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Coming Clean

It's true that I don't put much of myself on this blog beyond the stuff on my needles. That's just a personal choice - my life is pretty boring, and I don't feel I could write about it in any way that would be as entertaining or amusing or compelling as what's out there already. But then, there's a lot to be said for the cameraderie of the knit blog universe, and I don't want to be That One Girl Who Never Shares But Only Listens And Smiles A Lot. So, here are the Cliff Notes:

  • I moved out at sixteen. I was a model student, a dutiful daughter, a good kid, and then a switch flipped all of a sudden and I turned into hell on wheels. I was stuck in a super high-pressure IB school, and it suddenly became as confining as a coffin - no reason, just because. I took an extra English credit over the summer, took all my AP tests, and got my HS and IB diplomas in the mail that August. There was a lot of adolescent self-righteousness then, the typical You Don't Understand Me and I'm Suffocating Here and Your Values Are Not My Values, and my parents finally let me go with fear in their hearts and grave expressions on their faces. Our relationship improved immediately.

  • I've worked in PR, in marketing, and as a technical writer since then. I've worked for tiny companies and contracted for huge ones, for startups and giant conglomerates. I lied about my age to get in the door for the first one, but it was never a problem after that.

  • I've had five apartments in seven years, all in the same 3-block radius around Dupont Circle in DC (except currently). I miss living in the city, desperately sometimes.

  • I've been freelancing for a couple years now. I wanted to write about food at first - the only thing I like more than knitting - but wasn't successful beyond a couple magazine pieces. It was the first real personal failure of my adult life, the first time I was told "No, that's not good enough", and hearing it over and over taught me more and was better for me than anything else that led up to it. Being broke was a new experience for me, too - not expecting a paycheck every week schooled me on a lot of things right quick.

  • I've found a little more success in writing about knitting. I've got some cool, increasingly steady magazine work - you'll see what I'm talking about in the next few months - and I've got two book projects in the works.

There, I said it - it's about time, huh? The first is a stitch dictionary with some interesting twists, out next fall from Quirk, and the second is a book of patterns and technique coming out in fall '08 from Interweave. It won't fit into that niche of blog-to-book - rather, it's a broader book of really exciting patterns, front-loaded with all the technique and history I love researching and writing about, a book that just happens to be written by a blogger. I'm delighted, absolutely thrilled, to be in business with them - they love Good Knitting as much as I do, and they'll produce exactly the kind of book I love, the sort of big, glossy, beautifully-designed and content-packed book I'd buy myself.

Thank you for reading this little corner of the Interweb, for all the support and encouragement every day. I never thought I would end up writing about knitting - I started this last summer only because I was going crazy with idleness - but this blog has become something comfortable, crowded with the thoughts and suggestions of inspiring and exciting and like-minded people, and that's precisely what encouraged me to go out and see what's what, the thing that spurred all this. It's been, and continues to be, a stretching exercise, forcing me to think and write and teach and learn every day - I hope you guys are enjoying the ride as much as I am.


I'm certainly enjoying the ride as much as you, and I can't wait for your books to come out! If your blog is any indication, and I'm sure it is, they'll be extremely well-written, full of information, and instant knitting best-sellers! Congrats on everything you're doing, and please keep up the blog, because I love it!!!

Very cool. I love your blog, and your knitting projects. I assumed you were an intelligent, savvy, interesting person in real life, and it turns out you are!

If you can maintain the commitment you have now to improving your craft, I have no doubt that in 15 or 20 years you will be regarded as one of the "greats".

Keep it up!

Congrats on all the projects. I am excited about the books, as I absolutely love the knitting focus you have, and have enjoyed seeing your peojects take shape. I love the blog, learned a ton from the teaching aspect, and from watching your design process. THANKS!!!

Wow, congrats! I discovered your blog via the Mason-Dixon gals and am learning so much, in awe of your talents. I'm one of the speechless folks who admired your work on "blogger hill" at MSW in May. Can't wait for these books!

CONGRATS Eunny, you bring a true professionalism, and a refreshing outlook to knitting and I for one love reading your blog daily, I am dissapointed when you haven't written that day.

Keep on your authentic trail, it becomes you.

Can I say that you are my knitting inspiration without sounding cheesy? No? Well, anyway, you are! I am a "brand new" knitter, I started this january and am knitting my first ever jumper, your deep-V argyle vest - a bit of a jump in the deep end for me, I have to look up stitches on the internet frequently - but it is your blog that is really getting me excited about what one can do with knitting and is pushing me to try new things!
Thank you so much, I will continue to enjoy the ride...

Congratulations! Wonderful!

Wow! I will be putting both of those books on my list growing list of knitting-books-I-must-have.
Thank you for writing, your photos and projects are totally inspiring.

I knew it! Congratulations. Can't wait to read it all.

Thank you, Eunny, for a wonderful blog -- and I'm looking forward to your upcoming publications.


I agree with you about Interweave, they are definitely one of the most reliable knitting book publishers in terms of quality.

Looking forward to the books, you are a wonderful writer and such an interesting pattern designer, I know they will be great.

Hi! I just started reading your blog a few months ago, and I have to say, I'm so glad to hear that you've got a pattern book coming out! I've been dying to knit some of the things I've been seeing you create, particularly things that use things like cables and ribbing and etc. to structure the garment.

Greatly anticipating the books!

Congratulations. I'm sure your books will be successful.

Thanks for letting us into Eunny Jang. It is nice to know a bit more about you. I am even more impressed that you've been "out in the world" for a while. Your accomplishments have encouraged me to keep going and working towards my goals. Can't wait to see your final products . . . on every level.

I had wondered why you hadn't been submitting designs to magazines, etc. Your designs are beautiful and unique.

I entered the scary world of freelance writing and editing this spring and I'm learning to live without a steady paycheck. Thankfully, I'm not hurting for work, but going from a cushy-the-check-comes-even-if-I-goof-off job to ain't-no-money-unless-I-buckle-down has caused me to knit a lot less!

I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and think you are an incredibly gifted knitter and writer, and very classy to boot! I look forward to your books coming out - Congratulations!

Congratulations on your recent successes, you deserve it! You are such a gifted knitter, designer and - last but not least - writer. Your books are on my wish list!

That's AWESOME! Congrats!! :)

awe I totally enjoyed reading this and I am so excited for you :)

congratulations! I'm sure the books will be a success.
Your designs are always so innovative, I know that they deserve a wider audience.

I have loved every second of seeing your work, learning from you and now knowing a bit more about YOU! It's been awesome!

Thanks for letting us get a glimpse of who you are! It is *wonderful* that you have some very exciting projects in the works! I'm really happy for you.

eunny, thank you for sharing more about yourself! i try to keep my blog as impersonal as possible as well. don't want to put too much out there, right?

i can't wait to hear more about these two books and the magazines articles! i will certainly be first in line to buy them. especially if they include all of the patterns you've been sharing with us via the blog!

Congratulations on the two book deals. I have enjoyed both your writing and your designs so I will certainly be putting them on my wishlist.

Thank you for sharing with us. I realize that if often said in a sarcastic way, but I mean it genuinely this time. Opening up is an interesting process, isn't it?

You are a delight to read. Your blog stands apart with your knitting content (complex yet blase) and your writing style (down to earth and tongue in cheek). I appreciate your frugality with adjectives in your writing style. Keep the good work going - I'll be tuned in.

Thanks for sharing. I'm a newish reader but I'm so glad that you blog because you have such a talent for creating designs that are so detailed and classic but you make creating them look easy. I look forward to your books because I'm sure they'll be equally inspirational.

Bravo! Just bravo!

Congratulations! Now doesn't it feel good to share? ;-)

Oh Eunny – congratulations! I am so happy for you! Onnea! :-) I know that your books are going to be as awesome as you are.

Amazing you! And thank you for your incredibly educational blog. I liken your posts to taking a class - full of information!

Aw, Eunny! It's nice to hear a little background about you. I will certainly look forward to your publications. I greatly admire your work (I swear, I'm almost ready to order yarn for your Print O the Wave stole). You encourage me to be more adventurous with knitting.

we're neighbors! I lived in Adams Morgan for 6 years, and am now adjusting to life in far away (haha) Silver Spring. I've been lurking on your blog for a few weeks now and must say that it's incredibly helpful, well-written and really fun to see how you come up with your designs. keep it up!

Thanks for this post. I enjoy your blog and like the glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes and what inspires you.

Wow, I'll be waiting eagerly for those books. How fantastic! It's great that you can make a living (even partially) at something you love. I'm still working on that!

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! And for me too, since it means I have some good books to look forward to! What exciting news.

Congratulations on your projects! It all seems very exciting and I'm eagerly awaiting both books.

I live in Northern VA, and love the DC area as well.

I love reading your blog because it makes me aspire to knit more and better.

I'm almost sad you're mysterious veneer is gone, but am glad you feel safe sharing with us. I'll definately be interested in your books when they come out.


I've been reading your blog for a while now, but have never commented before. I am thrilled that you have two book deals. Congratulations! Your blog is very informative, well written, engaging--one of my favorites! I can't wait to see the books.

Eunny, you really are a spectacular woman. I'm sure your parents knew you were a success from the moment you first came into their lives. My daughter is 16, in college, skating well and just today passed her driving test. She brings me such joy and has given me a few well earned wrinkles! I am so excited about what her future holds. Time to decide on a challenging project

It's so nice to read a little more about you, though I do not mind you are mainly writing about knitting.

Congrats on the books, but I hate having to wait till 2008 to get my hands on more of your patterns! I hope there'll be one or so in the nearer future?


I'm so excited about your books! I've been reading your site for a few months now and I find it very informative and inspirational. You are truly my knitting idol and when I am stuck during a project or having trouble finding that perfect yarn, I often think to myself What Would Eunny Do?

I'm so happy for you, Eunny. I was so hoping that you would soon be published as a knitting writer.
I'll be on the lookout for you this fall, and in many more publications to come, I'm sure.

Thanks for posting some of your backstory, Eunny...as much as I enjoy reading about your knitting exploits (and believe me, I do, I do), I enjoy seeing the synthesis of self and craft just as much! The former definitely molds the latter, but as you've shown, crafting also begins to mold the crafter.

Congratulations are in order for your book projects! This is really wonderful, wonderful news.

And cheers to being fellow technical writers! It's not a bad gig, but I do miss my soul sometimes...

Congratulations on your works in progress (I know it has been said already). I look forward to reading you articles and to seeing your books, they sound fabulous.

I am definitely enjoying the ride and am looking forward to the books you mentioned.
You have definitely started me thinking about trying out new things, such as designing my own sweaters to my taste or adapting patterns to my liking. If I fail, I'll learn.
Thank you for you inspiration!

What?! As beautifully as you knit, you write. So how could those food editors say "it's not good enough"?! I'm indignant on your behalf.

But yay! I am so happy to hear about your knitting book projects, and the magazine writing too. This news is reaffirms for me that there is, in fact, some justice in the world. If anyone deserves the Interweave book deal, it's you!

I couldn't be happier reading about your upcoming publishing success, yours is always a favorite blog to read not for the personal banter but for the sheer wow factor and I can't wait to see how it'll translate into paper-print. Thanks for sharing (today & previous).

Bummed the cooking writing world didn't work out, but thrilled because it means we in the knitting-world get to have you!! I KNEW Interweave knew a good thing when they saw it. I hope some of the things we've seen recently are going to end up in the book! Can I wait 'til 2008?

And I love getting to know you better. It makes it all so much more personal. You sound like one of those people who excels at everything they touch and I am mystified by that, but admire it tremendously.

I moved out a few months before I turned 18 and it also was the best thing that ever happened to my relationship with my mom. I love her to death but we make each other nuts if we're around each other too much.

I personally love your blog. It has become one of my favorites because I know that I'll always walk away inspired and a better knitter. I'm so excited for your books! And it is nice to get to know you a little better :)

Oh, good!! I'm so thrilled you're working on the books. You really deserve to be published in the traditional manner. But just because you're being published, please don't stop teaching us stuff on your blog!

Great to hear you're working on some books! I know they will be quality information coming from a person of quality! I think you are incredibly talented and I'm glad you are in our knitting universe! You never know where life is going to take you! The best laid plans...

Would you believe this has seriously brightened my day? I can't wait for your books; I am certain they will be spectacular! I hope the wonderful things you've been sharing with us will be in there!

Congratulations on the book deals - it's pretty spectacular to be working on two books at the same time! Can't wait to see more about them. And I have an IB diploma too, by the way :)

Yippee! I am very happy for you! And I think Interweave puts out the best books - so you're working w. some great folks. It seems far off the dates, but I'm sure you're putting the best of you in it - can't wait for them.

Keep us posted.

Two?? Extra-wonderful news!! Congratulations, Eunny!

Eunny, your blog is fantastic, your energy contagious, your expertise in knitting just amazing, and your life - well, thank you for sharing! I look forward to reading your contributions.

you go girl!! I am very excited to hear about your books coming out. I often think reading your blog that I'd love to have a book like that! I am sure the books will be terrific.
I also left home at 17, and did not go to school till I was 30. Was the best thing for me. Some people need to live first...

so nice to learn more about you, more importantly, congratulations on landing knitting gigs! can't wait to see the books!

Congrats on the books. That is quite a life story and such an accomplishment. I too finished high school early for much of the same reasons. I also finished college early - I got bored and figured I had better things to do than sit in class. I'm glad I took that route as I've had much more learning happen through the experiences than textbooks.

Totally love reading your blog, but tell us more about how long you have been knitting and your experience with the growth of this art.

I am so happy for you Eunny :)
you have worked hard and you
have earned this opportunity.

It was also very interesting to read about who you are.
One thing I am so curious about though is your knitting history, where did you learn?
How long have you been knitting etc; you are obviously very knowledgeable not to mention talented! Way beyond your years :)

How wonderful to hear about your books and more importantly about... YOU! I've been reading your blog for the past few weeks and I am in awe of the care and attention you put into your knitting and your blog.

Congratulations, but I'm not surprised, given all your talents!

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and artistry with us. I look forward to each new blog entry, and will rush to buy your books once they're available. You're a star.

Eunny, you are such an interesting person. One thing (yet another) that astonishes me - you didn't mention college at all, yet you are getting good writing work. That isn't easy even for a college grad.

I would have sworn from the way you write, and from the values you stated earlier, that you were a graduate of an English Lit program from an Ivy League or other really good liberal-arts school. Or, from your design chops, a grad of something like the apparel design program at the RI School of Design.

I, too, would love to hear the story of how you learned to knit. I guess that I am not alone out here among the "old ladies" with the dropped-down-jaw when I found out your age. And Zen Master of our craft already! It would be wonderful to hear how that took place.

Well. . .not much to add, really. All sixty-six commenters before me beat me to the punch other than to say CONGRATULATIONS! Color me impressed, I am soooo happy for you. I look foward to your upcoming publications.

I went down to DC during MSW weekend and stayed at the Hilton in Dupont Circle. It's a great lil' neighborhood. The boyfriend and I ate at this amazing French bistro called Bistrot du Coin, ever been? I heart DC. I would totally live there myself if it weren't horridly, disgustingly humid during the summers. Seriously, I don't know how any of you guys breathe around this time of year. Ack.

Woo Hoo to you for the knitting successes!!!!

I for one cannot wait for the books. I love, love your patterns and style. Elegant, tasteful & sexy in the not showing everything off kinda way.


Hey, thanks for finally fessing up to the good news hinted at vaguely many posts ago. Congratulations!


I had a little squee of excitement when I saw your history. As I told a friend, "If her freelancing doesn't involve tech writing, it's a loss to the industry."

--another tech writer

with each posting, you impress me more and more. i love your blog for your exploration in design, your technical know-how, and above all, your sharing. thanks!

How does it feel to come clean? :) Very interesting tidbits that I didn't know! and some that I did! Another congrats on the book deals, E. That is seriously great news!

Wow, thanks for letting us in a bit! No one really understands why I love the knitting blogs, but I think your post is one of the reasons: you get to see a part of someone's life and passion and see what really inspires them and makes them alive. You don't see a lot of people complaining about careers in knitting! The long hours, stress, editing, trying and trying again, all that seems to pale in comparison to the act of creating. Bravo!! I can't wait for it!

Yay, Eunny! Congratulations! I was hoping you were working on a book where your gifts can shine. Good luck.

Congratulations, Eunny. I am a newish reader having enjoyed your writing, your superb teaching, and your philosophies of design and manners. I'm only sorry that '08 is so far away. Perhaps Interweave Knits will do a feature on you or tease us with a pattern or two? Best of luck.

Let's see, rebellious youth? check! IB program? check! I've actually had four apartments in 6 years within a three block radius, but get back to me in a year and we'll see about that one too! Super-talented and awe-inspiring knitter and writer? Nope, That's all you! I am anxiously awaiting all of your articles and books, but for the time being I think this little corner of the Internet will do more than enough :)

I found your blog a week ago, and have been nothing short of amazed at your work, drawings, knitting, research - just everything. I enjoy the "voice" of your blog - individual and artistically creative. I've only bought two knitting books so far, and yours will be on the list as a must have. Congratulations.

Thank you for your story btw.

Congratulations. It totally couldn't happen to a better knitter.

You are an inspiration, my dear, and I wish you success and happiness in your future. You can be sure that I will do my part by purchasing your (wonderful!) books. Congratulations.

Congratulations, Eunny. I couldn't be more excited about your news if they were my own. Very well deserved and I cannot wait to see you published. Sheesh, I hate to gush.

I love my Midge!

Well, I'm certainly enjoying the ride. I'm fascinated with your knitting projects and seeing your creativity. I'm glad to hear you're going to have books published. Can't wait!

Hey! Congratulations and welcome the Quirk family! Or rather, the knitblogger-who-has-a-book-with-Quirk family. I can't wait to get my grubby little paws on it. :)

Wonderful news about the books, Eunny! It sounds like that Interweave book, especially, is going to be one worth waiting for.

I've been knitting for almost 60 years and I think I am fairly competent at it, yet I have learned a ton of new things from you. Thanks so much for that; you have indeed provided me with a great deal of enjoyable thoughts and knitting daydreams. And to think that until two years ago I lived in Ellicott City. I could have tossed rose petals in your path or bought you lunch or something in the way of repayment for what you've given me.


Congratulations! I will definitely be looking out for your byline in magazines and for your books on the shelves. So exciting! (I was actually wondering why I had never seen any of your designs in IK or something like that. Clearly, your stuff is awesome.)

Oh man,

Looking forward.

I will wait with baited breath for your books. Should be great!

Congratulations! I'm so glad to hear about your book projects. Best of luck.

Congrats on the books!!

Your self-revelation scared me a little. :) The pressure got to me and I ran away from home when I was 16/11th grade - I was in the equivalent advanced everything, and 11th grade was to be my last year of high school.

I have an MS in Technical Writing....

Thank you for the insight into the world of "you". I truly enjoy the wittiness, honesty and brilliance of your writing and your blog is one I am always happy to see have a new post (Wow, was that ever a long sentence! Whew!)

Anywhoooo, congrats on finding your writing "niche". If your books are anything like your "majoring in lace" pieces, they are going to be AMAZING!

I can't wait.

Congratulations. You're obviously living your dream.

Eunny, I beg of you: please do not forget that plus-sized women enjoy fashionable knits, too. If you would include expanded sizes in your Interweave book, I'd throw down many a quid to snatch it up.

Congratulations on your books!! And thank you for sharing a bit more about yourself. :)

Congrats on the magazine work and the books! YAAAAAAAAAY!

Also, I definitely relate to the part about moving about improving your relationship with your parents. Hehe.

I am so HAPPY, happy, happy for you! Talent like yours just can not go unnoticed! I'll be first in line for the books-- Yeah, Eunnie!

i just wanted to say a huge congrats on the books, that is possibly one of the more exciting things that can happen to a knitter - that and that beautiful pink sweater obeying your every command.
i've read your blog for a while now (since the norwegian stockings?) but am an awful commenter. anyway, congrats again, and you certainly deserve it.

(as an aside, the IB stuff is all too familiar to me. i was smart and didn't bother with the diploma though. french? extended essay? no thanks!)

Everytime you come up with a design or tutorial I wish you'd get a book deal. And now my wish finally came true! I'm incredibly happy for you, and I know you'll make it worth the wait (Two years? Can I survive the anticipation?). And I'll be pre-ordering it as soon as I'm able to, even though I'm usually hesitant and picky about knitting books, because I know it'll be fabulous.

Good luck!

P.S. I'm glad you finally included a look into your persona and personal life... And I can totally relate to the model daughter/student making a 180 and suddenly rebelling against just about everything you've put so much effort into achieving.

I absolutey cannot wait for your books. I'm sure they will be glorious, as all of your work is! Congrats on such a great accomplishment!

Fantastic news! I will await your books with fervor and zeal!

Nice to meet you! Although from some of your posts, you don't really feel like a complete stranger.
I'll definitely check out your books!

I knew it! (And I bet your publisher loved the fuss that previous posts created...they're like that.)


Well C.O.N.G.R.A.T.U.L.A.T.I.O.N.S.!!!!
you deserve EVERY success that comes your way. WE are the forunate ones for having you get your wonderful techniques between two covers!! Can't wait...

he he... can't wait to read ur up coming books.

Congratulations!! I am looking forward to reading your upcoming publications, judging from your professional, informative blog, I know they will be outstanding!

What Melissa said: we're enjoying the ride. It's less painful for us, too.
Never doubt that what you're doing is worthwhile even when it doesn't work as you'd planned; you and people like you started me knitting again after a break of 15 years. I was tired of sacks, even sacks so heavily cabled they could stand up by themselves. You're showing us how to make clothes that fit us as we want them to in the colours we like best, how to gain satisfaction from creating real things. I think that's part of what is fueling this knitting/crafts revolution: the virtual world is great (we'd never have met without it), but the thrill of making something, wearing it or giving it to someone you care for is on a different level.

looking forwards to the books!

Congratulations! I can't wait to read the books!

Congratulations! I'm sure your books will advance the craft of knitting enormously - it's so nice to see some real brain food being published that caters to a thirst for detail and craftsmanship.

From all these comments, those books should be immediate best sellers! You are intelligent and talented. I can't wait for the books to come out!

I only found your blog a couple of months ago, but now I can't do without you! You are a gifted designer, don't give up! I am uncapable of knitting from somebody else's pattern (I have no patience with gauges and the like), but I will absolutely buy your book because I know it will be packed with inspiration. Thank you!

Your forthcoming books sound quite exciting - what you describe is exactly the type of book I love. I'm looking forward to seeing your designs in a book! Will they be items that you've shown on the blog, or completely new ones?

Thank you for sharing some details of your life, too. I knew you were young (you mentioned your age once or twice), but you write like someone with a ton more life experience than *I* had at 23 (or than I have now, at 29, for that matter).

Eunny, I can't say anything new or different than all of the above, just that I always look forward to your blog entries and I'm happily awaiting your books. Congratulations!

Thank you for sharing, Eunny. Oh, and we all knew that you'd be publishing some kind of pattern boo some day. You are just too talented to pass that one up. :0)

That's wonderful, congratulations! So good to hear about your upcoming books. You deserve it!

I can't wait until your books come out!!! Thanks for the Clif notes! I love reading your blog!

Can't wait to see the book. I only hope my knitting skills are ready by then because I know I will want to make every pattern.

How long have you been knitting? And I understand about the coffin-like IB atmosphere; it sucks that so much pressure is put on teenagers when they're busy trying to grow up. You seem to have done well for yourself, and I look forward to the books when they come out :)

I'm thrilled! I have been hoping you were writing a book ever since I saw your first tutorial (and it was so beautifully clear). Great news.

Congrats with the book deals!! I believed your books would be something that we are knitters longing to see it :)

I am so glad to hear that your books will be out soon. Just let us know when each are available and your loyal followers will purchase them immediately. Good Luck in all your endeavors!

WoooHooooo! I love it.

Two books? I'm so happy for you! I'm sure both will be absolutely amazing, and I am already in a state of eager anticipation.

I am so excited to hear about a book!! I love your technical posts....always great stuff. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us!

Hurrah! I think I will definitely buy the pattern book and probably the stitch dictionary!

Will you give us sneak previews when they are available? I'd love to see what kind of patterns you've got in there!

isn't it amazing how life unfolds? it is scary not knowing if the next paycheck is going to come in fast enough...but life is too short not doing something you love (and have it support you fiber habit). your writings, patterns and blog is growing on me. i'm sure your articles and books will be a hit too.who knows if you might feel inspired to write about food again after the knitting-writing success (chocolate!). i hope that you feel that life is coming together for ya :)Happy Weekend!

How exciting! I was hoping you would write a book and Interweave seems a good fit for you. Your attention to detail is why I keep returning to your blog. Just this morning I sat down to try your cabled bind-off and I know I will be using it often.

I cannot wait to read any knitting book you are involved in writing! Bravo! It is about time.

This is so nice to get to know you girl. Thank you! Does this mean you're not posting patterns for sale because they're going into your books? I suspect from the depth of your blog that your books will become classics. I can't wait to buy them.

Your tutorials are FABULOUS, can't WAIT to buy the books!
and thanks for the little peek into your life...very well written!

I have greatly enjoyed reading your blog for writing style as much as knitting content.

Eunny, you are one in a million.

congratulations! i look forward to seeing your books. as much as i enjoy reading blogs, i don't get nearly as much out of them as i do books.

I was going to write in your last comments that I hoped publishers had been knocking on your door and it turns out that they have. Smashing!! I'm so pleased for you. You are incredibly talented and a real go getter. Congratulations!

You sound like a wonderful person from your blog (including the recent revelations). Too bad for me that I just moved out of the DC area last fall.

I'm looking forward to getting your books when they come out since I have found your technique tutorials so helpful and your patterns beautiful.

I wish you continued success!!

Oh, I can't WAIT for the Interweave book. What good luck that you signed with them--I always admire the high production values, commitment to traditional/historic techniques, etc. Splendid news! And congratulations. :-)

I'm fairly new to your blog, but I've loved what I've seen so fair. Good luck in your book projects. I'll bet they're fantastic!

It's wonderful news that you'll be publishing two books, which I shall be buying as soon as they become available, please let us all know on your blog when they are available. I'm hoping they will contain all the patterns for the garments you have been knitting and tantalising us with in your blog. I can't wait!

Yes! It's great to have you as a member of the blogverse. Thank you for sharing and shedding a little more light on the person behind the blog. I'm so excited to hear that you'll be publishing a stitch dictionary!! - I've been looking for one for ages and seeing as I like reading your blog so much I imagine yours will fit the bill perfectly. Good luck with the two books.

"Eunns"....from the comments it's clear that we your fans are anxiously awaiting your books (and maybe your classes, and your yarn store). Happy for, and proud of you. WOW!

Congratulations, Eunny! No one better than you to write these books :).

Three phrases should be among the most common in our daily usage. They are: Thank you, I am grateful and I appreciate.

Oh thank *goodness*!! I was hoping hoping hoping that your remarkable work was not going unnoticed in the traditional press world; I was silly to doubt it for even a second! How could no one notice such an inventive, smart, beautiful knitter with an incredible eye for detail and design?

Congratulations, Eunny, you sound like you've walked the hard way and your success is deserved!

I can only wonder if writing this post was a bit *scary* for you... letting people into your actual life. Obviously, we are all very glad you did! And Congratulations!! on the book deals! It couldn't happen to a better, brighter, or more talented person!
I continue to worship at your feet....

Wow, congratulations on the book deals. I can't wait to buy them both and support your work because I so admire it.

Congratulations! Your designs are creative and lovely. How fortunate for us that you are also sharing your work with the knitting world.

2008? not sure I can wait that long, I'd grab any knitting books written by you immediately, cos I know they's be good.I'm happy that you would let us take a peek into your personal life ;)

Eunny you're one of my favorites and I want to be on the list to buy when your books are released. Congratulations.

I am so happy for you, congratulations! I almost ran out of my office to tell my co-workers: "Hey, Eunny's got a book deal"! And then I remembered that they're not knitters. I can only agree with previous commenters, this is great news, I'll be anxiously awaiting anything you publish. I know I've said it before but you are truly inspirational and taught me to think outside the box when it comes to knitting. It's great to know more about you althought I think it's quite refreshing with a knitblog that deals with... well, knitting!

Thanks for the sharing - I know it was probably a little difficult for you. I'm excited that you're coming out with a book. I love looking at your designs and techniques and how form follows function (or is it the other way around?).

I look forward to your books with great anticipation.

That wasn't boring at all. You are a lovely interesting person with a lot to offer. Thank you for telling us that bit of yourself. I do know what you mean though. I may share the surface stuff and even some of the things deep within myself, but I'll never leave a trail that can be placed on me or to me. Just the way it is. I like my privacy and wouldn’t feel comfy otherwise.

I'm so glad you are going to do a book, TWO BOOKS! I will certainly get both. You are not only a talented designer, but a wonderful teacher. You are creative, inventive and can explain all these things so that even a new knitter such as myself can follow along. Coming across your site so early in my knitting life was like finding gold. A wealth of experience that is inspiring and enlightening.

I'm even designing my first real (unique/original I hope) project now. *L* I've been keeping a notebook of my ideas since I started and when I saw your post with your notebook and that cool Bonnie & Clyde Sweater I knew I was on the right track. Now it's just getting my ideas from my head to paper to prototype and in final use. *L* It's fun and that's what knitting is for me... but it is also about pride and feeling good about the process and being the best I can at something. Not the best of the best or even comparing myself to such great knitters as yourself or Yarn Harlot, but my own personal best and if I can learn from the best and do what makes me happy well there you go. Life is good. *L*

Goodness I'm all rambly. :P

Anyways, good luck in your pursuits with your books and writing life.

Another thing, if you miss the city, move back when you can, life is meant to be enjoyed and to do the things you want (within reason). If you want to live there do what you need to do so that it will happen. Being happy in this life is the best we can hope for and if that will lead you to more happiness then why not do it.



I always knew those folks at Interweave were smart. I can't wait for your books and you are extremely talented and always so willing to share with your readers. Thanks.

Congratulations! Your wonderful news has caused me to "de-lurk." I am looking forward to both of your books - you offer excellent instruction and designs which are both inspired and inspiring.

Perhaps the mini argyle stockings and the pink boatneck will appear in your book? I certainly hope so!

Best of luck!

Your books will be wonderful, I'm sure - can't wait until they come out. Congratulations!

Congratulations. I LOVE this blog -- for all you bring to it in terms of personal history, research, technique, proficiency and flat-out talent.

I can't wait to have the books.

Hey good luck. I'm glad we have your blog to hold us in the meantime!

A peek! Thank you. (And don't feel you have to share if you don't want to.)

I can't wait to see the books - I adore your blog and style, and am sure the books will have more of the same. I am also personally thrilled that they will be knitting books that happen to be written by a blogger rather than blogged books.

And, I lived in DC, too! I wish I had your mad knitting skills as well as just an affinity for DC and yarn in common with you. :) Congrats!

Wow a book!! That is so cool. I am definitely buying one when it comes out!!

Wow, a book and a mention on the Yarn Harlot's blog, you really have hit the big time!!

Thanks for the insight into your life - it's hard to decide exactly where to draw the line on what to post on the internet, but info on your background really helps the reader to understand who you are and where you come from.

Thanks for a glimpse into your life--you *are* interesting, very much so! I'm sure your books will be wonderful, and I love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful designs.

That's brilliant news... thanks for your generosity online and congratulations on figuring out how to make a living at what you so obviously love and excel at doing! Maz

There's my answer. Good for you! Woo hoo! I predict you're going to be wildly successful....

stitch dictionary, techniques, history and you are perfect matches i think; congratulations!!

Wow Eunny! I can't wait to buy your book, congratulations!!!!!

I knew it, too! Way to go Eunny!
I gotta go sign up for the books now. See ya.

I almost had to stop reading yer blog, what with all the insanely frustrating insinuations and mystery references you kept sneaking in! (There's only so much edge-of-the-seat we readers can take!) So congrats, and best of luck developing the books...

Yes, I, too, will be putting both books on my must have list...Eunny, I'm absolutely delighted for you, you are a talented force!

Brave step, but nice to know more about you... I got out of high school a year early too, and for much the same reasons and never regretted it, learning about costuming and knitting machines the first semester of college. Really happy to hear about the books! Had a few interesting conversations about publishing, marketing trends and knitting at Estes this past weekend, but Good is Good, so yours will surely get the recognition you deserve.

yes! Books by Eunny! There's a reason hope spring eternal.

Nice to meet you and congratulations!

Oh,I like Quirk books! Excellent!

Eunny, I'll tell you right now I'll buy both your books sight unseen. Your blog is beyond fantastic, and your taste, exquisite. Congratulations and the best of luck to you.

Superb! Along with new books come book tours!! You are very gifted . . thanks for sharing your talents. Will be looking forward to both books - for sure!

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