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Yes indeed, that twisted-stitch sweater had its origins in a costume for 1967's Bonnie and Clyde. I happened across it again on cable - snap, snap, click went the synapses.

The idea of a sweater with integrated waist shaping was really appealing to me - I love knits that capitalize on stitch behavior to create shape or interest, where construction and adornment work together rather than in spite of each other.

From that jumping-off point - inserting cables into a plain fabric to give shape - I've gone through several iterations, to get here:

for more of a true 30's feel. Of course, the shape will be a lot softer in a knit than in a pieced and seamed gown, but the feeling is there - with very plain, elbow length sleeves and a deeply split boatneck thrown in to keep the thing fresh and up-to-date, not costumey. The tight waist area had to be started over:

Now I've got Saxon braids, twined into and around each other. The work is patterned on every round - tedious and rather slow to grow (8 stitches and 10.25 rows to the inch!) but the effect is very lovely and delicate, almost filigree-like.


Hi Eunny,

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the new project. Very elegant & refined.

Quick question - does the "waistband"portion contain the same amount of stitches as the peplum? Is it just the twisted cables that "pulls" it in closer to the waist?

~ Nancy

Beautiful! It is filigree-like. I like that you've taken the inspiration and gone a step futher. And way to work that dress form. :)

A question, though: what exactly do you mean by a deeply split boatneck? Looking at your sketch, does the neckline actually split to come down and meet the point of the waist shaping? Or is there something else that I'm just completely missing?

It looks gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished product. At least the top will seem to fly after you get through the waist shaping. :)

I really like your newest creation......maybe because I personally find it just a bit more timeless then the actual Bonnie sweater as shown in the picture.... or, because in my personal opinion the Bonnie sweater is just a bit too young for me as someone who loves cleaner lines....or......because it looks like my 1938 wedding gown ( got married on Christmas Eve 1983 during the worst snow storm in Iowa during the 20th Century wearing thermal underwear under the skirt of the dress)....it was exactly the same shape with the high waist embroidered in seed pearl diamonds......
Please, please, please don't forget the brocade jacket and the recent jacket with the oatmeal peplum......I am already looking for the right colored yarn for the later one.....
In the Spirit of Knitting


*sigh* I want to be you when I grow up.

Once again, I am in awe..... Simply gorgeous.

So lovely. I really enjoy watching things spring from the idea, to the page, to the form in your graceful style.

That delicateness is so appealing, like some sort of nostalgia or wistfulness for something I have never experienced--and oddly, makes me wish I was taller. ;)

I wanna be you too (or at least be able to design and execute like you do). I am in awe. The new sweater will be beyond fabulous. When am I ever going to find the time to knit all these lovely designs?

Clever and beautiful! I can't wait to see how it turns out.

LOVE IT! It also doesn't hurt that bonnie and clyde is one of my all time favorite movies...

God, that's gorgeous. I can hardly breathe.

From your drawing, I think the bust area shaping is going to be very interesting and quite flattering.

I am so taken aback by you every time I come to your blog. You are a very talented woman! I can't wait to see the finished piece.


Wow! Your design is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your drawings as well. They have provided me with the confidence to start sketching up my own ideas. Thanks.

Love the twining braids, can't wait to see it.

oh i saw that top recently, too, and thought that it would be an awesome knit. looks like you're one step ahead. it looks beautiful.

Amazing. I really want to have that sweater. Unfortunately, if it's at 8 sts per inch, it might take me 8 years to finish it, I am so slow!

Wow. Wow. It's so beautiful and the Saxon braids are just outstanding. I can't wait to see the finished product.

Tedious, I believe you! But oh so elegant and beautiful, and absolutely not comstumelike.

Seconding spaazlicious. I-yi-yi, however do you think up these gorgeous tops, one after another? And make them, too? Is there a book in your future? I hope so.

Oh my, lovely! I really hope you'll be putting some of your designs up for sale soon, 'cause I can't wait to start knitting them myself!!! Or are you working towards a book? :D


Oh, wow! This is going to be gorgeous!

GASP! That cable stitch is so gorgeous I fell out of my chair! Perfect in the dusky pink. It reminds me of my childhood dresses, hand-smocked by my french great-grandmother.

What a lovely thing!

And how cool to get to see a glimpse of the mind of the designer here.

I, too, saw that Bonnie sweater and thought it was gorgeous; however, your design looks even better. I can't wait to see the finished product!

That is really incredible.


Just gorgeous! Please, please say that will be for sale someday soon!!

Wow, that's like knitting an an entire garment out of sock yarn..... looks classy though!

I'm blown away by your designs and how you find the time to design, knit, and live in general.

I love it! I've been envisioning exactly that concept of using cables for waist shaping, but bigger cables, and more of a botanical vines winding up the body sort of theme. I am very interested to see just how much the cables pull in the width, and whether the shaping effect persists sufficiently in a non-elastic yarn.

What a flattering design. Timeless. I think you might have mistaken futsiness for classic elegance. Your designs are a modern twist on older designs. They are beautiful, yet timeless and elegant. You go girl.

Can't help it.

I see it now, and I just feel....



(hey, sometimes a girl likes to feel a little dirty...)

Once again, you are proving that a little extra effort yields a magnificent result. I am eager to see you wearing the final Bonnie.

From your sketch it looks as if it will be flattering for many body shapes with minimal modifications. I'm going to have to get out my 1930's sewing pattern books to see if I can translate some of the styles to knitwear...

I love that sweater. It is really awesome.

You create such lovely designs! I hope you make this available for purchase. I'm looking forward to purchasing you deep v argyle vest though I admit the thought of steeking scares me a bit. Thanks for such a wonderful blog site!

Delurking just to say that your design looks amazing!

Beautiful! I say you make two and send one to Faye.

This is beautiful. I hope that I'll be able to design something so elegant someday. Thanks for sharing!

really lovely. Both the Bonnie & Clyde original and the start of your sweater are beautiful emulations of the knitwear of the 30s and 40s. I can tell you that you're on the right track for the true vintage look in terms of gauge - 8 or even 9 stitches to the inch are not uncommon gauges for vintage patterns.

Simply stunning. Can't wait to see how this sweater develops.

I really like the idea of the cables shaping the waist. It's a very lovely yarn as well and the color is so pretty.
Something so amazing, to have a glimpse into someone elses' work unfolding. Exciting!

I just found your blog through another's blog. Your designs are amazing! I love your sense of style and grace. I can't believe your so young, I'm so impressed by you. I'm not old, by any means, 33, but have no design skills whatsoever. If I had your capabilities, the world of knits in front of me, oh my goodness that damage that could be done.

Your amazing! Never let anyone tell you differently.

Those cables are fantastic! I'm assuming you know how to cable without the cable needle. I've always wondered how that was done... (also after reading the past two posts...23! wow! i'm 25 and i just learned to knit two years ago...) how's the jacket coming?? i too adore the oatmeal bottom!

That sweater looks great. It's wonderful to get inspirations from things you see and then turn them into real patterns. I can't wait to see how it comes out. You do great work.

you do this SO well.

I was wondering what kind of form are you using to model the knits in process? Is it a standard dressmakers or is it something else? I'm looking for something like that. Thanks.

oooh, I like this braid version better!

Somebody else mentioned this already, but it really does remind me of smocking. It's so elegant and so different. You really should get paid to do this! ;-)

I am drooling. This (as is all your work) absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for the awesome inspiration!

I love the vintage look and have since I was in my late teens/early twenties (I'm mid-forties now) and used to collect 1950s dresses. I also hate cheaply made things - it reminds me of my grandfather, who worked in the garment "trade". He would turn things inside out, snarl, and drop them if they were put together shoddily. Kudos on your lovely designs!

Oh, Eunny, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sell this pattern. With size 40" bust included..... I would love you forever.

Yay, I guessed right! I like your take on the sweater... really neat to see the slit neck dipping down to meet the waist shaping. That's too cool. Alas, I have to wonder if that would work on figures as boyish as mine. I just don't think i could manage 8 sts/in on a whole sweater with cabling that goes on for that long! I think I'll stick with something closer to the original pattern in hopes of actually being able to finish, but I can't wait to see what yours looks like!

amazing ... incredible ... breathtaking ... classic ... stunning ... timeless ... skillful ... inspirational ... Please let us buy this pattern from you. Better yet, sell it to any knitting magazine so that they can see what truly lovely design can be.

Oooh, I hope you're planning to sell the pattern. Definitely looks like something I'll be making in the future! Absolutely beautiful. Anxiously await the finished product.

wow, that's beautiful.

Oh, Eunny, please, it's too much! I am overwhelmed! I'm still drooling over the brocade jacket (which I hope upon hope is still in plans), the shell, and the jacket. Now these two new projects are just as wonderful! Oh, please, please sell them ALL! Poor Eunny, we're going to beg you to death for your beautiful patterns. Your designs are so wonderful, lovely, and fresh, while always remaining very classic.

Why do people get so worked? Whatev! Hey, if I want to drum up buzz for my book deal I'd do say something similar.

Wow! Stunning work! You truly inspire me to want to do more of my own design and not always follow a pattern.

Lovely, I too adore fashions from the 30's an 40's (Nicole Kidman's suits in The Others are divine.)

Would love to try this pattern and the other two below. Please consider making them available!

Lovely,lovely. You truly have a gift. I'm curious about the stitch count also, did you increase at the waist or ...
Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

Brilliant. I prefer your design over the inspiration by leaps and bounds. The traveleing stitches are to die for. I have really enjoyed your designs!!!

I am very inspired by the pink sweater. It looks beautiful and I love the color. But, I do like the less busy cablework you started with better for this. vj

I like your second version of the sweater better! I must admit I was a little disappointed when I saw the Bonnie and Clyde sweater--your first version was too much like it, and I don't think the original could be improved much. Using it as a starting point, and going where you are with it, looks very promising.
Did you know there is a Bonnie and Clyde museum in my home state? They have the car that was used in the movie. Too bad they didn't have a picture of Faye in that beautiful sweater. For the curious, I wrote about my vist there recently in my journal.
I won't express an opinion about the 'style' controversy, but I have to say I enjoyed reading the comments and finding some interesting bloggers there.

I saw a picture of Faye Dunnaway in this sweater on "Go Fug Yourself" and snagged it for my files. Not only that, but I nearly sent it to you. Seriously, I was one click away, but then decided you had better things to do than get odd jpegs from lurkers.

lovely sweater, perfect inspiration. when i saw that picture at "go fug yourself" i decided i wanted one, too! i have the same question nancy posed: is it enough to insert the cables to pull the sweater in at the waist, or are there some decreases involved?

awesome awesome awesome.

I don't think your intention is to make an exact replica, because yours will be so much more intricate and lovely - can't wait to see its progress!

There's no way I could ask you to make this pattern available in a size to fit MY bust, but I have to tell you that this design is just exquisite. Thank you for your classic eye candy, for the creative visualization of your art! It's always a treat to come by your blog!

As long as you don't have a big belly, this sweater can be adjusted I believe.
I am a 36 C bust with a 28-29 inch waist and right now a 42 inch behind.
Even when I was much much thinner I was out of proportion and needed to adjust garments.
If I were to make this sweater I would begin to swatch , swatch and then swatch some more and start with the appropriate amount of stitches from the top of my hips, decrease even before starting the trellis work and then additionally knitt the midriff with smaller needles to make a tighter and more supportive material and to take it in a bit more. For the bust I might have to add some short rows for volume in the front....but that's pretty much it.
The neat thing is , that once you go through all the adjustments you know what to do and with each following garment it gets easier.....I keep a note book for these things, especially in regard to the yarn I use....
Give it a try....you might be surprised.....


Gorgeous work, thanks for sharing your process with us. It looks like the final product will be more than worth the effort!

Wow - that is amazing, and since I'm knitting Shedir at the moment, I can also say I know how much work it is.

You rock, chica. Because you love to make things that are beautiful. :)

That is gorgeous. Totally gorgeous.

WOW! WOW! WOW! Looks absolutely gorgeous, the color, the cut, the details. Love it!

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