Koigu in the most delicious tealy blue, a little something to hang on to (side note: isn't it unfair that the solid Koigus don't get the "Painter's" designation? I can't imagine that this color wasn't the product of a painterly eye).

Which brings me to my next point: there hasn't been much knitting going on around here. The air is so full of moisture, it's like breathing through a sponge - even indoors, with heavyweight champion AC, the everything feels wet. It's just unpleasant to try to knit when your fingers are tacky and your bangs are everlastingly hanging, oily-feeling and frizzy, in the most inconvenient spot in front of your eyes. Maybe it's the general malaise, maybe it's just laziness, but I've abandoned my big in-the-round plans for the pink sweater and started knitting the top flat:

If anyone asks, it was a technical issue (that's my story, and I'm sticking to it). I like my seamless knits to have a little faux seam for structure and appearance - with most knits, I like a naturally-recessive purl column. In colorwork, it looks great - just a peek of background color in long lines. On a reverse-stockinette background, a purl stitch would be lost, of course - instead, I've been slipping one purled "seam" stitch with the yarn in front, which turns out to give a pretty fair imitation of gently-tensioned mattress sttich.

It looks good in the twisted-stitch section, not so great in the rib section:

And I'm sure that it would have looked terrible at the juncture of body and sleeve cap, where the vertical ribs of the body are met diagonally by the ribs of the sleeve. I couldn't think of another way to handle it, a way that would give a neat single stitch that recedes into the "join" but doesn't draw attention to itself, and was unwilling to do without. So there.

Does it feel like I've been knitting this thing forever? I'm ready to move on. If only this rain would stop!


Late era Elvis, BBQ & Moet (was it "white star"? that is my favorite) sounds perfect to me!

Well maybe it's been forever by Eunny standards but for the rest of us slow knitters it really doesn't seem so long!

I agree about the Koigu as well. That teal is one of my favorite shades.

I hope the rain stops soon & you can get back to your regular pace of knitting!

i second leah - slow by your standards, maybe, but pretty darn fast to the rest of us! & please, please, please write up this pattern - i'd pay lots of money for the directions to knit such a beautiful sweater (not in pink though, but that's just me). xo

I really love the idea of the fake mattress stitch on the side. One question though are you going sleeveless with the design now or are you going to do set in sleeves?

I hope the rain lets up soon and that you don't float away.

Eunny...this sweater is incredible. I have been watching your progress and am just blown away. Way to go. You are amazingly talented.

I suspect that slow for you is way faster than most of us. Every time I see that pink sweater it mezmerizes me. I love the twistiness of the midsection.

That Koigu is the most beautiful colour! And I love the pink sweater. I am in awe. Your skill is amazing!

I love the definition that the twisted stitches bring to the piece. It's very nice. And the color is perfectly soft with the harder lines of the cables and ribs. Nice job!

Love that sweater. Love it! When I have a waist again (did I ever?) I will want to knit it! Until then, it will mock me with its beauty.

And the teal Koigu is gorgeous. And excuse me... but is that not a SOCK in progress in the background?? ;)

Rain and weddings and red bull - oh my! The pink sweater looks fabulous and it's your sweater, your story. You just do with it whatever you want.

We up north had the torrential rains and flooding back in May. It was horrible, but we dried out eventually, and so will you. Promise. :-)

That yarn is so beautiful! Is that a sock I see forming from it?

I am so happy to see more progress on your sweater... I agree with everyone else that it's coming along so nicely, and quickly. I love it so much, and I really hope you can find time to write up the pattern, so I can knit this too (though not half so well)... in pink! I think I'm currently knitting my Rambling Rose sweater in the exact yarn you're using for that... the color looks so similar, and I loveeeee it.

BTW, I'm jealous of anyone who is not used to "breathing through a sponge." That is Louisiana, 24-7! On my one trip to DC, we heard some locals talking about the weather, and how "humid" it was. I was a little amused, since I had just been commenting on how nice and dry it was there!

My word, your sweater is beautiful! What organismal perfection!! I can really see the sense as well as the beauty of the form, you know? I hope the weather improves!

About teal: now, everyone tells me that teal is the new black, but this confounds me, as teal seems to be anything from aquamarine to turquoise to silty blue. When I was a bridesmaid many years ago I wore what was supposed to be a 'teal' gown. I'd characterize the color as something between army camp green and midnight blue, if that's spectrally possible. Anyhow, your Koigu is lovely, whatever color it is.

I hope you finish it soon so you don't feel so weighed down by it. I love this design very much. I can't wait to see the finished piece.

The rain there needs to come over here to Reno. We're having dry thunder storms. Oy. Fire Season.

What are you going to use that lovely Koigu on?

I hope the weather gets better soon and your knitting spirit gets revived soon as well. ;)


Wow. The cable-y section is amazing. In fact my jaw dropped to the floor and I'm still looking for it cuz the cat ran off with it...

We FINALLY have some sun today here - everything was starting to mold! Glad you haven't been flooded out!

Your journey through your knitting projects is so entertaining to read. Reasons why you do/don't do things (even if it's "just because") - it always makes me think about my knitting!

It's pretty "close" here too, as my grandmother would have said. I'm blocking a shawl, but Lord knows if it will ever get dry!

That teal koigu. To die for!

I have that same ball of blue Koigu, bought on a whim recently b/c it was just so lovely--now to figure out what to do with it...

I love knitting garments in the round but I miss the structure of seams. I've never thought of "faking" one before. That's why I need you and your great knitting ideas!

No, I swear it feels as though that (beautiful, complex) sweater is materialising incredibly quickly. But then I'm not knitting it.

Eunny, the pink sweater has added oomph to my determination to take off a nagging 10 pounds! It's gorgeous and I'm looking forward to the next update.

The rain seems to be letting up over here in northern Virginia. I hope Maryland is faring well, too.

I live in Florida. One of this state's charming features is the afternoon rainstorm. Everyday, around 4pm, there's a downpour, just to make sure it stays impossibly humid.

Of course, we've been hit with serious thunder storms the past few days and the rain hasn't let up. Today is ugly.

Better than hurricanes, but I miss the sun!

And, just to toss in my opinion, I don't think the faux-mattress stitch looks bad in the ribbing section, but I agree it wouldn't work at all around the sleeves. In the ribbing, I don't know, it's so easy to expect that area to be entirely seamless, because of the reverse stockinette. If it's going to be there in the braided area, I think it's important for visual continuity to have it in the ribbed area.

Also, I think this is the first time we've gotten a good sense of just how much the cabling pulls in the body of the sweater. That is awesome to see.

I mentioned a sweater I made for Plymouth in a previous comment, but wasn't allowed to show it. Now it's out and, with trepidation, I'd like to ask your opinion. www.sanguinegryphon.blogspot.com

Your teal Koigu is beautiful.
Is the Rain, Rain go away ... song isn't working?

Eunny, I went to All About Yarn the day before yesterday for the express purpose of picking up some Merino Oro for a Flower Basket or Sheep shawl...this yarn acquisition was inspired by seeing your lacework. It's beautiful yarn. Do you think I can get away with using size 3 needles? I am going to swatch next week to check it out.

The rain is killing me too! Hopefully will be done by Friday.

What about slipping stitches alternate (or third)rows (yarn in back) and purling the "seam" stitch through the back loop? It might make that one stitch appear a little tighter and drawn in on the right side.

I wondered how you were going to get at the sleeves! Darn it all, I was waiting with bated breath for you to invent a superior set-in-sleeve-in-the-round method. I sat down after my last comment and did the math on EZ's method - to properly mimic the bell curve of a set-in sleeve, you would have to alternate sleeve side and body side decreases at exponentially changing intervals and in the end the join would just look irregular. I suspect a nice smoothly curved, dressmakerly set-in sleeve just needs a seam. And this sweater definitely deserves that tailored look.

I am a wee bit curious about your prediliction for seam stitches in seamless knitting. Is the point to go for a vintage tailored look, or does it also have a functional purpose in the wearing of the garment?

Hi Eunny - that is indeed a beautiful top. I am hoping that it is one that you will be offering up for sale?

And I really don't think there is anything better than Red Bull for getting ready for an event. Crack in a can Baby - Crack in a can!

Have fun!


Eunny - I made a post for you. I hope the clouds go away soon and bring you some better knitting weather.

I must make this sweater. It is easily the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Worth buying rowan for even! What are you knitting it with?

Wait, shouldn't you be knitting an ark out of reeds or something?! :)

Eunny - I really enjoy your site, and that pink sweater is absolutely spectacular. It took my breath away the first time I saw the cabled section with the top emerging from it. Thanks for all of your technical information and your musings of how you make decisions as your projects develop.

Ooh, squishy lovely solid Koigu, I just love it!! Your pink creation is going to be a masterpiece. I love your meticulous creative process. Your patience gives me hope:)

the sweater is so gorgeous!! please, I also would pay good money for this!!

Hey, I found your blog while searching for an argyle sweater pattern. I love this pink sweater. Can't wait to see the finished product. Will you be selling the pattern?

Please don't give up on the pink sweater - it is such an inspiration to see it grow and it is FREAKIN beautiful! I have read your blog for a while now and have loved your sense of design. Keep up the inspiring work!

add me to the list of those who wish to buy the future pattern!

and feel free to send some of that rain my way. we're about to do under drought restrictions down there (birmingham, al). though it's still just as humid as ever

beautiful work as always!

Just take my breath away, why dontcha? Wow. The pink pattern is exquisite, the teal Koigu lovely...your photography rivals you knitting for great eye-candy!
Thank you!

That top looks really lovely. Glad to hear that your friends had a wonderful wedding. I'm sorry to hear that you had to pay for overindulging. I know that pain.

Isn't it ironic that you are knitting in the round and faking a seam, but when we knit flat we do our best to make it look seamless.

That is really truly lovely. I hope you are selling that pattern as well.

Oh, the sweater is beautiful. I cannot wait to see the finished product.

You are such an inspiration and I only hope to knit as well as you one day! Thanks for providing such an informative and well written site. Looking forward to reading more.

No, sweetie, it feels like you've been knitting it as long as it would take the rest of the world to get to the bottom off the first cable repeat.

Lovely, just lovely. I can't wait to see it finished, better yet make it myself when you publish the pattern.

It's hard to imagine all that moisture. Come out to Colorado where you have to constantly wet your lace while blocking because it dries out too fast! Colorado dryness and a good ceiling fan, I love it!

I love the color of that Koigu! The sweater is coming along beautifully! I can't wait to see the finished product.

I'm sure its been said dozens of times, but that sweater is absolutely fabulous! It would look gorgeous on my skinny, stylish sister.

You say you're not knitting, but just can't believe how incredibly fast you seem to knit. I'm an absolute turtle...takes me three months to finish one sock! Oh, yeah, that's cuz I have four kids and a job. Hmmm...dreaming of having all day every day to myself. NOT!

This is very nice pattern and I-m definately interested in buying the pattern. Very nice style in your designs, and so advanced level.

Eunny, I think you create works of art, everything you create is just beautiful.
Can I make a request? Could you possibly put something up about selling your patterns, and whether you plan to or not, then we'll all know where we stand! You see, almost every one of the previous comments asks if you're going to write up the pattern for sale, or they say how much they look forward to knitting your latest creation. That tells me that I am not the only one who is desperate to knit eveything you design! The thought that I might have to stop looking at your blog because it's too painfully tantalising, passed briefly through my head, but that just won't happen, I love your blog.
So Eunny what do you think? It must be a terrible pressure to have so many people clamouring for your patterns, so tell us all about it.......please........

It's so beautiful!

It's hard to knit in the summer. I hope it lets up for you.

What a gorgeous sweater! I know how you feel about the weather. It doesn't interrupt my knitting as much as my running. But because I'm more active in the summer, I notice that I'm spending less time knitting.


I hope I can create something this beautiful, awesome work!


Please, Please, Please - with a cherry on top - offer the pattern for this sweater. Just beautiful! The structure of the cables, and the shape of the sweater are design perfection!
Is that a silk blend yarn? It looks yummy - like silk.

What would you recommend as a stitch for a faux seam on stockinette (with the knit side out)?

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