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With Joy

My very first substantial length of finished handspun yarn, a little less than half an ounce that measures at 43 yards. More or less right for a light fingering weight of ~190 yards/50 grams, right?

The spun color is quite different from the deep clear garnet of the top - the yarn is almost rusty, a lot warmer than the cool unspun tone. The recipe? 2 envelopes of Tropical Punch Kool-Aid, plus a little more, for about 2 ounces of shaela (silvery grey) Shetland top.


That's beautiful, I haven't commented before but your work is always so inspiring. Can't wait to see it knit up!

wow, who knew tropical punch could create such a nice deep color. go you!

MAN that spinning is impressive. How long did you say you've been doing it? Don't tell me. It'll only make me feel bad. ;-)

That is gorgeous! That's your first attempt? Why am I not surprised?

It's lovely; looks very even and balanced! Was that on a wheel or spindle?

Your spinning is just beautiful. Such a nice twist. So, are you looking at buying a wheel yet? :-)

ooh, purty!

Hi from Austria! Oh, this yarn turned out so lovely, it looks so soft and cozy and I absolutely adore the color! Great work!

You sure picked that up quick :) the new yarn is beautiful, Eunny!

Lovely yarn -- you are one talented lady! Any ideas on why the spun yarn color differs from the dyed fleece? (inquiring minds want to know)

the question I have is this: how long did that take you?

That color is amazing! It reminds me of the color from the frosted flowers shawl. Everything you do is just amazing!

What a beautiful color!

Eunny you really do amazing work. I was sure I was going to be a natural at spinning - I wanted to learn so badly. HA! It took me 2 months to get a nice, even fingering weight yarn. Your Shetland 2 ply is just lovely. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Congratulations! The spinning and the color are lovely.

I say this to all new spinners.....welcome to the dark side. are you a new spinner? By the looks of it, I would say no! Looks pretty!