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White Hot

I worked a little bit on the Texture Shell last night, finishing up the neck hem. I did consider snipping the stitch rather than ripping back, but decided against it in the end. The deciding factor was mostly the yarn itself - Hempathy is a cotton/hemp/modal blend, quite firm and slippery, and I was nervous about the ends getting away before they could be tacked down. Then, too, my bind-off edge included three stitches chained over the dropped yarn loop for width, and two hem stitches cast on over it - snipping and dropping would have created a ladder, but would have left me with a too-narrow left side of the shell. Just a small difference, to be sure, but trying it on while deciding what to do showed that even that two-stitch difference made the thing drape queerly and pull at the most unattractive point of the armscye.

I'm glad I ripped and re-knit - while I was at it, I re-worked the neck a half-inch higher for a prettier boatneck (it just barely exposes the collarbones and hollow of the throat now), and tried a different treatment for the corner at the small of the back:

A tidy miter, done with paired decreases on the front side of the hem and paired increases on the folded-back side. No floppy, sloppy juncture, that - the whole thing lies smooth and flat across the skin now.

The armhole finishing should go blazing quick, then a good wash to unkink the ladders and a pinning to tame those rolling hems - and we'll be ready to conquer the world. Because, verily, a world that won't be conquered by a drop-stitch sweater and Manolos is not a world I want any part of.

Maryland Sheep & Wool

Are you going to be in town this weekend for MD S&W? I'm going to try to swing by Cara's meetup at 1:30 on Saturday, and will definitely be at Mama-E's hang-out at Clyde's on Saturday night. It's my first time at the festival, but I've got big plans - I want to try out wheels (!), source Shetland roving in a big spectrum of natural fleece colors, meet people, eat myself silly, and buy enough yarn to outfit the Spanish Armada with self-striping sails. Hope to see you there!

Novelty is a good thing

The whole blog thing can get a little stagnant, sometimes - I love the wonderful discussions that blossom in the comments, and the totally selfish, preening part of me loves showing stuff I'm proud of, but I occasionally feel really dull. I mean, how many progress shots of one project can you show?

I get a lot of really interesting questions via email - in the last week or so, I've answered queries about the advisability of using black mohair yarn in a very dense lace; blocking alpaca lace; fixing a too-large sleeve cap, etc. I love thinking about these kinds of questions, and dealing with the knitty, knobbly little wrinkles that come up during knitting - I try to be good about answering questions in the comments and answering email, but maybe it'd be fun to turn it into a feature of the blog.

It would be an advice column, kind of, for knitters - the kind of issue that pops up while working, but isn't easily researchable. What kind of picot bind-off would be best for x body stitch? How should ends be dealt with in stranded knitting? Where can I source 8/0 beads for knitting? That kind of thing. I'm by no means an expert, but I do feel reasonably well qualified to answer a lot of these kinds of questions - with way more theory and detail and more illustrations and diagrams than anyone wants - and commenters will have a lot to say, too.

What do you think? Send questions to questions AT eunnyjang DOT com, and we'll deal with a bunch every Tuesday and Thursday. What should we call it? "The Lifeline"? That seems cheesy beyond belief - got a suggestion? Two skeins of any Koigu PPPM color are in it for the best contribution.


"You need Euny?" or
"Euny'd Help"

See Eunny Troubleshoot

We've Got Issues

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Knitting?

Hints from Eunny

How about
"Ann Ladders"
as a nod to the late, great Ann Landers?

haha "Euny'd Help", clever.

I also feel not "post worthy" unless I have an FO to show. But I love watching other people's progress (including yours).

Great, now I have "Knitty knobbles" stuck in my head so I may as well contribute that as a suggestion.

"Ask Eunny" is always classic. Personally, I'm a Miss Manners fan myself. That woman is funny.

I think you should call it Advice from a Knitting Genius.

purls of wisdom

(I know, almost as cheesy as lifeline, but I couldn't resist)

Euny-que Answers to Unique Questions

Your generosity and willingness to tackle all things knitting is much appreciated!

stunning....in awe.... see you tomorrow!!

Okay - so I spelled your name wrong...sorry!

How about:
Eunny-que Answers to Unique Questions

"Jumping in"

"Being on Target"

Oh man, you're opening up a can of worms here. I hope you're ready! :) :)

"See Eunny Answer!"
"Ask the Knitspert!"
"Ask Eunny"
"knit-fit help"
"Eunny 101"
"Knit 101"

LOL... sorry, I just couldn't help myself.

SOS-Save our Stitches or Savior of Stitches? Pretty cheesy too, but the first thing that came to mind.


Fret not, Eunny's here?
Guru Eunny?

Geez...I'm trying hard not to be cheesy here.

Eunny Talks

Love the tank. It really is fabulous.

These Foolish Strings

Whatever name you chose, it will be fantastic, and I love reading help columns, so I will definitely read it!

I love that Texture Shell- its gorgeous, I just want to eat it up. I wish I could make something like that. If you do publish the pattern, remember you big busted fans (ahem, me) and make it go up to size 44"... at least :D Yup, I know I have no right to demand such things. But I am still high from the Nutella on Toast I had a few minutes ago.

Heady stuff, that.


"Dropped Stitches"

Though... I do like Katherine's suggestion above - "We've got issues"

"Dropped Stitches"

Though... I do like Katherine's suggestion above - "We've got issues"

This isn't a koigu-worthy name, but it's what came to me instantly:

"What would Eunny do?"

Beacause that's what I'd ask myself in any type of unfamiliar knitting situation. "We've got issues" and "Eunny'd help" are also great suggestions.

How about "A Stitch to Remember"? Or "All Knit Up". Maybe "Needling Questions" Wow. Those all seem lame now and I the time I thought the were clever!

How about...

Eunny-d Help?

I don't think the "Lifeline" is that silly ... especially for me, who just frogged a lot of lace because I forgot to use one ...

But why not something like, "Loose Threads"?

Eunny -- I hope to run into you tomorrow!

The Eunny Jang School of Knitting

See Eunny fix it!
See Eunny help!

I like What would eunny do? and Unravelling, too.

I vote for "What would Eunny do?"

And I think the shell is gorgeous. Can't wait to see you model it.

Of course you should call it "Ask Aunty Eunny". Can you tell I just read the new No. 1 Ladies Detective novel? One of the characters writes an advice column and she's up to no good.

Knitting 911?

I do like "What would Eunny Do" - we could shorten it to WWED, or weed? :) Maybe we could all get rubber bracelets and t-shirts too! :)

Considering all the wonderful knitting courses you've already provided for us, I think it should be called "The Eunny-versity."

How about Untangling Knitters Knots?

How about Questions and Quandries?

Dear Eunny,

My husband just won't ...

lol - be careful what you wish for!

My suggestion:

#$&%* Sticks and *^%$# String

Because, of course, that's what we'll be thinking as we email our questions to you...

What a wonderful idea!!! I LOVE it, I will totally "stay tuned" for the help column!

(I really like Eunny-versity!)

Aide De Tricotage
Slipped Stitch
Wool Between My Ears
Picking Up The Stitch
Don't Knit That Noose!
Yarned Over
Purl Bumps

Damn, it's so hard to be clever and not lame at the same time.

SUCH a great idea, we'd be so lucky.

My favorites are "what would eunny do?" and "eunniversity" or "knit eunniversity" Those are the best, I think.

It's too late for my brain to be creative, but I like the double-meaning in "Unraveling," and "Eunniversity" is clever and cute.

Hey--saw your blog mentioned in the Web Watch in the new Interweave Knits. Very cool!

I would love to see what advice you give to others!

Plus, honestly, I really think you could write a book with your lace advice and other stuff. The way you explain things is so beautifully clear.

Oh wow... I love this idea!!! My vote goes to Eunnyversity!!!

That tank top looks yummyliscious :)

Cheers Eva

All you knit is so great !

This is a late reply...but what about a good old Woody Allen reference? "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Knitting * But Were Afraid to Ask" would work quite nicely!

You mentioned Koigu...I couldn't resist!

Eunny Talks Back
Eunny Explains
Ask the Prodigious Purler
Got Eunny?

Ok the last one is a bit of a stretch but its still cute.

At the risk of irking the folks over at knitpicks:

Knitpicking with Eunny Jang

Or, if you'd rather irk Mitch Albom:

Tuesdays with Eunny. (Although that leaves out the Thursdays bit . . .)

Eunny's Illuminations

I wish i could think of something clever... like "every kiss begins with kay" *wink*

I vote with Rams: Eunny'd Help....
But then a query/help/advice column from *you* would be wonderful, no matter what the name.....

The Q & A is a great idea. I am also voting for Eunnyversity. That is really cute!

I also don't feel like I should blog until I have an FO, which is why I so rarely update mine. I never feel that way about YOUR blog, though, because it's so exciting to read about your thoughts on the design and knitting process. It's also nice to know that even you have to rip sometimes.

The top is just fab. Should I save all this really nice yarn I bought for a summer top for this pattern? ;-)

I saw you mentioned in the new IK! Congrats!

The advice column is a great idea.

Wow, I don't know about the name, but "Advice From a Knitting Genius" would certainly be apropo..!

Your shell is going to be spectacular.... and that fitted jacket/cardi is going to be stunning. You work is unbelieveably gorgeous. My standard of total knitting beauty!


"E U R E K A"
(Eunny's Useful Replies & Emergency Knitting Assistance)

with Eunny Jang

It's a great idea, whatever you call it. You've had some very creative replies on this one, Eunny. I'd vote for Eunny'D Help, or Eunny-Versity.

It's a great idea, whatever you call it. You've had some very creative replies on this one, Eunny. I'd vote for Eunny'D Help, or Eunny-Versity.

with Eunny Jang

Alla ricerca di fatto a Mano (The Quest for the Handknit).

I love Eunny-versity! What a clever idea!
I am currently drooling over the hemp tank!

Eunnyque Yarns?
I like Ask Eunny or Eunnyversity as well.. Knitting Eunnyverse?

I think a knitting advice column is an awesome idea!! good work on the shell! heeh

here are my suggestion(s) for names...i love koigu *wink* *wink*

Eunny'd knitting help?
Eunny'd knitting guidance?
Knitting 411

i'm not very creative in names. lol.

Can't think right now on a name - but I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you yesterday (or did I?) The meet-up was pure craziness - the whole thing was craziness! I hope you had a great day!

Ask Eunny
See Eunny Answer!

Ask Dr. Eunny
Got Yarn?
Knitting SOS
Knitting Help Desk
Knitters R Us
Dropped Stitches

I love the idea! Can't wait for the first installment.

"Help me Eunny-Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope."

Couldn't resist . . . but I vote for Eunny-versity, so clever!

Hi Eunny! do you plan to publish or sell the pattern for the Texture Shell? Would love to make it.

I vote for:
Euny'd Help
or else:

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