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Eine Kleine Sockmusik

Remember these?

Chuck's Cabled Socks - perfect for hearthside lounging, defense against cold floors, and for fending off the icy feet of significant others.

This pattern is packed with detailed technique information and tips for working, charts galore, and ridiculously detailed instructions.

One size, women's medium (8.5" leg circumference), with suggestions given for size alterations.

Yarn requirements: 2 50g balls fingering/sock weight yarn (180-200yds/50g) in background color; 2 50g balls in contrast color.

Skill group: This pattern is ideal for knitters already comfortable with two-color stranded knitting, both flat and in the round. Adventurous novices who are already comfortable with cables might be interested, too! You will need to be able to read and follow a chart and graft stitches to complete this project.

6 pages, 244KB. Adobe PDF compatible with Acrobat 5.0 and newer.


At the rate I'm going, I guess I'll be caught up by...let's see...2015. Sigh.

Sample images from this pattern:


That's a great looking sock (cute title too, brings back junior high band memories). Would you accept four $1 bills in the mail? Or a money order? Thanks!

Yeah! You did it, you published for sale!!!!

Thank you! I like knitting socks and I'm looking forward to trying these.

Oh how cool and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik was our recessional music at our wedding. Of course that is probably interesting only to me.

You are a true temptress......
Even though I declared a couple of weeks ago that I am not into knitting socks at all , I must confess that I am into unusual patterns....and these socks qualify !
A nice surprise during what is the second of a couple of very b-o-r-i-n-g
weeks, which could easily turn into an even worse month....
We have Presidential Elections on July 2nd and the old government does not want to work, especially now that the World Cup is on.......so I spend my time in meetings where almost no one is there.....and no one can make decisions......and I can't even knit during that time....
I have been telling myself that good things come to those who wait....( like in waiting for the Brocade Jacket, or the Norwegian Jacket...lol......).......even if it's going to be two years......
So I wait, while starting to knit ( hopefully this weekend as a diversion from the Sunshine Circle Jacket ) Chuck's socks for friends in Canada.......Christmas will be here soon enough.
Thanks for this pattern...one day it will be an heirloom...I am certain...

Mexico City

love them! Thanks midge!

Your patterns remind me of architectural features intricately sculpted in stone. The kind that make you gasp and feel very humble.


Don't you dare apologize! After all, it's not as though you've been sitting around doing nothing...

YES! Thank You! I have been thinking about these socks for weeks!

Yay! Thank you! These are just awesome!

I love your blog. Would it be possible for you to consider increasing your font. It's really hard for us "older folk" of 40+ to read these tiny fonts, as much as we would like to. Thanks and I will keep trying to read no matter how big the font is!!!

Hoooboy, are these socks going to be fun to make (when I screw up my courage to try colorwork again; however, you give lots of good tips about how to keep those floats LOOSE, so I will try). Thanks!

Socks. Must...have...socks...

I bought it! Yay!!!! I haven't knit a sock yet (I promise not to start with this pattern! It's a goal. By this time next year I will knit these socks!) thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!

Thank you SO much for publishing this pattern! Gorgeous. *buys*

I've been lurking on this blog for a while, it's such fun to read and Eunny you're amazingly talented. While suffering from RSI I'd come on here to get my knit-fix - I try not to be too jealous of your hands! ;) When I first saw the cabled sock it was the only sock I've ever seen that tempted me to make socks! I'm sorely sorely tempted now, LOL!

And Susan, adjusting the font can be done in your own browser :) Probably something like View->Text Size->Bigger OR in some browsers you can hold down the 'control' key and scroll up and down if you have a wheel mouse. Hope this helps! :)

Love it - and just bought the pattern. Its 5:15 in the morning, and I'm struggling against going into the stash to find yarn and start them right now!

Kisses all around. Once I'm not broke (wooohoo, two more days) I will TOTALLY get the pattern. Much love!

Once again, you have me in awe. I continue to worship at your very well-clad feet. Cannot wait to dive into my stash for a "stained glass" color combo.
And thank you for the impeccably detailed pattern and charts. You are incredible!

THANK YOU!!! Just bought it and am dying to dive into my stash. Congrats on the book deals. You deserve it!

It looks great! This may be sort of a strange thing to say, but the page layout on your patterns looks great. The socks look fantastic, too. ;)

And you'll get caught up when you get caught up- writing out patterns is time consuming. So is all that designing and knitting you're doing, too.

Oh, swank. I've been hoping the pattern for those would be available soon. I liked the combination of colorwork and cablework -- both of which I've done, but not together. Those will be FUN.

Those look fabulous. Now I just need to figure out how to work my paypal account.

Thankyou Eunny, I'm buying the pattern right after I've posted this. I'm going to be very greedy and ask for more patterns to buy, please please please! As I said only yesterday, I love your work. Thankyou again.

Susan abnd allwho have trouble with the font size.

I have a feature under " view " in the menu bar that says " text zoom " and I can enlarge any text to 300%....I use this feature to read all those blogs where the letters are too small....just need to find something to make those blogs that use darkblue fonts on a chocolate brown back ground readable.....


Beautiful, I was wondering if you'd post this one when you showed it off earlier :)

...of course we don't mind waiting for them either. I haven't forgotten about those mini-argyle socks I'm hoping to see in your shop someday, too :)

I have yet to knit socks (many previous attempts have not gone well). However, I'm tempted to buy this pattern just for your discussion of techniques since I'm always so impressed with your discussions on the blog.

Such a witty and sophisticated pun for the blog entry title, only to be followed up with the humble name "Chuck's Cabled Socks"! You are a real treat Eunny. You are both clever and down to earth at the same time. I'm off to buy this pattern so I have time to finish some before Christmas... 2010. Ha! I can't knit anywhere near as fast as you can.

thank you for finally posting this!! i bought mine sooo fast! hhaaha. i can't wait to do these!

I feel a bit dim-witted, but can you tell me what I should be measuring for the circumference? I'm used to measuring around the ball of my foot--so the reference to "leg" has thrown me.

Thank you,

Dude! I am so excited. Cable heaven.

Can't wait for the books and the other patterns you have posted here. Congrats!

Um, Eunny's Famous Argyles? Ahem?

I'm with PuppyMomma... This pattern looks great, but I'm holding out for argyles...


Oh, Eunny, you just made my weekend! I was hoping you'd make this pattern available!

*hides the other four socks currently on the needles*

I cannot wait for your books!

I really like your blog, but the typeface has become really small and I can't seem to enlarge it at my end. Is there anything you can do at your end? Is anyone else having this problem? Thank you.

What a wonderful blog you have here. I'm happy to have found you!

Oh, and by the way -- who wants to start the knitalong for these socks? I've got to see how they all turn out!

By popular demand, obviously! These are v. cute - I'm really not into socks, either, but if I ever get the hankering these would probably be the next ones I'd want to make...

OH... MY..! I'm with you on the whole 'don't love socks' thing. And color work is one of the FEW things about knitting that scares me. Yet, I MUST own a pair of socks like this. Multiple pairs possibly. So I am going to practice colorwork. And then I shall come back for these socks. Mark my words, I'll be wearing those socks this winter. My life will not be complete unless I do so.

For those having trouble with the font size, you can try these keyboard shortcuts to enlarge it:

Press and hold CTRL, then + to enlarge, or - to reduce. CTRL+0 resets the font size to the default.

This works in both Firefox and IE7.

And if I never knit them, I bought the pattern. You've got me brainwashed. 's OK.

Such beautiful socks! My first sock project is a UFO stashed away somewhere...when I finally manage to conquer the gusset and complete them, and a couple more pairs for practice, then I'll have a go at these. Congrats!

Love the socks--but I join the other commenter who's also waiting for the Almost Argyles. I have yarn already set aside for them!

And while I'm joining in, yes, please, on the font size increase. :)


I've just started a KAL for Chuck's Cabled Socks.

Anyone interested in joining?

I sure hope so, otherwise I'll be pretty much by my loneseome there, LOL!

Hope to see you, Bettina

I was hoping to knit the cabled socks with a single color of yarn (and not carry the second ball of yarn either). The only modification that I know to do is reduce the needle size. Do you forsee any other problems with this?

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